Where Do You Sponsor a Child?

Sponsor a child Over on another blog post – Are My Letters Really That Important? – several sponsors have started trying to connect with other people who sponsor a child in the same child development center(s).

Until we have a better way to help you with this – which we are working on and we think you’re gonna love! – let’s make this post the home for making connections.

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  1. Maggie Rourke May 25, 2015

    My children are from:
    ME 943,
    BO 804,
    EC 377,
    NI 104,
    ME 787.

  2. Kelly Schick April 2, 2015

    My Children are from:

  3. Elizabeth & David March 19, 2015

    David & I had the blessed opportunity to visit two of the three girls we sponsor in 2012 in El Salvador. We would like to go back for a personal visit with all three of them. We actually obtained the sponsorship packet for our third girl while in El Salvador. Ideally we would like to travel with another couple who can speak Spanish, so if anyone has the same desire please contact us and maybe we could make some arrangements. Here is where are girls are located. God bless… πŸ™‚

    ES 800
    ES 808
    ES 901

    1. barb becker March 26, 2015

      Hi Elizabeth and David — my husband and I have been to ES several times and plan to return in Feb. 2016 — our children are in different projects — and I speak Spanish and we have a number of friends/contacts there — you could possible travel when we do or I can put you in contact with a couple people who could help you with a trip πŸ™‚ — not sure how we connect outside of this forum???

      1. Elizabeth & David April 6, 2015

        Hi Barb, Thanks for responding. Are you on Facebook? Would really like to “talk” to you a little bit more. God bless you and yours. πŸ™‚

        1. barb becker April 7, 2015

          yes I am on fb — there I am Barb Saar Becker — you should be able to find me —

          1. Elizabeth & David April 8, 2015

            Hi Barb, I will send you a friend request. It will be under Elizabeth Patton Carlin. Thank you. I look forward to “talking” with you. God bless… πŸ™‚

  4. Dana March 4, 2015

    We sponsor 2 children
    and our 12 year old daughter sponsor’s a child

  5. Ryna March 3, 2015

    I have a girl from Brazil BR-570. I so far couldn’t find any match and also no other children waiting sponsorship from that project.

  6. Maggie Fasig February 26, 2015

    Guess I should have added the center numbers of my 2 sponsored children: RW892 and GH755; my correspondent child is: ME816

  7. Sherry February 25, 2015

    Hello all. I am trying to locate where my child’s development center is in Western Uganda because I am planning a custom trip there this summer. I don’t understand how to read the string of numbers after the UG to decide at which center she is located. My trip will be in conjunction with a trip to Zimbabwe with my church and they are trying to purchase tickets this week. I just applied on the Compassion website, but really need at least what airport to fly into before I will hear from them. Can someone tell me how to read the number of the center? Thanks!

    1. Emily Vanhoutan
      Emily Vanhoutan February 25, 2015

      Hi Sherry! I am so excited to hear that you want to visit Narweiso! I can definitely explain how to read your child’s ID number! The two alpha letters represent your child’s country, UG for Uganda. The first three numbers identify the project your child attends and the last four numbers identify your child as that number is designated specifically to them in our system. Our records show that Narweiso lives in the Buhunga community which is Northeast of Rukungiri.

      If you are planning a personal trip to your child’s country and wish to visit your child, it is important to contact Compassion first as it sounds like you have. We want your visit to be as enjoyable as possible and will do everything we can to make the day an experience of a lifetime. When you visit your child, you will always have a Compassion worker or representative present with you. This is mainly for translation, but also for safety reasons. We also need 8 weeks advance notice to set up a trip to visit your kiddo. I am unable to provide you with the specific address of the project for security purposes, but our tours department will help you with all other details once we receive your visit request! Please rest assured that we can work with you in bringing your child to you or meeting your child in a central location that is convenient for your trip. I hope that the city and community name helps you out! Please feel free to email our office at visits@us.ci.org with any questions or concerns you may have :).

      1. Sherry February 26, 2015

        Emily, thank you so much for your quick response. We are flying out of Zimbabwe June 9th, and hoped to fly into Uganda that day. We are not sure of the economic feasibility of this at this point because we are seeing $8000 per flight to Kampola. I’m going to do research on the Entebbe airport as well. I know with a custom trip we have to make the flight arrangements ourselves, but I needed some direction as to where the center is. I was really hoping to see her home and her school, since I am a teacher myself. Praying that it all works out if this is the will of God for us. It would break my hear to be on the continent of Africa and not see the girl I’ve sponsored for nine or ten years!

  8. Rebecca February 8, 2015

    Hello! I am a new sponsor. Does anyone sponsor children from Mexico in these two projects ?


  9. Bridgette January 12, 2015

    I sponsor a 5 1/2 year old little girl in Brazil. As of today I’m a correspondent for two little girls 4 and 5 in Kenya as well since they are sponsored by a big company.

  10. Sean August 10, 2014

    Sponsoring a child is an excellent way to improve the life of a person in need

  11. Reva Gray August 3, 2014

    When we get organized to communicate in sections this will be fun! I want in too! My child is in India, Shalom Child Development Center. Number IN887
    “For I hold you by your right handβ€”
    I, the Lord your God.
    And I say to you,
    β€˜Don’t be afraid. I am here to help you.” Is.41:13

  12. Eleanor Clark July 30, 2014

    AND ID261

  13. Eleanor Clark July 30, 2014

    My sponsor children are. BO312

    ID506 TWO sister’s

  14. Reva Gray July 20, 2014

    I am a new sponsor. My child is in middle India. Where do I find her project number? I appreciate any help or contact from other sponsors to India. This is so exciting!

    1. Emily Vanhoutan
      Emily Vanhoutan July 21, 2014

      Hi Reva! I see that you just started sponsoring Gangoobai with us! Thank you so much for your sponsorship! I sent you an email with your child’s project information that you requested. Please let me know if you have any other questions! -Emily

  15. Vicki May 24, 2014

    My little man is in GU414

  16. Chrissy April 30, 2014

    I recently sponsored a boy named Jordy in Ecuador (EC389). Does anyone else here also sponsors a child at Onzole Pueblo De Dios Student Center?

  17. Eleanor Clark April 27, 2014

    made a mistake at the top my sponsor kids are
    does any one have children at these projects.

  18. Eleanor Clark March 29, 2014

    this is my list
    PE370 a girl and a boy

  19. Nancy Steiner March 7, 2014

    Hello, I am new to sponsoring but I was wondering if anyone has a child at
    Thank you!

  20. Emily January 27, 2014

    I sponsor in several countries


    1. Maggie Fasig February 26, 2015

      I also sponsor one child each in RW and GH (and am a letter writer for 1 in Mexico). I would love to connect with other sponsors in those countries and especially at the same center.

      1. ann February 28, 2015

        I sponsor a boy from Rwanda RW378 and Ghana GH756. I did a group tour to see my boy in Rwanda in 2012. Hopefully in the coming year, I may be able to see my boy in Ghana. If you are planning to see your special child, it will be worth it. They would love to see you in person. Thanks for writing letters to your children, they especially appreciate having someone connect with them through letters.

    2. Beverly June 17, 2014

      I am a new sponsor – two little girls in different parts of Kenya. I am struggling with what to say in letters as both my girls are under 10 yrs old. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
      I would love to communicate with anyone sponsoring in Kenya too. Thanks

      1. Susan Sayler June 18, 2014

        Hi Beverly! Welcome to Compassion! I know you’re going to be a great sponsor! You seem to really care for your two little girls. πŸ™‚ That’s a great start! I would encourage you to see these two girls as you might see an 8 year old or so here in the US. They might like playing house or playing with dolls or playing jump rope. Ask them what they like to do. Encourage them in their dreams. With younger kids, it’s usually a good idea to write shorter letters and maybe send stickers or pictures along with your letters. Also, I found some letter writing prompts and templates like this one and this one to be very helpful when I’m stumped on what to say next.

  21. Garry November 19, 2013

    Jerry, another place you might want to look is ourcompassion.org With an account there, you can look for others that sponsor in the same area, and sometimes, the same student center.

    1. Jerry November 20, 2013

      Thank you Garry. I’ll check that out.

  22. Jerry November 19, 2013

    I am looking for contacts close to my child – she is in the Philippines area PH – 955. She is my first and I am a new sponsor so would enjoy having contacts. πŸ™‚

  23. Leanne August 27, 2013

    Tysha – my Nia is @ Grace Student Center south of Medan.IO-112. In fact, I should be writing her a letter today!! I just sent my little boy Miguel his birthday gift. His BD is not until November but he has received it already. He/his family purchased clothing. I don’t recall Nia responding to her birthday gift last March but that was some time ago.

  24. Leanne August 26, 2013

    Someone asked if we receive a letter in response to ours. I have received one for one from my little boy in Peru. My little girl in Indonesia is older and writes more often – sometimes before I have a chance to respond. In fact, at one point, I was getting 2 letters for every one I sent her. I love to make labels on my computer to send to my kids. I just use Avery labels and a click art program I have. They love them.

    1. Trysha August 26, 2013

      Leanne, which project in Indonesia is your little girl at? I have one at ID141 and she writes a TON–I Love it!

  25. Amanda Harmon August 19, 2013

    I have two sponsored kids:
    Jeremy in Ecuador EC-429 and
    Jean Pierre EC-513

    Just got back from a mission trip from EC-513. We built a playground. It was AMAZING

  26. Keri July 29, 2013

    All the people who sponsor long lists of children – WOW! It’s not the money going into all those sponsorships that impresses me; it’s the sheer emotional energy that must go into trying to develop that many relationships with that many children in so many different places! I only sponsor one little girl, in Burkina Faso. This is partly because I can really only afford to sponsor one, but also because I do not think it would be fair for me to try and carve my heart up, with each child receiving only a small piece. I’m sure that the Lord can and would provide the love that seems so scarce to me, but for the time being I’m just going to pour my everything – my prayers, my money, my time spent writing letters – into loving this ONE precious child. Her name (I looked it up) means “God will enlarge.” Oh, that He WOULD enlarge her! Her world, her prospects, her future, her everything! May He bless her beyond my wildest dreams!

  27. Bethany July 18, 2013

    My husband and I have 5 children that we sponsor/correspond with:

    Harold (8/6/2009) in Masbate, Philippines PH979
    Sarawut (7/8/2004) in Prachin Buri, Thailand TH641
    David (2/1/2003) near Leon, Nicaragua NI221
    Jitender (5/21/2002) in Pilkanwali Villlage, India IN227
    Daniel (4/22/2001) in El Alto, Bolivia BO413

    I have been able to see Daniel twice! They were the most amazing experiences of my life. I pray that God will open the door for me to visit more of our children.

    1. ann February 28, 2015

      I have a boy in Bolivia, same Child Center. How cool to find one among the many messages. What month did you go there? I plan to visit him in the future. Btw, his name is Beimar and he gives me a two thumbs up on his picture. So cute!
      I hope you get the chance to visit more of your sponsored children. They would absolutely love seeing you.

  28. Mary Ricciuto June 10, 2013

    My husband and I sponsored 2 children in Bangladesh:
    Little girl in Sylhet BD409 – Little boy in Khulna BD305.
    I went to Bangladesh Jan 2013 and met my little girl and I am returning this Feb 2014 to met both of them.
    DO YOU HAVE CHILDREN IN BD409 or BD305? Would love to correspond or travel with someone who has a child in these villages.

  29. Leanne January 30, 2013

    I sponsor a little boy (4) in Peru (I have always wanted to travel there)! I also sponsor a little girl (11) in Indonesia. She had been on the wait list for well over a year and it just broke my heart. So I dug a little deeper and sponsored her.

    My experience with sponsorship is awesome. I love the letters and drawings. When I retire, I plan to take a trip to Peru with Compassion if they have a tour there. Would like to go to Indonesia but at this time, I have some friends who are with MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) who are in Indonesia and they are planning a trip to see my little girl for me.

    1. wildrider August 25, 2013

      Hi Leanne: I just sponsored my 4th child since May 14, 2013. She is in Peru PE 454, 8 years old and had been waiting for a sponsor for 418 days. The minute I saw her and found out how long she had been waiting, it brought tears to my eyes. I knew that God was waiting for me to sponsor her. God is awesome! Ken

  30. Teresa Paulsen January 29, 2013

    I chose to sponsor a young boy, age 6, from Guatemala. I have a nephew and niece who were adopted from Guatemala, and I know how horrible the poverty is in that country. Also, I have shared information about my sponsored child with my nephew and niece, and have told them that one of the reasons I chose a Guatemalan child was because it is a small way that I can thank God for them being in my family. I hope that one day when they are older we may be able to go to Guatemala and visit with my little guy!

    1. Lizzie January 29, 2013

      wow Teresa that is so cool! I really hope that one day you all can go and visit your little boy πŸ™‚

  31. Lizzie October 6, 2012

    I sponsor/correspond with children in Mexico ME964, Bolivia BO559, Ecuador EC399, El Salvador ES796, Haiti HA146, India IN460, and Indonesia IO787. Anyone else sponsor in those centers? Love the kids so much!

  32. Linda Schmitigal August 6, 2012

    I just began sponsoring a child in India at IN 0433 in Nandyal, India. Is there anyone else who sponsors a child there?

  33. Leanne June 19, 2012

    I just received my sponsorship packet. I am really excited about my sponsored child. Writing letters I now believe will be my biggest difficulty as my child is 3 1/2. Any suggestions?

    1. Emily June 20, 2012

      Hi Leanne
      Like the others said, tell her that you love her and tell her about how much Jesus loves her. Keep your letters simple, and remember that even if she doesn’t understand them completely now she will later. Tell her about your family, the weather, what you are reading in the Bible, etc.
      Hope this helps!

    2. Trysha June 20, 2012

      Blessings, Leanne! The first child I sponsored was also 3 when we began. When I write to her, I tell her things like Kees recommended…that I love her, and pray for her. I also send pictures on a regular basis of my daughter and me, so that she can start to form a picture in her mind of who we are. When I hand write my letters (as opposed to using the website), I also like to doodle, and draw little pictures on the paper. I often include a picture by my own daughter as well. All little kids like to look at happy pictures, so get out your markers and make it fun :).

      The letters you get back may be written (or dictated) by the child’s mother or other guardian or a worker at the project, but it will be someone who knows your child intimately. You will surely be blessed by this relationship. Thank you for your generosity!

    3. Kees Boer June 20, 2012

      Hi, Leanne, That is wonderful. Because of the age, the child will not write their own letters or read them even. As a matter of fact, the child might not even understand, the concept of sponsor. So, I would keep the letters really loving and short. Tell the child, that you love the child and that you are praying for them (if that is true) The important thing is to write regularly. In a few years time, that child will understand who you are a lot better and you’ll be part of the family. πŸ™‚

  34. Tim June 5, 2012

    I just returned from my first sponsor tour to El Salvador.I see how Compassion works and how much they do for the money I send.

    The child suvival program is awesome and we saw many single mothers benefit from this.

    The team leaders from the U.S. office and the staff in El Salvador were great.They kept everything running so smooth.Everyone worked so well together.

    The day we spent with our sponsor kids is a day we will not forget.If you have never been able to see your sponsor child God will make a way where there is no way.

  35. Missy May 27, 2012

    Yesterday, I started my journey with Compassion International by selecting my first child. My only criteria really was who had been waiting the longest! So, I knew the little girl from Rwanda who had been waiting for about 300 days for a sponsor (that’s 10 months!) was the child I wanted! She had been waiting longer than anyone else. And now I have her, and I couldn’t be any happier. I love reading everyone’s comments.

    1. SEE June 20, 2012

      Missy, that t was such a thoughtful way to pick your child. I am sure you are greatly appreciated and what a blessing it must seem like and it truly is to this little girl who GOD kept just for you…

  36. Eddie May 24, 2012

    I think all of you are outstanding and relate to everything you talk about here. I sponsor 1 boy who lives in India.I myself enjoy hearing from him and how he copes with a lifestyle completely different from the life I live. I have been his sponsor since May 2007 and found at the time it was something I was called to do, and I am so pleased with being called to help him and his family.I hope in some small way I , us , make a difference in a childs life. God Bless Compassion.

  37. emily May 7, 2012

    I sponsor 5 kids in Ghana 3 girls and 2 boys, i correspondent with 1 girl from Ghana, and a friend and I co sponsor 1 boy from Ghana. I also sponsor 2 girls from TZ, a girl from Kenya also have another co sponsored kid from Kenya. Have a girl in India and in the Philippines. I also have a little girl in Togo. I have two other correspondent children as well a boy from Uganda and a boy from Bolivia. I love each of them very much! and love Compassions mission very much! i hope to visit Ghana next summer! each child is so precious they are my little angels! God chose each one for me and he called to my heart. I love writing and recieving letters. I enjoy getting them goodies as well!

  38. Mary March 15, 2012

    I would like to tell my sponsored child in Burkina Faso that I play the Cello. Is that OK, or should I just not mention it?

    1. Joseph Engel March 15, 2012

      Mary, don’t ever be afraid of telling your child anything! I play ‘cello as well, and when I told Joel that I am studying music, he was very excited. Turns out, he’s studying music at school. Details like that just make your relationship with your sponsored child more personal.

    2. Amy March 15, 2012

      I think it is totally fine to tell them. You can ask if they like music. I think music is probably a great way to connect!

    3. Kees Boer March 15, 2012

      Mary, I think that would be a great thing to mention. Most of the churches have musical instruments. Some of them might be a little different, because of musical styles and what have you, but there is nothing wrong in playing Cello.

      One of my girls in Bolivia wanted to play the violin. Someone dear donated a violin to her and so I got to give her a violin during a visit. She loved it.

      The main thing as far as riches is concerned is that you don’t want to tell them things like that you have two cars and a 4 bedroom home with AC and heating and what have you. But even in those situations, most children know about all of this, because you can be in the biggest slum and they’ll have televisions, so they all watch a lot of television. If they don’t have a TV, someone around them will have an old beat up television. On the stations, they’ll watch all of the American programs. Granted, the cable is pirated…. but that’s the way it is. For instance in Bolivia, Hannah Montana is extremely popular and the Jonas Brothers, and Justin Bieber. They might have nothing more to eat then some rice or so, but they do know about that. Even from going to school and hearing friends talk about it.

      I remember taking my little Jhoselin to Burgerking in La Paz. She was so excited and just jumping up and down…. She had never been to that fancy restaurant. When I asked her why she was so excited, she told me that she knew that she was going to get a little toy there. The children know, they just don’t have it themselves.

  39. Joseph Engel March 11, 2012

    I sponsor an almost-13 year old boy in Bolivia. Like Katheryn, I try to practice spanish with im. He’s an amazing boy, his father died about 2 years ago because of a heart defect, and he could not get surgery in time. Now, when he’s not in school or at the center, he works to support his family. Whenever I send Christmas or birthday gifts, they buy a goat or a few chickens.

  40. Katheryn March 6, 2012

    Another reason to choose Bolivia was that I already know some Spanish and love to practice the language. I sent my sponsored child some stickers with common woodland animals that we have in our state, and it was so fun finding the names of the animals in Spanish so that I could include those in my letter! I did not want the translator to have to do any more work than necessary, as I typically do not write short letters. LOL I’ve also found some materials in Spanish, like a Bible coloring book that my six siblings and I used (in English) when we were homeschooled. (Dibujos de la Biblia para colorear; it is available online at rodandstaffbooks.com.) I also got some Usborne books in Spanish; the 1001 Things To Spot series is great. (keywords: 1001 …Que Buscar …) So many American children love this series. These books don’t fit exactly in an 8.5×11 envelope so I had to shave a quarter of an inch or so off the side. Small sacrifice.

  41. Katheryn March 6, 2012

    I recently started sponsoring a six-year-old boy in Bolivia. When I was looking for a child to sponsor, Bolivia was my primary option because my sister-in-law and her family spent six years there as missionaries. Rodrigo stood out to me because he had been waiting longer than six months, and he had such a sweet face! It was so hard to believe no one had sponsored the child already. πŸ™‚

  42. emily March 2, 2012

    I sponsor two girls from Ghana. A 9 year old from Agona Kwanyako and another from Klo Agogo that turns 4 in May. The 9 year old ive sponsored since Nov 2010 and the 3 year old I began sponsoring yesterday evening. God is pulling my heart to Ghana. Love writing and receiving letters. Proud to be a sponsor

  43. Crystal February 26, 2012

    I hope I can sponsor a compassion child soon. I am looking at the site very often and keep asking my parents to please help me support a child. We already support someone in Kenya through a different organization but I would really like to be a part of compassion.

    Please keep me in your prayers so I can have the chance to help someone else with my parents permission. I would very much like a new friend to write to πŸ™‚

    1. corina lucas February 26, 2012

      If you cannot financially support a child than you could call Compassion and ask for a Correspondence Child. Someone else pays for the sponsorship and you just write to the child for them. It is really great.

      I am fifteen and I have one correspondent child and three sponsored children.

  44. Jan Woodford December 16, 2011

    I think it should be noted that, although Correspondence Sponsors do not sponsor the child financially, they can still send birthday presents, etc. Financial sponsors usually do not do that.

  45. Mary December 15, 2011

    What is a correspondence sponsor anyway? Are they just people who send letters but are not spnsoring them?

    1. Lizzie December 15, 2011

      Yes, a correspondent sponsor just writes to and recieves letters from a child. They do not financially sponsor them. Someone or some company sponsors them. But, they do not want to or maybe cannot write them. So they tell Compassion, and then Compassion assigns the child a correspondent.

    2. Garry December 15, 2011

      Mary, someone who corresponds can also be a sponsor. But, when corresponding is talked about, it generally means someone who writes letters to kids that have sponsors who can’t write themselves. Although a correspondent doesn’t pay any money, the kids they write to generally consider them to be their “sponsors”, because they are the people that are getting to know the child. I am a sponsor, but have corresponded with kids at the same time as I sponsor other kids.

  46. Jan Woodford December 14, 2011

    Mary, it is my understanding that the child you sponsor will not be corresponding with anyone else unless you have given your permission.

  47. Mary December 13, 2011

    How do you know if your child has a correspondence with someone else? How do you know when your letters are received? Do you get an email?- I am asking a lot of questions, I know, but I’m 13 and this is really what I’m feeling pulled towards. So I’m trying to find out as much as I can.

    1. Kees Boer December 14, 2011

      Hi, Mary,
      Well, I think you are talking about the correspondents. The sponsors specifically ask for another person to do the correspondence. In other words if a sponsor doesn’t request that, they don’t really get correspondence from another sponsor through Compassion.
      You don’t really know what point the letter was received by the child, but I’ve worked with the letters in the country of Bolivia and it would be a HUGE exception if the letter got lost. They are treated with a lot of care. You can pretty much think that a letter takes about 2 to 3 months to get there and 2-3 months to get back. The reason that takes so long is because it is processed through 2 main offices and a translator. The child writes the letter in their center. From there those letters go to a central location in the country called a “country office.” In those country offices, they are sent away for a few weeks with a translator, who translates hundreds of letters. Then they come back and are logged, sorted and bundled and sent to the Compassion office in Colorado Springs, where they are also logged. They are processed there and then send on to the sponsor.
      Many of the children will spend a lot of time on those letters. I remember children sitting with me and writing their letters and making drawings. They first write them in a book and then the letters are checked by someone in the center and then they write them on the Compassion stationary. This all can take about 4 hours per letter for a lot of children. But they really love their sponsors and the center really loves the sponsors too, so they gladly put this time into the letters.
      If you’re looking to sponsor a child, I’m actually looking for a sponsor for a little girl named Jhoselyn in Bolivia. Her mother and her were in an accident a while back. The mother really hurt her foot, but the Compassion center (really church) helped them a lot and now she is able to walk again. They are very poor. I know the area where they live. It’s very dry and right now with the rain there are a lot of scorpions there. You can pray for her that she doesn’t get bitten by one. She is about 3 years old and veryyyyyyyyy cute. Just let me know if you would like to help this little girl.

    2. Lizzie December 14, 2011

      I am 13 as well. I just started my Compassion journey in May.

      Your child does not correspond with anyone other than you, unless you call Compassion and ask them to assign a correspondent to your child. If you do this, you give up your right to write your child.

      You do not know when your letters get received, but your child does get your letter. If your child is in a reciprocal writing country (Ecuador, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Nicaragua, Peru, Rwanda, Thailand, and Tanzania [Courtesy of Compassion International: http://blog.compassion.com/letter-writing-reciprocal/#ixzz1gX2DCIlK%5D), you should get a letter in responce to each one you send. However, this sometimes does not happen. I sponsor a little girl in Indonesia, since June/July, I write her twice every month. So far I have only gotten two letters. It usually takes 2-3 months for your letters to get to your child, and theirs to get to you. Also, the kids only get mail once a month. I know that new changes will be taking place in July 2012 (http://blog.compassion.com/changes-to-our-letter-writing-process/) concerning the letter writing process. You may want to read the post in parentheses.

      I also suggest that you join or at least read Compassion’s support network http://support.compassion.com/compassion I have found this very helpful. I have also heard that OurCompassion is a great social network made by Compassion specially for sponsors and donors. You can connect with other sponsors and such. I would like to join this soon, but my parents are not into social networking. We’ll see, but if you do join, please let me know by commenting again. If I do get on, I would love to friend you πŸ™‚

      So, if you have any more questions, I would love to see if I could help you find answers for them!

    3. Sara December 14, 2011

      Hi Mary, I hope that you can find all of the information you need to make your decision. My family has been involved with Compassion since before I was born, and I have been a sponsor since I was 16, so I don’t have to tell you that I think it is a great thing to be a sponsor with Compassion.

      If you decide to sponsor a child your child will never correspond with someone else. Sponsorship is one to one, so the child will be supported only by you and written to only by you. That child will know your name and will pray for you regularly. My kids refer to me as their big sister, and some call me their second Mom. If you decide to go forward, you will develop a close relationship with the child you sponsor.

      The one exception is if you decide that you do not want to write and YOU request that another person be allowed to write to your child.

  48. Mary December 13, 2011

    I sponsor a six year old girl in Burkina Faso, and I am brand new at the whole sponsor thing. Anything important I should know?

    1. Lizzie December 14, 2011

      Write your little girl and pray for her. Those are the most important. (I have elaborated more on this in my other comment.) Your letters are your girl’s hope.

    2. Ken M. December 14, 2011

      Write to your child on a regular basis and pray for your child on a regular basis. These 2 things really let your child know that she is important to you and loved by you.

  49. ann becerra November 5, 2011

    Hi Fellow sponsors. I sponsor 4 boys. One from Ethiopia, one from Philippines, one from Peru and my latest one, Rwanda. I have visited two out of four. This coming year I will visit Niyonsaba from Rwanda and the following year I will visit Aldair from Peru. It is such a joy and blessing to see my little boys.

  50. NATHAN October 31, 2011


    1. Lizzie October 31, 2011

      What is your ministy?

  51. Jennifer Montgomery October 12, 2011

    I just got a new correspondent child yesterday from Guatemala! I have another correspondent child in Burkina Faso and sponsor two in India, one in Honduras, one in Nicaragua, and one in Thailand. Three girls and four boys… I think my Compassion family is complete now. πŸ™‚

  52. Karen October 12, 2011

    My family sponsors a 12 year old boy in Bolivia and a 14 year old girl in Columbia. We love them and they are great kids. I previously had a boy that I sponsored for 7 years in Columbia but he moved out of the program area before he turned 18. This really made me sad and I don’t have any idea how he is doing. I wish there was a way to correspond to past participants πŸ™

    1. Karen October 12, 2011

      *with past participants.

      1. Kees Boer October 12, 2011

        There is a way. It’s called continual correspondence. You would need to contact Compassion within a certain time frame of the departure and they can forward your contact information to the center. However, if the child has moved away, they might not have left their contact information with the center, so they might not know how to get this contact information to the child. Also, even though the children are poor, most teenagers do have Facebook, since it is free, and it’s very cheap to use an internet cafe and once the child departs you are allowed continual contact. You just have to be very careful. And if you don’t know the language, you can’t really communicate with each other. But like I said, just be careful and I would never sent large amounts of money to the developping world, if they asked me to. You don’t have any way to check if the money was used for what it is meant to be used for….. And it would be good to have a good understanding of the culture first. To illustrate, I spoke in a Bolivian church a few months ago, at the end the pastor came up and said: “It is great to have a big fat guy talk to us!!!” Now, that was a compliment, but you can see how it could have been very offensive, if I didn’t know that….. But that’s just an illustration, you have to really realize that cultures can be so different.

  53. Jeremiah2913 October 11, 2011

    Our sponsored child Grace is from Ghana, we received her particular packet by chance at a Mercy me concert just a few days before her birthday. After the show we approached the stand to submit our sponsor information and had an opportunity to exchange it for another if we desired. My wife looked at me for guidance and I said “Grace was offered to us by the hand of God, there is no choice.” She agreed with a smile and we both left forever holding Grace close to our hearts. We pray for all the children and the ability to sponsor more in the future. God Bless ya’ll for what you do.

  54. Anh October 9, 2011

    I sponsored 2 children from Uganda since March 2011, so far i only received 1 letters from my girl, and 2 letters from my boy. At the same time, i sponsored another boy from Burkina Faso; i already received 6 letters from him. Is this normal ?
    My girl – UG 834- 0191
    My boy – UG 229- 0159

  55. Lizzie October 2, 2011

    I have an adorable little angel in IO787, and a sweetheart in HA147. Just started corresponding with them earlier this year. What a blessing!

  56. Kristiw September 4, 2011

    We are sponsoring a 16 year old in Rwanda named Isac Manishimwe. We felt lead to sponsor Isac because of his age and location. He’s 16 and we can’t wait to get our letter from him! We’ve already been blessed to be able to send him a birthday gift and write our first letter. We know he knows our names, but are so excited to actually hear from him.

  57. Corina Lucas August 22, 2011

    How can I get a Compassion child just for correspondence? I have heard of several people who also have children they just write to.

    1. Jacquie Parella August 22, 2011

      Hi Corina! Here’s some info about becoming a child correspondent: http://blog.compassion.com/write-to-a-child

  58. Allyson August 21, 2011

    I am twelve and i sponsor 2 kids from india (w/ help from my parents)I started less than a month ago so i have not received any letters yet, but have sent 2 to each child. instead of getting gifts for my birthday, i am asking for money for my indian siblings!

    1. Jeremiah2913 October 11, 2011

      God Bless you young lady. I’m sure you’ve heard from your sponsored kids by now, hope that’s going great for you. Pray to our father and savior and I’m sure you’ll be shown how you might use your talents to support them further or add more children.

  59. Sage M. August 8, 2011

    A little over a month ago I attended a Christian concert where they were advocating Compassion. Even before that i had been considering sponsoring a child, though i wasn’t really sure i could afford it. At the concert I finally made the decision to sponsor a child. I looked over nurmerous packets at the Compassion table. None really, truely stuck out to me. So I waited until i was home and after only ten minutes of scrolling through the pages, I saw a little four year old girl with the most beautiful smile and I instantly knew i had to sponsor her! Even though this sponsorship is still new to me, I just know it’s going to be something fantastic. I thank God every day for that day when i finally decided to sponsor that little girl from Brazil.

  60. Garry July 29, 2011

    Lori I feel your pain. I lost the first two kids I sponsored, Wendi and Herlin, for different reasons. It is like a punch in the gut, and there is no closure, but there is really nothing you can do other than pray for your little girl, and move on. I will never forget Wendi or Herlin, but I have sponsored nine children since, and you will get over the pain of losing her. The need for closure will always be there, but if you move on, you will be able to handle this. Also, call Compassion, and tell them if your girl shows up at another center someplace, you would like them to contact you, and if you are able, continue the sponsorship then. Thanks for being a sponsor Lori.

  61. Lori July 29, 2011

    I am feeling very depressed as the girl I sponsored in Tanzania for over 3 years has moved from the area and I can no longer sponsor her. I feel like part of my family is missing. Any suggestions on how to deal with this (yes, I will be sponsoring another child). Thanks.

    1. Jan Woodford July 29, 2011

      It’s hard, Lori. I can relate, because I’ve lost 3 correspondence children. All I can say is, you can still pray for her. YOu may not be able to talk to her anymore, but you can talk to the Lord.
      I know this seems simplistic, but it’s my only solution.

    2. Kees Boer July 29, 2011

      Well, it’s difficult. You can maybe contact Compassion and ask if you can do continual correspondence with the child. But the center might not be able to get in touch with the child, depending on whether they left a forwarding contact information with the center. Compassion also will sent you some general things to really consider before accepting that. Outside of that, you can continue praying for the child. Also, realize that ultimately, the Lord is the Ultimate Shepherd. If you want to sponsor a child and immediately have more photos, please let me know. I have several children here in Bolivia, that I’m looking for a sponsor for and I have extra photos and videos. One little girl named Anelis, that I have a video for. She is extremely cute and very friendly.

  62. HK July 29, 2011

    I am fourteen and I recently started sponsoring a 4-year-old girl in Nicaragua. I chose her after the girl I origianally wanted to sponsor was chosen. Her picture was so sweet, and she looked so shy. However, in her first letter she expressed herself as anything but shy! I have only received one letter from her so far, but she has already asked many questions! She asked “Are you a white-skinned person or a black person?” and she asked when I was coming to visit! I am planning on visiting her next year as she has already captured my heart with her picture and letter!

  63. Garry July 26, 2011

    Hi Kaleigh, welcome to the Compassion family. I have an electronic funds transfer set up at my bank. Every month, the money is sent to Compassion on a certain date. You can pay month to month, with checks, if you prefer, but it is less expensive, for all involved, to go the electronic transfer way. As for letters, the kids absolutely love getting letters, pictures, postcards, and anything else you can send them. Compassion will help you ouit with what can and cannot be sent. I have visited most of my kids, and they all have everything you have sent, stored in a box someplace, under their bed most times, and are happy to show anybody all the letters, etc., that they have received from their sponsor. When the kid’s letters come to you, they are in an ivory colored envelope. When I look at my mail, the first thing I do is scan it for that ivory envelope, because I am as happy to receive letters from them, as they are receiving letters from me. If you need any help getting started, you can always call Compassion at 800-336-7676, and they will be happy to assist you.

  64. Kaleigh July 26, 2011

    okay. i am totally new to all this, and i need some help. will somebody explain the payment process to me? and will somebody tell me about writing letters back and forth? because i dont understand…

    1. Kees Boer July 26, 2011

      Hi, Kaleigh. These are very good questions, but very brought. I.e. it could take a lot to answer these questions. I would think the best and easiest way is to do this over the phone, rather than on the forum here. That way, you can get the specific answers you need. I would call 1-800-336-7676, and they would be more then happy to help you with these questions. Thank you so much for sponsoring a child

  65. Garry July 8, 2011

    Corina, that is awesome. I love all sponsors. But it is really awesome to see the teens that want to be a part of releasing a child from poverty. I hope your letter from Wende comes soon.

  66. Corina Lucas July 8, 2011

    I am 14 and I sponsor an 8 year old boy from Thailand and a 14 year old boy from Burkina Faso, who I call Wende for short. I love sponsoring and I like how it has made me a finacially conscious teen. I have been sponsoring the boy from Thailand for almost 2 years. I have been waiting anxiously for my first letter from Wende. I think my mom is tired of me wining that I have not got a letter in months. I love writing to them monthly. I knew I could afford a second child. I was reading that said “it is only a sacrifice when it hurts.” Also I relized that I now have more time to write. But even more I felt driven by God.

  67. Jamie July 3, 2011

    I sponsor a 5 year old girl in India. I was connected with her last month when I went to a Christian concert (Mercy Me) that I had won tickets to. The lead singer told the audience about Compassion and asked interested people to raise their hand. Her information package was passed to me. They also had a table set up in the foyer with many other children. I decided to keep the packet that was passed to me because I felt God put her package in my hand for a reason. I recently got my first letter from her and felt overwhelmed with joy and began crying. She included a small picture that she drew. I instantly felt connected to Surapati when I looked at what she had written and drawn for me. Last night as I was going to bed I couldn’t stop thinking about what she was doing on the other side of the world where it was probably early morning as I laid down for the night. I feel very honored to have been chosen by God to help this child and pray that my love for her will impact her all of her life.

  68. Kari June 29, 2011

    I just began sponsoring a precious little 5 y.o. girl in Thailand. I chose a girl because I have three sons and always wanted a daughter. This little angel was born on my 15th wedding anniversary and she lives with her grandparents. I am thankful that God led me here–having a little girl to “love on” even from afar, having a reason to buy paper dolls and sparkly pink greeting cards, all of it has been remarkably healing that place in my heart that was always longing for a daughter.

  69. seena May 12, 2011

    I am so amazed by everyone here who is sponsoring more than one child-that is awesome, do any of you, have children of your own?I find that between spending time with our own daughter and our daughter in the LORD there in Bolivia- I am not sure if I can give enuf time to another child right now..We chose our little girl by putting in my mom in law’s bday in the advanced search. she passed away a few years ago and it has been hard since then for my husband, and i thought this would give him something to look forward to on her birthday every year-and be able to bless and love on a child..

    1. Trysha Hicks June 13, 2011

      Hi Seena,

      I originally intended to only sponsor one child, a 4yo girl in Ethiopia, but recently came across another 11yo girl in Ecuador that just stole my heart from the picture. I tried to click away, thinking I can’t do it financially, but then I kept going back every few hours to see if she was still waiting–and she was. After a couple of days obsessing, worrying, and praying for her, I realized if I’d have devoted that energy into reworking my finances, I’d have a different perspective. So, I canceled some magazine subscription, downgraded my Netflix account a level, and eliminated a couple other small expenses and then clicked “Sponsor this child”. I am much happier now ha ha! And she will be too! If you think you can do it, you should do it πŸ™‚

      1. seena June 23, 2011

        Hi Trysha,
        I just saw your response-thank you. I ws thinking more about developing the relationship via emails and actual letters to her. The same thing ‘almost’ happened to us. There was this darling 11 or 12 year old boy from India who had the most adorable and heart warming smile- of course I was hooked. I wanted to get home and talk to my husband, I kept praying, LORD< if you want us to sponsor this child please let him still be there tonight. You won't believe it, while my husband was still looking through his profile (even clicked on choose this child)-by that time- he received a msg that read- sorry, this child has just been sponored by someone else. Obviously, he thought it was me and by the time we talked again later that day (mind you, the saem day I fell in love with the little boy)- we realized someone else had in fact sponsored him while we were trying to. We are planning another child though. Our heart is for Niger. So looking out for a child there. I do wish Compassion had children there:(

      2. Trysha Hicks June 13, 2011

        Thanks you guys! I am so happy I can do this, and also show my 12yo daughter that we can really make a difference in these kids lives. You should have seen her face when I told her what we spend on 2 frappucino’s could buy two hens for one of our kids, and then their families could sell those eggs and actually earn money. Kinda makes you want to get your own blender out and do the right thing.

      3. Kees Boer June 13, 2011

        If this was Facebook, I would put a huge “Like” on this post. It’s so easy just to conclude that you can’t sponsor another child, only to rework your finances a little bit, one can sponsor another child. Now, I need to go back to finding sponsors for some of the children that I’m teaching this week. πŸ™‚

        1. Kees Boer June 13, 2011

          Trysha, your letters will mean the world to this child. That’s the main question, I hear all the time…. Why doesn’t my sponsor write?

      4. Scott June 13, 2011

        You are such a nice lady Trysha, God is working in your life and helping others is proof. You have given many people a great example of how we can do without some small things and make a huge difference in someones life. God Bless you.

  70. Sarah April 16, 2011

    I recently started sponsoring a little girl in Peru. She’s 7, and an only child, lives with her Mom, and likes drawing and playing and she looks after the animals at home. We have pets, and I like making stuff, cards etc (so a little creative and arty). Her photo really stood out to everyone in our church when the Compassion Speaker visited our service that day – she has her hands on her hips, and a face like thunder – such ATTITUDE! I guess I am quite fiery and fiesty. I am fluent in Spanish, so thought I could more easily and more soundly build a relationship with her, not needing translation, and so better convey messages to and fro …

    I had looked at Compassion’s websites before, and thought to sponsor a child, but our finances wouldn’t support it back then. We’ve recently had financial breakthrough thanks to Jesus and His unfailing faithfulness. After the speaker came to our service 2 weeks ago and I just happened to see the little Peruvian girl con la actitud … God was nudging me! I’m getting her second letter prepared to send out soon, and can’t wairt to hear back from her!

  71. Scott April 12, 2011

    I sponsor a nice little boy named German from Guatemala. God works wonders. I seen this little boy and his face looked a little sad and I just felt he was the one but I hit the wrong button and lost him. I hit some search button for another list of kids and he showed up again so that tells me, he is truly the one. Was told that he received my letter today so am waiting to get my letter.

  72. Hannah March 9, 2011

    I have sponsored a 4 year old girl in Thailand for some time, and I chose her because I am very close with some families that are of her same ethnic group. Also, recently, i sponsored a 15 year boy from India. He had been a correpondent child and his sponsor had dropped him. So he’s all mine πŸ™‚ I also have four correspondent kids. Every single one of my kids is absolutely precious to me and I am blessed to be a part of their lives.

  73. Paige February 24, 2011

    I sponsor a 10 year old boy in the Philippines and an 8 year old girl in Mexico. They are such a blessing to me.

    1. Debbie Gomes February 8, 2012

      I sponser an 8 year old girl in the philippines named jaybeth and a 6 year old boy in Mexico named Yahir. They are both so precious and I love to write to them. I don’t hear from them very of often but love it when I do.

  74. Tammy January 2, 2011

    I sponsor a 6 year old girl from Tanzania. Her name is Herma. This is the first child I’ve sponsored through Compassion International (which I first heard about at a Jeremy Camp concert). I chose Herma because she was a priority adoption.

    1. Nicole June 30, 2011

      We also are sponsoring a boy in Tanzania. His name is Inocent. We prayed about it and then chose him. He was older and we just felt like the Lord was directing us.

  75. LInda Davis December 16, 2010

    We sponsor 2 kids, same ages as ours.
    Rachel in Rwanda and Chenthurpandi in India.
    Their letters are such a blessing to us.

  76. Sidney December 6, 2010

    I sponsor Adrianna who lives near Quito, Ecuador. She will be 9 years old next week. Whenever I receive her letters she has drawn me the greatest pictures of herself and her dog! Please place her in your prayers for a wonderfule life.

  77. gis web server December 5, 2010

    I am sponsoring Ritu from Mumbai, India. She is 7 years old and she is beautiful and cutest baby girl I have ever seen. The day I thought of sponsoring her was the day I got promoted at my work place. She is really lucky for me.

  78. Christine Noland December 4, 2010

    I started sponsership of Rina from Bangladesh, she is now 9. A few years later, Mary from Kenya came in my life, she is 14. Then, I just sponsered Cissy from Uganda. She’s 18. I love each one of them and cherish their letters. God Bless you all.

  79. Crystal Way November 17, 2010

    We sponsor children from El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Tanzania. Every single one of our children is a blessing from God to our family πŸ™‚

    1. Betty May 30, 2011

      My husband and I just started sponsoring a girl in El Salvador. She talks about learning at the “project”. What is a “project” in that country? The same meaning in a US city? She lives in a small town.

      1. Raymond September 6, 2012

        I too sponsor a 7 1/2 year-old girl in El Salvador. She was just 6 when I first sponsored her. I hope you have as much joy as I do in keeping in touch with the rest of the family.

      2. Danielle May 30, 2011

        Project is the same thing as Center, it is the Compassion center that your child attends.

    2. Tammy December 1, 2010

      We just sponsored our first child, a boy in bangladesh!! We can’t wait to get his first letter! It feels like awaiting the birth of a child. Crystal, do you mind if I ask the general location of your child in Bangladesh? I would love to connect with others with children in that area!

      1. Kees Boer December 1, 2010

        Tammy, That is wonderful that you sponsored a child in Bangladesh. Your child will be very excited to get your letters and develop a relationship with you. As far as connecting with other sponsors from the same area, what you want to do is to set up an account at http://www.ourcompassion.org. Then you can go there and find sponsors, who sponsor in the same project (Student Center, CDI) as you. Maybe some of them might have visited your student center. You might even see a picture of your child that they took. You never know.

  80. Hannah November 12, 2010

    I sponsor two very special four-year-olds! I sponsored my precious girl, Porn from Thailand, because she was of the same ethnic group of some of my friends. She is absolutely adorable!
    I also sponsor a little boy named Hengky from Indonesia. Compassion selected him for me and I love him to death! I am so excited for the relationship I will be building with these two sweet little blessings!

    1. Lizzie October 12, 2011

      I correpond with an eight-year-old girl from Indonesia, and a 15-year-old girl from Haiti. They are so precious!

  81. stephanie November 12, 2010

    Hello, let me start by saying that sponsoring a child has been one of the biggest blessings of my entire life, and I haven’t even gotten a letter yet! I will be on top of the world when I do πŸ™‚ I was at a Christian concert in September, where they were advocates for Compassion International… they were handing packets out to the crowd. I received an 8 year old boy from Ethiopia named Besufekat (we call him “Besu” for short). I knew as soon as I looked at his face that it was meant to be. Just today I decided to sponsor another child, and I wanted to sponsor an older female so it would be a different experience… I thought we could become close in our letter writing. Her name is Belusha, and she is 15 years old, and she is also from Ethiopia. I have sent several letters and manilla envelope packages to Besu, and I can’t wait to start writing Belusha. What a blessing I have received so far!

    1. Stephanie Green November 12, 2010


      As an advocate who has handed out packets at concerts, it’s great to hear that you felt such a connection with Besu. How exciting that you felt led to sponsor Belusha, too. Perhaps there is a trip to Ethiopia in your future?!

  82. Bill November 6, 2010

    You know that a little girl of 6 years old with a birthday on New Years Eve is very special. From Colombia CO-227. Karen is a delight and special little one of God’s children. What a joy the family of God is.

  83. Sarah October 29, 2010

    I have a child in Kenya, KE-588, and one in Haiti, HA-755

  84. Stephanie Dolence October 25, 2010


    When I lived in Bowling Green, KY the Christian Family radio station, WCVK had a drive for sponsoring kids every year that planted a seed I never forgot. A few days ago, I saw a spot on biblegateway.com about Compassion. I emailed the station manager & it was the same program they promoted. My husband and I are now sponsoring a little boy in Bolivia who just turned five. I’m so excited about getting to know him and his family. I hope some day we will get to meet them in person.

    Have a blessed day,

  85. Steve September 27, 2010

    Our family just sponsored our first child. Our church has partnered with the church that works with Compassion in the village. Sandhya is from a tiny village in Pratapura, India. She is a beautiful 4 year old. We look forward to the relationship that we can have with her, as well as the relationship that will be strenghthen between God and her, as well as God and us!! This is the best $38 anyone could ever spend!!

  86. Teena September 13, 2010

    I sponsor a little girl in Thailand. I chose her as she was a priority child.

    1. Heather September 25, 2010

      Hi Teena,
      I sponsor a child in Thailand also. She is so beautiful. I truly hope to meet her one day, but that is in the Lord’s hands. I have only been sponsoring her for a few months, but I already feel as though she is a part of our family. God bless you for your sponsorship of one od his children,

  87. Stephanie Green August 24, 2010

    If anyone recently sponsored a child in Tanzania named Elias (he was on the web site) at center TZ-103 T.A.G. Galilaya, please let me know.I believe he is 18 and I met him while in Tanzania last month and have photos of him.


  88. Peggy August 20, 2010

    Thank you, Diane. I’ve read the information page a couple of times and never noticed that. My boy in Peru writes often and has stolen my heart, but there is so much time between letters that he doesn’t seem to answer questions. Maybe he will remember if I ask that he help me with his language.

    I hope the child from Tanzania will want to write. I found it a little difficult to get all the translation from her first letter. I think it must be harder for translators from Africa, but maybe it’s just a coincidence (similar difficulty at times with translation of letters from the girl I sponsored in Rwanda.

    Time will tell. Sometimes I think I am not very good at drawing the children out. But I do my best to let them know how precious they are. I haven’t kept up with the letter writing blog for months and need to go back and get inspired!

  89. Diane Nichols August 19, 2010

    To Peggy dated august 19,2010, if you go to your child’s picture where it says child information, country information, etc, go down to all information, click on it, scroll down and there should be a few words in the language that child speaks, if there is more than 1 dialect, ask your child, I have and they are quick to respond, or simply ask the child for the word in their language, our girl from Tanzania draws pictures, puts the English word for that particular picture and then the word in her language, we are getting quite an education.

    1. Lizzie October 2, 2011

      I looked and could not find what you were talking about. I am very interested in this. I noticed that you wrote this over a year ago, so I wasn’t sure if it changed. Could you please let me know? Thanks soo much!

      1. Emily May 25, 2012

        It is actually located on the compassion blog. If you search [name of country] you should see a blog titles [name of country] facts. Then, listed in that blog post under a heading called ‘greetings’ the words you are looking for. Blessings, Emily

      2. Emily May 25, 2012

        This is actually locate on the compassion blog. If you look up the name of your child’s country it should have a blog post named [name of country] facts. In that post you should see ‘greetings’ and it should be under there. Blessings, Emily

  90. Peggy August 19, 2010

    I have a child in Peru and a new child in Tanzania. It’s harder to find translations for words in the different countries in Africa and sometimes I like to include a phrase written in the child’s language, to let them know everything about them is important to me. Haven’t tried Tanzania yet.

  91. Prosper August 7, 2010

    In 1994 compassion International help me to study. Now I Finished my studies and a get a good job. My dream today is to get the adress of my sponsor who named Michael Wilkelson. If it is impossible to get is adress Please tell him thanks and God bless him and his wife Mike.

  92. Marcia Warmkessel July 12, 2010

    Hi, Friends:

    When I was deciding where to sponsor a child, I made my decision based on a name; my sponsored child’s name is close to my daughter’s name. Silly, I know.

    However, I feel so sure of my choice, not like there could be a bad one, but the more I learn about my child’s country and living conditions, I know there could be no better choice.

    Although prompted by a familiar name, I have learned my child lives in a very rural area of Rwanda. Provisions are hard to come by. She is blessed to have survived the genocide attacks in 1994 when she was barely 4 years old! Can you imagine living through something like that? I cannot!

    I didn’t think much of the sex of the child I was sponsoring, but realizing how oppressed girls and women are in so many countries, my random choice has become NOT so random at all.

    I made my decision, so I thought, on a whim. But the hand of God was all over my choice, and I am humbled and grateful for this little girl in my life more and more every day as learn about her world. By the way, her framed pictures sits among those of my “local” children so I stand no chance of forgetting.

    Learning about your child’s world helps greatly in letter writing. Without reminding your child of the perils of his/her life, you will know better how to encourage, how to pray, to share scripture. I am sure these young ones feel the arms of God around them when our letters reflect some knowing of their trials and journeys.

    Remember to link this site’s blogs or pictures to your Facebook page so others will know and sponsor a child, too!

    Hoping this is helpful and encouraging to a sponsor. Love and Blessings in Christ Jesus, Marcia

    1. R L GASKELL October 7, 2012

      Hi Friends
      About 20 months ago I sponsored a then nearly 6-year-old girl in El Salvador. I chose El Salvador because I considered it a most unlikely place for someone to sponsor a needy child and family. It has been a great joy for me. The day I considered this I was looking through a 1735 long list of those looking for a sponsor and actually chose one listed under the 5 year-old section and then did my once a fortnight shopping trip to the super market. When I went to sponsor that child I could not recognise which one I had chosen previously. In the end I chose one in the 6 year-old list. Whether that was the hand of God I can only guess but I do know it was the right choice. have a close tie with the one I have chosen and get replis to my letters in Spanish. To those thinking about sponsoring but feel they can’t afford it God is always there to give a helping hand. I now find I am able to send extra money (US) to the child 5 or 6 times a year. Please try to sponsor a child and help these needy children. They return it with love and it gives great, great joy.

    2. Kim S October 6, 2012

      Very cool story. You should watch the movie “Machine Gun Preacher”. It is a true story of one man who still to this day is fighting to protect the orphans left behind in the massacre in Rwanda.

    3. Stephania Abell December 14, 2011

      Marcia –
      Just a short response to your first paragraph… I picked my child to sponsor for the same reason! My last name is Abell, and his first name is Abel. It seemed a perfect match!

      Weird how that works, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

    4. sue July 29, 2011

      I sponsored my first child in 1985. Her name was Johana, and she was 4. My own daughter, Johanna, was also 4 at the time. My Johanna is now 29, and sponsors 3 children herself. I have been a sponsor now for over 20 years. What a blessing it is. My “son” Jose, is 15.

    5. Stephania April 1, 2011

      Marcia –

      I read your story tonight about your “random” selection of your sponsored child and had to chuckle a bit. I also “randomly” selected a child’s packet at an event because of his name. His first name is one letter different of our last name.
      We have only been sponsors since August of last year, but we also feel very close to our child like he is right here with us. That can’t be a random thing!
      I just thought I would let you know our story was very similar! Here’s to many more years of building relationships with random children…

  93. Judith Tremblay July 10, 2010

    Hi! I just got back from an Advocates meeting at a student life event (I wasn’t able to stay for the actual worship time…it was in Orange Beach, AL and I live in New Orleans).

    Hopefully I can help answer your questions.

    First, thank you so much for sponsoring a child! I’m sure you will be blessed by this.

    In order to make a payment, either send in a check or money order along with the paper copy of your sign-up form that came with your packet, and mail it to Compassion (there should be an envelope in the packet for you to use). Or, if you have a debit card, you can put that information on the form as well. OR–using a credit/debit card, call Compassion’s toll free number Monday, as early as 7am Mountain time, and you can make your first payment over the phone.

    Only after you make your first payment will you officially be your child’s sponsor, and given a sponsor number–which as you know, is needed before creating an online account. If you mail in the payment, give them at least a week to receive it an process it, then you should be able to call them and they should be able to tell you your sponsor number (and if it hasn’t been processed by that point, they might have a general idea of how much longer to wait). But if you call in your first payment, you might be able to get your sponsor number right away–I don’t know for sure; I’ve never tried it that way. πŸ™‚

    Hoping that helps a bit!

  94. Garry July 10, 2010

    @Natalie Congratulations on your decision to sponsor a child. In your packet, there should be a form that says “To sponsor me, fill out this form today. Yes, I want to sponsor (Name of child). You will need to fill out the form and mail it in. There will be fields to allow you to set up automatic payment, payment by check or credit card. If this is your first sponsored child, you won’t receive a sponsor number until this form is processed.

    1. Nata September 23, 2010

      Thanks πŸ™‚ we figured it out.

  95. Natalie Koop July 10, 2010

    I just got home from a student live camp. I got a packet to sponsor a child. But I have no idea how to make my first payment. or why its asking for my sponsor number when I try to create an account. Please help

    1. Leanne January 30, 2013

      I found the best way to make my first payment by mail – then I was sent my sponsor number and was able to create my account. You can also go online and search for the child and sponsor directly through the website.

      It is an awesome experience knowing that the Lord has given us this opportunity to have an effect on children around the world.
      Bless you for sponsoring.

  96. Sidney July 6, 2010

    I am currently sponsoring a child in Ecuador in a Center. What about the children that have no sponsors? What is the difference?

    1. Chris Giovagnoni July 6, 2010

      Judy is correct.

      The Unsponsored Children’s Fund bridges the gap between registration and sponsorship. It allows the registered child to have all the same benefits as the sponsored child, except of course for what the sponsor provides through the relationship he or she establishes with the child.

    2. Judith Tremblay July 6, 2010

      From what I understand, the children will start benefitting from the program from the time they are registered, even when they are waiting for a first sponsor, or for a new one if a sponsor has to discontinue (no offense to anyone intended; I’ve done it myself when I was in college). During the time that they are not being supported by a sponsor, the funding for their care comes from the Unsponsored Children’s Fund.

  97. Richard McClatchey July 4, 2010

    I sponsor three kids–Brandon in Peru, Diego in Ecuador, and Gabriel in the Philippines. All of them are great blessings and I consider them a ministry that God has given me. Personally, there feels like I want to do more for them along with for Compassion. I know the Lord’s timing is perfect and I pray that He will give me the ability to be of even greater service to Compassion.

  98. Bethany June 14, 2010

    @ Wendy, Judith is right on the money…Give Compassion USA A call. All letter’s received are scanned in to the system so the rep you speak with can see how many we have received here. If something isnt able to be forwarded, Compassion will contact a sponsor to let you know. so something is not right here. it could be as simple as a translation error, the rep may request that you send a copy of the letter. Best advice, give Compassion a call.

  99. wendy June 14, 2010

    My sponsored child is now 14 years old. I adopted her when she was 6. Her name is Jenny and is from Ecuador. I have all of her pictures and have watched her grow up over the years. Her family farms. She is in secondart school and gets good grades. I am a teacher, so I always try to encourage her to work hard and get a good education. I have had problems trying to send her email so I always depend on reciprocal letters. Just recently, she has expressed that she “almost never gets letters or pictures from me” I am upset because I have been writing faithfully for 6 years.

    1. Judith Tremblay June 14, 2010

      That’s strange…yeah, I’d be concerned too if I received a letter like that.

      Since you mention that you have been writing faithfully for many years, and you mention reciprocal letters, my guess is you’re writing more than 3-4 times a year. If that’s the case, you might call Compassion’s 800 # and ask if they can double check whether your letters are getting there.

      I can’t think of a reason why they wouldn’t go through…I had just been on an Advocate’s conference call about letter writing last week, and it was mentioned that every letter received in Colorado is logged in, boxed with other letters going to the same country, and then logged in once they get to the project (and maybe country office).

      If you do call Compassion US, and they have to coordinate with Compassion Ecuador as to how many letters have been received, be aware that it may be several months before you get a response back.

  100. Marilou June 10, 2010

    thank you peggy….hopefully u understand me god bless!

  101. Peggy June 8, 2010

    I have been trying to sign up for ourcompassion.org and am getting nowhere. I’ve tried using two web browsers and both are checked to use javascript for their website. When I submit my information nothing happens. When I try the contact link to contact someone to ask for help I just get bumped back to the registration page.

    If anyone who reads this can help, I would so much appreciate it. I’ve checked the “Notify of followup comments via emai.”

    Thank you.

    1. Chris Giovagnoni June 9, 2010


      I apologize for the problem you had with OurCompassion. We discovered a bug that caused a great deal of problems and directly affected the registration process. I’ve been told it is fixed now. Please try again and let me know if you are still having problems. Thanks.

  102. Sara E. June 7, 2010

    @ allie b.,
    yes, I’m 15. so glad to meet you. Where is your child from? how old is he. Mine’s from Ghana Africa and he’s 14

    no I don’t have an ourcompassion account but I would like to have one. How do I go about doing this……thanks for filling me in, and for your prayers and support?—–forget telling me how to get an account, I just read what you told Allie B……thank you so much

    @anyone with internet, loves God, and had a compassion child…
    I just got my first e-mail account and facebook thing-(technology hates me but I try)
    e-mail account: wagz22@yahoo.com
    FBook: Sara Lizabeth from Idaho (my picture is with another female friend… I have sunglasses on)

  103. Garry June 2, 2010

    @Allie B
    First of all, congratulations Allie. At 8 years old, you can probably expect someone to write for her for a couple years. That would be the case even if she was listed as above average in most cases. As for the account, for compassion’s home page, when you get to the home page, there will be login fields. Click on “first time logging in”, and with your sponsor number. There will be 8 digits in your number followed by 2 digits. For you purposes, don’t worry about the last 2 digits, just the first 8. With that and your zip-code, you should be able to create a username and password. For ourcompassion, there is a link, “OC” at the bottom of this page. There, click on register, and continue. You will need your account setup with Compassion before you can set your ourcompassion account up. You can then upload your girls picture to ourcompassion, and search for others who sponsor in El Salvador, and possibly in your girls student center. Good luck.

  104. Allie B June 2, 2010

    I just signed up to sponsor an eight year old girl in El Salvador. First of all, I was wondering if anyone knew what to expect from an eight year old girl in this area. Her education is average, what should I expect? Can she write?
    I was also wondering if I can set up an account even though I have not yet received my sponsor packet. If I can, how? I tried setting it up with my email, but it wouldn’t work.
    Thank you for your help.

    1. Judith Tremblay June 2, 2010

      Welcome to the sponsor family, Allie! If you keep your heart open, you will be impacted as much from the sponsorship as your girl in El Salvador.

      I don’t know much about kids in this country…my 12 year old in Peru was able to write in cursive, but she was 4 years older, and in a different country. πŸ™‚ I’ll leave the country-specific details to those that have some experience in that matter.

      As for setting up an account, you may need to call Compassion’s 800 #. That’s what I did when I was waiting for my child’s packet, before I knew my sponsor number. I think I needed that to set up my account. If not, well…the call center staff are quite friendly and will be pleased to help you set up an account. They’re open at 7am Mountain time. (800) 336-7676

  105. Garry June 1, 2010

    @Sara E
    Do you have an ourcompassion account yet Sara? I would sure like to see the guy you sponsor.

  106. Sara E June 1, 2010

    HI RoseAnn, and Theresa C,
    For the first time, I sponcered an older boy in Ghana. His name is Martey Enoch Tettah, but he goes by Paa T. He’s around my age, so I can relate to him. One day I plan on visiting him….but until then I’ll try to learn his language so I can talk to him on a personal level and without a translator. It’s been about a month since God had me sponcor him, and He’s doing great things. And I’ll be praying for God to give you favor Theresa. And your sponcership RoseAnn πŸ™‚

    1. Allie B June 2, 2010

      Dear Sara,
      How old are you anyway? like, are you under sixteen? I am under sixteen and I just started sponsoring a child, also.

  107. Theresa C May 29, 2010

    I sponsor five kids and love writing to them and receiving their letters: Madiahzagan, 12, lives in Chennai, India. I’ve had him the longest and feel closest to him. Then there’s Rebeka in Tanzania who is a lovely young lady of 14, Samuel, 11, in Rwanda, whose father writes to me regulary, and Vitoria, 7, in Brazil who is recovering from leukemia. I just added another cutie, Aradhna, 6, in north India. I picked her because she is so thin and cannot attend school because of poverty. My dream is to go to India one day to visit Madiahzagan. I am also praying to be allowed to participate on an 8 week assignment in Tanzania with my job, either this November or next March. Then I’d be able to take side trips to visit Rebeka and Samuel. Please pray with me that I’ll be allowed by my managers to go!

  108. RoseAnn May 28, 2010

    I have sponsored two boys in the IO region. But I had some real issues with finances back then and had to stop sponsoring them. I really missed sponsoring them since they would now be young teenagers.

    I am glad there this blog was available. I always wanted to share about my sponsor children with someone from the same area.

    I recently started to sponsor again.

    UG-150 a young boy of 5.

    and I just added today

    ET-471 a young lady of 9.

    If possible I would love to sponsor at least another child in Africa. But I will wait on the Lord’s timing for that.

  109. Sara E May 19, 2010

    I want to make a special thanks to Kees Boer,Gary, Elizabeth Marvin, Sara F., Terri K., M. Soltz, Stephanie Green, jeff and sandy, Katlin, Christine Graham, and anyone else that’s been parying for me. And for all the great advice and support you all gave me. It feels good to have friends in the Lord that cares so much. I’m praying for you all and mabey some of us will get to meet on a mission trip or something.

  110. Christine Graham May 18, 2010

    Sara, I admire your zeal to bless one of God’s precious children.I pray that God will bless your sponsorship of Paa T.

  111. Garry May 17, 2010

    Sara, I think I can speak for all of us that have been talking to you, that we are proud of you too. Have you signed up for Our Compassion? There, you can upload his picture, and find other sponsors who sponsor in Africe, and possibly, in the same student center. The site is ourcompassion.org

  112. Sara E May 17, 2010

    Yes, Stephanie, he is in Africa. That’s so cool!!!! And I root for the older kids also….I was praying for one.

    I made my first payment on Saturday night. That was really exciting, and my parents are proud of me which gives me some confidence!

  113. Stephanie Green May 14, 2010

    Is Paa T in Ghana, by chance? If so, I saw him on the website not long ago and remembered the unusual name. He caught my attention because he was the oldest child on there in Ghana. I always pull for the oldest kids to find sponsors , as I think it’s harder for them to do so.

  114. Sara E May 14, 2010

    Hi everyone,
    I just wanna thank God for everyone who’s been helping me….and I want to thank God for answering my prayers for a compassion child. I talked to my parents last night and their on the band wagon!!!!! Do you know how excited I am?!?! I make the confermation call tonight. I’ve been praying that God would speak to my parents so they can guide me in His will. I’m glad that they’re behind me and support me.
    I know that God will provide…how I plan on paying for this is by making/raising the money during the summer so that I can focus on my studies during the school year. If I cannot get all the money, they I have a back up plan….my parents have a leather shop out of our house. And I’ve been learning the ropes sice I was a kid. I plan on selling leather products during the summer along with other fund raisers. But as for the school year, I hope to get to sell at school. I’m in the band and the band has a school store to rais money for band stuff. There’s a good possibility that I could put some of the producs in the store and give 20% to the band, and 80% to Paa T.(my compassion child’s name). It’s for a nonprofit organizatoin and my band teacher likes me, so I think this could really fly!
    If for some reason it doesn’t, I know God will provide somehow. :>

  115. Kaitlin May 11, 2010

    Hey everyone! I have a little fellow in Keya!
    Anyone else have the same?

  116. Stephanie Green May 11, 2010

    Sara E.,
    Be sure to check out the video on this blog under “What Is it Like to Meet Your Sponsored Child for the First Time?”

    It’s about a sponsor close to your age and the story is a real inspiration!

  117. Stephanie Green May 11, 2010

    That’s great to hear, Sara. I always enjoy hearing how prayers are answered. Thanks for sharing and keep us posted!

  118. Sara E May 11, 2010

    To everyone who has been following my story, and giving me hope,
    The first time I mentioned the child sponcership to my parents was Saturday. I told them to pray about it. So, last night I asked my mom while making dinner if she’d been praying, and she told me she was…then what she said really let me know what God’s will is….she said after praying before her way to work, she turned on the radio and heard a song regrarding kids in forign countries and missionaries helping them. She said she felt God speaking to her heart at that moment. This gave me so much joy and hope!!!!!!!!!! I know my King will provide all my needs, and I’m going to grow through this experiance. I promise to keep everyone updated about all the final decisions.
    I can’t express how grateful I am to everyone giving me advice and guidance. I know God used you all to help me. And I will take you guys up on your advice-promise

  119. Kees Boer May 10, 2010

    Hi, Sara,

    It is good that you talk with your parents about this. Remember when you’re under your parents’ authority, God will lead you through your parents, because He will never lead you contrary to His Word, Which tells children to obey their parents. It would be important to make it a priority to honour your parents by doing the dishes. That can be a huge testimony to them. The only time, that God doesn’t want us to obey those in authority is when it would go against His clearly spelled out will as revealed in His Word, the Bible. Also, by obeying your parents, you will ultimately be a better sponsor for any child that you would want to sponsor. So, the most loving thing to a child is always to obey God first.
    The child in Ghana sounds like a great child to sponsor. Ask your parents about it and see if you can work something out.



  120. jeff and sandy May 10, 2010


    my suggestion is to get a child who is older and close to leaving the program, that way, it won’t be so long of a committment if its not going to work out,,,call the compassion office to ask about the ages, some are finished at age 18 and even as long as their 22nd bday,,,that is the suggestion i give to older folks thinking of sponsoring and those who “aren’t sure” those kids are harder to get sponsored sometimes coz alot of people want the little ones…also, you can donate to other funds on the website each month what you can, and that will help you with your need until you have a more stable money situation… sandy

  121. Sara E May 10, 2010

    I’ll take into concideration all the advice everyone has given me! I’m deeply appreciative for all these ideas, it helped shine some light on the situation. I’ll let you guys know how God works everything out. Tonight or tomorrow night I’m going to make or break a plan with my parents. Pray that God’s will be done….even if I have to see things the hard way.

  122. Stephanie Green May 10, 2010

    I will pray for you! That if you are meant to sponsor at this time, God will open a door for you to provide sponsorship funds. I admire your heart and determination. What a blessing and example you will be to whichever child you choose!

  123. Sara E May 10, 2010

    I currently have info reguarding a 14 year old boy from Ghana…I have 5 days to respond on wether or not I’m going to spncer. I’m almost sure God is going to have me sponcer this kid, but my parents aren’t exactly on the band wagon. They’re right when they say I’m too bussy sometime to do the dishes, so how could I get money for this child for the next 6 years. I konw money is not an object if this is God’s will….He’ll provide, but I need the support of my parents. The plan doesn’t include them paying, just me. Prayer would be great!!!!!!

  124. M.Stolz May 7, 2010

    I just read a letter from the written a while ago from the projekt were we sponsor. Tere are a lot of children who have sponsors but up to now I have only found one person at ourcompassion who also sponsor there! What a pitty!
    Ou Project is KE 822

  125. Sara E May 6, 2010

    Thanks to everyone who wrote me. Everything you guys said was helpful and inspiring!!
    As for the praying and writing letters, that’s the fun part! The financial part is what has me concerned. I live in a very small town and don’t have neighbors in a mile radius of me.
    So to Garry, thanks for informing me of being a correspondent. Sounds like a go! First, i’ll pray about it, most definately is an option.
    And if there’s any other info i need to know about, please let me know. God bless you all

  126. Terri K May 6, 2010

    Sara, I think its great that you want to sponsor a child. My 16 year old daughter does. I paid the first few months for her so she could get a head start on it, but she is going to try to get a job this summer. She also makes earrings and macrame bracelets to sell and does some babysitting. One idea that I had for you is to maybe find a co-sponsor – a friend or relative that is committed to paying a part of the money and praying. You can both write – my 10 year old daughter is co-sponsor with her grandmother (although Grandma is paying for most of it!) and they put her name on the account with Grandma’s so she can e-mail her child through the website. I know of a group of teens that is sponsoring a child together, they each pay just 4 or 5 dollars a month I think. Another idea is to join OurCompassion and talk to the teens that are on that site and see how they are doing it. I hope you can work something out, it is a blessing not just for the child, but the sponsor. It has changed my perspective on the world and my own circumstances. I will pray for you.
    God bless,

  127. Sara F. May 6, 2010

    Sara E.
    Being a correspondent is a great idea. We have 2 correspondent children in addition to the ones we financially sponsor. I would want to let you know up front, though, that if the financial sponsor decides to stop sponsoring, you will be given a choice to pick it up or stop. I would say that it is just as hard to have to stop corresponding as it is have to give up financially.
    Good luck!
    Sara F.

  128. Elizabeth Marvin May 5, 2010

    Is everyone here on ourcompassion? If you are looking for other people who sponsor in the same project that your sponsored child goes to, this is the best way to find them! http://www.ourcompassion.org

  129. Elizabeth Marvin May 5, 2010

    Sara E.,
    First, I think you should PRAY. Ask God to provide so that you can sponsor a child. Second, if you like kids, babysitting is a great way to make some extra money! If you can find a couple of families to babysit for a couple of times a month, this would be a great way to earn some money. I started babysitting when I was about 12, and I earned a few thousand dollars a year just by babysitting … that was 14 years ago, so you would probably make even more money than I did! Other options are cutting grass, shoveling snow, or other types of yardwork for neighbors (especially the elderly, who may not be able to do it themselves). If you are into arts or crafts, you may be able to have a craft show in your area. I have also found fundraising websites (selling candy, for example) but usually you have to pay money before you will make money! Let me know how it goes! rock4life19@sbcglobal.net

  130. Garry May 5, 2010

    @Sara E If money is going to be an issue, at least in the short term, you might want to contact Compassion and inquire about being a correspondent. Some sponsors don’t, or can’t write to their kids. Correspondents take on the responsibility of writing to a child. They and you will write letters back and forth, and it doesn’t cost you anything. I would hate to see you start with a child, then find, when school starts, that you can’t continue. It is hard on the kids and it would be hard on you Sara. So with money a potential issue, I would encourage you to be a correspondent, and you can do more than one child. You can send anything sponsors send in and with letters. Check with Compassion about what you can and can’t send. I hope this helps. And I hope that the experience will convince you that sponsorship is something you want to do when you have the money to do it.

  131. Kees Boer May 5, 2010

    Hi, Sara

    I am very glad you have this desire at your age. That is wonderful!!!

    Well, first of all, you want to ask your parents if that is okay with them. Then it takes three things to sponsor a child. The very most important thing is to pray for the child regularly. Then the next important thing is to write the child an encouraging letter from time to time. (I do so twice a month). Then the next thing that it takes is the funding part of the sponsorship. It’s $38/month. You could think of it as 12x$38 for a year, thus that would be. $456/year. So, if the summer is 6 weeks long and you makesure that you can earn $76/week. I just looked up minimum wage is these days. It says that it $7.25/hour. Of course then they are going to deduct taxes from minimum wage and it might end up being $6.00/hour. So, you’ll have to work about 12 1/2 hours a week for 6 weeks. Of course, if you can get a small baby sitting job during the rest of the year, you could also pay for it. You basically have to make about $9.00/week after taxes. (that’s counting every week, including Christmas and Thanksgiving.) Of course, if you can make $300 this summer then you’ll only have to figure out a way to make about $3 to $4 week to make up the difference. There are many ways to go about this.
    Anyhow, if you are interested, I am actually looking for a sponsor for Soledad, an 8 year old girl in Bolivia, who doesn’t live with her mother anymore. I should be in that center in a month or so and I could even see about looking her up for you. Just contact me at keesboer@positive-entertainment.com. This girl lives in a very poor area and she would love to be your sponsored child if you pray for her and write her. Those are very important.



  132. Sara E May 5, 2010

    Hey, I’m 15 and REALLY want to sponcer at least one kid. When i get older, i will sponser more, but for right now, i don’t know how to get started. I’ll be getting my first job this summer, but when school stars, I’ll have to stop working. I don’t get an allowence, so that’s not an option. Can anyone give me some ideas—PLEASE???????

    1. Allie B July 26, 2010

      Nice to meet you, Sara. I will be fourteen this September. I began sponsoring in June. It has been an amazing experience so far. I sponsor a girl from El Salvador and she is eight. I have received one letter and I am so glad I’m doing this! I am glad to hear that someone close to my age is doing it too.

  133. Roma Lea Short March 31, 2010

    I sponsor three girls in Peru – PE 204, PE 332, PE 350, and a boy in the Dominican Republic DR 562.

    If anyone is thinking about sponsoring another child, one of my girls in Peru has a cousin waiting for a sponsor. His name is Carlos; he is twelve years old. The Student Center number is PE 332. His photo on the web page has a red heart meaning he has been waiting 6 months for a sponsor.


  134. Julie M March 20, 2010

    ET 807
    Efrata – childs name

    Sponsored her yesterday.
    Add us to the list!

  135. R.Parks March 19, 2010

    I couldn’t believe it when I read the comment from Marvin. The same thing is happening to me, too. The only address I have is from work. They’ve already given us our new one and told us the other(that I’m now using) is being phased out but I’ve no idea when.

  136. Marvin March 18, 2010

    Can someone tell me how to change the email address associated with the ourcompassion.com web sight? My old address is closing out and I need to put my new address in…. I can not find a way to change it?

    1. Chris Giovagnoni March 19, 2010


      This is something I need to do for you from our admin panel. Send me your e-mail address via the contact us form.

  137. Sara F. March 15, 2010

    The best thing to do is to sign up at http://www.ourcompassion.org You can look directly for sponsors in your project on that site as well as for groups related to Kenya. One FYI is that if you write on someone’s wall and they reply on yours, you MUST go back to their wall to answer them. Otherwise, they may or may not see it.

  138. M.Stolz March 15, 2010

    Hi there,

    I sponsor a little girl in KE 822 and woud love to have contact to other sponsors of the center. How do I get my name listed to the others…I find it difficult to comunicate here cause I cant reply to someone direct…also new on our Compassion…

  139. Linda March 12, 2010

    I sponsor a child at Emmanuel CDC IN433. For those of you who do, I have created a group for Emmanuel so we can exchange information. I also hope to go to India someday soon.

  140. Jan Woodford March 12, 2010

    Lables is a great idea, too. I had made a list of all the children, with their numbers, to take along with me.

  141. Kees Boer March 12, 2010

    That is a great idea with the postcards. Be sure to add the name of the child with the child number and your name and sponsornumber on the card. I have little labels, so I don’t make a mistakes with the numbers. πŸ™‚

  142. Jan Woodford March 12, 2010

    I thought I’d tell you about my latest letter writing idea. We are about to go on a trip in our camping trailer to visit family members in three different states. We will be gone a month, and are taking our two dogs with us. My husband printed up a map from the computer, of the western United States, showing the route we are going to take, and each stop we will make. I’ve sent that to each of my 7 children, with an explanation. I plan to send them picture post cards along the way. I will, of course, avoid talking a lot about our camping trailer, or our van that will be pulling it~even though our set up is very modest by many standards. But I think they will be interested in the places we are going, and the people we are visiting. For instance, they have all been interested in our dogs, and two of the people we are visiting will have dogs that know our dogs. Also, the main purpose for our trip will be to visit our new grand baby in New Mexico.
    I will purchase picture post cards at different places along the way, and send all 7 at a time to the Compassion office, in a greeting card sized envelope. That seems to be the right size to hold post cards. My husband figured out it’s exact cost, and I will have those stamps ready to go. Usually, when I send post cards to them, I send a letter on compassion stationary, too. But for this trip it will be easier to just write a few sentences on the post card itself. I will leave the address area blank for the translater, if they want to use it.

  143. M.Stolz March 12, 2010

    I cant log -in on the compassion.com account. Maybe itΒ΄s got something to do with the numbers that I have one from Germany…who can help?


    1. Chris Giovagnoni March 12, 2010


      Web accounts through compassion.com are for sponsors associated with Compassion U.S. Compassion Germany does not yet offer Web accounts; however, you can still participate in ourcompassion.org.

  144. M.Stolz March 12, 2010

    How do I ad my number to your lisThe child I sponsor live in Kenia KE-822 itΒ΄s written as a area 60 km west of Nairobi, found it on the internet and itΒ΄s in a Area called Narok…more North-West. The Olesharo Chuld Centre…didΒ΄nt find it…I live in Germany and sponsor over the German Ofice.
    It is true if i were to write in German my letter would be translated in English if I wanted…

    I would like to know what about the Pople who work with the kids, must be har don them too…can one correspond with them to pray for them and mabe also help motivate these important links to our Sponsored chilren?

  145. Kelly March 7, 2010

    I just sponsored for the first time. She is 4 and lives in Peru. PE-504
    I would love to hear from others who sponsor there

  146. Octavia March 5, 2010

    I sponsor three children


  147. Sidney February 25, 2010

    I am so very blessed to sponsor a little girl in Ecuador, near Quito. She is in EC149. Does anyone have a match?

  148. ryan February 11, 2010

    @ pam: That’s inspiring!!!!!

  149. pam February 9, 2010

    I sent all myk ids those recordable cards for Christmas. My little girl in Togo was so excited tog et it. Her teacher told me she can’t stop listening to it.

  150. Garry Sagel February 6, 2010

    @Arijana If you don’t yet have an ourcompassion account, I would encourage you to sign up. The url is ourcompassion.org. There are links there that will find anyone with an ourcompassion account that sponsors children in the same country and children in the same student center as your child. Your life will be changed in the last month of March.

  151. Arijana Lukic February 5, 2010

    As I can see I don’t have any match yet, my child is in Brazil BR403. I just started to sponsor Gabrielly last month and in March I am going to visit her as well. If there is anybody else in the same project, let me know πŸ™‚

  152. Becki Lieberknecht January 30, 2010

    I am very new at this. Here is my child’s number.


    I’ve only been sponsoring for about 4 months, so haven’t received any communication yet.

  153. Christine Graham January 22, 2010

    I sponsor a 3 year old girl in Bolivia(BO 674)and a 17 year old boy in Ethiopia(ET 209).

  154. Jennifer Montgomery January 16, 2010

    I am praying for the safety of all the Compassion children and staff in Haiti, as well as everyone else.

  155. Donna Shipley January 15, 2010

    I sponsor a child in Haiti. A very sweet girl. She loves to receive letters. HA820,

  156. bILL January 15, 2010

    My first sponsor.A little girl from Indonesia IO-126.

  157. sandy and jeff January 14, 2010

    the cards that you can record on are also at walmart

  158. Donna Shipley January 14, 2010

    My sweet little girl lives in Haiti HA820. She loves to receive letters.

  159. Linda December 17, 2009

    Hallmark Card Shop. It was a Christmas card, but they usually have them for other occasions. Linda

  160. ryan December 17, 2009

    Linda–where did you find the card at?

  161. Diana December 15, 2009


  162. Linda December 15, 2009

    I found a card and was able to record my voice on it. I’m so excited about the thought of Kalpana being able to hear me say “Ilove you, Kalpana”. Linda

  163. Nancy December 15, 2009

    I have:
    EI 222

  164. ryan December 14, 2009

    Hello, Stacey. I have a 6 year old in RW362. His name is Nkurunziza. I also have a 16 year old in RW367. Her name is Uwamahoro. Come look for me in OurCompassion.

    Would love to get in touch with you.

    Ryan B.

  165. Stacey December 13, 2009

    I love our compassion. My sponsored children are Tuyizere, 6, RW 362, Fadeline, 16, HA 304, Meilen, 8, EC 180, and Niphaporn, 8, TH 983. I have found lots of other sponsors that sponsor in these countries. However, I have lost count with hoe many actually sponsor from these projects. There may be a few or a lot.

  166. Name December 7, 2009

    Don, how can I connect with you. I also sponsor a child at the Emmanuel CDC IN433. Perhaps our children know each other. I am hoping to go there someday and am trying to learn everything I can about Indian customs, culture, etc.

  167. Diane Orton November 29, 2009

    I came across Compassion’s Maps. It has each project number placed in its country. Maybe you can find your project number on it and the name of the town.
    They are at least interesting to look at and see the number of centers there are!I hope it helps you.



  168. Linda November 27, 2009

    My child is at the Emmanuel CDC IN433. I looked at the map of centers; however it doesn’t list the city for this project in South India. How can I find this out? Also, does anyone with a child in India know their last name?

  169. Tara Fraser November 24, 2009


  170. Lydia November 21, 2009

    I just began sponsoring 13 year old Lidia in Ethiopia. Her center is ET316.

  171. Linda November 19, 2009

    I sponsor Kalpana in India IN 433. So far it appears Don (comment #114) is the only match. I just found this site. Don, I’d like to conshare information about Emmanuel CDC.

  172. Linda November 16, 2009

    Wow, reading this started to make my head spin!

    My new sponsored girl is from


    Closest “matches” I’ve seen is:

    Prairie Rose UG704
    Patricia UG709
    JR UG701

    I am so amazed at the number of people with MULTIPLE children they sponsor… especially those with a rather large number. I don’t know how you are able to do it, but God bless you for doing so!!! That is amazing!! Your heart must be so full!! I pray that eventually I, too, will be able to sponsor several children. God bless you all!!

  173. Amy Wallace November 15, 2009

    Yay! We match Penny! I sponsor a 13 year old boy from RW342. I have been sponsoring him since the beginning of this year.

  174. Diane November 14, 2009

    UG925 is where my girl is. She’s 6 years old.
    On OurCompassion, you can find sponsors in your state, and in the project your children are in. I just found 4 sponsors of children in the same project as my child’s. I also found 5 Compassion sponsors in my state.

  175. Penny R November 10, 2009

    I sponsor a child in RW342.

    So far, 1 match:
    Amy Wallace (comment 405)

    Tip for searchers:
    Use Edit, Find on this page
    to search for your numbers.

    Love in Christ,
    a sister sponsor

  176. ryan November 10, 2009

    FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT ARE NEW HERE, COME CHECK OUT http://www.ourcompassion.org social site for sponsors.

  177. Ray Norwood November 10, 2009

    I sponsor a beautiful little girl from Ecuador named Kenia. She attends project EC 348

  178. Jan Woodford November 9, 2009

    Hi, Sanjay!
    Go to http://www.compassion.com. You will be able to select a child from whatever country you wish. You will see their pictures and read about them before you choose. I love this website!

  179. Kees Boer November 9, 2009

    Hi, Sanjay,

    I’m am looking for a sponsor for a little girl from India right now. Her name is Roshani. She lives with her father and mother and 3 siblings. She is 9 years old, but will be 10 this upcoming March. Her father is sometimes employed as a laborer and her mother maintains the home. She also likes to play house and hide-and-seek. She lives North-East of Mumbai. In general laborers there make about $25/month. If you are interested, please contact me at keesboer@positive-entertainment.com and I can email you a photo of her.



  180. jennifer November 9, 2009

    Hello Sanjay!! It is wonderful that you want to sponsor a child. Sponsorship will change your life. If you go to compassion.com and click on Search for a child, you can enter India as the country and you will see all of the children available in India. I hope this helps!

  181. Sanjay Sakhrani November 9, 2009

    Hi everyone. I am completely new to this site and have no idea how I go about sponsoring a child in India. I am currently living in Hong Kong and would like to help out one child in my homeland (at least to begin with and hopefully increase the number of children). Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks

  182. Jeanette November 7, 2009

    I got my packet from cpm[assion for my new boy. Esayas, from Ethiopia. I am so excited! When I called Compassion about sponsoring hem, I had found him on the web site, they said those children heve to be requested via the website. But she told me I could add special instructions that he wes to replace my former child and go on my account for direct deposit. It all went through without a hitch. I really believe that God impressed this child on my heart. I have already sent him a packet (manilla envelpoe with stickers and stuff. I also wrote to him via athe email right away.

  183. Kees Boer November 4, 2009

    Hi, Barbara,

    Thank you so much. Yes, she is very dear to me. She always signs her letters: “Your Precious Little Daughter, Dulce” She is the one in the little thumbnail picture with me. πŸ™‚


  184. Barbara M. November 4, 2009

    Kees, I just read your note from October 7. I am always so blessed when I read what you write about your children. The love you feel for them comes across in your writing so clearly. They are SO BLESSED to have you in their lives. I am especially glad for Dulce that she has you for her “Daddy”.

  185. Barbara M. November 4, 2009

    Jeanette, Thank you for your comment. What I eventually ended up doing was taking my computer in and they updated my search engines and now I can freely access Our Compassion. I’m not a real wizard with all this tech stuff. I’m so happy to be back on board.

  186. r4 sdhc November 4, 2009

    I really appreciate your work of sponsouring of child. I want’s to know motre about that by sponsoring chield where you use of that chield.It is also difficult to keep child.

  187. Jeanette October 27, 2009

    Can you download another searxh engine like fire fox? Sometimes a site won’t work for me when I am using internet explorer, but I can pull it up on fire fox.

  188. Jeanette October 27, 2009

    I just found out that my 17 year old girl from Ethiopia has left the program. I was very sad. Compassion always says that they are sending a new packet for you to look at but you don’t have to choose that child. I always like to go on line and pick out a child myself. I called and told them this and I have chosen a 6 year old little boy from Ethiopia.
    It is not unusual for children to leave the program. Sometimes they leave the area, sometimes the parents decide they need the child to work at home, one time the parents of a child I sponsored were Catholic and decided they didn’t like the evangelical message their child was getting.
    But I have only had 2 children I was sponsoring leave the program and I have been sponsoring kids through Compassion for about 20 years.

  189. Sherry October 19, 2009

    You can now go to:
    http://www.ourcompassion.org and see other kids and their sponsors that have the same child center as your child…..it is very exciting.!

  190. Barbara M. October 14, 2009

    Ryan, I did. The problem appears to be my Safari search engine and perhaps my dial-up connection. I have always been able to at least view the blog but now that they have closed the site to those who are not logged in I can no longer even view the blog. I just crash everytime I try to log in. I just wondered if anyone else was having this problem. If so, were they able to correct it. I really miss reading the blog there.

  191. ryan October 14, 2009

    Barbara M.–did you try contacting http://www.compassion.com ?

  192. Barbara M. October 14, 2009

    A question for anyone out there that might be having trouble logging on to Our Compassion. I have my account set up and if I go to the library I can access everything but from home my computer crashes everytime. I simply cannot get in. It is such an inspirational and informative site and I am missing it alot. Has anyone else experienced this problem? How did you resolve it? Thanks.

  193. Sherry October 13, 2009

    Here is the website, you can find it on some of the early comments on this blog.

    Anyone have a child in this area,TZ755 ? I would love to connect.


  194. Jeanette October 13, 2009

    Jennifer, here is the address for the spread sheet, but I suggest you also join Our Compassion. They have a link where you can automatically search for other children in the same project. http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=psQHClunCqvF4hMK0tVCvVA

  195. Jeanette October 13, 2009

    For those of you who have asked about the location of their projects, here is a link to the website with maps showing the projects in every country. http://www.flickr.com/photos/compassioninternational/sets/72157617338810841/

  196. Jennifer Montgomery October 13, 2009

    I have 2 new children, Nophawong in TH962, and Philemon (a correspondent child) in BF500. Where can I find the spreadsheet to add them?

  197. Stephanie M. October 12, 2009

    I sponsor a little boy named Hubert in BF 452.

    I have 2 matches…Crystal and Kari!!!

  198. Tiffany October 7, 2009

    Mine is KE-643. Does anyone know what town that is?

  199. Kees Boer October 7, 2009

    Hi, Andrea,

    This happens at times. Compassion will try to avoid this happening at all costs, but ultimately, the parents are the ones, who have responsibility for the child. If the family decides to move away, it can be very difficult for the sponsor. I lost 2 children that way. There is nothing Compassion can do about it. I do believe that the Church partners do check on whether the child will be staying with the student center before registering the child into the student center, but sometimes parents will change their mind.

    I can say this. I lost my first sponsored child that way, but then I replaced her with Dulce. Dulce has become so dear to me. She calls me daddy and I’ve visited her twice and spent 2 days with her. I’ve received 60 letters from her. She is very dear to me.



  200. R.Parks October 5, 2009

    My girls are in 742/750. I don’t know if the numbers mean they are close together. I only know that it refers to the projects they’re in. Are you contemplating going on the trip down there in March? It’s the first one they’ve had in years so I’m VERY excited about it! There’s also a separate blog site Hearts for Haiti for those of us who sponsor children there. You can click on your child’s picture and find people who do have children in that very project or ones like me who have kids in Haiti. Welcome to Compassion. I would love to hear more about your “daughter”. Make sure you check out Hearts for Haiti and I would be happy to have you as one of my “friends”.

  201. Ashley October 4, 2009

    There was a girl named Ashley on the website last week. She lives in the Dominican Republic. Did anyone on here sponsor her or know someone who did? My name is Ashley and I was hoping to possibly connect with whomever became her sponsor!

  202. Brandi Elam October 3, 2009

    Hi everyone. We just started sponsoring a child from Haiti. Our church is very involved in Haitian missions so this hit home quickly. Her reference is HA-755 Anyone else have a “son” or “daughter” there?

  203. Andrea Courtright October 1, 2009

    Hmmm. Very interesting. We sponsored a little girl, wrote her a letter, sent her a gift, I let my children get all excited about and the ONLY correspondence we received was to say that child had moved and was no longer connected to Compassion International. We only “had” her for a few months. My children cried; they had invested time sending her paperdolls and they were so excited. Now we were given a new child at random and I’ve not even told my children about it. I thought I’d give it a little while this time before I let them get emotionally invested. I thought the whole thing was just odd.

  204. Sherry September 27, 2009

    Hi Anyone sponsor a child in Uganda —- UG 831?
    I would love to connect…..it is the Buslumia Child center.

  205. robyn midson September 21, 2009

    Correspondence child IO 743

  206. pat September 12, 2009

    I just started sponsoring a child in Ghana. The program is GH551. Had a child in Ecuador but he is no longer in the program.

    1. Abbie February 25, 2015

      I’ve been co-sponsoring Abigail at GH-551 since December. She’s twelve.

  207. Wendy Stewart September 11, 2009

    Hi, In New Zealand we sponsor compassion children through Tear Fund. My husband and I have children in HA295, EC428, and ME827.
    What a priviledge

  208. Maryann September 7, 2009

    @Britt – Hi, Britt! I have a child at BF680, too!

  209. Maryann September 7, 2009

    @Kay – In the centre of the Progress Report for each child is some info on the region & project that he/she goes to. The Project number is at the top. It’s also the letters & first 3 numbers of your child number.

  210. Veronika Cook September 6, 2009

    I sponsor a girl from Ghana!!

  211. Veronika Cook September 6, 2009

    Hi, my name is Veronika. I am 17 yrs old. I spnosor a child from Ghana, too!! Her name is Peace!!!

    Originally Posted By alysonI haven’t seen any matches yet for my sponsored children, but I have seen quite a few that are really close and just a few numbers off. Anyway, here are my children!


    I would love to talk to anyone who has children in the same project! Thanks to Compassion for doing this

  212. Kees Boer September 2, 2009

    @Twyla Snyder

    Hi, Twyla, If you want to meet your child, you want to set that up with the visit team at 1-800-336-7542. They need at least 6 weeks notice. Cochabamba is a big city. There is a nice park near the Los Tiempos building (the tallest building) that is very inexpensive. If your child is young, they love going there. They have the widest slides on the planet.



  213. Twyla Snyder September 1, 2009

    I believe you have a student in Coachabamba. I am going in Nov. I am hoping to find my child but there are so many schools in this city alone. I will be at the Bolivian Hope Center but not sure if their school holds the same name.

  214. Tamm August 29, 2009

    What an awsome day!!! I received 2 more letters! One was a thank you letter from my beautiful girl in Uganda and an intro letter from my girl in the Phillipines. God has truly blessed me by bringing these 2 beautiful girls into my life!

  215. Patrick August 27, 2009

    Way to go Ryan! I get a real charge out of giving to Compassion.

  216. ryan August 26, 2009

    WOO HOO!I just wrote my first letter to my second child. And it’s all in his language! Tho it’s real short, about 4 maybe 5 sentences. written on the intro sponsorship packet letter. the one that tri-folds and we put our picture in the middle section.

  217. Tamm August 25, 2009

    @R.Parks – I have heard this said before and it makes a lot of sense. Thank you for reminding me! I hope to get another correspondence child(or more than one)soon. I sponsor two children right now and wish I could do more.

  218. R.Parks August 24, 2009

    @Kees Boer – Lou-easy-breezy-Keyzy- Are you always so literal? My goodness, I really started something with that song, huh? It was an “AMATEUR video”. And while I believe the Gospel is Salvation in the Resurrected Christ by Grace alone through Faith alone, it can be shared by the way we live our lives. If that is true and genuine, then at some point, we will be “called to give an account for the hope that is within us, but with gentleness and reverence”. Sometimes you have to walk the walk, BEFORE you talk the talk. But I bet you already know that.

  219. R.Parks August 24, 2009

    I must not have explained it right. It’s not that you witness to 15 people but that it takes an avg. of 15 people (at least) to witness to ONE person before they finally get the message of salvation. So we can Never quit reaching out, or become discouraged when we do not see “fruits”. We may just be the person who prepares the soil or sows the seed, while another one does the tending and another the harvest. How exciting that one day you will get to meet those you never knew, in Heaven, who came to Salvation because someone you told, told someone else. When I send my Bibles to China, I’m sending out the seeds. My prayer is to see the sowers and the harvest Thanks for your response

  220. Kees Boer August 24, 2009

    Thank you for posting that song. I just heard it. It’s a little bit of a different message than a statistic. What if it takes 15 times for one person to hear about Jesus??? I thought someone had figured out that it takes 15 presentations of the Gospel on the average to lead someone to Christ. It’s a good song. I like the video. Although I must say that some of the things in the video wasn’t really the person presenting the Gospel. For instance, telling someone that you will pray for them or recommending a book or CD or movie is not sharing the Gospel. (BTW, nothing wrong with it. I do it myself, but it’s not sharing the Gospel)
    The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation according to Rom. 1:16,17. It is defined in I Cor. 15:3,4 as the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. It is explaining how the death, burial, and ressurection of Christ relates to having one’s sins forgiven.

    Nevertheless, I really like that song. It is true. There are so many opportunities to share about Jesus. Telemarketers, who call, fellow students, people at the grocery store, waitresses, you name it.



  221. Sandy August 24, 2009

    Hi everyone!

    Thank you, R.Parks for bringing this song to my mind.

    Originally Posted By R.Parks@Tamm – …there is a song by Greg Long called 15. He sings about how it takes an average of 15 people to talk to someone before they come to know Jesus. We never know where we are in the line-up and so we must be willing to share and reach out because “we may be the 3rd, we may be the 7th, it could be years in-between…”

    I’d just like to share a link to a YouTube video made by Winnwood Baptist Church using Greg Long’s song “Fifteen.”


    It is a very moving, visual example of how God plants the seeds and uses us (sometime 15 or more of us!) to water the field before a glorious harvest occurs!

    Only God knows what “#” we are in the lives of our sponsored children, but it is His will for us to have an impact on each of these children. For some of us, it’s just a brief connection, while other times it’s the blessing of a long nurturing relationship…it’s all of eternal value in God’s perfect plan!

    I hope others find it encouraging, too!


  222. Kees Boer August 24, 2009


    Wow, that’s very sad about child dying in the storm. It is good that she went home to be with the Lord and now we are poor compared to her, but I’m sure you miss her and her parents must have been hurt too and her tutor and staff at the project. I heard of a child in Haiti during one of the storms, who left the shelter where she was to go back to her little shack to rescue the letters from her sponsor.

    I had never heard the 15 number. It’s an interesting statistic. The thing with the statistic of average is that if someone talks to 150 people about the Gospel, that about 10 would come to trust Christ as Saviour. However, the chance is extremely small that they would come to know Christ as Saviour at a perfect interval of every 15th person. They probably would get saved in a very random pattern, in other words, 3 might get saved within the first 15, like 2, 7, 13, but then a big gap of 42 with nothing and all of a sudden someone get saved. All that is to say is don’t quit after 15!

    I can say this that during my High School years, my dad and I went on about 1,000 ships from all over the world in Port Rotterdam to share the Gospel and smuggle Bibles aboard the Communist ships. It was a great experience to get exposed to so many countries. I did notice that many sailors from Africa would come to know Christ as Saviour. It was very fruitful. There were other countries, where we never saw any fruit. I remember thinking that we should just move to Africa to share the Gospel, see a huge group of evangelists raised up and with them reach the rest of the World. It was so fruitful. I remember one ship from Ghana, a sailor came to know Christ as Saviour and he went back to Ghana and shared the Gospel with many people and 100 people from Ghana got saved. At the time this happened, my dad and I knew very little about discipleship, so we didn’t really disciple them. Who knows maybe some of them are connected with Compassion now! LOL



  223. R.Parks August 24, 2009

    @Tamm – Tamm, I don’t know if this will help or not, but there is a song by Greg Long called 15. He sings about how it takes an average of 15 people to talk to someone before they come to know Jesus. We never know where we are in the line-up and so we must be willing to share and reach out because “we may be the 3rd, we may be the 7th, it could be years in-between…” It is hard, even painful not knowing. But that is why we have to TRUST, trust that God uses us for a particular moment in time. God used you until his sponsor could take over, resume or whatever the circumstances were. And as long as you remain faithful to God’s plan for you, your efforts will be blessed.. We would all like to be 15, but sometimes we have to be somewhere in the middle. And yes, it can leave you feeling unresolved (Sara F.) I had just begun as a sponsor of my first child, received 1 letter and within 3 months was told she had drowned in one of Haiti’s infamous storms. Her body was not even found for more than a month later. It was agonizing. And yet, until she went home to be with the Lord, I would never have come to sponsor the next 2 girls. While tragic, God used her death to show me there were even greater opportunities. I pray this helps.

  224. Sara F. August 24, 2009

    Sorry for your loss. I added 2 correspondence children last March and then about a week ago was told that their financial sponsor was discontinuing sponsorship. We were asked to pick them up, but we already have 5. So, we declined. I had only received one initial letter from the 4 year old and nothing from the 12 year old. Regardless, I know that I felt invested in terms of time, letter writing, prayer and planning on what kind of things to send. I also sent birthday gifts. With things ending like this, it seems kind of unresolved (not sure that this is the best word). I have since requested 2 more children, but losing them is one of the pitfalls of this setup. @Tamm

  225. Rachel Brinks August 23, 2009

    Thanks for the tip, James!! πŸ™‚

  226. Tamm August 23, 2009

    I’m a little sad, and happy at the same time right now. I found out on Friday that my correspondence child has been removed because his sponsor has decided to start writing to him. Thank God for that. I’m happy for Kumudu that his sponsor is going to write to him now, but sad that he is not part of my life anymore. I never received any letters from him so I don’t even know if he received the cards and letters I sent to him or if he got his birthday gift that I sent. I am now waiting for another sponsor child.

  227. Patrick Greene August 20, 2009


    I don’t sponsor any children but am sending my tithe to CI since I am between churches. Just knowing that it is going to where it is most needed makes me feel wonderful.

  228. R.Parks August 19, 2009

    Ever since I connected to the different Compassion sites it is like I have found an entire extended family I haven’t met yet. People who share my heart and (com)passion for children and people thousands of miles away that we only know through letters and pictures and, if we’re fortunate, a visit or two. I’ve been praying for YEARS to be able to go to Haiti to see my girls I’ve been sponsoring since ’02. I know it will change my life like nothing short of my salvation.

  229. Sandy August 17, 2009


    Hi Pam!

    Don’t forget to look for matches on ourcompassion.org. I just checked for you and there are 2 matches for KE-376 there!

  230. pam August 15, 2009

    anyone have a child at KE376?

  231. RYAN BANASIK August 11, 2009

    Link to 6 words or less on sponsoring: http://blog.compassion.com/sponsorship-in-six-words/

  232. RYAN BANASIK August 11, 2009

    there it is. i guess it had to wait for me to make a new posting. it’s my favorite picture of our Lord. Has everyone seen the blog about what it means to sponsor kids in 6 words? i wish i had the link here to post but i don’t. should be able to find it using the search box at top of page.

  233. Judith Tremblay August 11, 2009

    THAT’s where it was! I couldn’t remember how to do it; I’d forgotten there had been a whole blog about it.

  234. Sara Benson August 11, 2009

    Originally Posted By Rebecca WarrenCan someone tell me how to download a picture so y’all can connect w/ me?

    I think that you were talking about the pictures that everyoen has next to their comments. If so, click on this link
    and you will be able to read the post about how to set up a picture that will display on your comments.

  235. RYAN BANASIK August 11, 2009

    @Rebecca Warren

    Rebecca: first of all, i like your choice of words (refreshed to be annoyed by all things computer again. i was the same way trying to learn the “paint” program on my computer. but a MySpace friend helped me through it. the basics, anyway. ANYWAY, are you using the same password you use to log into http://www.compassion.com ? i use the same password there as i do for http://www.ourcompassion.org .

  236. RYAN BANASIK August 11, 2009

    Originally Posted By Rebecca WarrenThanks for all the responses so far. As far as having an account, (Caitlin) I’m so ‘low-tech’, I don’t know if I do, or not. I think I do, I’m pretty sure I do, since my email shows me when I have messages. And I can write to my girls this way, but I really prefer to do it by snail-mail so I can send them stickers, bookmarks, pics etc…I found a message from Ryan telling someone how to do a picture but it said to log on to profile as the 1st step and I could never find that page–at least not yet. Does anyone know how long it takes to be accepted? I have already started rolling my change to open up a savings account or CD for the trip! Tomorrow, I will start a weekly prayer fast on Tuesdays–not just for myself, but for everyone who is preparing for such a trip as this.

    I found a message from Ryan telling someone how to do a picture but it said to log on to profile as the 1st step and I could never find that page–at least not yet: http://www.ourcompassion.org if you do not have a page, you can start one. i think all you need is your email, so they can update you on new activities, and a password. maybe one or two other little things. it’s been a while for me. don’t really remember all of it.

  237. Rebecca Warren August 10, 2009

    I appreciate that Chris, but at 5:53p.m. CST, I am still getting the same message that my email is in use by another member. And since the rest of your message is technospeak to me, I’m going to finish the hour-plus commute to my little house in the sticks. Maybe in the a.m., I will be refreshed to be annoyed by all things-computer again.

  238. Chris Giovagnoni August 10, 2009

    @Rebecca Warren – I apologize for the frustration you encountered. We’re working on a fix for the problem that you experienced, so it doesn’t happen to others.

    Your account is now active. You should be able to log in with the password you created.

    You’ll need to manually import your children to get their photos to appear on your profile. You can do that from the sponsorships tab within “Edit Your Profile Settings”

  239. Rebecca Warren August 10, 2009

    Just another reminder why I HATE computers and technology. I tried to login/register at ourcompassion.org–only to be informed that my email address is in use by another member. YEAH, right! I AM that member! Since this is my work address and is my only address, where do I go from here? I’m just tooo frustrated right now to continue.

  240. Rebecca Warren August 10, 2009

    @Caitlin – I’m going to try that now. Wish me luck–I mean blessings, and keep you eyes peeled.

  241. Caitlin August 10, 2009

    To get to your account you should go to the same place you do to write letters online (So long as you are registered through the US). at the home page of Compassion it is with the very top links second from the left corner “My Account”

    OurCompassion and Compassion accounts are too different things, confusing? a little. go to OurCompassion.org On the gray bar, click the 4th link to the right, “Register/login” it will show you from there how to register,. After you are registered, you can either serach for friends by where they live or where they sponsor, or you can search for groups such as “Heart for Haiti” which is a group for Haiti sponsors, and look for friends among groups. If you do enough of this you should manage to come up with some people who are going on the same trip as you are, plus you get to chat with others sponsors about all sorts of things.

  242. Rebecca Warren August 10, 2009

    Thanks for all the responses so far. As far as having an account, (Caitlin) I’m so ‘low-tech’, I don’t know if I do, or not. I think I do, I’m pretty sure I do, since my email shows me when I have messages. And I can write to my girls this way, but I really prefer to do it by snail-mail so I can send them stickers, bookmarks, pics etc…I found a message from Ryan telling someone how to do a picture but it said to log on to profile as the 1st step and I could never find that page–at least not yet. Does anyone know how long it takes to be accepted? I have already started rolling my change to open up a savings account or CD for the trip! Tomorrow, I will start a weekly prayer fast on Tuesdays–not just for myself, but for everyone who is preparing for such a trip as this.

  243. Judith Tremblay August 7, 2009

    @Rebecca Warren – as for how we got the pictures up there, I honestly don’t remember how I stumbled across it. Does anyone else remember? Mike Stephens, Kees,….?

  244. Sara Benson August 7, 2009

    @Rebecca Warren – Yes you will be able to see both of your children. The tours are designed to pay for bringing up to two of your children to a central location to meet you and have a day of fun. (If you have more kids you can still meet them but you have to pay extra to get them there). The group will most likely visit 2-4 projects while you are in Haiti and some sponsors are fortunate enough to have children at the projects that are visited, but there are no guarantees that you will go to your children’s projects.
    Have an awesome trip! I just got back from an individual visit to meet my 5 kids in Ecuador. It was amazing to get to see them face to face and learn more about them. I have two suggestions for you. 1)Have someone who can take tons of pictures of you and your kids (sometimes the interpreter can do this) 2) Have a list of questions that you want to ask the families and the project director (The families are not always sure what to say or what you want to know).
    I hope you have a great trip and I will be praying for that β€œaccepted” email.

  245. Kees Boer August 7, 2009

    @Rebecca Warren – I would think that would be possible, but I think you’re going on a sponsor tour, so you probably should ask the ones, who are putting together the tour. I think with those tours, they generally bring all the children to one location, like the hotel, but I’m not totally sure.


  246. Rebecca Warren August 7, 2009

    Thanks to all of you for the guidance and wisdom of your response. Now, for my next question, espec. for those who have made trips. Since I have 2 girls in two different projects, what are the chances of getting to see both of them? I know Haiti isn’t very big but I can’t tell how far apart the towns are and it says this will be a “working” trip. Also, how long does it take to be confirmed? I applied the other day online and I’m sitting on pins and needles waiting to be “accepted”–I guess that’s the term for it. Last, and certainly a minor issue, I like seeing your faces. Can someone tell me how to download a picture so y’all can connect w/ me? Judith, it seems like I remember reading some of your notes (blogs?) guiding someone through this tech maze on other issues but it would take me awhile to find it again.

  247. Debbie August 6, 2009

    @Rebecca Warren
    It’s best not to tell the child in case something happens in bewteen.Best way to suprise them and they will get very excite and the parent will be overjoy.That what I did when I went to visit my child,the child and the family were notified by Compassion project staff while I was in that country.

  248. Judith Tremblay August 6, 2009

    @Rebecca Warren – It’d probably be best not to say that you “will” be visiting, especially at a certain time, because–as you well know–trips get cancelled. You might mention a desire to visit “some day”, praying for God to provide the opportunity, etc.

  249. Kees Boer August 6, 2009

    @Rebecca Warren – Hi, Rebecca, I never tell the children that I’m coming to visit them in my letters. The main reason is that a visit from the sponsor for a child can be very HUGE. That’s their biggest dream many times. If any thing goes wrong like the trip being cancelled, a war breaking out, sickness, you name it…, it can be very disappointing to the child. So, it’d be better not to… In Proverbs, it also says that “hope deferred makes the heart sick.”

  250. Rebecca Warren August 6, 2009

    Is there anyone already signed up for the March Haiti trip that I can start corresponding with? I would relish the idea of connecting with someone before I get to Miami. I have been praying for this chance for years so…Anyone out there? My girls are in 750 and 742 but what really matters is that they are in the hands of God. One more question for now…Would it be inappropriate for me to write and tell them I’m planning to come and see them? I’m not worried so much about the finances–I believe God will provide, just about the trip being cancelled (again!), But I guess I shouldn’t worry about that either, huh?

  251. Caitlin August 5, 2009

    Thanks for the window into experience! As it is, I think I will have plenty of time to form a relationship with Lilin before a visit, because the visit isn’t working out at the moment :-(. She’s 11 and in Haiti, and apparently my subconscious is worried more than it ought to be… last night I dreamed she left the program! I was so distraught this morning, until I realized it hadn’t happened! (Thank God)

    I’m more concerned about visiting Lilin, because she is older, and I am her 4th sponsor. I want her to understand that so long as God lets me do so, I’m staying her sponsor, and have no intentions of quitting her sponsorship until she’s done with the program. I think that a visit would let her know that I’m serious about it. But for now, I will wait.

  252. Kees Boer August 5, 2009

    @Caitlin – Hi, Caitlin,

    I’ve met several of my sponsored children that I had just sponsored. It was always a joyous occasion even with the short time that I had sponsored them. If you think about it this way. They have probably never gotten a visit by anyone to them outside of maybe another child that is a friend of theirs. All of sudden they get this visit from someone out of another country, that is deeply concerned about them. This in a circumstances, that tend to communicate to them that they don’t have worth.


  253. Caitlin August 4, 2009

    p.s. Rebecca, do you have an account on OurCompassion? I would love to befriend you on it and follow your journey to Haiti! (I love pictures/reports, especially from Haiti! πŸ˜€ )

  254. Caitlin August 4, 2009

    How exciting! I would love to hear updates. You’ve been sponsoring them for so long, I imagine they’ll be ecstatic to see you!

    When I can, I want to go see my girl in Haiti. I would love to go this time, but things didn’t work out. I do wonder though, if I go early on in the sponsorship, if it would be intimidating for her, kind of like “I just got your first 2 letters, and now you’re here?” I doubt she would be disappointed. It certainly wouldn’t derail me from going either. I just think it’s awesome that you got to form a long term relationship with your girls first.

  255. Rebecca Warren August 4, 2009

    @Caitlin@Anne Pixberg I just filled out my application today for the trip to Haiti. I have two girls there I have been sponsoring since 2002. Every time I have tried to go, the trip has been cancelled. I am praying this one will succeed. My newest girl is in India and I want to go there, too, one day, but Haiti is first. Their numbers are HA-742/HA-750 and IN-730

  256. Kees Boer August 2, 2009


    Yes, it breaks my heart when I see that. Sometimes children are beaten when they don’t bring enough money in like that and many times the money is used for alcoholism. I’ve bought these children food and would be nice to them and tell the the Gospel. It’s a very difficult situation.


  257. Jeanette August 2, 2009

    What parent would put their 5 year old child alone in a stairwell of the border crossing? They are being exploited.

  258. Jeanette August 2, 2009

    @Mike Stephens – The big problem for me is that the parents of those children begging on the Tijuana border are using their children to beg because they know that will touch the hearts of American tourists. But they are denying those children scooling and childhood pleasures and it is often not neccessary as those same parents are making good money selling souvenirs to tourists. I have seen them walk away at the end of the day with money pouches stuffed full, the men carrying the money while the women and children cleaning up and carrying the stock that is left. I believe that God expects us to be good stewards of what he gives us. I would never with hold food if I have it and I would share whatever I have, but I am careful not to perpetuate situations which I believe are hamful to children.

  259. RYAN BANASIK July 30, 2009

    @beverly naylor

    thry the child search on Compassion main site. http://www.compassion.com

  260. beverly naylor July 30, 2009

    I am on a mission to discover if my adopted son’s biological sister is in any program run by Compassion.
    She is in or near Puerto Prince, Haiti. We pray for her daily and feel that if she were awaiting sponsorship that her biological brother would be an awesome match. She would be under 12 years old, while my son is 6 years old.
    Is there any way of finding her?

  261. Caitlin July 29, 2009

    So, is anyone going/ thinking about going on the Compassion tours of either East India or Haiti in 2010?

  262. RYAN BANASIK July 28, 2009

    anyone wantin to join my friends list on FB, here’s the link:


    and on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/1robin_son

  263. RYAN BANASIK July 28, 2009


    i have one now in RW362. different projects, i know. but both based in Nyagatare. projects could be close by.

  264. RYAN BANASIK July 28, 2009

    here’s a link for current weather around the world. this particular link is for Kibungo, Rwanda, but i’m sure any large city can be entered.


  265. Lauryn July 28, 2009

    Bolivia and India…


  266. Rhonda July 27, 2009

    Lori, I have a girl in RW339.
    Do you know much about the area/country?

  267. RYAN BANASIK July 26, 2009


    This is a page showing maps of countries where Compassion has centers. it lists the child numbers in each center. Kibungo, Rwanda shows about 22 numbers, including RW367, where one of my children is.

  268. RYAN BANASIK July 26, 2009

    i now sponsor a second child. started moments ago. a 6 year old boy in Nyagatare. number is RW362.

  269. Deborah July 22, 2009

    I’m new to this. I’ve sponsor a boy from Mexico(ME 779).Did went to visit him back in Feb,2009.Real awesome!

  270. James Lanchester July 22, 2009

    Rachel, save yourself a lot of time, and frustration. Go out of this compassion site, and sign in to: http://www.our compassion.org, below the blue bar {wide} on top, you will see a link to “your friends” click it, go to box that says project # type in #,go to country click arrow, click country, then click “search”. You have 3 friends in HO402, 7 friends in UG422, and 3 friends in IO847, this took me about two minutes. To contact these people you may have to sign up for our compassion.org. LOL

  271. Rachel Brinks July 22, 2009

    I sponsor a girl (Cruz) in HO-402, a boy (Twaha) in UG-422 and a girl (Mega) in IO-847. That is, if the project numbers are the first numbers in the child numbers. =) I’ll have to spend some time reading through this to see if anyone sponsors kids in the same projects!

  272. Mike Stephens July 20, 2009

    @Sara Benson – Sarah,

    The best way would probably be to email me (michaelstephens56@yahoo.com) b/c I don’t check the blogs all the time.

  273. Mike Stephens July 20, 2009

    @Sara Benson


    I dropped off your stuff at the Philippines country office. I have a short video showing the zip-loc bag at the country office.

  274. Mike Stephens July 20, 2009

    @ryan banasik


    sIK didn’t come up on facebook…I am not sure what I did wrong. I just pasted your name in the search box and only sEK came up.

  275. Jennifer Montgomery July 20, 2009

    @Beth – Hi Beth! I have a child in Tegucigalpa too, and when we visited Honduras in May for the sponsor tour, we were in San Pedro Sula! I wonder if we visited your project. Do you know the name of your project? I know some of the names, but not numbers.

  276. Elizabeth July 20, 2009

    Thanks for your help in posting a pic. LOL I got it.

  277. Beth July 20, 2009


    For all of those wondering about child sponsor numbers.
    The two letters indicates the country. Example: HO =Honduras

    The first three digits are equal to the project number.

    The last four are the child’s assigned number so that letters and data gets recorded accurately.

    Typically, there are about 200-300 children registered children at child development center. Well, at least that is what I found out about the centers in Honduras. It might be different for other countries.

    I have two girls from Honduras
    HO-230 (in Tegucigalpa)
    Ho-341 (in San Pedro Sula)

  278. ryan banasik July 19, 2009


    well. i haven’t posted pictures but this should help get you started.log into your profile. top left corner it will say welcome followed by your name. below that it should say IMAGES. click in that a BROWSE button should appear with a box next to it. by clicking browse it should take you to all the photos stored in your computer. click the photo yo want and the “code” will go into the box next to browse buttom.

    1. log in to profile.
    2. click images.
    3. click browse.

    hope that helps get you started.

  279. ryan banasik July 19, 2009


    i was kinda thinking about it until i saw the price. i don’t really know anything about it. i read the packet that was sent to me and i think it was to be in Chicago. is it there every year? i live in Indianapolis.

  280. ryan banasik July 19, 2009

    my last name is spelled banasIk–not sEk

  281. Elizabeth July 19, 2009

    Can someone tell me how to post a picture? I wanted to post a picture on my profile on our compassion of my husband and I and unfortunately he’s computer illiterate. Thanks for all your previous help folks. Thanks again. I hate asking for friends to respond to a blackened screen. Only me. Thanks for ALL your help.

  282. Mike Stephens July 18, 2009


    Ryan Banasek

    Network:ASU Alum

    Ryan this is all I found on facebook but no picture I assumed it probably wasn’t you b/c it wasn’t even spelled the same. If it’s you I’ll friend you.

  283. Luann July 18, 2009

    Who is going to the Conference in Oct.? If you’ve never gone before-it’s life changing.

  284. Elizabeth July 18, 2009

    I SO appreciate all the help. I just got a laptop. I was doing all of emailing by my phone so this has been a MAJOR challenge. All imput has been much appreciated. My babies appreciate it too. I hope to find out alot about the projects that my letters are not telling me. So much appreciated in my quests. I found two matches so far, and I put on them requested friend approval. So I’m waiting. Anxiously!!!!!!!!

  285. Sara F. July 18, 2009

    I tend to search by using the links under the kids if I want to find people in certain projects or countries. There should be 2 search options under the photos of your children. The first is to find sponsors with kids in the same country. The 2nd one is to find sponsors with children in the same project. I have also done it the way Judith mentions but find the links helpful to narrow down things by country and/or center. I also noticed the differences between how people have entered in states.@Judith Tremblay

  286. James Lanchester July 17, 2009

    @Elizabeth -Elizabeth, go to our compassion.org, when it comes up in the top left corner,are two green boxes,E-mail address, and password, use the same ones that are on file with compassion. Then fill out your profile, and your kids,or kid, pictures, and info will be on the page. Then go to the top of the page and click on find friends, when the screen comes up, fill in project # box,and click on arrow for country, and click on country, then search All of the sponsers, and kids pic’s in that project that are registered will come up. LOL

  287. Judith Tremblay July 17, 2009

    @Elizabeth – After you log in, and are looking at your own profile, check out the row right under the blue header (“ourcompassion beta”). You should see something that says “Welcome Elizabeth” or similar. πŸ™‚ Across that row are two useful “buttons”–words that when you click on them, will take you to a different page. After “My Profile” is “Find Friends” and “Groups”.

    On the Find Friends page you can search for people using different methods: their name if you’re looking for someone specific, or people near you, or people who sponsor kids in the same country or project as your kids.

    Note about searching for people by state: It seems like most people have typed out their state when they registered. I, on the other hand, used the abbreviation (LA instead of Louisiana). I don’t show up when I type out Louisiana in the state field, but any state with the letter combination -la- anywhere in the state name show up when I use the abbreviation.

    But, the point is: if you’re going to search by state, try it both ways and see what you come up with.

    Feel free to browse through the group listings also. Helpful hint: plug in a keyword to narrow down all the groups to something you’re interested in. Like a state or regional group–connect with folks near you. Or a country-based group, to talk about the country where you sponsor a child.

    This concludes your crash course in OurCompassion 102; 101 is registration, child importation, and similar issues.

    Chris: Have the Brains of OC thought about doing a CB tutorial on OC for those that would benefit from it? Whenever I’ve taught anything about using a computer, it helps alot when people can see what we’re talking about, ie pictures (esp when I’m not there to help them).

  288. Elizabeth July 17, 2009

    Thanks for your help Sandy but I am clueless to know where to go once I’m on that site to find the matches. Can someone help me. I’m new to this stuff. Thanks a bunch….

  289. Chris Giovagnoni July 17, 2009

    @Heather – Go to compassion.com, click on For Sponsors and Donors in the banner masthead.

    You’ll see what you’re looking for on the right hand of the Sponsors and Donors page.

  290. Heather July 17, 2009


    where on the site can you view the children that were sponsored that day?

  291. Heather July 17, 2009


    Where in Ghana are your twin girls? Are you registered on ourcompassion.com?

  292. Heather July 17, 2009

    @Tiffany Rasmussen

    The children from Ghana are great! It is such a sweet country, I sponsor a boy from GH409 he is 8 years old and I am his first sponsor. He was waiting for four months before being sponsored.

  293. Heather July 17, 2009

    Ourcompassion.com is a great resource. I wish more people would register on it but it is fairly new. I was told by Compassion over the phone that there are over 200 children sponsored in my child’s project, but when I pull up the project number I am the only one listed. I hope more people will register or Compassion will automatically register sponsors.

  294. Sandy July 17, 2009


    Hi Elizabeth!

    You have one match a piece for EI216 & KE733 on ourcompassion.org.

    Don’t forget about this new tool Compassion has given us…it’s a fabulous way to connect!

  295. Sandy July 17, 2009


    Hi James!

    Don’t forget to look for matches on ourcompassion.org. I just checked for you and there are 5 matches for BO361 there!

  296. James July 16, 2009

    My wife and I sponsor a beautiful little 7 yo girl from Bolivia. We love her dearly…
    BO 361 no matches yet…

  297. Elizabeth July 16, 2009

    I am hoping to find a match for my 3 girls. I tried to add them to the sheet but I’m not real good at this computer.
    My email is (elizabethsammut@yahoo.com)

  298. RYAN BANASIK July 16, 2009

    i’m sure Kibungo is a big city. 22 projects there. a better than strong chance kids from different projects won’t know each other. my child doesn’t even live in Kibungo. that’s just where the Compassion center is that she’s with. i forget how far from Kibungo she is, 20 miles or so maybe, near the national border. another project in same center might also be 20 miles from Kibungo, and also 20 miles from where my child is. each project could have hundreds of children in them. even if two of us here have children with same numbers there’s a better than good chance they won’t know each other.

  299. Kees Boer July 15, 2009

    @RYAN BANASIK – Yes, the child can relocate to another project, much like a child can change elementary schools. It doesn’t happen a lot, but it does happen. Also, just because these projects are in the same area, it doesn’t mean that they know each other. I sponsor children in the same project that didn’t know each other till I went to visit them and they met. Sometimes, there are different schedules and the children don’t meet each other, if they are on different schedules.


  300. RYAN BANASIK July 15, 2009

    @Kees Boer

    yep. i know that. but i didn’t know the kids could be moved around though. my child’s number is RW367. could call that the project number because there’s more numbers after the 367. those would most likely be the actual child number.
    all those numbers i listed are based in Kibungo. there’s about 12 different cities in Rwanda where Compassion has these centers. all those numbers: 231-953 are the prjects in Kibungo.

  301. Kees Boer July 15, 2009



    The number of your child’s student center or also called project are the first 3 numeric numbers of the child number. So, it would be the first three numbers after the “RW”

    A child is only in one project, they can move to a different project, but generally, they are only in one project. πŸ™‚



  302. RYAN BANASIK July 15, 2009

    Here’s a list of numbers in Kibungo, where my child Uwamahoro is, all start with RW:

    367 (Uwamahoro’s number)

    there may be two others, between 367 or 371 and 529. but there’s some wording blocking it. too small for me to read.

    anyone have these numbers?

  303. RYAN BANASIK July 15, 2009

    Mike–there’s 500 Mike Stephens on FB. i bet there’s only one Ryan Banasik there. i’m wearing the green and yellow of America’s Team πŸ™‚ holding a framed photo.

  304. Jo July 15, 2009

    I’ve recieved my first correspondent child today, he is an 10 year old boy from Indonesia. He attends project ID117

    I am so excited to start correspondence with him.

  305. Mike Stephens July 14, 2009



    I have a picture that has me with almost a shaved head wearing a black and white soccer jersey with a guy on the other team in the background I live in Colorado Springs…I hope that helps narrow the search…I’ll take a look

  306. RYAN BANASIK July 14, 2009

    mike stephens-i did a quick search on your name on facebook and multiple results came up. didn’t know which one to go to.
    robyn-coming to look for you at ourcompassion/org.

  307. Mike Stephens July 14, 2009

    I just want to say hopefully to encourage people who are reading this that are disappointed/upset/angry/frustrated/really angry that they haven’t been able to visit their sponsored kids yet…not to give up!!!!!!! And send me an email maybe I can send you $5 for your trip…not much but a start!!!!!!! (michaelstephens56@yahoo.com). It wasn’t a cake walk for me to visit but now that it is done the difficulty was easily worth it.

  308. Mike Stephens July 14, 2009

    @sandy and jeff

    Sandy you said you were anxious

    “mike, i’ve been anxious to hear about your trip….sandy”

    so I was just giving you a verse not to be anxious, I realize you hopefully meant excited instead of anxious but I decided to give you

    I Peter 5:7 “Cast all your “ANXIETY” on Him because He cares for YOU!!!”

    that is all πŸ˜‰

  309. Mike Stephens July 14, 2009

    @James Lanchester


    to see my photos, videos etc. of the trip just become my friend on facebook

    I Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for YOU!!!”

  310. Mike Stephens July 14, 2009


    Ryan feel free to join my facebook friend’s list if you like it might help if you give me a quick message so I remember who you are. I might have rejected people simply b/c I could not remember how I knew them so a message helps. I have a few videos from my Philippines Sponsor Tour if you would like to see them. That goes for everyone as well if you want to see them just become my friend on facebook (please include a short message as I might reject you if I can’t remember you) the video really helps me remember the trip in ways pictures and talking cannot.

  311. Mike Stephens July 14, 2009


    Tanzania hopefully next year, I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch this time. When I went to Nicaragua and the Philippines I kept saying “I am going to Nicaragua…I’m going to the Philippines before I actually went and thank God I did go!!!!!!! But the trip I am currently talking about “HOPING” to go on is Tanzania. My goal was to visit all the kids I sponsor at least twice and I am thankful I have a little breathing room since I have indeed seen 5 of them in person once. So now I don’t feel like a complete liar since I told many of them I was going to visit before I actually did, but I do not think I will do that in these upcoming trips to lessen the pressure on myself.

  312. robyn midson July 14, 2009

    @robyn midson – have asked if you will be my friend on Our Compassion.

  313. RYAN BANASIK July 14, 2009

    sorry about the all caps thing. i like to stay in all bigs or all smalls so i don’t have to use the shift key. i do most typing with one hand. sometimes i use both though. sorry.
    for those that do not know about it here is a link to maps showing where Compassion is, with corresponding children numbers. this particular one is for Rwanda.
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/compassioninternational/ well, maybe this will be the “home” page. there’s a series of numbers at the end.

  314. sandy and jeff July 14, 2009

    @Mike Stephens – so..whats that supposed to mean? sandy

  315. James July 13, 2009

    My Fieger is only 5 she is at

  316. James Lanchester July 13, 2009

    @Mike Stephens – Mike I forgot to send you an e-mail requesting photos, and videos. Since I last talked to you I have another sponser kid in Guatemala, and a correspondance kid in Kenya. I’m also now a child advocate with compassion.By the way the site that Chris G. has been talking about, is up and running, it is a lot easier to navagate then this blog. Go to our compassion.com, and check it out.

  317. robyn midson July 13, 2009

    @RYAN BANASIK – Hi you can email me if you like and I’ll tell you more about my boy. email is (r.midson@optusnet.com.au). Sorry i have to rush to work just now I’ll respond more tonight

  318. Chris Giovagnoni July 13, 2009

    @RYAN BANASIK – When commenting, please don’t use all caps. Thanks.

  319. RYAN BANASIK July 13, 2009



  320. RYAN BANASIK July 13, 2009

    @Mike Stephens


  321. RYAN BANASIK July 13, 2009

    @Judith Tremblay

    Judith-can you put my info in there? i didn’t see it when the link was first posted. my child is in RW367.

  322. Mike Stephens July 13, 2009

    @sandy and jeff@sandy and jeff

    Sandy stop sinning πŸ˜‰

    I Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for YOU!!!”

    “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life…?”

  323. Mike Stephens July 13, 2009

    @sandy and jeff


    The easiest way for you to hear about my trip is probably to watch some of it…if you become my friend on facebook I have 13 or so videos from the trip. I do have around 300 photos in an album if you are going to be at the National Advocate’s Conference I could bring it to the Cheyenne Mountain Resort.

  324. Judith Tremblay July 12, 2009

    @Amy Brooke – Hey, Amy! Before I finished reading my email (and noticed that others had found the spreadsheet for you), I went ahead and updated it with your information for you. There are two others with children in the same project as your child in Ecuador! There are others nearby in the other two countries (likely in the same region of the country, so the culture could be similar).

    Just in case the previous link doesn’t work, try this one. Not sure if the final few characters make a difference…


    Also, have you checked out OurCompassion.org? This spreadsheet was a precursor to that site. πŸ™‚

  325. RYAN BANASIK July 11, 2009

    @Amy Brooke

    message number 258 has a link for the spreadsheet.

  326. robyn midson July 11, 2009

    Hello Amy heres the link http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=psQHClunCqvF4hMK0tVCvVA

  327. Caitlin July 11, 2009

    @Tamm – Congrats! I’m excited for you! It is amazing how much you care for someone who stepped into your life through a piece of paper, isn’t it?

  328. Amy Brooke July 11, 2009

    I read somewhere that there was a spreadsheet for all the listings of kids/centers, but I cannot find it. Anyway I have 2 sponsored children and 1 correspondence child:

    Ambar — EC141
    Kayirnagwa — RW828
    Jose — DR482

    Does anyone know about the spreadsheet or a link to it. Finding other sponsors with same number here would be a bit daunting. But I would love to connect!

  329. Tamm July 9, 2009

    I am soooooo excited!! I just received my first letter from my first sponsor child. My beautiful little girl from Uganda! She didn’t write the letter herself yet because although she is almost 9 years old, she was not able to attend school, until now! Praise God! She drew little pictures on it, though. I am so in love with this beautiful brave little girl! I never thought it possible to love someone so much that I have never even met, but from the moment I saw her, she had my heart! I have another sponsor child in the Phillipines and a correspondence child in Inda and I can’t wait to hear from them too!

    God has truly blessed me by bringing these beautiful treasures into my life!

  330. Abbie July 8, 2009

    I have two perhaps they are close to each other–KE820 and KE 210. One is located on Lake Victoria (West side of Kenya). The other is in the center at the base of Mt. Kenya. I was able to go online to see pictures and kids of the region. Thrilling! Hope you can find some matches. I’d be glad to hear from you.

  331. Barbara M. July 8, 2009

    @Mike Stephens – Lucky you for getting into Our Compassion! I have everything in place and yet everytime I try to navigate and go anywhere my computer shuts down. I was so excited about being able to contact others but it will not allow it. I can follow the blogs but I cannot go to any other features. Very disappointing.

  332. Jill July 7, 2009


    You have a match for both on ourcompassion.org

  333. alyssa July 7, 2009

    I searched this page and haven’t found a match even still! :((
    Contact me if you have a child in

    thanks! and God Bless everyone who sponsors!!!

  334. jeanette bronger July 7, 2009

    I have 2 children in Peru. A girl in PE 373 Jesus Nazereno Student Ctr.
    A boy in PE 235 Emanuel Student Ctr. Does anyone have a child in either of those places. Would the lady from Illionois who has a child in 373 het in touch with me. I have lost the site where I saw her name. My e-mail is (j7fbro@juno.com)

  335. Kris July 7, 2009

    Hi! My grandson and I sponsor a 7 year old boy in Peru


    I’d love to hear from anyone who sponsors a child in, or has visited PE-247. (kschmidt1976@gmail.com)

  336. sandy and jeff July 5, 2009

    @Mike Stephens – mike, i’ve been anxious to hear about your trip….sandy

  337. Princess Darien July 5, 2009

    @Pri@Dana Young – My name is supposed to be Princess Darien but I accidentally hit submit and that is why it says Pri. I have the girl in Peru.


  338. Pri July 5, 2009

    @Dana Young – Would that mean she is in Columbia? Gabriela Nicole is in northwestern Peru. That would be so so so so fun!

  339. Dana Young July 5, 2009

    I sponsor a girl in CO555, I wonder if they are close?

  340. Princess Darien July 3, 2009

    Does anyone have a child in PE-307? My little girl is 4 and I have been sponsoring her since April. It would be so exciting to contact anyone who’s child is in the same project.


  341. Danielle July 3, 2009


    It’s only the first 3 numbers, so it would be: GH409.

    This is a spreadsheet of all the different projects people sponsor at. It doesn’t look like there is anyone with the same number.

    You can also join OurCompassion http://www.ourcompassion.org/ You might be able to find some matches there!

  342. Sheryl July 3, 2009

    Hey everyone, I really recommend joining ourcompassion.org – it took me some time to figure it all out but am so glad I did. You get amazing information and ideas and you can hook up with other sponsors from other countries. Also,you often can find other sponsors with children in your child’s center.

    Everyone is so friendly there that you can ask any question if you don’t quite know how it all works.

    See you there.

  343. Princess Darien July 3, 2009

    My little girl- Gabriela Nicole- is 4 and her project is PE-307. Anyone have a match? Her project’s name is Rosa. So yeah.

    Thank you!!!!

  344. Sheryl July 3, 2009

    Bobbi – the center number is the first 3 numbers after the country letters in the child’s number. For example, I sponsor an Indonesian girl in IO640.

  345. Sheryl July 3, 2009

    Heather – the best way to find other sponsors in your program is to join ourcompassion.org, establish a profile and then ‘find friends’ in your same project. It is free. And the project or student center number is the first 3 numbers after the letters of the country so your project number would be GH409. Blessings! Sheryl

  346. Michelle July 3, 2009

    GH220 here!

    Please drop me an email if we match up! (tiedyebutterfly@hotmail.com)

  347. Susan H July 3, 2009


    I have had correspondence in our projects in the past but do not have the numbers handy. I will take a look for them too!

  348. Mike Stephens July 2, 2009

    @Barbara M. – Barbara sounds like something that would happen to me. But hilariously this time I am not even registered and I can navigate through the site!!!!!!! πŸ˜‰ I don’t understand how that is possible.

  349. Heather July 2, 2009

    I have just sponsored a child in Ghana


    Is that the right number? How do I find out if someone has a sponsored child in the same program? Thanks and God Bless

  350. Amy Brooke July 1, 2009

    My children are in Ecuador, Rwanda, and I have a correspondence child in the Dominican Republic.

  351. RYAN BANASIK July 1, 2009


    Look on your child sponsorship packet. It shows your child’s name, birthdate, country, project, and reference number. The reference number is also referred to as the child’s number. It can also be found in your compassion.com account. Log into that with your username and password.

  352. Bobbi July 1, 2009

    I have one child in Indonesia. I see that people are listing center numbers. Where will I find that and I will list it to see if it matches anyone. We just started sponsoring in May. We are very excited!

  353. RYAN BANASIK July 1, 2009

    Is anyone in RW-367? ryan

  354. Sheryl June 29, 2009

    @Kevin LaRue
    Kevin, go to ourcompassion.org You have 3 matches there for KE915. Let me know if you have any questions. Sheryl

  355. Kevin LaRue June 29, 2009

    my child is in KE-915. Does anyone match? If so, I would look to hook up and chat with you.


  356. Tam June 29, 2009

    @~audrey~ – Hey I have a boy in Uganda 233 as well. My boy is 12 and is called Innocent what is your child’s name. We could ask if they know each other. Who knows maybe they do?


  357. Barbara M. June 25, 2009

    @Sara Benson – Sara, I cannot reach you by Our Compassion because I am having technical difficulties with the site. My computer shuts down everytime I try to use it. In your post about correspondence children you said you’ve noticed that the responses you receive from your children vary according to country. I have noticed that myself as well. How do you experience the differences? I would be curious to know. My Ethiopian children are strickly “fill in the blank” letters. My child from Tanzania writes much more personally. I know each child is an individual but I wonder if it is a project thing as well. Perhaps each project or country has a different way of responding. Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks.

  358. Emily June 24, 2009


    Rachel, to see if your child lives near Tammy’s you can look at the map of where projects are, there is a post with links to this somewhere on the blog.

  359. Sandy June 24, 2009

    @Vasil Krstevski

    Greetings, Vasil and other sponsors from the Republic of Macedonia! It’s a pleasure to welcome you!!

    Just keep checking the ourcompassion.org site frequently. As more sponsors sign-up, you are certain to find a match in RW654 eventually.

    Thank you for joining us in “releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.”


  360. Jan Woodford June 24, 2009

    Originally Posted By RachelAnyone have correnspondence children here? What was your experience like?

    Hi, Rachel,
    Six of my children are correspondence children, and when I pray for them, I pray for their sponsors, too. If it wasn’t for their sponsors, I couldn’t afford to have them. I send Birthday gifts and sometimes family gifts ( when I can afford it) to them, but I know that if their sponsors back out for any reason, I’ll want to sponsor them, and that’s just not possible right now. We have two sponsored children, and that’s all I can afford. The trouble is, I’ve gotten so attached to some of the correspondence children ( like my little boy in Tanzania) that I know I would somehow try to sponsor him if his sponsor could no longer do it, and that would mean that I couldn’t send extra gifts to my sponsored kids and my correspondence kids. 2 of my correspondence kids haven’t written to me yet, but that may be because I haven’t had them very long. The children that my husband and I have become most attached to are the ones who have written regularly, like Omary in Tanzania, and Mamatha in India. They are so dear! Mamatha is a smart girl who is learning computer in school right now. She is 13. Omary is 8, and is having a very hard time in school. I suspect the problem is emotional. His father is dead, and he asks about my husband a lot. He constantly invites us to come visit him, and told us exactly how to find his house. I so wish we could afford to go see him. He just tugs at our hearts.
    I have a correspondent child in Ethiopia who is 20. He is due to leave the program in about a year, and we’ve just gotten him. I worry about what will happen to him, because he doesn’t seem very equipped. I don’t have much time to build a relationship, but I’m doing my best. Another correspondence child that I’ve recently acquired is Budo in Indonesia. She’s 10 years old, and very sweet. I also have a sponsored child near by. Hope this isn’t too long. I love to talk about my kids.

  361. Sheryl Parrish June 23, 2009

    Oops I meant to say “Hi Tammy” in the above post. Looked at wrong name I guess.:( Sheryl

  362. Sheryl Parrish June 23, 2009

    @Tammy – Hi Sara, noticed that you sponsor a child in Indonesia in the same area as I do. I sponsor a little girl, Aven, at IO640. She lives just west of Kupang in Bolok. Glad to know you have a child in the same area! Have you gone on any trips to Kupang?
    I too get letters about every 3 months from her.

  363. Rachel June 23, 2009

    Also, who can post posts on this blog? Only certain people, I assume. Thanks!
    Also, anyone with sponsored and/or correnspondence children in Uganda or Ethiopia? I just recently signed up for a correnspondence child (but haven’t got my packet yet), and my brother Nathanael got his packet today. Nathanael’s correnspondence child’s name is Tolosa . Any matches? Any close-by projects?? Compare yours with mine.
    Nanjala –UG121
    Joseph –HA684
    Kyakunzire –UG715
    Tolosa –ET352
    (correnspondence child)

    Thank you!

  364. Rachel June 23, 2009

    Anyone have correnspondence children here? What was your experience like?

  365. Rachel June 23, 2009


    Hi Tammy, Jennifer, Emily, Chris, and the others,
    I have Joseph in HA684; does that mean that Donley (Tammy’s sponsored child) lives nearby if he’s in HA766? Thanks.


  366. Emily June 22, 2009

    Tammy, I sponsor a little girl in ES807 named Marlen. I just recently began sponsoring her and have received one letter so far, but would love to hear about Wilber.

  367. Jennifer Nunley June 22, 2009

    I just want to second OurCompassion, it’s great!! I’ve been able to connect with so many people! And it’s much easier than searching through all of these comments!! πŸ™‚

  368. Chris Giovagnoni June 22, 2009

    I’ve seen a few comments on this post about OurCompassion, but now, I’d like to officially introduce you to OurCompassion.org β€” our new Web site to more easily connect you with people who sponsor children in the same country or child development center as your child.

    You can read about it on today’s blog post – Joined Together Thinking.

  369. Tammy June 22, 2009

    @Sara Benson
    I sponsor Ivon in IO647 and she writes about once every three months.

    In addition to Ivon (IO647) I also have:
    Wilber CO332
    Nagavalli IN457
    Wilber ES807
    Donley HA766


  370. sandy and jeff June 22, 2009

    @Mike Stephens – welcome home..i want to hear all the details of your trip…where did you go…and was it what you imagined? do you have any videos to post? sandy

  371. Amy Wallace June 21, 2009

    @Judith Tremblay -all of my letters are dated from my girl in Indonesia, and it looks like they are written every 3-4 months

  372. Chris Giovagnoni June 19, 2009

    Originally Posted By Stephanie G

    Can someone clarify…

    If a correspondent child is removed from your account, I understand it would be for one of two reasons:

    1)the sponsor chooses to write after all (as mentioned above)

    2) the sponsor has to discontinue sponsorship

    In the case of the latter, is the correspondent always offered the opportunity to sponsor the child?

    In the case of the latter, the correspondent is offered the opportunity to sponsor the child if the correspondent has been writing the child.

    If the person hasn’t written the child in more than a year, the opportunity to sponsor the child will not be offered.

    A correspondent child could also be removed from your account if you have not written for a year or more, along with the reasons you mentioned.

    Here is a blog post that talks about the correspondent program.

  373. Stephanie G June 19, 2009

    Originally Posted By Tiffany RasmussenI have had 2 correspondence children. One was removed from my account about a month after I began writing her. Then today, I noticed that my other correspondence child from several months has just disappeared. I haven’t received notices about why either were removed. I did call after the 1st child was removed and was told that her sponsor decided to write after all. I hope that that is the case with my other little girl….

    Can someone clarify…

    If a correspondent child is removed from your account, I understand it would be for one of two reasons:

    1)the sponsor chooses to write after all (as mentioned above)

    2) the sponsor has to discontinue sponsorship

    In the case of the latter, is the correspondent always offered the opportunity to sponsor the child?

    Thanks so much!

  374. Stephanie G June 19, 2009

    @Tiffany Rasmussen


    I’m sorry to hear about the disappearance of your correspondence children. I know how I’d feel to lose any of mine.

    If the sponsors have decided to write to the child(ren), it would be my hope they have seen the blog comments from so many dedicated sponsors and correspondents and been inspired.

    I hope, too, that you’ll be able to continue to offer encouragement to others as a correspondent.

    Best wishes!

  375. Mike Stephens June 19, 2009

    @Valerie Long – Valerie,

    A girl on our trip sold her motorcycle so she could make the trip and visit her sponsor child in the Philippines. It was a great testimony to me and example.

  376. Mike Stephens June 19, 2009

    @Sara Benson -Sarah,

    Just wanted to let you know I dropped your presents off at the Compassion Philippines Country office in Manila and took a video of it πŸ˜‰ Thanks for putting me to use and sending some stuff!!!!!!!

  377. Mike Stephens June 19, 2009

    @Jeanette – I think the point is to give and let God take care of the rest. The boy gave his lunch God took care of the rest. God didn’t need the lunch but I think it is amazing the boy gave it. I am realizing the things I give through Compassion and many other things are not necessarily even needed but “God loves a cheerful giver” and I want to reap generously πŸ˜‰ I believe what that 10 year old girl did has echoed throughout eternity b/c here you are telling it to me and I admire what she did in some profound ways personally. Here is another quick story that your story reminded me of. I had a friend named Thayer Paxton who was a good wrestler in college and he was wrestling another guy during a wrestling match and he looked kind of dazed. I could easily tell he was somehow confused at what the other guy was doing. He seemed to almost be hypnotized and lost his rhythm/confidence/awareness it wasn’t like he was tired he just looked out of it, like he didn’t know what was going on kind of. He stuck up for me and encouraged me some times so to make a long story short I would sometimes go and cheer him on as he wrestled. As I saw him seemingly looking hypnotized I just started screaming like I was getting eaten by a shark…”Go Thayer!!!!!!!!!!” You can do it!!!! Yaaaaaa Thayer!!!! I knew what was in my power to do and I screamed in a somewhat silent crowd like crazy. I had often done that before. And after maybe10-30 seconds of my SCREAMING I noticed his eyes finally snapped back into place and he ended up winning even though he was ahead at the time I believe but quickly losing points. I don’t know exactly how much impact my yelling had but knew what it could do b/c I definitely need some CRAZY PSYCHOTIC people in my corner SCREAMING for me so I get with the program and finish the race in VICTORY!!!!!!!

  378. Mike Stephens June 19, 2009

    @Jeanette -I love your story because it shows the truth of what is going on. It is quite ridiculous. Even if I had billions of dollars to give and satisfied all the beggars in the world I think that would be a great thing but that is another thing I love about God: all my works are like a dirty rag compared to Him. I believe I give b/c I have been in some desperate situations where I needed and people did not want to help/act/show Compassion to me. So I know what it feels like to go without help when I thought I needed, when I asked for it, and when I needed someone to intervene. But I mentioned this before that I have a friend named Guss Bennett who told me once that he never denies someone who asks for money. However he may buy them Subway instead of giving a $5 bill but I loved how he tries to operate. I hope to try and outgive God so I can understand better how much He has done and given me. I think what that girl experienced is GREAT, it simply shows why it is so easy for Compassion to operate and why they are needed b/c so many kids and their families need help with food, Spiritual truth and food, prayer, encouragement, and LOVE. And those of us with so much need to help. Not to mention I need a lesson on giving.

  379. Kees Boer June 19, 2009

    @Carol Shene

    I’m very happy to hear that. The children love to get the letters. It’s a huge deal to them. Cochabamba is a real nice area of Bolivia. It reminds me a little bit of the Los Angeles area in the USA.


  380. Kees Boer June 19, 2009

    Originally Posted By Bethzaida@Kees

    Hey, itΓ’οΏ½οΏ½s great to know that we have a match in BO-154! Where did you meet the staff? Have you had a chance to visit BO-154 Center? Our sponsored child, Gustavo, is one of a total of three children. I donΓ’οΏ½οΏ½t know if he is the oldest, middle, or youngest child. Could you ask your kids if they know Gustavo? You may get an answer faster because I just started sponsoring Gustavo this past February. Since then, I have received just two short, basic letters written in Spanish with no fill-in form. It would be nice if Gustavo knows Hilarion Fabian and Roxana Anti.

    I think that they would know each other. The area is very rural and there are only 1800 people there. I actually became a correspondent of Hilarion and then a few months later, I sponsored Roxana. When I went to visit Bolivia last month, I met Hilarion’s mother and also met Roxana and her father and one of the staff workers of the project. Hilarion is in the army in Santa Cruz right now. But I found out that Hilarion and Roxana were actually cousins! Roxana’s father gave me a really nice poncho and Aymara scarf and a big hat. I found out since then that that particular poncho is the ones that they wear when the Aymara leaders get together. It is a similar to a nice three piece suit here. I feel very honored. I have some pictures of it on Facebook. I kept trying to make Roxana laugh. She was a bit quiet, but kept looking at me with her big eyes and smiling. It was like she was thinking: “I got myself a funny sponsor.” I just wrote Hilarion and asked him, if he knew Gustavo Choque. (BTW Choque is a very common name in Bolivia)

  381. Rhonda G. June 18, 2009

    It’s been a while since I was on here. Still not matches for our kids, but it’s fun reading what everyone has to say. We just received our first letter from our newly sponsored child in Indonesia. How exciting! I look forward to one day connecting with other sponsors with children in the same projects.

  382. Carol Shene June 18, 2009

    @Kees Boer

    Yes, I sponser Leydia in Bolivia BO-561.
    I have been reading this blog and trying to find a match. This is very interesting and informative. Your trip and pictures of Bolivia are what got me started on this blog. I am just now learning about Compassion and how it is run. Leydia is now 7 and I plan to write to her soon. This blog is giving me ideas of what to write and send. Thanks to all.

  383. Tiffany Rasmussen June 18, 2009

    I have had 2 correspondence children. One was removed from my account about a month after I began writing her. Then today, I noticed that my other correspondence child from several months has just disappeared. I haven’t received notices about why either were removed. I did call after the 1st child was removed and was told that her sponsor decided to write after all. I hope that that is the case with my other little girl….

  384. Bethzaida June 17, 2009


    Hey, it’s great to know that we have a match in BO-154! Where did you meet the staff? Have you had a chance to visit BO-154 Center? Our sponsored child, Gustavo, is one of a total of three children. I don’t know if he is the oldest, middle, or youngest child. Could you ask your kids if they know Gustavo? You may get an answer faster because I just started sponsoring Gustavo this past February. Since then, I have received just two short, basic letters written in Spanish with no fill-in form. It would be nice if Gustavo knows Hilarion Fabian and Roxana Anti.

    @Judith Tremblay

    My sponsored child Meme’s letters are all dated, including the introductory letter. I get a letter every month. However, I am not sure if this is typical of letters coming from Indonesia.

  385. Hezra June 17, 2009

    @Judith Tremblay – I don’t have a child in Indonesia, but my most recent letter from one of my girls in Peru was missing the date. My sister sponsors her twin, so I assumed it was the same date. But that’s the first letter I’ve received without a date.

  386. Ashley June 17, 2009

    I sponsor in Indonesia. They are always dated, but I don’t receive them until about 6 months later. Our son is in Waingapu (Sumba Island), but we just started sponsoring a daughter in Medan area, so we’ll see.

  387. Kristen June 17, 2009

    @Judith Tremblay – I have 2 correspondent children in Indonesia that I got in late March. I haven’t rec’d anything from them, not even the introductory letter. I got 5 sponsored/correspondence children all at the same time and these are the only 2 I haven’t heard something from. I was wondering what was going on with Indonesia also.

  388. Judith Tremblay June 17, 2009

    To anyone who sponsors a child in Indonesia:

    I’ve received three letters (two from one child, one from another), none of which are dated, and the “month” field on the label is blank. Just wanted to see if this is typical among all Indonesian letters, or perhaps just the ones coming out of the Medan area.

  389. robyn midson June 17, 2009

    Has anyone ever sent money to a sponsor child who has graduated? I keep in contact with one who is still going to school and is having trouble studying and working (to pay his school fees) and wonder if you have any ideas about the best way of doing this.

  390. Vasil Krstevski June 16, 2009


    I have just started to sponsor one child from Rwanda, project: RW654

    I couldn’t find any on ourcompassion.org as well.

    Greetings from Skopje, MK

  391. Kees Boer June 15, 2009


    All right we have a match! I have two children in BO-154. I actually met a few of the staff a few weeks ago. I get the impression that it is a small student center and it is also very rural there. No water and electricity. I’ve got a boy there named Hilarion Fabian and his niece Roxana Anti. I just found out recently, that they are related. I think there whole town is less than 2000 people, so everyone seems to know each other. So, Gustavo probably knows my children.


  392. Abbie June 15, 2009

    Not exactly the same but we have Daliki at KE820 and Kellen at KE 210. We were thrilled to find their exact location and see pictures online of where they live. What a thrill!

  393. Bethzaida June 15, 2009

    Hello everyone.

    Here is my list;
    Mayerly, EC-594
    Mabel, EC-468
    Selena, EC-451
    Mary, PH-278
    Geradine, BO-324
    Cinthya, IN-222
    Memes, ID-243 (I receive a letter from her every month)

    Sailly, DR-309 (I just added her this past Friday)

    My son Jonathan (6yr old) has a little pal named, Gustavo at BO-154.

  394. Barbara M. June 14, 2009

    @Lisa Herbert – Lisa, I have just gotten another child from Rwanda and I see he is in project 251 in Rwikubo and that you have a child there as well. Do you know anything about this project, the area, ect? I would love to hear anything you have to tell me. Thank you!

  395. Jeanette June 14, 2009

    @Mike Stephens – The part about givinh a dollar to the little girl who stuck out her hand reminded me of something. This doesn’t apply to your situation it just reminded me that when you cross from Southern California to Tijuana on foot there are countless children begging. Some are selling gum. We always buy the gum, but we never give to the begging children because they are being used by uncaring parents who wlk away with a bundle from the tourists and then abuse their children (that is of course a generalization, but I have seen it. I told my children that if they want to give there are honest organizations like Compassion where they can give and know the children are helped. On our way back one of my children gave a little girl a dollar and my sister and I quickly dragged her away as a mob of children descended on her. It is so sad to see that kind of thing. That night when she talked to her father on the phone she was sobbing so hard she could hardly talk. She told him there were beggars. A part of me wishes I had never taken her there, but the other part knows that it was one of God’s lessons for us all. She was 10.

  396. Mike Stephens June 12, 2009

    We did two home visits today and both homes were destoyed by typhoon cosme and were rebuilt in 5 and 3 months respectively. There was also the city trash dump where a boy was shooting birds with his slingshot and kids collect trash to earn 50 centavos which is half a peso and 44 pesos equals a dollar. The tricycle driver wanted chocolate but sadly I didn’t have any and gave my last dollar of change to a girl that stuck out her hand to me. Soon my soccer referee money should be able to be withdrawn from an ATM so I can give and do some laundry πŸ˜‰

  397. Mike Stephens June 12, 2009

    getting some amazing photos and videos here in the Philippines! So thankful to the project staff that work to make our visits so welcoming and memorable! The pictures are great I just hope to continue to take more and more! Our God is an AWESOME God, I am glad He is too BIG and too POWERFUL and too AWESOME to be comprehended or fathomed!

  398. Caitlin June 11, 2009

    @Tania @ Larger Family Life – Congratulations on the baby!

  399. Hezra June 11, 2009

    Here’s the spreadsheep:


  400. Jennifer Montgomery June 11, 2009

    I just got a new correspondence child in Thailand yesterday. He’s in project TH962. How do I access the spreadsheet?

  401. Cathy Hewer June 11, 2009

    In response to Melissa’s (90) question about creating her own account, the Canadian office does not currently have a “My Account” feature on it however we are working on making one available to our sponsors. We have recently relaunched our most recent website and realize that this is a feature that both our Canadian sponsors and the Canadian office want to offer. In the meantime, it is possible to update your payment details on the Canadian website by going to the Sponsor Information page, Update Payment Details. If you are interested in joining a sponsor tour that is organized by the US Compassion office, they are more than willing to take Canadian sponsors. Simply call the US office at 719-458-7000.

  402. Sara F. June 11, 2009

    @Sara Benson
    HI Sara,
    I am probably one of the few people on the face of the earth that is facebook challenged. So, I did set up an account on ourcompassion, but I can’t figure anything out. I noticed that you are able to put what you are doing right now. I found a place for that, but mine never shows up anywhere I can see after I save it.

    Can anyone share some basics with me?

    I wish there was a help spot on the site or tutorial of some sort.

    Sara F.

  403. Geri June 11, 2009

    @Brianne Mullins

    OurCompassion is wonderful!!! I’ve already found some people who sponsor children at the same projects as my children.

  404. Tania @ Larger Family Life June 11, 2009

    Whoo-hoo! I got my first correspondence child this morning in Guatemala, GU-947.

    Plus I had my own baby last week too – I’m so blessed with children!!

  405. Tamm June 11, 2009

    Hi All…I’m so excited! God has brought another beautiful little girl into my life. I have a 2nd sponsor child from the Philippines(PH250) named Jezy. She’s 11 yrs old. So far that makes 2 sponsor children and 1 correspondence child. With being a single mom, a full time job and full time college, I think my plate is full now. My next dream, however, is to visit all 3 of the countries where my children are…Uganda, Philippines and East Inda. I know when the time is right, the Lord will open the door.

  406. Garry June 10, 2009

    @Melissa – I know two girls in college in Canada that sponsor through Compassion Canada. Both also have correspondent children through the US offices. So they have an account in both the US and Canada. I don’t know if you are interested in correspondent children, but that is one way of doing it.

  407. Kees Boer June 10, 2009

    I think, that the reason for that is not so much where you are located, but more which Compassion office is connected with your sponsored child. In other words, when you sponsor a child through Compassion Canada, that child is in the records of the office in Canada and not in the records of the office in the USA. So, these offices although they work together in many ways are not all connected into one integrated system. If you went on the USA Compassion website and you sponsored a child there and you were able to set it up with a credit card or something, then you would be able to create a login on the American website. Integrating all of these systems from Canada, UK, Holland, Australia, etc… could be a huge time consuming task.

    Now, I might wrong on some of the above, because I didn’t design the website, but that is the impression that I’ve gotten.

    Chris can probably more accurately explain it all.


  408. Jo June 10, 2009

    Hi Melissa,

    I am a uk sponsor and we are unable to sign up for an account also.


  409. Melissa June 9, 2009

    may i ask why Canada sponsors can’t create an account on the US based site?? we don’t have such a thing on our own website (.ca), it’s very very limited. I had tried to create one (on the .com site) but was told that i can’t because i’m canadian and we have our own site. well sure, but we don’t have the ability to do stuff like that. and if i wanted to go on a sponsor trip, i couldn’t even do it online for that reason. you have to login.

  410. Brianne Mullins June 9, 2009

    Hi Sara,
    I can answer some of your questions. First of all you can set-up an account with OurCompassion going through the link posted: http://www.ourcompasion.org Your child info will still pull in.

    The link in My Account sends you to the same place. As for the alert not appearing in your account – only two alerts show up at a time and they are prioritized, so depending on what is specific to your account dictates which alerts have priority.

    Have fun with OurCompassion!

  411. Jeanette June 9, 2009

    I just got a new correspondence child in ET6510056

  412. Sara F. June 9, 2009

    @Hezra – Thanks for the info, but I still don’t see the link. When I log in an Account Summary page pops up with the Compassion banner and its attached links. Under that is an announcmnet about the increase in rate, then Birthday Opportunities, our sponsor info, and Child commitments (our kids). Am I looking in the wrong place?

    I can go directly to ourcompassion.org thanks to Sara Benson sending me the address, but I was hesitant to set up an account this way. I wasn’t sure if I needed to be logged into Compassion and use their link to get photos of the kids transferred.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks too to Sara Benson for the info on the new allowed items. I hadn’t and haven’t seen it posted anywhere official. How did you know?

    Sara F.

  413. Sara Benson June 8, 2009

    blockquote>Originally Posted By Sara F.I think I missed something . . . . I haven’t seen an alert or a network to everyone and don’t know what OC is . . . . HELP!

    OC stands for “Our Compassion”. The website is ourcompasion.org
    It is kinda like a facebook for sponsors that lets you connect with other sponsors.

    Originally Posted By Sara F.
    Also, I have to admit to some confusion as to what we can send. I have recently read about socks and hair ribbons, and now Judith mentioned a bib. I thought we were limited to paper type, flat things.

    There is some confusion about this. The old guidelines did say paper only, but things have changed πŸ™‚

    The new customs regulations allow you to send fabric and foam (still no metal) along with the usual paper items. Some people have sent thin socks, bandanas and foamie stickers and airplanes.

    Just make sure that all of your items are labeled with your child’s name and number (and yours to be safe) and that stacked up the items are no larger than 8.5″ by 11″ and 1/4″ thick.

  414. Danielle June 8, 2009

    @Sara F.

    The OC is ourcompassion.org where you can create a profile that has your sponsored kids and then search for those with kids in the same project.

  415. Hezra June 8, 2009

    @Sara F. – Log into your compassion account, and at the top above where your sponsorships are listed there should be an alert with a clickable link to the OurCompassion which is what they are referring to as OC

  416. Sara F. June 8, 2009

    I think I missed something . . . .

    I haven’t seen an alert or a network to everyone and don’t know what OC is . . . . HELP!

    Also, I have to admit to some confusion as to what we can send. I have recently read about socks and hair ribbons, and now Judith mentioned a bib. I thought we were limited to paper type, flat things.

  417. Sara Benson June 8, 2009

    @Judith Tremblay – I just checked it now. Good to know that OC is finally open to everyone. It will be great to meet more sponsors and find more matches with our kids.

  418. Hezra June 8, 2009

    @Judith Tremblay – I too almost missed it this morning too! I was very excited to see they had something up and running to network everyone.

  419. Jennifer Nunley June 8, 2009

    I agree, that is so sad. I think a bib is a very sweet idea. I know nothing of the culture, but you could write a note and explain that people in America put these around their babies necks to keep them from getting dirty when they eat and maybe he can try it when he feeds his cousin and to let you know if it helps. I think it could be fun for him. Great idea!

  420. Judith Tremblay June 8, 2009

    Has anyone else seen a new alert at the top of their Compassion.com account?

    I almost missed a change on mine, since it’s in the place of the line directing me to blog posts about my sponsored child’s country.

  421. Jan Woodford June 8, 2009

    I’m really glad to know about Expedition Africa, and I’ll look for it. Not only do I have a wonderful little correspondent boy in Africa, but the Stanly expedition to find Livington has long been of interest to me.
    My little boy has recently asked me to pray for his Aunt’s new little baby boy. He seems to be afraid that it won’t live to grow up. How sad that a young child like him understands the high mortality rate of children in his area. He is the first of my children that has asked me for a specific prayer request, other than for their exams in school. I’m planning on sending a baby bib that I’ve found that will fit into an envelope. Do you think that will be appropriate in that culture? I don’t know if they use bibs or not, but it is one of the few baby things that would fit in an envelope.

  422. Kimberly Paredes June 8, 2009

    I too have been watching Expedition Africa for the same reasons. I have a correspondence child in Tanzania and I’m loving seeing the country in which he lives.

  423. Barbara M. June 8, 2009

    @Lori Schubauer – I also have a child in Tanzania and have been watching “Expedition Africa” for just that very reason. It is definitely showing some of the country and gives me a sense of where my child lives. Wouldn’t it be great if the History channel did a show called “Expedition Compassion?” They could visit some of the child centers as opposed to treking the wilds. How wonderful it would be if the world could see the great work Compassion is doing!

  424. Lori Schubauer June 8, 2009

    This is something that caught my attention yesterday on the History channel for the people that sponsor children in Tanzania. There is a show on called “Expedition to Africa” where they are retracing the steps of Stanley when he was looking for Livingstone. Anyways, they start at the east side of Tanzania and are working all the way across to the west side. They will be passing just south of where my child is but I love being able to look at the countryside and am learning alot about the country. I also actually recognized a few of the words that the locals spoke – I was so excited. Just wanted to post this in case anyone else out there loves getting as much info as possible on their child’s country.

  425. Sara Benson June 7, 2009

    @Kara – I did see it!! and thanks for telling us about your little girl. Over 6 years. Wow! You would definitely be the expert on the project and the area then.

    My girl is named Bibitha. She is 13 years old and I just started corresponding with her in February. I have sent 5 or 6 letters but not gotten a letter from her yet (I am hoping that one will arrive any day now).

    So what news do you have about the project? Do you know how many times a week that they meet, or what the area is like? I can’t wait to get to know my little girl and to be a part of her life.

  426. Abbie June 6, 2009

    Our children are
    KE-210 and KE-820.
    This is a great idea to connect. Anyone want to send feedback about visiting their child? Africa is a far journey, but God can make a trip happen if He so chooses!

  427. Valerie Long June 6, 2009

    Thank you all for your encouragement and info about volunteering and being an advocate.

    I’ll definitely check out my e-mail preferences and see if I’ve signed up for volunteer opportunities.

    Michael, I’d love to visit my kids but right now I can’t pick up another job as I’m working full-time and doing graduate school. It doesn’t leave much time for anything else between class, homework and work! But once I finish my degree, that’s definitely tops on my list.

  428. Kees Boer June 5, 2009

    I never had to pay for a concert that I did for Compassion. The closest I’ve gotten to that was a Michael W. Smith concert, where parking was not necessarily free. But I got to the parking area and I just mentioned that I was there to “work,” showed my batch and they let me park for free with a pass.

    I’m kind of used to it though, because in my work with entertainers, I end up being backstage to a lot of big name artists and so I am very used to this, so it doesn’t face me too much. One entertainer told me one time, that I just have the look like I belong there.

    Part of that, I sort of developed, when I used to smuggle the Bibles onto Soviet ships in the Seventies. If you act like you belong there, no one will trouble you. Like you can almost get in anywhere, by carrying a box or even better yet, a chair and walk fast with a purpose. (BTW, I’m not at all suggesting to use this method for your personal entertainment) It is always to be done with integrity and with the purpose of furthering God’s Kingdom.

    When Jesus got His disciples to arrange a room for the last supper and a donkey to enter the city in, He told them, if anyone asks them what they needed it for to them that “The Lord needs this.”


  429. Denise Broad June 5, 2009

    Does anyone have a child in RW 350? I have a 14 yr old boy, Manishimwe, that is in this project.

  430. Mike Stephens June 5, 2009

    @Valerie Long


    I became an advocate from an email I received from Compassion and at the time I was unemployed. So I thought to myself I want to do triathlons and try to become a professional triathlete. Then I weighed Compassion. I thought Compassion is something that always seems surrounded by lots of bible verses so I like that. So I went through the process to become an Advocate. I have been an Advocate for about 1.5 years and have not done my own Compassion Sunday or my own presentation on my own. I helped another Advocate at his church do a Compassion Sunday and another Advocate who set up an individual table and have worked at quite a few concerts Mercy Me, Toby Keith, Jeremy Camp. I have not found a single sponsor yet myself. I am hoping to do a Compassion Sunday when I return from the Philippines at my church. It definitely helps to be organized and have a good talk but I am going to let my pictures and videos do the talking. Valerie don’t feel pressured to do anything. Although sometimes pressure helps…I told my 3 boys in the Philippines in numerous letters that I was going to visit them this year to force me to visit so I didn’t look like a liar. It worked πŸ˜‰ I prayed a lot too. And drove a Taxi 24hrs a day for about 27 days ( I would sleep in the back of the Taxi and wait for calls) to pay for the trip. Once I saw how easy it was to make money being tired was manageable…except those curbs I ran into πŸ˜‰ My advice on you becoming an Advocate is become one and take it slow and steady. I encourage you to visit your sponsor kids more than become an advocate but as an Advocate I got to hear Michelle Tolentino speak to a group of Advocates. I sometimes get asked to volunteer at events like the one I mentioned above with Peter Mayer Jimmy Buffet’s lead guitarist. The reason I encourage you to visit is b/c then you can know what Compassion does and test what people are saying by what you experienced. Don’t believe everything you hear πŸ˜‰ but do believe everything you read in the Bible πŸ˜‰ If you do not want to become an Advocate that is great. I like it because I learn more and more about Compassion and it helps me stay connected which I believe makes me more likely to visit and the more I visit the more I believe that I and my sponsor kids will reach their dreams/goals/hopes. It also is just amazing to say, “I am going to visit my sponsor kids in the Philippines and then actually do it. I am just glad I did go to Nicaragua b/c I had success in my goal of visiting and now this second time was a little bit of a different battle but I am leaving tomorrow to finish it πŸ˜‰ Even better advice than becoming an Advocate from me is “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart!!!!!!!” Psalms I encourage you to visit…make it happen!!!!!!! Pray it to happen until it does. If you like here is my email and I can show you some pictures when I get back and hopefully some great videos!!!!!!! send me an email reminder in about 2-3 days so I get it when I get back on June 18 I think the pictures and videos may help.


    I Peter 5:7 “Cast all you anxiety on Him because He cares for YOU!!!”

  431. Danielle June 5, 2009

    No, you don’t have to pay. I have also never had a pass. The events I’ve done have all been conferences, and no one has ever bothered me. A concert might be a little different, but Compassion will make sure you have what you need.

  432. Judith Tremblay June 5, 2009

    @Valerie Long@Danielle – Before I became and advocate, I would get emails requesting volunteers for concerts, through the Compassion website. When you sign in, you’re able to edit your email preferences through one of the links on the left-hand menu.

    @Hezra – No, you do not have to pay as if you were going to the concert. Once you sign up through a Compassion email to volunteer at the event, you will get a volunteer pass in the mail. The venue staff will allow that for admission into the location; from there, look around for the Compassion table.

    Hope that helps!

  433. Hezra June 5, 2009

    When volunteering at events, like concerts, do you have to pay as if you were going to the concert, or do you get some sort of vender pass to help with the Compassion table?

  434. Danielle June 5, 2009

    @Valerie Long

    You can volunteer without being an advocate. I’ve volunteered at 3-4 different events. For each of those (and even a few others) I received an email saying they needed volunteers for an event near where I live. I don’t know what I did to get those emails, so someone else will have to let you know if there’s a way to start getting those.

  435. Jennifer Nunley June 5, 2009

    I haven’t found anyone with my project!! It is

    CO 520

    If anyone has a child from this project, I would love to hear from you!!


  436. Sara Benson June 5, 2009

    @Valerie Long
    You expressed my dilemma perfectly (although I am getting better with the phones). I love to volunteer and talk one on one about my compassion experience but because of the reasons you mentioned I have never signed up.

    I have gotten 3 kids sponsored on my own but I would love to have the chance to help out more at Compassion events.

  437. Kees Boer June 5, 2009

    @Valerie Long


    It is entirely possible to be volunteer at events, while not being an advocate. It happens all the time.

    You can also be an advocate without doing public speaking. You just have to be careful who you approach about sponsoring children. I can’t guarantee that no one will ever ask you to do so even when you try to avoid them. If you live in an area where there are other advocates, maybe they can do the public speaking for you.

    For instance you can decide to be an advocate and carry a child packet with you and just be on the outlook for people that can sponsor that child. Having said that, when you talk with someone about sponsoring a child, they might ask you to present that to a Sunday school class or so.

    But I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I don’t mind public speaking at all. I’m very comfortable doing so. But I have to seek to present Compassion to groups. It’s not like the are lining up outside of my home, asking me to speak in their groups!

    So, don’t let those things hold you back….

    The advantages to being part of the advocates network is that you get the support to help these children.



  438. Judith Tremblay June 5, 2009

    @Valerie Long – You sound like me: not wanting to contact people to attempt to set up presentations, wanting to blend in and not speak in public.

    I’ve been an Advocate for a little more than 6 months. I’ve only done one presentation, at my own church, in a laid-back setting (fellowship dinner) rather than at a more formal church service, but even that was fairly stressful. But–what helped me is showing a video first (the audience was used to the Youth Group showing videos, so it wasn’t anything new), then telling my own story with my sponsored child, then presenting the opportunity to ask questions.

    While searching out opportunities for presentations is still not natural for me, I am grateful for the additional training provided by the advocates network, so that when I do present–even if it’s one-on-one, or working tables at concerts–I am more knowledgeable about Compassion as an organization. It’s a bit more detailed than what I would have learned simply through child letters/the occasional mailout, and what I can come across on the website and the blog.

    Just being armed with the knowledge often is enough to get me off my butt to work at being an Advocate, and want to tell people about Compassion.

    I don’t know if that helps, but just know that you’re not alone.

    And yes, you are able to volunteer at concerts/events without being an Advocate. I encourage you to pray about it, though. God can use anyone, even the most “feeble-tongued” (think Moses). πŸ™‚

  439. Valerie Long June 5, 2009

    @Mike Stephens


    I’ve thought about being an advocate, but I was wondering if you know much about whether or not it’s possible to volunteer without being an actual advocate.

    Here’s my dilemma. I loved helping out with Compassion Sunday at our church (we did it for 3 weeks in a row). I loved sharing my sponsor stories with the people who came to the table. BUT, I am not at ALL gifted in actually approaching people/organizations about programs, nor am I good at public speaking.

    So doing the self-initiated activities at churches is a huge wall for me and is preventing me from being an advocate. That’s why I was wondering if anyone knew about volunteering WITHOUT being an advocate.

    I don’t even like to talk on the phone so I’d have a hard time even calling places to set UP presentations, not to mention that I like to blend in and don’t like attention so the public speaking part would just be sheer terror.

    Any ideas?


  440. jodi June 4, 2009

    bcpaine, I’ve got a child at PE144 as well. her bday is the same as my son. she’s been part of our family for several years now. always fun to see bits of the center in the background in pics she sends.

  441. Jackie Comas June 4, 2009

    I just received my second letter from my little girl in El Salvador (ES861). The first I got about 4 weeks ago. she went to the Dr. and they said she has Strabismus (cross eye). Could you say a prayer for Blanca for healing of her eyes. She just turned 6 last month. Thank You

  442. Mike Stephens June 4, 2009

    If you are not an Advocate I encourage you to become one b/c you get to help others sponsor kids at Compassion tables and hear amazing musicians like Peter Mayer, Jimmy Buffet’s lead guitarist for the last 20 years and still currently is. Peter also gave me a free CD and signed it!!!!!!! It was a huge blessing!!!!!!! Become an Advocate!!!!!!!

  443. Mike Stephens June 4, 2009

    @sandy and jeff – Sandy,

    Thanks again! I will email you some. However feel free to send me an email just saying “Hi, and that I told you I would show you some photos. Actually send me an email after Saturday that says show me your photos!!!!!!! Otherwise I will forget! I am taking a video camera so hopefully I can send you some videos.

  444. Pam June 4, 2009

    I’m excited about the “arrival” of my new little girl. My new addition is Sara from HO326.
    she is also a special needs child, so the list on the web site is now down to 25.

  445. Cathy June 4, 2009

    My child, Laura, is in BO289…Bolivia near Oruro. Blessings to all of the Compassion volunteers and workers.

  446. sandy and jeff June 4, 2009

    @Mike Stephens
    hope you get to see that foilage,,,,i only saw cement from the ground,,,,
    i’ll remind you….my email is (jeffburd@yahoo.com)…..i have photos but not in my comp…
    i had them in another comp and it crashed,,,lost it all,,,i’ll have to write to one friend in iloilo to send them again, but he doesn’t respond to emails?????????
    thanks for the gift offer, but i just sent them all $100.oo each so i’m broke now,,haha




  447. Geri June 3, 2009

    Originally Posted By sandy and jeff@Geri – did you have to wait along time to find a special needs child? i typed that in many times and none were available.
    also, i have a teen girl in south iloilo, i see you have one in north iloilo, one number apart…has she told you anything about where she lives? i chose my girl because she does live there, because i was there 4 years ago, visiting friends and i just loved it….sandy

    @sandy and jeff

    Sorry for taking so long to reply. I’ve only sponsored Shaira since Feb this year and have received 1 letter from her. She talked mostly about her family (7 children).
    I’d love to hear more about your trip to the Philippines and about Iloilo. Do you have any pictures? If you want to chat, my e-mail is (gershin2003@gmail.com)
    I really want to vist some day since I have 3 children with Compassion and 2 with Children International in various parts of the Philippines. It is also cheap for me to get there (I live in Japan).

    Regarding special needs children: there are 26 on the Compassion site at the moment. They do get sponsored pretty quickly, though.

  448. Kara June 3, 2009

    @Sara Benson

    Katie, Sara, and Lisa R,

    Not sure if you will get this so much later – My little girl is 9 and her name is Saipriya. I’ve been sponsoring her for about 6.5 years now; it’s hard to believe! I get letters from her about 3-5x per year; many of them have come from her parents or tutors. It’s such a delight that she’s beginning to write herself now! Hope you enjoy it as much as i do πŸ™‚

  449. Rachel June 3, 2009

    Congratulations, Jeanette!

  450. George & Jac June 3, 2009

    also have a child in BO 358, 11 year old female. e-mail us at (MsJacBQuik@aol.com)@Katie

  451. Karen June 2, 2009

    @Jennifer Montgomery@Tiffany Rasmussen@Carole@Carole
    dear carol,
    i have a boy in RW651 and would love to here more if you know.

  452. Karen June 2, 2009

    @Misty Compton@Misty Compton
    I am sponsoring a boy in ID-119

  453. Jeanette June 2, 2009

    I have decided to sponsor one more child.. She is 17 and is in ET115

  454. ron holloway June 2, 2009

    @Lori – Hi,
    I have a girl in GH211. Her name is Christabel.

  455. ron holloway June 2, 2009

    Hello Rachel,

    Mine are both boys. UG151 is named Andrew. UG817 is named Brian. Brian I’ve had for awhile like 2-3 yrs.. He writes me often and sends me pictures of him and his sister. His grandmother recently had malaria. Last I heard he thought she was going to be OK but we would appreciate you adding her to your prayer list. Brian lives with his grandparents. Andrew I picked up this spring. We’ve corresponded twice so far. He writes me lengthy detailed letters I really enjoy. Brian does as well. I praise God for leading me to these kids.

  456. Rachel June 2, 2009

    @ron holloway

    Ron, I have sponsored children in these projects:


    I noticed that you have children in programs UG151 and UG817. Are those kids boys or girls? UG715 is a 20-year-old girl named Pamela, and UG121 is a 12-year-old girl named Janet. Last of all, HA684 is a 10-year-old boy named Joseph.

  457. ron holloway June 2, 2009

    I forgot here’s my email- (eholloway15@hotmail.com). Would love to connect with other sponsors with common matches.

  458. ron holloway June 2, 2009

    Hi everybody,
    I just found this. Here are my project #’s.
    ET-980 X 2

  459. Mike Stephens June 2, 2009

    @jeff and sandy – Jeff and Sandy if you want me to take anything for you to leave at the country office I will. I am taking some build a bears and another sponsor is dropping something off at my house today. If it were me I would probably just send a family gift through Compassion but just wanted to give you the option if you wanted. Although I leave Saturday to fly from Colorado Springs to LAX. You would have to mail it so I could receive it by Friday afternoon. Just wanted to remind you to give you the option πŸ˜‰

  460. Mike Stephens June 2, 2009

    @jeff and sandy -Sandy,

    thanks for all the info! here is my email (michaelstephens56@yahoo.com) as funny as it sounds the only reason I am on this trip is b/c I was a taxi driver. But very much unlike the Philippines probably instead of 25 cents I was easily getting $25 for taxi rides and often more than that. I return June 18 from the Philippines so feel free to email me to remind me to send you some pictures and tell you about the trip I know I will forget if you don’t remind me! We fly into Manila, then go 5 hours north by bus to Dapugan, then come back and see our sponsor kids in Manila I believe.

    I Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for YOU!!!”

  461. Mike Stephens June 2, 2009

    @Sara F. – Don’t fret it lead only to evil πŸ™‚ I have sent a few family gifts and I have always heard back in the form of a picture of what they bought or a letter saying what they bought. You will get one in time.

  462. jeff and sandy June 2, 2009

    #32 con’t…i don’t know what happened to the rest of it???

    all classes of folks live together and don’t bother one another…everynite a man would dig thru my friend’s trash for food.

    they don’t have toilet paper or hot water tanks, even the rich families..(in fancy hotels maybe)..in public rest rooms are huge drums full of water with a plastic pan, it is for pouring on yourself instead of t. paper,,washing hands and flushing toilet…ya alot of toilets have to be flushed that way….and i mean in malls, restraunts etc..

    at a mall in iloilo, guards stood outside with sawed of shotguns, and one person in the door at a time, and you may get patted down.

    if you are brave,,,at a restraunt, order “ox tongue” it was given to me as a surprise,,haha,,,after that, i ordered it alot.

    i stayed for awhile with a family that the dad was a big diplomat to hong kong and s. korea, and they didn’t even have a fridge, but a small freezer, the food is made in am and left on table covered all day for other meals..

    some cities are so dusty that folks walk around holding a cloth over mouth and nose.

    make sure to ride in a jeepney and a tricycle..about 25 cents us$. there are so many cars in manilla that they can only go about 20mph…

    what cities will you be in? and please tell all about it when you get home..i had planned to go for a year but finances didn’t allow it this time……


  463. Marci in MO June 1, 2009

    Originally Posted By PamHI Marci,
    Togo is a French speaking country, although not everyone can speak it. I was there in 2007 with my church.
    mainly the ones who speak french are the men who have been able to go to secondary school. That’s where they learn it. The rest speak their tribal languages.
    Until last year, a lot of kids didn’t even go to school.
    I have a little girl there who speaks EWE,the most common tribal language in Togo.

    Thanks so much for the reply; I always love to learn more about all of the details for each different Sponsoring Country.
    Many blessings on your Sponsorship, what a special gift God has given us in these children.

  464. Caitlin June 1, 2009

    @Jan Woodford – I’ve never been to India, but I have worked for a while in local Indian community that had pretty strong traditional cultural ties (women in traditional dress). It was a Sikh community. From what I noticed, I’m not sure your girl would know what to do with them. The women generally go barefooted around home, and slip into slippers (very pretty ones, beaded ones) for outside the house. Never saw any nylons. From personal experience, I don’t know that nylons would be comfy in the heat. But, like I said, I’ve never been to India, and those I have worked with in the community were generally preteens, younger teens and their parents and grandparents ( I kinda missed the age set you’re dealing with)

  465. Jan Woodford June 1, 2009

    Right, Sara, that’s exactly it. I’ll try to be patient. It’s just that I haven’t heard a single thing from her~not even a response to the initial introduction packet with our pictures that I sent to her. That’s why I called Compassion to make sure that she was still in the system. I was afraid she might have gotten married or something. But, Compassion says that she is still in the system, so I’ll wait. I also think that some areas may be more remote than we realize, and harder to get mail to. Just a guess.

  466. Sara F. June 1, 2009

    @Jan Woodford – Hi Jan, you mentioned sending a cash gift and not hearing anything back. I have sent a few family gifts and most recently a birthday. I was curious as to why I had not heard anything even about the family gifts. I called Compassion and the representative said that you should hear something within 6 months. Just an FYI. I do hope to hear something . . . . It is not so much about being thanked as about knowing that it was used well.

  467. jeff and sandy June 1, 2009

    @Mike Stephens mike,,,i was in the philippines 4 years ago , for a few weeks,,,,,i walked the streets in many areas and just said ” God, i don’t even know how you could fix this” !!
    it is the second most corupt nation in asia, and they said that on the radio when i was there..
    manila is the biggest city and capital, alot like pgh, pa. but, i saw a boy about 9 years , naked on the street..i saw a man sitting on the edge of the sidewalk, in underware only, feet in a water puddle, rubbing a bar of soap on him and he rinsed it from the puddle…in a parking place, was a radio flyer kids wagon, it had wooden sides and a sheet over it, i looked in and a lady and a newborn were sleeping in it…you will see the backseat of a car here and there, someone will sleep there at night.
    in a taxi , many times, someone would slam their hands on your window,,(scared me to death the first time) begging you to buy something,,it could even be meat on a stick….
    i stayed for awhile in makati, manilla with a friend who was middle class.her neighbor was a doctor . and shantees were infront, and all

  468. Kim Edge May 31, 2009

    @Mike Stephens

    Dear Mike Stephens,

    One source for information on my child’s country is the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) web site…they have up to date info on every country!

    Here is the link for their Ethiopia page, but you can change the country to your child’s country


  469. Jan Woodford May 31, 2009

    If any of you are familiar with Indian culture, is there any reason why I shouldn’t send a pair of knee high nylons to my 16 year old correspondence girl in India? I don’t really know much about her, because she hasn’t ever written to me. I just keep sending her letters,and little presents, and quite a while ago I sent her a cash birthday present~which I’ve never heard a response about. I’ve had two letters from the correspondence Ethiopian boy that I received at the same time as her. Compassion says that she is still in the system, so it’s not that she’d left, or anything. I thought of nylons as something else that would fit in an envelope, but I don’t want to send them if it would be a cultural mistake (too personal?).
    I’ve sent her ribbons, scarves, stickers, emory boards, post cards, photos of me and my husband, and our dogs.

  470. Shannon K May 30, 2009

    This is a fun post! I don’t see anyone else listing UG-428 yet — that’s where I sponsor a precious little 8-year-old girl. Does anyone else have that project?

  471. Pam May 30, 2009

    HI Marci,
    Togo is a French speaking country, although not everyone can speak it. I was there in 2007 with my church.
    mainly the ones who speak french are the men who have been able to go to secondary school. That’s where they learn it. The rest speak their tribal languages.
    Until last year, a lot of kids didn’t even go to school.
    I have a little girl there who speaks EWE,the most common tribal language in Togo.

  472. Pam May 29, 2009

    Hi Karen,
    I got one of those too. The deadline for payment isn’t until July. As long as there are spaces (the trip does not appear to be full yet. website does not indicate it is full ) I can’t imagine they would say no if someone else wanted to go.
    I can’t wait to go and meet my little girl.

  473. Karen May 29, 2009

    Originally Posted By PamAny one out there planning on going on the El Salvador trip in Oct?

    Hi, I got something in the mail this week about the El Salvador sponsor tour but it said that the deadline was April 1, 2009.

    I am going by myself in July for 3 weeks, but I am not sure if I will get to see my sponsor child. I really hope I do!!

  474. Valerie Long May 29, 2009


    Where in WV do you live? My boyfriend’s family is from central WV. You can e-mail me at (rainstar76@yahoo.com) or (valeriedlong@gmail.com) if you want. πŸ™‚


  475. Rachel K. May 29, 2009


    How about little bandaids? I was just going to send some to our family’s sponsored child, Janet. They are little Hello Kitty and Curious George bandaids, one for her and one for each of her brothers and sisters. I haven’t sent it yet, but I heard that someone else had a 6-year-old girl that really enjoyed those little bandaids. Our sponsored child is 12, so I’m not sure she’ll like the bandaids. I sure hope so! Does anyone here have children close to or in these project numbers?


  476. Ashley May 29, 2009

    We close our letters:
    We love you-
    Mama & Papa

    When we visited our boy in Indonesia, we learned that he calls us Mama and Papa and never refers to us as Ashley & Seth. He always says “my Mama & Papa in the USA.” His parents even call us Mama and Papa! So, we began signing our letters Mama and Papa.

    We also learned that, on Sumba Island, parents take on the name of their oldest child (after Mama or Papa), so we were referred to by those outside of the family as Mama Aldivo and Papa Aldivo. Since we do not have children of our own (yet?), the family was delighted to know that Aldivo is our oldest and we will always be Mama Aldivo and Papa Aldivo!

    We have really developed a special bond with our son and his family because of this!!

  477. Angela Cordova May 29, 2009

    Thanks everyone for your wonderful advice! I sent off my letter yesterday and included a family pic, some stickers, and some nickelodeon bandaids. I hope I did everything right!

    I closed the letter God bless and before that I let him know that my family will be praying for him and his family.

    If you all have children in your home this is a great teaching tool. Before putting everything in the envelope, I explained to my almost 3 yr old about the boy I am sponsoring. I told him how he doesnt have many toys and needs our help. Then I asked my son (Logan) if he could give some stickers and he said yes. After we put everything in the envelope and closed it, we said a little prayer together. It was really cute. And with this, even though Logan is a toddler he is learning the importance of giving, sharing, and praying.

    I decided not to let them know my husband is from Bolivia. At least not yet. He is in a city that is about an hr or so from our sponsored child. But when the opportunity arrives I will.

    Ya’ll are awesome!

  478. sandy and jeff May 29, 2009

    @Geri – did you have to wait along time to find a special needs child? i typed that in many times and none were available.
    also, i have a teen girl in south iloilo, i see you have one in north iloilo, one number apart…has she told you anything about where she lives? i chose my girl because she does live there, because i was there 4 years ago, visiting friends and i just loved it….sandy

  479. Mike Stephens May 28, 2009

    @Compassiondave – Dave,

    You are missing Africa!!! Well maybe it is me who is missing Indonesia. I thought about sponsoring in Indonesia but I didn’t want to extend myself too much!!!

  480. Mike Stephens May 28, 2009

    From one sponsor to another my advice is visit your sponsor child then ask questions later. I have only visited once to Nicaragua but I believe it really helps to see that your sponsor child is alive and does exist, not just in pictures and letters. I believe there is a profound difference when you actually see them!!!!!!! I know it is not easy to pay for such a trip, but the trip is worth it. Also when you visit I highly encourage you to take pictures of everything and videos if you have a video camera. Happy traveling!

  481. Mike Stephens May 28, 2009

    @Kim Edge – Kim,

    That is great you know that info about your Sponsor Child’s country. What I am amazed at is how drastically different people’s circumstances are. People talk about the world economy but I cannot relate at all since I am not experiencing what others in different countries are. Even visiting Nicaragua last year, I was unable to tell much of what was going on. I am going to the Philippines in a little over a week and I am sure all I will see is lots of foliage and not really be able to ascertain the “state” of the country. But at least I will have a little better of an idea. In regards to your question about the raising sponsorship cost from $32 to $38 that is really nothing to me. As long as I can find some work paying for the sponsorship usually works itself out one way or the other πŸ˜‰ God tells us to triumph and delight in hardship and difficulties so I need to be bold and confident in Him if I think things are getting a little treacherous. I like it even more when God intervenes, when I am having a problem.

    I Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for YOU!!!”

  482. Mike Stephens May 28, 2009

    @Angela Cordova – I almost close all my letters



  483. Rachel May 28, 2009

    @Kees Boer@Kristen

    Hi Angela,
    I always sign off my letters “Love in Christ, Rachel and family”. πŸ™‚ Hope this helps!

    Love in Christ, Rachel

  484. Pam May 28, 2009

    Any one out there planning on going on the El Salvador trip in Oct?

  485. Elizabeth Marvin May 28, 2009

    Updated list of my sponsored kids projects:
    HO 341
    HO 409
    HO 201
    KE 323

    Graduated from Program:
    KE 701

    Correspondence kids:
    EC 111
    HO 301
    TH 262


  486. sandy and jeff May 27, 2009

    i haven’t been here for awhile, but get the messages on my phone..

    i sign my letters…”IN CHRISTIAN LOVE, SANDY”

    i have 2 teen girls and they always just start out with,,,hi, sandy..

    as for the town we live in…we just cant give our street address, because if we are sending post cards, of course they know the name of the town,,in fact i go to the city bldg.(i live in a tiny town in wv) and i get city ad pamplets, and for instance today, i got a sheet of all the summer festivities,,(alot of things go on at the city park)_and i will mail them, saying what activities and festivals happen in your town..so many things to do like this to open a discussion with the child.

  487. Kees Boer May 27, 2009

    Originally Posted By Angela CordovaI am so excited! Got my sponsor packet in the mail yesterday! Woke up at 3am and could go back to sleep til 5 just thinking about what all I would write my child.

    With that in mind, I have a few questions before I can send off my letter.

    My child is from Bolivia. We chose this country because my husband is also from Bolivia. He has been in America for 10 yrs now and all of his family is still there.

    Would it be ok for me to mention to my child that my husband is also Bolivian?

    We speak Spanish, as does our sponsor child. WOuld it be ok to write our letters in Spanish?

    Is it ok to tell him what city we live in?

    Also, how do ya’ll close your letter? I was thinking of God Bless or take care.

    I had a million questions in my head at 4am! Now I cant think of them all. Probably a better thing though!

    Thanks so much for all your help. I cant wait til I get home from work to write this letter!

    Hi, Angela,

    I would love to be in touch with you. I sponsor several children from Bolivia and just came from a big visit to Bolivia, where I was even greeted by Evo Morales himself to the great ammusement of my Bolivian Compassion children.

    One of my Compassion children as a matter of fact has the name of Angela too!

    Yes, I think it’s perfectly fine to let them know that your husband is from Bolivia. It’s great country to sponsor in. I love Bolivia!!!

    Please write me (keesboer@positive-entertainment.com)



  488. Valerie May 27, 2009

    @Angela Cordova – Angela, how awesome that you can write in the child’s native language! I have to admit being a bit envious. I’d love to learn another language but I’m horrible at languages. :/

    I’ve mentioned the town I live in but not any kind of specifics on my address and I have not heard that it’s NOT ok. I do live in a larger town though so it wouldn’t be as easy to track me down as it might be if I lived in a smaller town.

    I think it’d be great to tell them that your husband is from Bolivia, but here again, I wouldn’t mention any specifics about who or where the family are, just to protect you and them.

    I usually end my letters that I want them to remember that I love them and so does God. And then I either use Your Friend, or Your Sponsor, and my name.

    Congrats on receiving your packet! How exciting!

  489. Angela Cordova May 27, 2009

    Thanks so much everyone for all the responses! I cant wait to start writing my letter. I stopped at the dollar store on my way to work, and they had some awesome stuff. I am hoping to get a letter in the mail tomorrow. πŸ˜€

  490. Jennifer Montgomery May 27, 2009

    @Elizabeth Marvin – Welcome back Elizabeth! The trip was a real eye opener. It was great getting to know you!


  491. James Lanchester May 27, 2009

    Angela, I have sent post cards of the town that I live in to my sponser child. I’ve never heard anything about it from compassion, so it must be okay, as long as you don’t give specific address info. As far as closing the letter, I’ve closed several ways. I would say whatever you are comfortable with. My boy, even calls me daddy, so I’ve closed with Daddy James, and started with Dear # 1 son. It’s all in knowing your child, and what you’re comfortable with.
    lol, jim

  492. Elizabeth Marvin May 27, 2009

    Hello, everyone! I just returned from San Pedro Sula, Honduras on Sunday. I was able to meet my sponsored children (and ended up sponsoring another!), visit some of the sites (341, 320, 347, 349, and 327, I think) and help clean up the area a little bit! This trip was truly a blessing and makes me want to support Compassion’s effort to help these families even more. If you are interested in seeing pictures or hearing more, email me or add me as a friend on myspace or facebook to see the pictures. WRITE TO YOUR KIDS!!! It’s so important to encourage them, make them feel special and give them hope! By the way, whoever sponsors a boy named Dexter from HO 349 has sponsored a real special young man! God hears his prayers!

    Elizabeth Marvin
    Cleveland (Parma) Ohio

  493. Janelle May 27, 2009

    @Michael – Michael, I just started sponsoring a little boy at IO 784. A match!

  494. Sara F. May 27, 2009


    How exciting! I envy you that you can write to your child in his/her native language. My youngest goes to a Spanish Immersion school and so does write to our child in Mexico sometimes in Spanish, but it leaves me totally out of the loop!

    I do believe that you can write in Spanish but that someone will read it for any possible translation issues. Sometimes there may be different dialects to consider.

    I think that it would be fine to mention that your husband is Bolivian and may help foster the connection. I am always looking for things to share in common.

    I don’t know about giving your city. I would think that it would be okay as long as there is no specific address. You can always call Compassion and ask. They have been incredibly helpful when I have called for various reasons.

    I would close your letters just as you suggested. Don’t be surprised, though, if the kids are a little more formal at first, signing even with sincerely etc.

    Once you get your letter written, the hard part is waiting for a reply! Not that you have to wait to write again! I would encourage you to write whenever the mood strikes you or even put a time on the calendar. When St. Patricks day passed, I even shot a short email about the holiday and asked if they had anything like it. I wish replies could be faster, but I am trying to take it on faith that my letters are as important as everyone says. Even if I don’t hear back like I might like, they are making a difference.

    Have fun writing!


  495. Judith Tremblay May 27, 2009

    @Angela Cordova – That’s wonderful, that you received your packet in the mail! I can feel your excitement through the computer. πŸ™‚

    I’m fairly new to all this, but I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t tell the child that your husband is from Bolivia. I personally think that would be an interesting connection. I wonder how close his family is to where the child lives…hmm, you might not mention that his family is still there, or at least choose your information carefully; this relates in a way to your second question. Your sponsored child is not given your address, for your protection. Mainly to keep you from receiving pleas for additional financial support from relatives/community members (from what I’ve heard here on the blog). I’ve mentioned to my kids the name of the state where I live, and described the region of the country. Since my last name is not very common, a computer-literate child could probably still track me down through Google if they worked hard enough. And yes, the kids know our first and last names.

    As for closing the letter, those are great ideas. Sometimes I’ll close with the phrase “with love”, due to having drawn close to them in my heart–sometimes even before I receive a letter from the child!

    And it is fine to write to your child in Spanish. If there is a local dialect, the country office might still do a bit of translating.

    Blessings on your new sponsorship!

  496. Angela Cordova May 27, 2009

    I am so excited! Got my sponsor packet in the mail yesterday! Woke up at 3am and could go back to sleep til 5 just thinking about what all I would write my child.

    With that in mind, I have a few questions before I can send off my letter.

    My child is from Bolivia. We chose this country because my husband is also from Bolivia. He has been in America for 10 yrs now and all of his family is still there.

    Would it be ok for me to mention to my child that my husband is also Bolivian?

    We speak Spanish, as does our sponsor child. WOuld it be ok to write our letters in Spanish?

    Is it ok to tell him what city we live in?

    Also, how do ya’ll close your letter? I was thinking of God Bless or take care.

    I had a million questions in my head at 4am! Now I cant think of them all. Probably a better thing though!

    Thanks so much for all your help. I cant wait til I get home from work to write this letter!

  497. Mike Stephens May 26, 2009

    @Allen -Allen,

    When are you going to Peru?

  498. Mike Stephens May 26, 2009

    I think one of the joys of sponsoring is seeing how far I am willing to go… I am not sure the correct answer or if a correct answer even exists, but Jesus went as far as needed which was becoming my sin, so He could be with me and I with Him. So WWJD? We each would answer that a little differently so yet again I love the freedom and choice available in Sponsorship with and through Compassion.

  499. Valerie Long May 26, 2009

    @diane – Diane, thanks for the reminder about the correspondence children having the tendency to change faster. While in one part of my brain, I “knew” that, it helps to read someone else’s experiences with corresponding with children they don’t financially sponsor.

    My one little boy, I think I would most definitely try to financially sponsor if I could, if I get that call. I’ve only had one letter from him, but he’s completely stolen my heart as a librarian as the biggest thing he wanted me to pray about is that he learns to read!

    My other correspondence child, I haven’t heard from yet, so I’m not sure how I’d respond if I got that call tomorrow. Not that I don’t already care about him, but I don’t feel quite as attached as I do to the first boy!

    Thanks for that reminder though. It really is helpful to have that “reality check”. πŸ™‚

  500. Kimberly Paredes May 26, 2009

    Originally Posted By dianefor those of you who are new to being a correspondence to a child, please keep in mind the “average time” a sponsor keeps a child, and be prepared for when that call comes when the sponsor is giving up the child and you are given a choice, either financially sponsor him/her yourself, or give the child up completely, I have sponsored correspondence children now for 1 year and have already had that call twice. The first, a boy was from a country where I had just been with compassion, and I knew I was going to take him on financially, the answer was immediate, but then a couple months later another call came regarding my girl in Indonesia, and I prayed, and prayed, and the answer I was getting was no, I was in tears, but then I spoke to my daughter telling her I was going to have to give this child up, and my daughter wanted to start sponsoring a child and wanted her. What an answer to prayer! So I still get to be in her “life” a little. So yes, be a correspondence and make a difference, but also, be prepared for that call.

    This is the exact reason that I have one sponsored child and two correspondence children. If/when my correspondence childrens sponsors decide to drop them, I should be able to sponsor them myself. I don’t want to overextend myself because I don’t want to have to stop a relationship that I have committed to.

  501. Deb Jackman May 25, 2009

    Thank you SO MUCH Sarah! I really appreciate the information!

  502. Janelle May 25, 2009

    @Ken M. – Ken, thank you for your post. We just last week lost the little boy we were sponsoring due to his family moving to an area where there was not a Compassion project. It was a bittersweet feeling for my family as we have been praying that the family would have work. They found work, which is why they moved, unfortunately we can’t sponsor our little boy anymore. It is nice to know that if he ever does come back to the project, we will find out.

  503. Mike Stephens May 25, 2009

    I already have 2 build a bears I’m taking for an excited sponsor to the Philippines if anyone else wants to send something I will glady drop it off and take a picture of me doing so!


  504. Mike Stephens May 25, 2009

    @Garry – Garry,

    Thanks I printed one for myself in English and 3 in Tagalog for my 3 boys who I will visit this June!

  505. Mike Stephens May 25, 2009

    @Tamm – Congratulations Tamm!!!!!!! Go visit! πŸ˜‰

  506. Mike Stephens May 25, 2009

    @Ken M. – Ken,

    Goodness gracious!!! You had quite the tragedy! Well if mine move etc. at least I will know it is not uncommon for some of them to move etc. Eventually we will be saying “hi my name is Mike and 3 of my kids moved out of the area.” But I am thankful you shared b/c I would wonder “why me?!” If mine ever move away. None of the kids I sponsor have moved out of the area yet, but I have not been sponsoring for very long.

  507. Mike Stephens May 25, 2009

    @Michele – Hallelujah!!!!!!! But it’t fun to try and see him outgive me!!!!!!!

  508. Mike Stephens May 25, 2009

    @~audrey~ – Audrey,

    I was thinking about going on the Sponsor Tour next year possibly May 1-13 are you planning on going? Or are you going to give it a few more years?

  509. Mike Stephens May 25, 2009

    @Misty compton – Misty,

    you are right. What I do is I write a lot and I get a lot of letters. It’s easy. Just like swimming, running, and or riding. If you swim a lot you will get faster. It is a secret that has been around for ages!

  510. Mike Stephens May 25, 2009

    @James Lanchester – James,

    I am here in Colorado Springs, CO. 719-531-6326 call anytime so we can plan our MISSION if we choose to accept it, this message will self destruct in 3 seconds…

  511. Mike Stephens May 25, 2009

    @Chris Giovagnoni – Chris,

    Thanks for that info!!! But is the average kind of deceiving b/c some people sponsor for 11 years and some for only 11 months so the average is 3 years for the Philippines for example which isn’t really accurate. Obviously the average is accurate b/c it is an average. I guess more of what I was getting at is it fairly common for parents to take there kids out after 3 years? I am kind of answering my own questions and all sorts of things can happen.

  512. Mike Stephens May 25, 2009

    @James Lanchester – James,

    I will email you. Here is my home phone 719-531-6326 call anytime. I am glad we are connecting b/c that way we can encourage each through the sponsorship process also when you plan to do an individual visit to Palawan I can accompany you as your body guard πŸ˜‰ and then I can say you are my wise mentor when I head to Mindanao for my individual visit that way we both get to see more of Compassion’s work and have a little company in case things get a little crazy, but no rush we can play it by ear…shoot from the hip so to speak πŸ˜‰

  513. Mike Stephens May 25, 2009

    @James Lanchester


    I just wanted to add I love how you roll!!! With your 11 Sponsor kids from Palawan I can referee a soccer game b/c 11 is how many play in soccer! I am glad your kids are from Palawan b/c mine are all on Mindanao so we are converging from all over! Also I got my 3 boys frisbees among other things so maybe we could play a CRAZY all out ultimate frisbee game. On a good day I can throw a frisbee the length of a football field, but the air is a little thinner here in Colorado so don’t quote me on that once we touch down in the Philippines but who knows???

  514. Mike Stephens May 25, 2009

    @James Lanchester


    Yes we are!!!!!!! πŸ˜‰ The Lord works in MYSTERIOUS ways! James when I was in Nicaragua our room was fairly messy to say the least. Housekeeping cleaned it up everyday and arranged all my money and my passport nice and neat on the desk everyday!!! I wasn’t trying to leave important stuff out on purpose it just happened that way. The Nicaragua Sponsor Tour went by so fast James. Some people had single rooms and if I hadn’t stopped by to talk I almost would have never of got much good talking time with them!!! I am 26 and am currently refereeing soccer games to earn a little cash. I want to be a professional triathlete but need to get serious about training if that is ever going to be BELIEVABLE and become a REALITY. I have never been to the Philippines. I have 3 boys I sponsor there who I have been anticipating meeting for a while. I have a friend who lives in Riverside, CA but not much else in CA.

    James are you bringing a video camera? I am trying to save up real quick and buy one but am not sure if I am going to make it? The Sony handicam I was looking at was $399. I could get a cheaper one I just wanted the videos to look decently clear. I hope to take tons of pictures of everything we do so I can remember and so people can see my trip for themselves instead of me trying to say how amazing it was. Either way I am really excited. I got these 13 bags of art supplies to make crafts with the kids at a place called “Art for the Nations” here in Denver. I can probably fit 5-7 of the bags in a suitcase but needed some of the other people to carry 1-2 bags or squeeze it in their suitcase or even just carry it and put them under their seat or pretend it is a purse or a really large wallet πŸ˜‰ See you at LAX in a few days!!!!!!!

  515. Susan Van Nostrand May 25, 2009

    My son Joshua (age 7) just started sponsoring a child in the DR. Their birthdays are 6 days apart and it was his wish to do this instead of a Christmas gift. We are so proud of him!

  516. diane May 25, 2009

    for those of you who are new to being a correspondence to a child, please keep in mind the “average time” a sponsor keeps a child, and be prepared for when that call comes when the sponsor is giving up the child and you are given a choice, either financially sponsor him/her yourself, or give the child up completely, I have sponsored correspondence children now for 1 year and have already had that call twice. The first, a boy was from a country where I had just been with compassion, and I knew I was going to take him on financially, the answer was immediate, but then a couple months later another call came regarding my girl in Indonesia, and I prayed, and prayed, and the answer I was getting was no, I was in tears, but then I spoke to my daughter telling her I was going to have to give this child up, and my daughter wanted to start sponsoring a child and wanted her. What an answer to prayer! So I still get to be in her “life” a little. So yes, be a correspondence and make a difference, but also, be prepared for that call.

  517. Sara Benson May 25, 2009

    Originally Posted By Deb JackmanHow do you sign up for a correspondence child? I sponsor two children right now and can’t afford to sponsor any more right now, but would be interested in a correspondence child

    Here is a link to the post about correspondence sponsorships.

  518. Michele May 24, 2009

    You cant outgive God@Tamm

  519. Michele May 24, 2009

    I feel the same I own a pet grooming salon and people are hit hard here with plants closing and they feel terrible about bringing their pets in knotted because funds were low which in turn has hurt my income but with it being drafted out it is not as hard to keep funding , but even if a child is sponsored for a short time it is a witness that someone cared something is better than nothing when there is a need.@Jeanette

  520. Sara Benson May 23, 2009

    @Tamm – That is an amazing testimony of God’s faithfulness to you!! Since you were willing to “step into the river” when you knew that God was calling you to sponsor, He was faithful in His promise to provide for you.

    With your correspondence child you WILL get a package in the mail just like you received for your sponsored kids. I love being able to develop relationships with my correspondence kids and sometimes have a hard time remembering which kids I sponsor vs those I write to only.

    As far as the information being a little old, this is normal. The online info is updated about every 2 years. So sometime in July next year you will probably see more updated info and possibly a new photo πŸ™‚

  521. Becky May 23, 2009

    I’ve been a sponsor for about 9 years. On average, the information on my child is updated every 2 years and I receive a new picture at that time. As I’ve had 3 children, (see comment 1059) it is possible my experience with the timing is atypical. I imagine it would be quite time consuming and extremely costly for Compassion to update that information more frequently for all one million children. Perhaps Chris or someone else at Compassion could confirm the typical timing for updates and rationale.

  522. Marci in MO May 23, 2009


    I believe that Compassion has been updating the “Child Information section” about every 18 months.

    Someone will correct me if I’m wrong. πŸ™‚


  523. Amy Wallace May 23, 2009

    @Tamm – Wow! God works in wonderful ways πŸ™‚

  524. Hezra May 23, 2009

    @Tamm – Yes, you will get a packet and letter just like you did for your sponsor child.

    The children’s info isn’t usually update until close to the 2 year mark, unless something significanly chages; atleast in my experience. Every two years though they update the info and you’ll recieve a new picture. Or atleast somewhere roughly around the two year mark. That is probably when your correspondent child was registarted in the project, or depending on the age, it may be updated information and he has had a sponsor for quite some time. Hope that answers your questions, atleast a little. If you have more you can always call Compassion and they are more and helpful with getting your questions answered.

  525. Caitlin May 23, 2009

    @Tamm – The childrens’ info only gets updated every two years. So, for your correspondence child, it should be updated 07/10.

  526. Deb Jackman May 23, 2009

    How do you sign up for a correspondence child? I sponsor two children right now and can’t afford to sponsor any more right now, but would be interested in a correspondence child.


  527. Deb Jackman May 23, 2009


    I sponsor one boy in Ecuador and one girl in Indonesia. I have for the past 3 years. Would like more info on the correspondence children (how to sign up, etc) as right now I can’t afford to sponsor any more children. Thanks!

  528. Ken M. May 23, 2009

    I lost 3 children. The first one was from Colombia. After 18 months his family’s financial situation had improved so his mother felt another child should have a chance to be sponsored. The second child I lost was from Brazil. I lost him after 8 months of sponsorship. His mother found a job and, due to the hours, she couldn’t get him to the project. She couldn’t find anyone else to take him. Losing him was very difficult because his birthday was the same day as mine and in a letter his mother stated that we can never forget each other’s birthday. Plus he had speech difficulties and I’m a stutterer so I could relate. Then he was behind in his kindergarten class and since I work in special education he stole my heart. The third child I lost was from Brazil however I didn’t get too upset over losing him. I sponsored him only 2 months and never received correspondence from him. Although I would have like to get to know him, time didn’t allow it. I still pray for all 3 of them. Compassion said that if they returned to the program I would be notified first.

  529. Allen May 23, 2009

    Congratulations on your new sponsored and correspondent children! The case study info is updated every two years. If his information was updated last in 7/08, you should receive new information and a new photo some time between 7/2010 and 8/2010.

    EI is East India, so I bet he lives close to where the last group of bloggers visited! You might check out their posts to get an idea of the area/programs there.


  530. Judith Tremblay May 23, 2009

    @Tamm – You should get a packet within 14 days, as if it was a sponsored child you had gotten online (unlike at a concert where you get to leave with it). I got my latest correspondence child’s packet in about a week–although it did take about two weeks for my first correspondent child, and for my sponsored child.

    As for the updates, I’ve heard that updates are done every couple of years, rather than every year. So don’t be concerned about the updates unless it’s been over two years. (We’d all love more frequent updates, though!)

  531. Tamm May 23, 2009

    Ok, I spoke too soon. I found my correspondence child’s info. Still learning how to navigate all of this! He’s a beautiful boy! One thing that concerned me a little is that his information hasn’t been updated since 7/08?

  532. Tamm May 23, 2009

    I am sooooo excited!!! I just started sponsoring my first child and I also requested a correspondence child a few days ago and when I checked my account today he was there! A handsome little boy, that I think is from India-EI436. I can’t find the information about him. I did send an email to him right away! Does anyone know if I will get an info packet about him like the one I got for my sponsored child?

    I also have to share this…I have really felt this pressing on my for quite a while, but I kept telling myself that I couldn’t afford it. Well, I finally decided to step out in faith and put it in God’s hands knowing he will always take care of me if I trust him. Well, today I discovered a very large extra deposit in my bank account! It was a child support payment! I have been a single mom for 17 years and have never received a single payment! I also received a letter in the mail that told me my son is now covered under his father’s health insurance, so I am going to be able to cancel the $300/mo policy that I have been paying for him! I now have more than enough, and am going to be able to sponsor a couple more children! GOD IS AMAZING!!! I truly know now that this is totally a God thing!

  533. Garry May 23, 2009

    At http://fathersloveletter.com/kids/ there is a printable love letter from God for kids, also an adult version. It is available in about 90 languages.

  534. Hezra May 22, 2009

    @Jen Backus – I have a kid in CO and UG! Neither of which are in the same projects as your’s though

  535. Hezra May 22, 2009

    @Chris Giovagnoni – Thanks Chris! I to wanted to know. I knew we had to have quite a few. Like I said earlier in the last few weeks alone I’ve seen several sponsors from WA on the “I’m Sponsored” slides. By the way, I think that’s awsome showing the kids that get sponsored daily!

    @Jeanette – On live over on the Eastern side, but it’s nice to meet another sponsor from WA

  536. nancy May 22, 2009

    I haven’t seen anyone here yet with a child from KE813. Anyone?

  537. nancy May 22, 2009

    @Lisa – HI! I am a new sponsor and my child is in UG-526 too!! His name is Tonny and he is 9 years old. I love this!! Want to chat?

  538. Kari HardrΓ© May 22, 2009

    I have been reading some of these previous posts. When I chose to sponsor my children
    (I have 4) it was the child who jumped out at me from the page, not the smile or the story, it was like God said ‘take this one’, my children did not smile and are beautiful to me no matter what, they were chosen by God for me to sponsor.
    As for the increase, I recieved a raise at work this month, God gave me that raise just in time for my children to benefit. If he brings you to it, he will bring you through it. I don’t know what I would do if I were ever faced with having to give up any of these children, it would not be easy.
    Lord Bless all of you wonderful sponsors.

  539. Jeanette May 22, 2009

    @Chris Giovagnoni – That is much better than I would have thought. I’m glad to hear that.

  540. Becky May 22, 2009

    I have a comment about the sponsorship times, and I wonder if anyone else has had a similar situation. I have been a Compassion sponsor since I found out about Compassion at Creation East 2000. Although I was a high school student (and now am a graduate student), I have been blessed enough financially to continue sponsoring a child.

    However, in that time period I’ve had 3 children (all from Brazil). The first sponsorship (BR-249) lasted 2 years and 3 months as the boy’s family financial situation improved so they didn’t need Compassion’s help anymore. The second sponsorship (BR-183) lasted 5 years until the boy’s family sent him to live with relatives far away for his bad behavior. I got a letter just before that happened with my child requesting me to pray God gives him wisdom to be an obedient child for his parents. I still pray for that and would be thrilled if he re-entered the program. My most recent sponsorship (BR-323) has lasted 6 months so far. I was relieved to find out Compassion will contact me first if either of my two formerly sponsored children get re-registered at any Compassion project.

  541. Valerie Long May 22, 2009

    @Jeanette – Jeanette, I too have had to stop sponsoring in the past because of losing my job, so I understand. It’s one of those, you’ll do everything you can but if it comes down to paying the mortgage or sponsoring, sometimes the mortgage has to win!

    I’m very blessed right now that our company is very smart about money and is doing ok in spite of the economic problems in the world. We’re not overflowing with money of course, but we’re doing ok. So I know that my job is secure for at least the next 2 years which is a HUGE blessing.

    I certainly wouldn’t judge those who have to give up their sponsorship as I’ve been there and we don’t know what other financial things they have to deal with.

    The world is not an easy place to live these days, no matter where you live! Thank you for sharing your story though, even though I know it was hard for you!

  542. Valerie Long May 22, 2009

    @Kim Edge – Kim, I actually called Compassion today as right now I’m NOT able to increase my sponsorship to the $38 a month. I’m hoping that I’ll get the new job I applied for at work which will bring a slight raise and then I might be able to, but for now, I’m sticking with the $32 a month for my 7 kids. The extra $42 a month is just too much right now. If I had just one or two kids, I might be able to do it, but with 7, it’s just too big of a jump right now.

    But they were really ok with it when I called and told them that today. I think basically, they’d rather have some sponsors have to stay at $32 a month than stop sponsoring all together.

    I’m just praying I get the new job. They must’ve gotten a LOT of applications though because I haven’t even heard about an interview yet and the way this company works is that if you’re qualified and you work for them, they HAVE to give you a first interview. So it must just be taking longer to get through all the apps right now.

    That’s how I’m handling the increase. I don’t know about those who have even more than I do!


  543. Chris Giovagnoni May 22, 2009

    @Jeanette – Washington is 10th with 3.5 percent.

  544. Sara Benson May 22, 2009

    If sponsors from ANY STATE in the US have kids in Ecuador and would like to get a package to them,I have room for a few more.

    Here is the general idea.

    I will be stopping by the Compassion headquarters in Ecuador and can drop off the packages there. All gifts must fit into a gallon size ziplock and be clearly marked with sponsor and child name AND numbers.

    If you live outside of the Colorado Springs area you will have to mail the package to me (I will get you my address when you contact me)

    My email is(fishterp7@hotmail.com)

  545. Jeanette May 22, 2009

    @Hezra – Western Washington, Monroe.

  546. Jen Backus May 22, 2009

    Hi all.

    I also live in WA.

    I sponsor four children as follows.

    CO 621
    GH 200
    GH 210
    GH 306

    I just became a sponsor last month so obviously haven’t heard from any of my kids yet but have written them each several times.

  547. Judith Tremblay May 22, 2009

    @Brooke – something’s on it’s way, I promise! It’s still in beta testing, but when it’s ready to go “public” no doubt we’ll all hear about it!

    Here’s the link to the spreadsheet where we’ve been keeping up with all the data. Is this what you’re looking for?


  548. Robyn Midson May 22, 2009

    @Kim Edge – Compassion Aust had to increase rates sometime last year.I thought it was really great that they took the time to phone me and ask if I would be able afford the increase (because I had a number of kids). Unfortunately I have been unable to increase it and they have been SO good to keep it at the same rate. I am hopeful that soon I will be able to increase it for at least some of my children (I have 9 through compassion but I also sponsor 3 others through Operation Uganda). Unfortunately I have also had to stop sending birthday money and family gifts but as I said I am hopeful that will change. there was also one month I couldn’t make the payment and a phone call to them was all it took. It wasn’t until 3 months later that I was able to fit that extra payment back in. they were so great.

  549. Brooke May 21, 2009

    I have been thinking about why some people may stop sponsoring a child. I had never heard of Compassion until a sponsor drive on a local Christian radio station last February. I had always wanted to sponsor a child and I was so moved by what I heard on the radio that I called and became a sponsor. It wasn’t until I started looking at Compassion’s website that I realized how long-term my sponsorship would become! I never occurred to me that I would be sponsoring a child until they were 22 years old.

    I can see how people make a quick decision to sponsor duing a drive or at a booth and then change their minds once the reality of the commitment sinks in. I found myself rethinking my decision before I received my child’s packet. But once that first letter came, I was sure I had done a wonderful thing.

    By the way – over 400 children were sponsored during the radio sponsor drive I listened to (it was either 2 or 3 days).

  550. Hezra May 21, 2009

    @Jeanette – Hey! I too am from Washington state. And that little rotating tile you were talking about that shows the pictures of the kids sponsored today is the reason I asked about the state stats. I noticed in the last several weeks quite a few people from Washington sponsoring kids. Do you mind me asking what part of the state you are from. You can email me if you like at: (kute_queen@hotmail.com)

  551. Jackie Comas May 21, 2009

    May 13th I put in my request to be a correspondent and today I got my 2 boys. Edwin GU907 and Bebetho HA773. What a Blessing! I can’t wait to get more info on them.

  552. Dwight May 21, 2009

    Does someone have a list of all the projects people have listed? I would like to see if anyone has a child at the same project. Thanks

  553. Caitlin May 21, 2009

    @Geri – Actually, I have been scanning the longest waiting kids daily, and what I have noticed is that a third of them have gorgeous smiles, another third have awful pictures (either a grimace face, or the lighting isn’t good enough to see them very well) and the other third, I can’t really see why they’ve been waiting so long. I have been wondering, though if some kids don’t get sponsored because they have beautiful smiles, and obviously don’t need as much help. I don’t know, I was shocked to see so many smiling faces there. I didn’t pick by faces, but by other details, but I must admit that the pictures where what determined which kid’s packet I read. Lilin’s looks like a child’s soldier face might, a face of too early maturity, determination, and a hint of tears. Alok was my random one from the longest waiting, and I think he wasn’t sponsored because he is young, and because he has the funniest look on his face. I can’t help but chuckle. But even when I worked in cubbies, I always loved the kids with extreme facial language, it just made me want to gather him up in a hug and kiss him until he giggled and squealed, “Ew yuck!” like my younger cousins(Something that I don’t really think in reality it would go over well in India).

  554. Kristen May 21, 2009

    @Brooke – Yea!! I also requested a child last week and I check my account a couple times a day (knowing it’s too soon for one to be there!) Then I saw your post and quickly checked my account and THERE HE WAS!! He’s from Ethiopia and is 21 and is blind in one eye. He finishes the program next June so I have some major quick bonding to do. What a blessing – I’m so excited! Gotta go learn more about him…

  555. Geri May 21, 2009

    Originally Posted By JeanetteI wanted to say that I hear so many people saying they chose children by their smile. This is fine, I am not criticising, but I woryy about those children that I see who are not smiling. Some of them even seem to have a sour face.

    I often sponsor the sour/angry looking child that isn’t smiling. I see it as a challenge to but a smile on the child’s face and often, with God’s help, I succeed.

  556. Brooke May 21, 2009

    I requested a correspondence child last Friday and one was assigned to my account today! That was fast!

    It’s a boy named Demires and he is from CO530. That’s perfect. I am drawn to the central and south american children for some reason.

    I wish there was a message board where sponsors could ask questions or connect with other sponsors. I often have questions and I don’t know how to get them answered. Like – has anyone hosted a Compassion Sunday at their church? Those kinds of things.

  557. Geri May 21, 2009

    Originally Posted By pamall of my kids are special needs kids. I don’t look at the country, but I look for a physical challenge. God put it on my heart years ago to sponsor only physically challenged children.
    It’s hard enough to be a regular kid in a third world country, , but physically challenged kids have it even rougher.
    Both of my sponsored children are girls with physical challenges.

    God Bless you for taking on these special children.

  558. Sarah Johnson May 21, 2009

    Kim Edge—-We have not received a letter yet but thanks for the info….we love sponsoring lisseth and as I have said before my husband and I have been married 6 years and do not have any kids yet. Lisseth is like our adopted daughter and we would not trade anything in the world for her.

  559. Jeanette May 21, 2009

    I was just looking at a place on the comapssion website where it shows all of the children who have been sponsored today. I love it. It is so encouranging!

  560. Caitlin May 21, 2009

    It’s one of those “God-willing and the crick don’t rise” things. I’m very sorry for you to have lost your kids, and even now, though I dread the thought, I cringe at the possibility of losing my own in the neither immediate nor distant future, simply because of the way things are going. I think, though people say they could never give up their “kids” they mean within their own powers. I’m currently out of work because of an injury, and though worker’s comp is saving me now, I cannot predict the outcome of the future. I can hold nothing against you.

  561. Jeanette May 21, 2009

    I honestly believe that those people who stop sponsoring children do it for financial reasons. Some are just not willing to make the sacrifice and others have no choice. It is a blessing no matter how long the sponsor a child for and since it is not unusual for this to happen, the children are probably prepared for this. Ofcourse it is not the best, but it better than nothing.

  562. Kristen May 21, 2009

    Shout out to all my liberal Christian brothers and sisters out there *wink*

  563. Jeanette May 21, 2009

    Because of everthing thar has been said here, I don’t want to say this, but you all keep asking why someone would stop sponsoring a child. I have been sponsoring children for 20 years. Twice I have had to stop sponsoring children because I lost my job . I kept sponsoring as long as I could. Compassion even helped me out, but eventually there was no money left. It broke my heart. But when I got a new job ands got on my feet I started over and got new children. It has been less than a year since I started again. I pray that I will be able to see these children through to the end, but I know that is up to God. I am still broken hearted over losing those children, it makes me cry right now.

  564. Jeanette May 21, 2009

    I think one factor in the percentage of people sponsoring in a given stat is how many christians there are in that state. I live in a very liberal state with a very small percentage of christians especially among those who could afford to help. I live in Washington state. Chris, do you know what our percentage is?

  565. Kees Boer May 21, 2009

    Hi, Judy,

    I don’t have any data to back up this thinking, but I think that the sponsors, who quit that fast also probably didn’t write that often. So, when you sponsored her and started writing her regularly, she probably noticed the difference and she probably feels more secure that you would stick with her. I don’t know, just my thinking. I might be totally wrong on that. It would be interesting to see if there is a correlation between the frequency that a sponsor writes and how long they sponsor a child. I wouldn’t be suprised if they are indirectly related.


  566. Kim Edge May 21, 2009

    Hi folks,

    I received a letter from Compassion yesterday saying that they were asking me to increase my financial support for Chucha from $32 a month to $38. And it said that if I could not afford to do so, I could send back a card or opt out online. Thank God, we can afford to keep her even with the additional cost of $72 a year.

    But I was just wondering how some of you with ten children are doing financially…obviously, better than we are, but we are retired and on a fixed income…but I hope this doesn’t hurt your ability to support your children.

    I totally understand the with the world economic meltdown, Compassion needs an increase in funds. I know that Ethiopia, where my girl is, has double-digit inflation (something over twenty percent a year for this year, at last update)…ACK. I have sent her family an extra $300 in the past two years just so I am sure they are getting enough to eat for her whole family, and not just her. They were able to repair their home and purchase a cow, last year, and I have not heard yet what they plan to do with the most recent family donation I made.

    Just a heads up to you all…the global economy is nuts, if you haven’t noticed…


    God bless,

  567. Valerie Long May 21, 2009

    @Chris Giovagnoni – I find it interesting that Michigan’s in the top 5 considering the economic crisis is hitting us worse than some other states with the auto industry in such trouble. I think it’s great, I just was surprised!

  568. Judith Tremblay May 21, 2009

    I called Compassion this morning to find out whether one of my kids has had a sponsor before me. I knew I was the first sponsor for Gabriel, since by the time I sponsored him, a) he had been waiting for 6 months, and b) his project had only been open for about six months (found that out on my online account).

    Yuni’s project opened the same time Gabriel’s did–which makes sense, since their project numbers are so close. I sponsored her about a year after her project opened (April 2008–I got her last month), but her packet wasn’t marked in any way saying that she’d been waiting for a long time…so that’s why I called. Just curious.

    She’s had two other sponsors within the past year. Her last had her for about 5 months. It makes me sad for her, and I wonder what she thinks. She probably doesn’t expect me to stick around either.

    I’m reminded of my first letter to her…I told her that when I saw her picture I knew she was the girl I wanted to sponsor, and that she had a beautiful name, to match a beautiful girl.

    Hopefully from the very beginning that’ll be an encouragement to her, that I’ll be different than her first sponsors. Granted, I don’t know why her previous sponsors had to discontinue. Perhaps financial reasons. I pray that God allows me to stick with these kids, and continue to bless me with steady employment, so that I can continue to be a blessing!

  569. Jan Woodford May 21, 2009

    @Karen Ramirez – Thankyou for doing this, Judith.

  570. James Lanchester May 20, 2009

    To: Mike Stephens, I got my trip guide this afternoon, and found out that we are roomie’s. I’m getting excited, and I’m ready to go.

  571. Hezra May 20, 2009

    @Chris Giovagnoni – Thanks for the info Chris! There must be several others that aren’t that far behind with the percentages being so low. Thanks for satisfing my curiousity!

  572. Jeanette May 20, 2009

    Wow! I was thinking the projects were much smaller than 200 kids. That is really interesting to me. But I wish more people joined this blog because neither of my kids in Ethiopia have a match.

  573. Karen Ramirez May 20, 2009

    @Judith Tremblay

    Hi, I didn’t get to finish adding all the countries last time when I started, but I did finish them this morning. All countries now have their own worksheet page. Since they don’t get updated when someone adds information on the “All Countries” one, I will be updating them once a week.

  574. Brooke May 20, 2009

    Originally Posted By Kees Boer

    Hi, Brooke, the average is about 200 or so. I just came back from Bolivia and I was in a project that had over 600 children registered and then a new one, that didn’t even have 100 children. That project is in the La Paz/El Alto area. La Paz is a big city and El Alto is a huge slum city to the West of La Paz. They sort of merge together. As a matter of fact, when you fly into La Paz, the airport is really in El Alto. La Paz is in the valley at about 12,000 feet and El Alto is on top of the plains (the Altiplano) at about 14,000 feet.


    Thanks, Kees. Actually, my sponsored child’s center is one of the many in El Alto!


  575. Kees Boer May 20, 2009

    Originally Posted By BrookeI have a question – How many students can each center serve, on average? My child is at BO437 and I was surprised at how many centers were located close together when I looked at the Bolivia map on Flicker.


    Hi, Brooke, the average is about 200 or so. I just came back from Bolivia and I was in a project that had over 600 children registered and then a new one, that didn’t even have 100 children. That project is in the La Paz/El Alto area. La Paz is a big city and El Alto is a huge slum city to the West of La Paz. They sort of merge together. As a matter of fact, when you fly into La Paz, the airport is really in El Alto. La Paz is in the valley at about 12,000 feet and El Alto is on top of the plains (the Altiplano) at about 14,000 feet.


  576. Chris Giovagnoni May 20, 2009

    @Brooke – About 200

  577. Chris Giovagnoni May 20, 2009

    @Sara Benson – The states that sponsor the most children are the states where more sponsors live, so California sponsors the most children, a little over 52,000.

  578. Brooke May 20, 2009

    I have a question – How many students can each center serve, on average? My child is at BO437 and I was surprised at how many centers were located close together when I looked at the Bolivia map on Flicker.


    1. Kelly Schick April 9, 2015

      Brooke I also have a child in BO437

  579. Britt May 20, 2009

    YAY!! We just got our newest sponsorship packets in the mail…so in addition to:

    UG 924 & KE 745

    we now have:

    DR 386 & BF 680

  580. Sara Benson May 20, 2009

    That makes sense with CA and TX having high populations.

    Do you happen to have the statistics for which states sponsor the most Children? I wonder how different it is than the number of sponsors.

  581. Chris Giovagnoni May 20, 2009

    @Hezra – As of May 18, 2009, the five U.S. states with the most sponsors are:

    1. 9.5% of U.S. sponsors live in California
    2. Texas (7.1%)
    3. Pennsylvania (5.9%)
    4. Illinois (4.7%)
    5. Michigan (4.7%)
  582. Sandy May 20, 2009

    @sandy and jeff

    I was wondering the same thing; about a blog for each country. Yesterday, I started a group on facebook for sponsors of children in India. Come on over! πŸ™‚

  583. Hezra May 20, 2009

    @Chris Giovagnoni – One more question about number stuff. I don’t know if you have access to this kind of information, but I was wondering which states have higher sponsorship rates. I’ve noticed lately on the little “I’m sponsored” tile a lot of people from some of the same states. I was just curious if some states seem to be way better advocates than others.

  584. sandy and jeff May 20, 2009

    who sets up these blogs? compassion or one of us? i am comp illeterate!! can’t spell either haha..
    i was a sponsor for a year before i even clicked on the work blog,,,didn’t know what it meant..well i think it would be neat to have a different blog for each country.

  585. Hezra May 19, 2009

    I am so stinkin’ excited!!! I just found another set of twin girls!! They are from Ghana and they had been waiting 6 months or longer for sponsors! I can’t believe twins lasted that long. So my sister and I couldn’t pass them up!!

  586. Jackie Comas May 19, 2009

    Originally Posted By Jackie ComasI just received my 1st letter from my little girl in El Salvador! I was so excited, getting the letter really makes everything feel so real. Her words just really touched my heart. Thank You Lord for blessing me with such a gift.

  587. Sara Benson May 19, 2009

    I have an offer for sponsors in the Colorado Springs area who sponsor kids in Ecuador.

    I will be traveling to Ecuador at the end of June and would love to be able to help a few people get gifts to their kids.

    If you are interested you can contact me for more information. However, since I will only have space for about 5 gifts, please only contact me if you:

    – live in the Colorado Springs area

    – have never sent a gift (in this manner) to your child before.

    – have never visited your child

    You can email me at (fishterp7@hotmail.com).


  588. Jeanette May 19, 2009

    My new correspondence child is in HA 284 which is a match with your child. Have you been sponsoring that child long?

  589. Sara Benson May 19, 2009

    I noticed the individual spreadsheets too. I like the idea of being able to just look at one of the countries at a time.

    With Excel there are formulas that can be used so that when information is entered in one main workbook page, that info is automatically updated in the secondary page. Is this possible with google spreadsheets?

  590. Sarah Johnson May 19, 2009

    We just received two letters from our little girl. We are so excited. My husband and I do not have any children and this has been such a blessing to us.

    I chose Lisseth because when I was in high school I spent 2 weeks in Tegucigalpa and enjoyed every minute of it. The people there are so loving and the children are just wonderful.

  591. John May 19, 2009


    I sponsor two boys in India. Neeraj is at IN226 and Libin is at IN734. Are there any matches for those projects on this list. Libin enjoys baseball. I didn’t know baseball was popular over there.


  592. Judith Tremblay May 19, 2009

    @sandy and jeff@Hezra – No, you aren’t imagining things. No, the information didn’t get deleted. I noticed it a few weeks ago. Someone was creative enough to copy the data from the main spreadsheet and make new pages for each of the countries–at least through the E’s. Perhaps I’ll go in and finish the job later. The main spreadsheet is still there…I did shuffle the pages so now the first one to show up should be the main sheet.

    If you want to look at the individual pages, here’s how you find them:

    Look at the bottom of the spreadsheet window. There’ll be a button that says “add sheet” in the lower left corner. Next to that will be links with names like “all countries”, “BD”, etc. Clicking on any of them will take you to the respective page for a snapshot of the data you’re interested it, without having to do as much scrolling!

    Beware–I haven’t tested it out, but I predict that if you add info to one of the country-specific pages, it won’t automatically copy to the main sheet (with the count of number of sponsorships per country). So you may need to enter it twice. That’s the only downside I think I see with the updated spreadsheet. (But, if you are able to highlight/ copy/paste, that’ll save you some time!)

  593. Hezra May 19, 2009

    @sandy and jeff – I had the same problem last night, but someone must have fixed it, or the system had a glich. It’s all better now! Thanks if someone fixed it!

  594. sandy and jeff May 19, 2009

    @Mervin – anybody know what happened to the spreadsheet? i just clicked on it,,and the only thing on it was BD names?? i came back here and clicked on a different spreadsheet link and it was the same…so i just added mine under it??? sandy

  595. Tamm May 19, 2009

    This is all SO AMAZING to me! I just sponsored my first child. A beautiful little girl, Gorreth, in Uganda. I wish I could afford to sponsor more right now. I have also put myself on the list to get correspondence children as well. I am so inspired by the God’s work that is being done here.

  596. sandy and jeff May 19, 2009

    i’ve been waiting for one month for correspondence kids….its 3am now. (i’m at work)..i checked in here and ………THEY GAVE ME Two LITTLE BOYS!!!!!!!!!!! i am as excited as if it were christmas morning!!!

    Bryan–PH823 he was 6yrs on 5-14
    Mike–PH941 is 9 yrs

    i also have 2 teen girls, easy to send them stuff….one boy loves marbles,,haha,,,can’t send them…


  597. Hezra May 18, 2009

    Umm, is it just me or did something seriously happen to the spread sheet? The only country I’m seeing at the moment is Bangladesh…

  598. Kees Boer May 18, 2009

    Originally Posted By Chris Huff@Kees Boer -Kees,I sponsor a child in BO284 near Achacachi which seems to be a hotbed of Aymara discontent (heaven knows they have a lot to be discontented about)and home of the Pancho Rojo.

    Her dad assures me everything is all right with them so I don’t worry so much but I still pray for protection for them.

    They are the dearest folks. I would love to meet them some day and get to know them much better. They are the most wonderful friends!!

    I wish I could sponsor more children from that area!

    You’ve been to Bolivia, haven’t you, Kees?

    Hi, Chris,

    I’m sorry that it took so long to get back with you. I was actually in Bolivia for 2 weeks. So, that sort of answers the question whether I’ve been to Bolivia.

    BO-284 is in rural La Paz. I have a few children in rural La Paz. Where those children are is several hours from La Paz and there is no electricity or running water. It’s out on the Altiplano. They are very nice people though. I’m not sure how rural BO-284 is.



  599. Hezra May 18, 2009

    @Chris Giovagnoni – Thanks for all the info! That really amazing how short a time span some of those countries have. Although that is an average, and I’m sure there are many more that have sponsored kids a lot longer, I’ve seen some of those people post on here. I definately aggree with some of the others about how I don’t know how sponsors can give up their kid(s) my sister and I were talking about that today. It’s just sad to think about what could go through the minds of those have to wait for a new sponsor!

    Thanks for all the stories you guys about why you choose the kid(s) you did. I guess I can share too!

    The very first girl I choose was at a Compassion booth, and I really wanted to pick a kid from an asian country because so often they are pretty closed to the gospel. Well I took forever looking through all the packets and there weren’t too many letf, and the one little girl (well she was 11)from Thialand I picked up have her name in she goes by as Dream, and I had a friend who called me that as a nickname, so I picked her. She wasn’t really smiling, nothing special about her appreance, but she was really special. When she left the project 2 1/2 years later I recieved a very nice final letter from a project staff member that she moved, but thanking me and really bragging on all her accoplishements and how had she stayed she would have been able to help teach sunday school. I thought that was pretty amazing.

    Then my sister decieded as I was looking through kids for a new kid, that she too wanted to sponsor someone. So I thought I would look for twins, Zaira and Zaria. I thought it was an impossible task, but finally found 2 little girls in Peru. Peru is very near and dear to my heart I spent 2 months on a mission trip there and the people really captured my heart. Those those twins were definatley a God thing.

    My second girl, Deysi, I found by browsing through Peru photos, and found another set of twins!!! I was so excited. And to top that they are 1 day and 1 year apart from the other girls. My sister also sponsors the other twin sister.

    My third kid we were looking for twins and didn’t find any, but my sister and I were captured by so many of the Colombia kids. So we decieded to sponsor kids from the same project. That’s when I picked Dahyana. Beautiful little girl, smiless photo, but something said pick me.

    My fourth, and most recent addition is Carolyne from Uganda. I had been browsing through photos, (I love to look through and read their stories) and there were several I thought maybe, but not one to catch my eye. I was kind of looking for another kid from Asia, possibly India, but no one said pick me yet. I had been reading about Carolyne from Uganda, she was an orphan and her birthday was coming real soon and it’s only 6 days away from my. Well I went to bed and I had a dream about meeting an orphan girl from africa who had 4 siblings like her. So the next morning I was scanning photos to see which kids had gotten sponsors and there was Carolyne, waiting for me.

    I just recently recieved a correspondence boy who’s 16 from Thialand, and I asked to be put back on the list for another. I didn’t specify anything for the correspondent kids.

  600. Jackie Comas May 18, 2009

    I just recieved my 1st letter from my little girl in El Salvador! I was so excited, getting the letter really makes everything feel so real. Her words just really touched my heart. Thank You Lord for blessing me with such a gift.

  601. Marci in MO May 18, 2009


    Hi Katie,

    I visited Burkina Faso in February 2008 and they spoke French, and the letters I receive are in French. I believe that I read that Togo is also a French speaking country as well.

  602. Sara Benson May 18, 2009

    @Robyn Midson – Good question. I have been a sponsor for 5 years. I chose my first child, Uli from Indonesia when she was 5. Her smile captured my heart. Since then I have added Careen from the Philippines (almost 3 years), Ederine from Rwanda (4 mos.), and my newest Elian from Ecuador (1 mo.)

  603. James Lanchester May 18, 2009

    I can understand, when some people have to give up their sponsered kids. I had to at one point, about twelve years ago.But the kid I have now I wouldn’t give up for the world. I wouldn’t make that mistake again. My present kid has had a tremendous impact upon my life. Even if I had to cut my own rations at home I wouldn’t give him up. I have had to make some financial cut backs already, but Ramer, will never be one of them.

  604. James Lanchester May 18, 2009

    Hey Mike Stephens, glad to hear from someone who is going to the philippines. Where are you located. I’m from Lodi, Ca. I would be glad to get in touch with you. What are the ages of your sponsered kids. My boy is ten now. He is going to be eleven june seventeenth, while we are in country. My e-mail is (jaselan@sbcglobal.net).

  605. Chris Giovagnoni May 18, 2009

    @Robyn Midson – The numbers are not specific to U.S. sponsors. They were provided by our International Program Group and are based on all sponsorships in the developing country, regardless of where the sponsor is from.

  606. Robyn Midson May 18, 2009

    I can’t believe the sponsorship times are so short. I wonder if this is the same with Compassion Australia etc. I can’t imagine having to stop sponsorship of my children although of course I know things happen. I think I would rather sell my house first. My two longest children (well not really children any more!) I have sponsored for 13 years. what about others how long has your sponsorship been for?

  607. Caitlin May 18, 2009

    @diane – I know that sponsorship can at times be financially too much, and I can’t condemn people for having to stop sponsoring. It really did surprise me though, to find out one of my kids had been sponsored 3 times before I got her, and one of the sponsors had her for three years. To lose a child after three years… it just seems so sad, but maybe people aren’t so emotionally attached as some are, as some of the highest starts on that list are only around 3 years.

  608. Chris Giovagnoni May 18, 2009

    @Caitlin – Ooh! That’s the million dollar question isn’t it. There are so many variables. I think @diane makes a good point. Another potential influence is the number of sponsors that visit the children in a particular country. Countries like Uganda, Kenya, Dominican Republic and Ecuador receive more visits than other countries.

  609. Chris Giovagnoni May 18, 2009

    @Tiffany Rasmussen

    I remember from the Compassion Inter. video that kids that are sponsored will continue to be sponsored until a new sponsor is found.

    A child registered in our sponsorship program begins receiving benefits immediately after registration, but they are registered, not sponsored. Our Unsponsored Children’s Program provides for the registered child until someone commits to be the sponsor.

    When a sponsor ends his or her sponsorship, the Unsponsored Children’s Program provides for the child until another sponsor is found.

    As the number of children waiting for sponsors grows, the Unsponsored Children’s Program has to do more and more work, and what the program can do is limited by the amount of money in it. We strive to provide a registered child all of the same benefits a sponsored child receives but that isn’t always possible.

  610. Tiffany Rasmussen May 18, 2009

    @Chris Giovagnoni – This answers my question about why there are so many children from Ghana that need sponsors. I remember from the Compassion Inter. video that kids that are sponsored will continue to be sponsored until a new sponsor is found. Do all of the children in Ghana have uninterrupted sponsorship? I would think that it would be hard to continuosly find new people to pick up these children. Maybe the next child I sponsor should be from Ghana….Thank you, Chris for taking the time to research this and inform us.

  611. diane May 18, 2009

    from glancing at the countries and length of sponsorship, some of the ones with less time are the newer countries like Burkina Faso and Ghana, compassion has only been in these countries less than 5 years, so there hasn’t been time to build a higher “average” alhtough when I see that the highest average is only 4 years and less, that is still such a short time. what does it say about our “commitment”

  612. Sara Benson May 18, 2009

    Kenya has the longest..

  613. Sara Benson May 18, 2009

    @Chris Giovagnoni – Thanks! It is really cool to see that list. I wonder why they are so different…

  614. Caitlin May 18, 2009

    I wonder why it’s so high in some countries, and low in others. Do the high # countries have more consistent letter writing practices, making the sponsors more encouraged to “stick” maybe?

  615. Chris Giovagnoni May 18, 2009

    @Sara Benson – It refers to how long a sponsor “sticks with” a child.

    @Tiffany Rasmussen@Hezra – Here is the average length of sponsorship per country, in days. I did not include Togo since we just started registering children there late last year.

    • Bangladesh – 294
    • Bolivia – 997
    • Brazil – 875
    • Burkina Faso – 318
    • Colombia – 873
    • Dominican Republic – 1,003
    • East India – 486
    • East Indonesia – 304
    • Ecuador – 988
    • El Salvador – 737
    • Ethiopia – 963
    • Ghana – 239
    • Guatemala – 820
    • Haiti – 1,117
    • Honduras – 663
    • India – 932
    • Indonesia – 893
    • Kenya – 1,154
    • Mexico – 710
    • Nicaragua – 384
    • Peru – 914
    • Philippines – 1,035
    • Rwanda – 1,070
    • Tanzania – 520
    • Thailand – 1,024
    • Uganda – 1,116
  616. Chris Giovagnoni May 18, 2009

    @Valerie Long – Ideally, a child’s sponsorship goes through the year in which a person reaches the maximum age for participation in the program or finishes secondary education. The corporate maximum age is 22, but countries can define their own maximum age based on local factors.

  617. Valerie Long May 18, 2009

    @Jeanette – I know what you mean about choosing because of a smile or whatever. I was looking back through my photos of my children today and I guess I have to revise what I said as only one of my girls is smiling!

    With the exception of my first little girl who just captured my heart from the first moment I laid eyes on her, my kids have all been ones that waited six months or longer. All my life I’ve been drawn towards things that are perhaps not as wanted as others, like stuffed animals that are not quite perfect or something. Or the kids who no one else wants to be friends with.

    Though perhaps “wanted” is not the correct word but it’s the only one I can come up with right now.

    I want those who have waited so long for a sponsor. I want them to know that someone DOES care and wants to sponsor them. That’s why I always search for longest waiting.

    I only wish I could sponsor more than I do!! Makes me want to play the lottery just so I can have a chance to sponsor more kids! Me, who’s never played the lottery in her life!

    Anyways – I’m rambling on. Just wanted to say that I understand where you’re coming from and sometimes I think it’s more than just the expression on their faces. Sometimes I think we may even think they’re smiling because we’re so drawn to them and yet they’re not.

  618. Tiffany Rasmussen May 18, 2009

    @Tania @ Larger Family Life – Tania, I just received 2 correspondence girls last week. I waited just over 3 weeks for them to be placed on my account (I then could find out their info). Once they are on your account, you can email a letter right away… I still have not received their “packets” of info yet but I think they may come this week.

  619. Sara F. May 18, 2009

    I don’t know about all children or all the countries, but we chose a girl from Haiti as my high school daughter is studying French. It looks like she speaks Creole, though. We still love getting her letters. They just need to be translated. I don’t know if this is the same with most of the children or not.

  620. ~audrey~ May 18, 2009

    @Hezra – go online and find some printable mazes. They make some really hard ones! No translation is needed (the first time I sent them I wrote about it in my letter though) and the older boys I have sent them to have LOVED them.

    I also talk about sports here in the US and draw out the playing field and talk about the rules and materials needed. Then ask the child to do the same. That was a big hit.

  621. Tania @ Larger Family Life May 18, 2009

    It’s great to hear of all the people receiving correspondent children to write to. How long did you all have to wait? I contacted Compassion with my details at the beginning of May so am hoping it won’t be too long before I have a correspondent child (or two, or three… you know how it goes!)
    to write to as well.

  622. Robyn May 18, 2009

    @Katie – Hi I sponsor children in both Rwanda and Bukina Faso. My girl from BF writes in french. My son and daughter also sponsor children from BF and they both write in French too. With my boys from Rwanda their lessons at school are all in French but they always write in Kinyawanda. They are both older (one is 19yrs) so I don’t know if lessons are in french for younger classes or even if this is across the whole country (they both live in the same region). I would be interested to hear from others along this line.

  623. Star May 17, 2009

    @In Him – Grade level guidelines for the Calvary Chapel lessons are at http://children.calvarychapel.com/site/tr/tr_c1.htm.

  624. Sara Benson May 17, 2009

    Originally Posted By Hezra@Chris Giovagnoni – Out of curiosity would you mind sharing the length of sponsorship for some of the other countries Compassion works in, if data is available?

    I second the question. I was also wondering, how long on average a child is sponsored by a specific sponsor?

    Also is the 1.5 year statistic for Tanzania referring to how long one sponsor sticks with their child, or how long a child on average is able to go to a project?

  625. LIsa May 17, 2009

    @Ceri – Hey my little beauty is also in GH 512 I’d love to chat with you about yours.

  626. LIsa May 17, 2009

    @Britney – My child is also in Ghana but at 512. She’s a beautiful 6 year old girl.

  627. Jan Woodford May 17, 2009

    The only child I have in Tanzania is a correspondence child, and he tugs at our heart more than any of the other Compassion children that I write to ( 2 sponsored, 6 correspondence, altogether). He is just such a special little boy. I hope that nothing happens to terminate my relationship with him. When I pray for him, I often pray for his sponsor as well. I do that with my other Correspondence children as well. Although I feel that their sponsors are missing out on a wonderful experience, I’m so grateful to them for sponsoring. There’s no way that we could afford to sponsor more children right now, so I’m benefiting from their sponsorship.

  628. Terese May 17, 2009


    We have a match!


    I have a new little girl at that center since late April. I have not yet heard from her.

    What information can you share about the center?


    Terese Matthews

  629. Chris Huff May 17, 2009

    @In Him

    Hot Diggity!! I’m going to check that out!! Thanks for mentioning that resource!!! Calvary Chapel study courses would be great for everybody in this little town.

    I wonder if there’s some way I could finance some special undertakings for the whole project not just for my child. Maybe give them money for some of these courses or maybe for some they wish the could afford locally.

  630. Chris Huff May 17, 2009

    @Valerie Long – That is so wonderful, Stephanie!! I’m so glad!!! I feel like Gladys and her family and the wonderful people at the project in Achacachi bless me and give me FAR more than I give them!!! πŸ™‚

    I’m so glad we can share what we’ve been blessed with in this way!!

  631. Katie May 17, 2009

    I have a question for sponsors with children in Haiti, Togo, Rwanda and Burkina Faso.

    What language does your child write to you in? I am a French minor in college. All of these countries are French speaking but they also have regional languages. French is often reserved for administration and the upper class. I’d like to sponsor a child who speaks French, so I wondering which countries most often have French speaking children. Any help would be appreciated.

  632. Barb Becker May 17, 2009

    We sponsor 6 children — all in El Salvador. Duane picked Ana 7 years ago because she was from a Spanish speaking country (I speak decent Spanish) and was a girl (we have 2 sons). last year we went on the Sponsor’s tour,so when Christopher showed up in our Compassion Sunday packets, my husband said it was time for a boy. While in El Salvador we decided to sponsor some more children and to do this in El Salvador so we could go one place to visit. We sponsored Obed the second day there and met him — can you imagine for him. Guess what Obed, you have sponsors and here they are!!! He was pretty speechless that day — pretty excited and talkative later in the week at the park we meet all the kids at. The day before we left, we sponsored Alejandra, who is at the same project as Obed and we saw her, but thought someone else was going to choose her. Since we’ve been home, we’ve added Evelin, who was at a Peter Eide concert (only packet from ES) and Michelle who was in our Compassion Sunday packets adn is at the same project as Ana who started this whole thing. Now guess what??? I’ve been asked to go to ES in Sept. with a Habitat Thrivent Build as the translator and my husband can go to — sooo as soon as June 1st arrives, we will be trying to arrange visits before or after our build. We never figured we’d be back so soon, but thrivent in NE works with Habitat ES. Is God great or what!!

    Barb and Duane Becker

  633. Pam May 16, 2009

    @Carolyn Fodel
    to Carolyn, Are you sure it is the sponsor pulling out? I have lost three children over the last 10 years because they have moved, the pator dropped the program, and the parents pulled her out.
    Problem is you don’t get any notice, so I’ve never gotten to say goodbye to them. No final letter. I think this is the one area where compassion could do better.

  634. Bri Frederick May 16, 2009

    I initially chose Rwanda after learning of the genocide there. When I visited the Compassion website, I was surprised at the number of older children waiting to be sponsored. I wanted to offer an older child the chance to be sponsored. My child’s name is what drew me to her. Providence turns 19 today!

  635. Deb May 16, 2009

    I have 4 kids

    I don’t know if I match anyone but I sure do love doing this and plan to eventually take on more kids in the future

  636. Valerie Long May 16, 2009

    @Stephanie G – That’s so awesome! πŸ™‚

    I’ve been struggling in my faith for a long long time for reasons I won’t go into here. And while I’m still struggling with some stuff, I’m finding that this ministry is really helping my faith more than anything else has in the last 10 years! And I’ve seen Christian therapists and I know my family’s all been praying for me during that time, but it’s these children and the amazing things that God’s doing in their lives through Compassion that’s really been the turning point for me. πŸ™‚

    I still have a LONG way to go and some serious issues to work through with regard to my faith, but it’s a step in the right direction!

  637. Valerie Long May 16, 2009


    I originally went to the website looking for a child in India. Children in India have always held a special place in my heart, from the time I was small. But, there was a little girl on the front page who just captured my heart. She was from Columbia. This was a Wednesday and I knew I couldn’t actually sponsor a child until that weekend when I got paid, so I thought, if she’s still here when I come back on Saturday, I’ll sponsor her. I was thoroughly expecting her to be sponsored by then but she wasn’t. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ So that was my first child. Then, that Saturday, I found my heart captured by a little Indian boy who’d been waiting more than 6 months for a sponsor, so I sponsored them both! πŸ™‚

    The rest of my children (I have 7 plus 2 correspondence) were chosen from the “Longest Waiting” group. A couple I chose because I liked their smile, a couple I chose because I knew they’d been waiting a real long time and figured they must just be waiting for me then (one little girl in particular had been “over 6 months” even in Jan. and I finally sponsored her in March). My correspondence children were picked by Compassion for me.

    With my correspondence children, I now have three in South America (2 in Ecuador and 1 in Colombia), three in Africa (2 in Ethiopia & one correspondence child in Tanzania), and three in India (2 sponsored, 1 correspondence).

    There’s another little girl from Ecuador that I *REALLY* want to sponsor (we share the same birthday and she was wearing a Piglet sweatshirt and I’m a HUGE Pooh fan), but unfortunately, right now, I know I’m at my max.

    I’m applying for a new job within the same library system though and if I get it, it’ll come with a raise, at least a small one, so maybe I’ll be able to then if she’s still unsponsored, though frankly, as much as I want to sponsor her, I hope she’s sponsored before that for her sake.

  638. Valerie Long May 16, 2009

    @Jan Woodford
    One of my older children has a completion date but I thought that was just her school completion date since she’ll only be 17 at that point.

    Do they automatically graduate the program when they graduate from school?

  639. Geri May 15, 2009

    Originally Posted By Chris Giovagnoni@Tiffany Rasmussen – Our International Program folks tell me that the average length of sponsorships for Tanzanian children is just under a year and a half.

    This is awful! Why is it so short? What are the statistics for other countries?

    I have a sponsored child in Tanzania for 7 years now. She recently asked me to tell my friends to write to their sponsored children. She feels sorry for the kids getting no letters and thinks I know the other sponsors…


  640. Hezra May 15, 2009

    @Carolyn Fodel – My sister just got a little 4 year old correspondent boy from Tanzania! He’s a cutie too!

  641. liza May 15, 2009

    We’re close!!!!

  642. In Him May 15, 2009

    For those of us whose children speak Spanish, we believe that we’ve just found an amazing treasure!
    Available at: http://children.calvarychapel.com/site/curriculum.htm, there is a curriculum for both the Old and New Testament. These lessons are available both in English and Spanish, and are in PDF format for easy printing.
    Would someone be willing to look and tell us what ages you feel would best benefit from this resource?
    Thanks, and have a blessed weekend!
    Also, could someone put our email:(inhim@eternityrecords.org) on the Spreadsheet? We’d love to have fellow sponsors contact us and stay connected!

    Andy and Miranda – In Him

  643. Jeanette May 15, 2009

    I am so excited, I just got my correspondence chil. His name is Fristz-Hendz Paul. he is 11 and he is from Haiti, HA284.

  644. pam May 15, 2009

    all of my kids are special needs kids. I don’t look at the country, but I look for a physical challenge. God put it on my heart years ago to sponsor only physically challenged children.
    It’s hard enough to be a regular kid in a third world country, , but physically challenged kids have it even rougher.
    Both of my sponsored children are girls with physical challenges.

  645. sandy and jeff May 15, 2009

    @Hezra – i was in the philippines 4 years ago visiting my fiance and his family..so i chose 2 girls that were from the cities that i had been to, so that i would have more to talk to them about, because i know their area, and shopped at the same malls….sandy

  646. kellie May 15, 2009

    @Carolyn Fodel – Carolyn, don’t dispair. We have been sponsoring Karim for at least 5 years. he changed projects during the famine but nothing really changed.

  647. Jackie Comas May 15, 2009

    I picked 2 children from San Salvador because that is my mothers country. As a child we did not hear our family talk much about their country because of all the trouble that was going on. They were very lucky to get out when they did (back in the 50’s). I pray that one day I will be able to see the country and visit the children I am blessed to sponsor.
    Also I found a site spanishdict.com that will translate sentences for you in spanish.

  648. In Him May 15, 2009

    When we first started sponsoring through Compassion at a Michael W. Smith concert in December of 2004, we chose a young girl from Brazil, Mayara. We’re not really sure why we chose her exactly, but Andy was really drawn to her and the fact that she was in Brazil.
    When she was taken from the program in the summer of 2006 because she was needed more at home, we chose Ana from Mexico. We wanted to learn Spanish, and also like others here we felt it would be the easiest country to visit.

    We allowed Compassion to choose both our correspondence children, although for our second one we requested a girl from the Philipenes. As far as our newest sponsored child Vladimir, we chose him because he enjoys baseball, and this is our favorite sport as well! We were also pleasantly surprised to learn that Vladimir is above average in school!
    Stay in touch, and have a blessed weekend!

    Andy and Miranda – In Him

  649. Jeanette May 15, 2009

    An example, right now, there is a boy name yohanas (sp?) From Ethiopia. He almost looks like he were crying or something. It is very unflattering. He has been therre for awile. If I could afford another child I would sponsor him. But I keep praying he will get a sponsor.

  650. Jeanette May 15, 2009

    I wanted to say that I hear so many people saying they chose children by their smile. This is fine, I am not criticising, but I woryy about those children that I see who are not smiling. Some of them even seem to have a sour face. I pray that some one is chosing them and I also wonder why the project people don’t take another picture mor flattering to the child.

  651. Jeanette May 15, 2009

    @Hezra – I thought a lot about the country before choosing my child. All of the countries need help, but I think the ones in Africa are among the worst. If I hadn’t chose Ethiopia, I would have chosen Rwanda. Ethiopia is wracked with aids, drought, and famine. That is why I chose it. I chose 2 children in the same country so that if I ever have enouogh money to visit, I want to see them both.