thank you for giving to the lord Wess Stafford and all of us here at the ministry were excited to welcome back former Compassion President, Wally Erickson and his wife Mary. Wally and Mary took us down memory lane and their stories will make you laugh and maybe even cry.

You can also view Welcome Home Wally Erickson! on YouTube.

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  1. Sharon and Harold Hoffman
    Sep 2, 2012
    at 9:32 am

    Hello Wes, Wally and Mary,

    My heart was so blessed listening to this documention about Wally Erickson’s past service to Compassion. I loved to hear about his tremendous contribution to Compassion by virtue of his hiring the best people he could find for each ministry that was needed. But I do remember my Mom, Miriam Swanson, telling me that Wally hired the best people for the job. She sure agreed with him about his choices, most especially when he chose you, Wes Stafford, to succeed him. What a blessing it was for me, the Founder’s daughter, to listen to this message. It brought me to tears. So many memories I have that go back to the beginning of Compassion 60 years ago as we children stuffed envelopes in the basement of our parents’ home in Illinois and when I later worked in the Compassion office in Chicago from time to time. I was blessed to have a part in several parts of the office ministry. Opening the mail and reading the letters from those who sacrificed for the Korean orphans even when all they had was a small pension, I will never forget how much that impressed me of the need to help those less fortunate than ourselves – to be a giving Christian and not selfish with what God has given us. But the thing that has blessed me the most about Compassion is to see it continue to win the children and their families to Christ. It will be such a blessed day when we all get to heaven and meet these people who were saved through this blessed ministry. My heart is so full as I contemplate it all, as we get letters from our sponsored children who pray for us and we write and encourage them also. How much of an impact that will have on Compassion’s sponsors and children alike, only eternity will reveal. Loving hugs to the special memories of all of you. Sharon and Harold Hoffman

  2. Angelica Briceno
    Sep 2, 2012
    at 7:58 pm

    Thank you for this legacy! I am so proud to work and serve with Compassion International.

  3. kishsore
    Sep 3, 2012
    at 12:01 am

    Dear Wes and wally and Mary,
    Greetings from India ! I and my wife were ex- compassion children. compassion gave life to many children like us. It was a though provoking video interview with honorable wally and Mary. I praise God for compassion International and the vision of Everett Swanson. And I also thank all the staff who are working under this umbrella to laid a path for the neglected children us. With out compassion sponsorship we could not have continue my studies. By the support of our sponsors only we became christian adults. Once again thank you very much for the sacrifices of our sponsors and the staff.

    With Love

    Kishore and Papa

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