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The Fear of Sponsoring a Child

sponsor a child Can you relate to any of this?

“Most of my reluctance to Just Begin Already with sponsoring a child, though, has boiled down to fear. It’s easy to look back across the years and consider the times I’ve had my phone, electric, or gas turned off when money was a struggle. Easy to replay old conversations with bill collectors and lawyers and remember how my stomach used to squeeze uncomfortably when the phone rang. Easy to recount old wage garnishments. Easy to recall years that I’ve spent $1000 or more on overdraft fees in a never-ending cycle of appeasing creditors and trying to beat the bank.

“Easy to paint the possibility in my mind that if I make a commitment like this, maybe I will let the child down, and it will not be a matter of my discomfort, but of his or her life or death.”

Read the entire post, From Cornerstone: Sponsoring My First Compassion Child, at wrecked.org.

But don’t just read and comment over there. Let us know if there were other fears you had to overcome before you took the step to sponsor a child. Tell us if there are fears you’re fighting right now when thinking about sponsoring a child.

By doing so, you can help make this post a relevant and valuable resource for people who are thinking about helping a child in poverty [3].

UPDATE: July 5, 2012 – The original post is no longer available on the Wrecked.org website.