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This past weekend was pretty amazing. Getting a quick trip home, full of family and friends, was just what the doctor ordered. Although, work was on my mind … especially Friday.

Curtis Fletcher informed me before I left on Thursday that he would be attending the entire cabinet meeting as a representative for Rick Davis and would be presenting the proposal on my behalf. Curtis also said he wouldn’t be able to let me know how the presentation went until the meeting was completely over. Needless to say, I was a bit restless from noon to three when he finally called.


“So, do you want the good news or the bad news?”

“Bad news first.”

“Everyone was there except for a woman that we need for a unanimous decision.”

I stared at myself blankly in the mirror, and cocked my head to one side. Not bad, I thought. I had prepared myself for the worst.

“And the good news?” I asked with eyes closed.

“They love it and want to do it. Now. They fully approve and are ready to put the proposal into motion.”

I couldn’t bring myself to respond right away. I was shocked, overjoyed, and overwhelmed at the news.

“Oh my word… Thank you… I… huh, oh my goodness… Really? This is amazing. I mean, it’s unbelievable.” I continued to hem and haw, stammer, and fumble over what to say.

“We’ll have some meetings when you get back to start putting together a plan of action for Phase I. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.”

I hung up my phone and, with the help of a close friend, did what any girl would do in my case… jumped up and down and squealed at decibels only dogs can hear.

The rest of the weekend was a beautiful blur of wedding bliss, reunited friends reminiscing about years past, and coffee in the kitchen at sunrise with my grandparents.

In all honesty, I know of no other way to describe it than to say it was romantic. I felt completely swept off my feet; I saw my home in an entirely new light; an ever-present safe haven, a constant refuge and always open door.

While there, I had my Bible with me, in my purse, but I never actually read it.

I wonder how many others, like myself, read it out of habit or obligation because we feel and think that if we don’t, if we miss one day, the presence, blessing, and power of Christ lifts from above us and we suddenly become exposed to the elements.

I say that to say this: in the unintentional event of not reading my Bible, I felt the Lord come closer. I felt His breath on my skin in the gentle breeze in the early morning. I heard His voice in the laughter of my closest friends; I saw His love in the exchanging of vows at the altar.I saw His beauty and majesty in the colors of the Hill Country sunsets. And I was overtaken; completely and utterly intoxicated with His glory and goodness.

This is what I believe He showed me through all of these simple, subtle blessings.

To read His Word is power and life, yes. But to sit with Him in the stillness; to quietly rest on the peace and security of home; to release the burden and bondage of rules and regulations that come with “Christian instruction manual” not found in the back of the Bible, to let God be God …there is life and power in that too. My effort no longer dilutes His work; my agenda no longer disrupts His plan. And I am freed.

And so, over 700 miles away from work, completely powerless to affect the presentation one way of the other, I waited in the precious presence of my friend and we talked about her.

I am by no means a veteran of the selfless heart, but the moments in which the Lord has allowed me to experience the sweet freedom from self have been some of the most peaceful times in my heart and mind.

I thank you, dear reader, for companionship on this journey; for your prayers, encouragement, love and support. The page is turning now, but the story is only beginning. And I want you to be a part of it. Walk with me please; the road is long and narrow and I’ll need a hand.