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The Day Finally Came

Today’s post is written by Steve K. [3], The Leopard at the Summit, member of the blog on child poverty hall of fame and latest addition to our SpotLINK [4] focus on you, our readers.

The other day I received my first letter from my sponsored child — six-year-old Richar, from Peru! I picked up the mail late that night and there it was — a business-sized envelope with a see-through address window, and “Message from Your Sponsored Child” in blue letters on the outside. Woo hoo!!!

This represents the first step in making it real for me. There is this little boy on the other side of the equator that I’m communicating with. Other Compassion blog posts that I’ve read have been written by employees of Compassion, sponsors of 89 different children ;-), or by people who have been sponsors since they earned their first paycheck. I’m the new kid on the block . . . dancing with the letter in hand, cooler than Jordan, Jonathon, Joey, Donnie or Danny could ever hope to be!

The letter is written in Spanish, and the translation is typed in English. (It is funny to see both versions because I know a little Spanish and can see a few details that have been left out in the translation, and I see that there are differences in Peruvian Spanish that I haven’t heard before.)

In addition to the letter, I received a picture of Jesus with four little children that my child so neatly colored. Guess what’s going on my refrigerator until the paper turns yellow?!?

A “tutor” named Maria Angelica (that can’t be her real name, can it?!?) helped him write the letter, and his name is written on the picture. His first name is printed, and his last name is cursive. I wonder if he only did his first name. So cute!

And before I wrote this blog post, I wrote Richar via Compassion’s e-mail page [5]. It’s true, I care more about him than all of you put together! ;o) (BTW, I like to put the little “winky faces” in letters and e-mails to show I’m joking or kidding . . . I tried to explain to him that is what I did in part of the letter — he and Maria might have no clue what I was talking about and just think I’m a crazy 38-year old American man that sends him letters!) ;o)

In addition, to the reply letter, I sent him a Christmas gift/contribution. I hope I get to hear what he gets with that donation. I know the local program could pick out what he needs or wants better than I ever could.

For a newbie, this is a fun first step (by step) . . . I feel like I’ve got The Right Stuff! (If you don’t understand, good for you . . . I’m an American child of the ‘80’s!) ;o)