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What’s a Little Chaos on a Compassion Sunday?

order from chaos I recently gave my first presentation as an Advocate for Compassion International. The church I was visiting had the sermon based upon Compassion’s ministry and allowed me a 20-minute presentation. I was so excited for this opportunity that I could hardly sleep the night before.

The morning of my presentation, I woke to overflowing toilets. I decided this would not slow me down, so I hopped into the shower. Just as I lathered shampoo into my hair, sewage started bubbling up from the drain. I had to get out mid-bath, covered in soap. I made the best of it, styling my soapy hair.

My husband stayed home from church to wait for the plumber, meanwhile using the Shop-Vac to keep the sewage from flooding the floors.

I had bought a special dress for the event. I knew I had the right size because the size was clearly labeled on the hanger. I put on my dress to realize the hanger was for my size but the dress was three sizes too large. I gathered up the fabric, pulled it together, and gave it an “emergency hem” with safety pins.

As I exited my car at the church, I realize that I had selected two different shoes. Both were black sandals but one heel was higher than the other.

I marched into the church with blow-dried suds in my hair, bi-level shoes, and a pinned-up dress — pretending to have my act together.

I was not letting a few inconveniences get in the way of children being sponsored.

After all, my toilet may have been temporarily out of order, but most of these children don’t even have a toilet. I may have had sudsy hair, but at least I have shampoo and safe water to clean it. I may have worn a huge dress, but I can go buy one in the right size. And I have the luxury of having so many shoes that I can’t even tell them apart.

God was with me through the presentation. The words flowed freely from my lips as if I’d never been afraid of speaking publicly. I was confident throughout the presentation.

And after all of that, no one sponsored a  child that day — but a seed was planted for God to grow.

I dealt with plenty of inconveniences that morning, but I’m confident that God used them for His purpose.

I learned an important lesson on Compassion Sunday. That this day wasn’t about my hair, my dress, my shoes, my plumbing, or about me at all.

It was all about Jesus.

It was about children who need Jesus. I realize that I live with so many luxuries and so much comfort that these children will probably never experience. I realized that a lot of my “needs” are actually luxuries.

God used this day to show me that I am so blessed to have temporary inconveniences. It’s time to re-evaluate my life and my expenses to see how I can do more.

I will be an advocate for these children wherever I am invited, whether many children get sponsored or none do, because it really is all about Jesus.

This is how I will serve God, and how I will make Compassion available to others who want to serve Him through this ministry.

I am delighted to know that what I am doing for these children through Compassion I am also doing for Jesus.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Beverly Yearwood became a sponsor in 2011 and an Advocate in 2012. She sponsors two children and is a correspondent sponsor for three more. She lives with her family in Vicksburg, Miss.