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Who Leads Our Emerging Leaders in South Asia?

emerging leaders The Leadership Development Program (LDP) in India produces eminent young leaders to influence and inspire their churches, society and nation. And Andrew Christopher plays a vital role in the South Asia region as team lead.

The young and dynamic Andrew leads the team of two LDP specialists, Vikho and Charles in South India, and also coordinates with the East India Leadership Development Program team. He is a passionate and efficient leader, involved in training and building the capacity of the staff.

Andrew is a man who challenges himself and his students to surpass the best. With his unyielding integrity, he has succeeded in assessing, identifying and developing the skills and potential hidden within young minds.

He dreams that one day the Leadership Development Program will be able to give opportunity to many more young men and women who have the potential to transform their families, communities and country.

He envisions a day when all students graduating from the program will be able to develop their God-given gifts and become skilled professionals and influential Christian leaders across the globe.

He wants them to be influential personalities not only in the professional realm, but in the political arena as well. In the future, he expects them to shake the Indian political system through their radical and powerful leadership.

Andrew, along with Vikho and Charles, promotes the vision of the Leadership Development Program, discussing ideas to effectively facilitate, counsel and advise the students for a dynamic change in their attitudes.

“LDP students study at various colleges. We help them start prayer groups called care groups at their respective colleges. We also identify a local pastor/leader to mentor them.

“The groups meet once a month for prayer and worship, and the pastor conducts Bible study. As the days go by the students also start to share testimonies, pray together, lead worship and preach the Word themselves.

“Such prayer groups are being conducted in different places in India, such as Bangalore, Madurai, Trichy, Coimbatore, Trivandrum, Vijayawada, Warangal, Anantapur, Arogiavaram, Chennai and Kanpur. At times even the children in our sponsorship program come and join them.”

The students also have curriculum training, which lays a firm foundation in areas such as financial management, effective mentoring relationships and program participation.

They are also trained on basic principles of Bible study, commitment to the local Church, time management, studying, leadership, effective communication and public speaking, influencing and educating peers, a biblical view of poverty, and understanding their social responsibility.

Andrew spends individual time with each student at least twice a year, and he makes sure that the students are free from financial constraints and are moving towards their goals.

“Andrew is passionate about his work and is a person driven by God’s calling in his life. He is probably the most meticulous person I know. I feel it a privilege to work with him.” — Vikho