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With God All Things Are Possible

Hey! I have new photos of Amisi. I was so blessed to meet him [3] on my trip to Uganda last month.

Amisi coloring

He’s such an ambitious child! As soon as I gave him his new coloring book, he was on a serious mission to get every page colored.

Amisi eating ice cream

I bought him some ice cream, but he wasn’t crazy about it at first. He’d never tasted anything so cold. Once it melted though, he became a fan.

I was told the outfit he’s wearing, along with his shoes and socks, were purchased through the Christmas Gift Program.

Amisi and Robyn

Amisi is so full of life and joy. It’s hopeful to know he’s receiving health care, food and educational opportunities. And most important — he’s learning about God’s love. To be just a small part of this is such a blessing. Even though he’s only 5 years old, I pray he remembers my visit through the years and knows that I adore him.

During my visit, I also gave him a banner that says, “With God, all things are possible.” As he grows up, I hope he clings to this message. I can’t wait to see how God works in his life. He may be living in a poverty-stricken African village now, but with God, the possibilities for his life are endless.

Have you visited your child [4]? I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment and tell me!

And if you have any photos, add them to our Flickr group [5]. Be sure to include brief descriptions and I’ll share some of them here in a few days!