Who is Your Hero?

who is your hero You, the sponsor of a child living in poverty, are a hero. And you may not feel like a hero, but you are one.

With every letter, every prayer and every donation you show a child a very important truth. A truth that tells them that they are not doomed to the poverty they wake up to in the morning. Truth that they are loved SO much that there is another person in the world who sees them and wants God’s best for them.

Because when you sponsor a child, you are speaking truth to a boy or girl who battles poverty’s lie – “you don’t matter, so give up” – day in and day out.

And that’s what heroes do. They speak truth. So if you are ever having a bad day and wonder if you are making a difference in the world, just remember this…

You can also view the Who is Your Hero? video on YouTube.

And that’s the truth. You. Are. A. Hero.

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  1. Janet August 6, 2014

    I genuinely appreciate the encouragement Compassion gives to all their sponsors. But I’d rather see a video of the children saying Jesus is their hero. That would be so moving and awesome, and that would encourage my heart for them more than anything.

  2. Sharon March 24, 2014

    The little girl’s reaction to ‘Kim Kardashian’ is adorable.. ha

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