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Would You Adopt a Child Who Is HIV-positive?

adopting-hiv-positive-children Would you adopt a child who is HIV-positive?

My husband and I discuss adoption frequently. The beauty and courage involved is alluring. It’s a dream we both share. But we’ve never considered this:

Would we be willing to adopt a child who is HIV-positive?

My gut reaction is,

“Of course! I wouldn’t even give it a second thought!”

But I’ve had the privilege of spending a week with a group of Ugandan children, all of whom were HIV-positive. I would have happily taken home one of those precious children.

But then, the follow-up questions arise.

We never reached a decision, mostly because it was a question that arose from a book [3] I had finished reading rather than a desire to adopt a child here and now.

But it was good to discuss and prayerfully consider, because arguably an orphan who is HIV-positive has a more recognizable need for the love of a family and the hope of Jesus Christ.

So, what do you think? Would you be willing to adopt a child who is HIV-positive?