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The Mystery of the Blue Corner

Posted By Michelle Wright On May 20, 2011 @ 1:19 am In Employees and Culture,Sponsors and Donors | 38 Comments

blue-corner Chances are, you’ve noticed it. It’s found in the upper right-hand corner of Compassion’s brochures, child sponsorship [3] packets, posters, promotional materials and letters from our sponsored children.

For quite some time, that blue corner was a mystery to me. I scoured compassion.com and even resorted to a few different Google searches, but the meaning behind the blue corner remained an enigma.

Then I spoke with Kurt Birky, Compassion’s Global Brand Development Director, and discovered there is a lot of significance packed into that little blue box.

The blue corner debuted in 2007 when Compassion wanted a distinguishable marker to consistently tie together its materials.

According to color theory, the bold cobalt blue symbolizes trust, integrity and spirituality, so choosing cobalt blue for the corner serves as a visual reminder that Compassion is unabashedly Christian and that the staff strive to act with the highest level of integrity at all times.

The proportion of the blue corner is also significant. If you get out a ruler, you will discover that in most cases the length of one side of the corner is about one-tenth of the longest side of the printed material. The word tenth is synonymous with the word tithe and should remind Christians that we are called to give from our abundance.

The location of the square, in the corner of the materials, is a powerful depiction of a verse found in Leviticus.

This verse, along with hundreds of others in the Bible, shows us that God clearly expects us to share our resources and provide for the needs of the poor. We are to leave a corner of what we harvest so those who are going without can have enough to survive.

I never imagined any of this. I just thought the blue corner was a simple corporate logo or a way to display Compassion blue on the printed materials. Now I know better.

What do you think about it? Is it interesting, unnecessary, powerful, inspirational or something else?

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