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Wess Speaks (Part XI)

If you’re new here, our CEO, Wess Stafford, didn’t write this post, but he did answer the question. We recorded his answer and transcribed it for your reading pleasure.

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  1. Emmanuel (India)
  2. Rene (Haiti)
  3. Diego (Ecuador)
  4. Laura (Bolivia)
  5. Alba (Ecuador)
  6. Mercedes (Ecuador)
  7. Yolanda (Ecuador)
  8. Veronica (Bolivia)
  9. Sisay (Ethiopia)
  10. Fatuma (Uganda)
  11. Viola (Uganda)
  12. Melecio (Bolivia)
  13. Peter (Tanzania)
  14. Eliana (Ecuador)
  15. azmin (Ecuador)
  16. Soinkan (Kenya)
  17. Edithe (Burkina Faso)

I know these kids because if you come to our house, you’ll see a big poster next to our breakfast nook with these kids and their progressive pictures over the years. I have visited them all. These kids have been in our lives. About half of them have graduated from the program now, but they are still in my prayers. Some of them I am still in contact with.

Emmanuel now owns his own bicycle business. Rene is a pastor. Mercedes is an architect. Yolanda is the health worker in the Compassion project in Otavalo. Sisay just graduated from the program.

I would love to be a part of the Leadership Development Program [5]. The minute one of our kids qualifies for the program, we’ll do that.