protect children A 10-year-old girl named Jessica left for school, and her divorced mom stayed up after working the night shift to wave goodbye. Moments after the little girl rounded a corner that morning, a 17-year-old neighbor boy reportedly strangled her, seeking, in his words, “joy.”

Wherever you live — near Jessica Ridgeway’s abduction, like me, or closer to the Newtown, Connecticut school shootings, life seems perilous for our kids. While FBI homicide data indicates this is the safest time in 40 years to be an American, our nervous systems tell us differently.

This Saturday, April 13, up to 300 church leaders will gather to hear global experts discuss: What is the global Church’s role in protecting and developing vulnerable children here in America and abroad?

protect children

The live broadcast event will begin at 9:30 a.m. MDT and will be live streamed. Join us online.

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  1. Apr 13, 2013
    at 5:47 am

    I am a teacher in the public schools. I know “religion” is not allowed to be taught in public schools but it is really needed! The school system is lacking in a set of common morals. Kids have rules and know the rules but a lot of times when they break them, they feel no remorse.

    Teachers also need support from parents. A lot of times, parents back up their child when punishment is needed. Teachers are belittled and the lack of respect is praised.

    Sometimes there is even a lack of support from administration. Punishment for a “crime” is not severe enough, so the students go back to their old ways.

    I am leaving the profession to become a business owner, stay at home mom, and private music teacher next year. Public schools (and mine is quite easy) have become too stressful. With the government breathing down our necks about test scores and a lack of support for the arts, I just can’t stand it anymore. And with the lack of moral support from the students and community, it makes a teacher’s job even harder!

    So, long story short, I would really like to see the church rally for more community support, and a stronger common value and moral system in schools (of course without “pressuring” religion.)

    Teachers are on the brink of just giving up. We need help from community leaders to establish morals again.

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