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You Decide

You decide You helped us earn it. Now, help us spend it.

Where should the $817.40 donation from Search Kindly be applied?

Global Food Crisis Fund
The global food crisis is being called a “silent tsunami” that could plunge several hundred million people deeper into poverty and hunger.

Families living in extreme poverty often spend more than 50 percent of their income on food. And often, the daily income is less than $2 a day. When food prices climb, children in poverty [3] do not eat. Food prices have risen as much as 100 percent in some countries since 2006. Many of the countries we serve are among those that have been hit hard by rising food prices.

Money donated to the Global Food Crisis Fund will help provide life saving food supplies to the children you sponsor.

Malaria Intervention Fund
Each year, more than 1 million people die from malaria. More than 750,000 of those deaths are children in Africa. That’s one child every 30 seconds. And for every child who dies, hundreds more become sick and incapacitated. Though not talked about as much as AIDS, malaria is a silent, fast killer that puts all children and families we serve in Africa at serious risk. And thousands more people in countries where we work around the world live in fear of the disease.

Money donated to the Malaria Intervention Fund allows us to provide mosquito nets and malaria prevention education to entire families of Compassion-assisted children. It also provides medical treatment for children struggling with the disease.