Dear God: It’s Been a While

write to god Excerpted from Compassion Blogger, Kim at Three Little Larks. Kim won second place for the ‘Dear God’ Blog Month assignment.

Dear God,

It’s been a while. I used to write letters to you all the time. Now, with the kids, work, and all the stuff I do for you, I really never make the chance to sit down and tell you how I really feel.

It’s always just a minute here or there. And yet, you are at the heart of all I do; without you, it is all meaningless.

So I guess tonight, for a few minutes, I want to come back to the heart of all…to You.

Simply to Your presence, just me, without an agenda or trying to manipulate the situation, without a fancy style or flowery words.

I do a lot of writing these days. I write this blog. I write letters…lots of them…to my sponsored kids. Writing to my sponsored kids, or rather getting letters from them, has made me think about something.

Just as I am their sponsor, You are mine. Your role in my life is as the ultimate “sponsor;” You do far more for me than I could ever hope to do for anyone!

What if I were sitting down to write to You as my Dear Sponsor, to the One who has invested in my life and changed my life in a way that I never dreamed was even possible?

How would it go?

My Dear Sponsor,

I want to start by thanking You for choosing me.

I didn’t have on a beautiful robe of righteousness when you noticed me. I wasn’t fresh and clean. I was dirty…covered in filthy rags of sin. I was hungry and thirsty, a prisoner of my own sin.

In fact, I wasn’t even alive. You came by and had compassion on me, not because of any virtue that I possessed at that time. I had nothing to offer you.

And yet, while I was still a sinner, still Your enemy, You raised me to life. This cost You a lot…Your own precious Son dying in my place, for no other reason than that You saw my suffering and loved me.

How could I ever thank you?…

Lord, I love you. I pray that You would wrap my mind around the fact that it is only because of You that I have anything in this life. Help me to recognize that Your “sponsorship” truly changed everything…You had Compassion on me, released me from a deep spiritual poverty that I could never have overcome on my own.

You gave me a hope and a future.

When I give anything to anyone, it is only pouring out a little bit of what You poured into me. I want everything I do to be for You, in every area of my life.

That’s one thing that You are teaching me; compassion is meant to be lived out in every part of my life. It is not just for my sponsored kids. It is for my family, my students, my friends, my church, the lost.

If I want to be like You, I’m going to live a whole life of compassion. Not for my glory, so I can say I did something, but for Yours.

And when I’m making time to write letters, I want to make You first on my list, because,

I love You.

And I should tell You more often.

Read the entire post at Three Little Larks blog.

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  1. Tondja Woods November 2, 2012

    Thanks for sharing. Great reminder

  2. LM November 2, 2012

    Amazing Grace

  3. Teena November 1, 2012

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing. I met Kim a few weeks ago and she is precious! I love her heart!

    Love this.

  4. Emily October 31, 2012

    This is so wonderful! A great reminder. 🙂 God is my sponsor and I need to be getting in His Word (letters to me) so that I can be changed inside and out and become a better sponsor myself.

    Congratulations Mrs. Kim for winning second place!

  5. Lizzie October 31, 2012

    so true.

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