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Trust in the Workplace: Is It Possible?

trust-in-the-workplace Everyone wants to be trusted for their character and their competence. We all know it. But in our relationships with each other, we often say or do things that can easily undermine trust.

Sometimes mistrust is due to miscommunication or misunderstanding. Sometimes it is due to our past experiences. Other times it is due to lack of consideration toward the other person.

And sometimes the very way we conduct our work may affect the culture of trust that we want to promote.

I remember how, as the Haiti Country Director, I used to get so many questions from pastors and church staff regarding our audit and reporting processes. They would often imply that the reason we audited them was because we did not trust them.

I struggled a lot with these remarks, and was never sure how to respond. Have you ever received similar comments? I would love to hear how you answered them.

I’m also aware that, in the developing world, some people question the necessity for performance reviews in the work environment. They wonder whether the reviews are┬áconducted because we do not trust them to accomplish what they say they will do.

So let me ask you these questions: