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What Happens After a Hurricane Hits My Child’s Country?

What happens after a hurricane Many of you have asked about the impact Hurricane Ida had on your children as it moved through El Salvador. As we receive specific details from the El Salvador office about they’ve been affected we will contact you.

The good news is that no children were physically hurt. But we understand that you want more information.

Here’s an “on the ground” perspective from Shaun Groves and the Compassion Bloggers.

What happens when a hurricane hits the U.S.?

Telethons. Thousands donated.

FEMA. Thousands housed.

Hospitals. Thousands healed.

Insurance. Thousands rebuild.

What happens when a hurricane hits a house made of mud?

When earth by the ton gives way and slides through a neighborhood?

When beds, clothes, and families are swallowed up by flood waters and mud?

What happens when all this happens in a small village in the smallest nation in Central America? With almost no government resources? Without insurance and a hospital nearby or a car to visit it? What happens then?

The Church happens.

Read what that means [3] on Shaun’s blog. And watch the video he included in the post.