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The Value of Sports in the Life of a Child

value of sports I’ve never been an athlete. In fact, far from it. Attending P.E. class was always somewhat painful and at times, a little embarrassing.

I’m a great sports fan though. For me, college basketball is something to look forward to — GO CATS! (Arizona Wildcats that is — sorry Kentucky fans.) Whether I am cheering for my team or for the current March Madness underdog, I can’t wait for March to come around.

As a non-athlete, I have come to really appreciate the value of sports and what they teach the children in our programs.

value of sports

Sports teach them about unity and trust [3], about how to express themselves more freely [4] and how to discover their gifts and talents [5].

More specifically sports have shown Erick [6] that he is a valuable part of a community that loves him.

value of sports

For Emilda [7], sports helped replace teasing and cruel words with cheers and Olympic medals.

value of sports

And baseball [8] has given these young men in the Dominican Republic an opportunity to bond with otherwise absent fathers.

value of sports

Whether it’s a game of soccer, running or playing baseball, the value of sports in the life of a child is not just about the sport, it’s about teamwork, community and the possibility of achievement.

What did sports teach you as a child?