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The Contact Center: Who Are You Talking To?

contact center services Did you know that Compassion’s contact center was actually started by Wess himself? He thought it took too long for sponsors to receive a response to their questions by mail, so he decided that adding a call center would be the perfect solution.

These days, we can’t really call ourselves a “call center” any more. Why, you ask? It’s because we do much, MUCH more than just take calls.

We answer email, process child departures, live chat on our website, manage our support community [3], interact via social media, make outgoing account maintenance calls, and several other random tasks.

Sounds like a lot, huh?

Right now, we have 49 representatives who serve our sponsors. Each day, we take about 1,000 calls, answer around 300 emails, and make approximately 800 outgoing calls.

Would you like to meet a few of the hard-working people in my department? You may have interacted with one of them before.

Meet Mark.

Mark is our Work Force Manager and he is responsible for making sure we get all of our work done. He determines who should do what, for how long, and when.

And then there’s Wendi.

Wendi (affectionately referred to as the Queen mother) takes care of us all. She also does an awesome job taking care of you.

You might have received a call from her if your child left the program or possibly when you called to send a birthday gift to your child.

Lastly, meet Colleen.

Colleen has been working for the ministry for eight years.

She was actually in my interview (thanks for the job!) when I applied to work at Compassion.

Colleen helps with many of the Leadership Development Program sponsorships.

If your child is accepted to the Leadership Development Program, it is most likely that Colleen will be the one to call you with the good news.

In the contact center, we wear a lot of hats. We work hard to provide excellent service and I hope you enjoy your experience interacting with my department.

Hey, and don’t be scared to give a shout out if you’ve had a great experience with one of us! ☺