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Win a Free Compassion Tee Shirt

free tee shirt What do you see when you look at this word cloud created from last week’s blog posts?

We see a fish, think ichthys and chuckle that even a random algorithm gets our spiritual inspiration.

Tell us what connection you make from the Wordle [3] word cloud and you’ll be entered to win this Compassion tee shirt. (Yes, we’re fishing for ways to transition to the free tee.)

You can also order the shirt [4], or see what it looks like all put together, from the Compassion store.

If you don’t like fish (eating it, thinking about it, looking at it, whatever.) ’cause not everyone does, just leave a comment letting us know you visited and you’ll be entered into the drawing.

We’ll announce the randomly selected winner next Monday.

The winner of last week’s photo caption contest is Sherry W. for this rough paraphrase of Mark 10:15.

“I tell you the tooth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”