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World Malaria Day 2011 – It’s Okay to Get Angry

World Malaria Day I’m angry.

A detestable and reprehensible disease preys on the most vulnerable in society.


Nearly 3.3 billion people are at risk of contracting malaria in 106 countries.

That’s half of humanity.

Don’t believe me? How about some stats from malarianomore.org:

As I discussed malaria with friends, the same question kept surfacing in my mind:

Why are we not more upset about this?

We hear about diseases and war ravaging continents, but why are we overlooking the disease brought by a tiny mosquito? Is it because malaria is not trendy enough? Maybe it feels too big and broad.

There is good news, though.

Malaria is a preventable disease! A mosquito net can be the difference between life and death. And we are indeed making progress. Our “Bite Back” campaign [3] is part of that progress.

The theme for World Malaria Day 2011 [4], which is today, is “Achieving Progress and Impact.” It’s a time to celebrate the victories of the past couple of years, but also to stress the great needs in order to reach near-zero deaths by 2015.

It’s OK to get angry. But don’t just get angry. Act.

So today is World Malaria Day. What are you doing about it?

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