Jun 7 2008

You Decide

You decide You helped us earn it. Now, help us spend it.

Where should the $817.40 donation from Search Kindly be applied?

  • Global Food Crisis Fund
  • Malaria Intervention Fund

Global Food Crisis Fund
The global food crisis is being called a “silent tsunami” that could plunge several hundred million people deeper into poverty and hunger.

Families living in extreme poverty often spend more than 50 percent of their income on food. And often, the daily income is less than $2 a day. When food prices climb, children in poverty do not eat. Food prices have risen as much as 100 percent in some countries since 2006. Many of the countries we serve are among those that have been hit hard by rising food prices.

Money donated to the Global Food Crisis Fund will help provide life saving food supplies to the children you sponsor.

Malaria Intervention Fund
Each year, more than 1 million people die from malaria. More than 750,000 of those deaths are children in Africa. That’s one child every 30 seconds. And for every child who dies, hundreds more become sick and incapacitated. Though not talked about as much as AIDS, malaria is a silent, fast killer that puts all children and families we serve in Africa at serious risk. And thousands more people in countries where we work around the world live in fear of the disease.

Money donated to the Malaria Intervention Fund allows us to provide mosquito nets and malaria prevention education to entire families of Compassion-assisted children. It also provides medical treatment for children struggling with the disease.

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92 Comments Add a Comment
  1. Jun 7, 2008
    at 5:47 pm

    Wow, I can see why it’s hard to make these decisions. Both issues seem very worthy of dollars.

    I will vote for the Malaria Intervention fund, though. Those mosquito nets are so inexpensive yet do SO much good. I think $800 could purchase a lot of mosquito nets and save lives.

    BTW — whatever cause doesn’t get picked, my family and I are going to make a commitment to donate an additional $50. If anyone else wanted to jump in and match that, that would be very cool.

  2. Amy
    Jun 7, 2008
    at 6:19 pm

    My vote is for the Global Food Crisis Fund. And I’m going to accept Lisa’s challenge and add my $50 donation to whichever fund does not receive the Search Kindly donation. Great idea!

  3. Jun 7, 2008
    at 7:33 pm

    Yay, Amy!!! You’re awesome! :)

  4. Rebecca
    Jun 7, 2008
    at 7:44 pm

    Global Food Crisis. I can’t imagine having to make these decisions. Thanks for what you do. I am a dedicated follower.

  5. ~audrey~
    Jun 7, 2008
    at 7:51 pm

    Can I pick both? Would it be possible to split the donation and put half towards each cause?

  6. Kate
    Jun 7, 2008
    at 8:40 pm

    Either! Can you split it? I’ll also take Lisa’s challenge and send $50 to the fund that doesn’t receive the Search Kindly money.

  7. Jun 7, 2008
    at 9:31 pm

    Less than 1% of malaria cases are fatal, but 100% of children need food to survive.

    I vote to give the money (along with all of these extra $50 donations) to the Global Food Crisis.

  8. Jun 7, 2008
    at 9:39 pm

    I vote the Global food crisis fund too, but whereever it is most needed.


  9. Jun 7, 2008
    at 10:12 pm

    Malaria! Food is important but more of a band-aid. The malaria nets, etc. will have much more lasting benefits– and health is so crucial when it comes to staying in school, work, etc.

  10. Jun 8, 2008
    at 10:04 am

    My vote is going to the Global Food Crisis fund. :)

  11. Kayla
    Jun 8, 2008
    at 12:38 pm

    I vote for splitting it between the two. However if we must choose one, I will vote for the Global Food Crisis Fund.

  12. Jun 8, 2008
    at 1:05 pm

    I’ve already participated in the “Bite Back” malaria campaign, so I vote Global Food Crisis Fund…

  13. Mary
    Jun 8, 2008
    at 2:01 pm

    My vote would be for the Global Food Crisis Fund.

  14. Jun 8, 2008
    at 2:07 pm

    I also vote for splitting it. I’ve already contributed to both funds, but I’ll throw in another $50 to each, no matter how this $800+ is spent. No way I can choose between them.

  15. Jun 8, 2008
    at 5:26 pm

    This is a hard choice, but I think I’m going to have to pick the Malaria Fund. It will have a more lasting impact (not that food isn’t important!)

  16. Jun 8, 2008
    at 7:11 pm

    Global Food Crisis.

  17. Jun 8, 2008
    at 8:47 pm

    I’ll vote for the Global Food Crisis, but also agree to send $50 to whichever fund does not get selected for the Search Kindly gift.

  18. Melissa Coast
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 7:29 am

    I vote for the Global Food Crisis fund.

  19. Jun 9, 2008
    at 9:22 am

    Just hopped online again today and can’t wait to see which fund gets picked. Either way, so far five of us are going to donate an extra $50 to whichever fund doesn’t get chosen — and Vicki is even going the extra mile with $50 for each fund — for a grand total of $300!

    Thank you so much everyone!!!! Thank you to Amy, Kate, Vicki & Juli for your donations — you gals are amazing! :) And to everyone who posts here and gets involved! It’s people like you who make a difference.

    As soon as I hear which fund is chosen, I’ll make my donation…

  20. Amy
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 9:43 am

    So in a way, we did reach the goal of a $1000 Search Kindly donation. :)

  21. Brandt
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 9:51 am

    Food crisis gains my vote!

    Congratulations with Search Kindly!
    I told my 9th grade students about it and they were reminding one another right away…”make it your homepage!”

    The new website looks great too, thanks and God bless you!

  22. Melanie
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 9:54 am

    Global Food Crisis for sure

  23. Jocelyn
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 10:11 am

    Tough to decide, both are a huge need, but due to the immediacy of the current food situation, I’m voting for the Global Food Crisis.

  24. Heidi
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 10:13 am

    Global Food Crisis Fund.

  25. Jun 9, 2008
    at 10:14 am

    I definitely think it should be split. Both areas are in great need. Every little bit counts, right?

  26. Jun 9, 2008
    at 10:20 am

    I say split what is raised down the middle, everyone wins.

  27. Peni Howder
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 10:21 am

    I work with kids living in the slums of Bangladesh and I am watching them drop out of school in order to get jobs because of the increasing food prices. Therefore, I vote for the Global Food Crisis Fund.

  28. Christopher
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 10:28 am

    My vote is for the global food crisis.

  29. Julie
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 10:36 am

    My vote is for the Global Food Crisis Fund.

  30. Brenda
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 10:41 am

    Agreed – global food crisis, but both are very worthy.

  31. Amy M
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 10:52 am

    My vote is for the Global Food Crisis fund.

  32. Jenn G
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 11:04 am

    This is a difficult choice, but I’ll go with the Global Food Crisis fund.

  33. Katie B
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 11:08 am

    I vote for Global Food Crisis fund. I just saw a CNN article today titled “Everyone’s Starving in Ethiopia” (http://www.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/africa/06/09/ethiopia.hunger.ap/index.html)

  34. Rob Kilgour
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 11:10 am

    I’d like to see it go towards the Global Food Crisis Fund.

  35. Jun 9, 2008
    at 11:10 am

    I vote Global Food Crisis Fund.

  36. Jun 9, 2008
    at 11:21 am

    I vote for the Global Food Crisis Fund.

  37. samantha
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 11:28 am

    Global food fund.

  38. Julie
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 11:30 am

    I choose the Global Food Crisis fund.

  39. Jun 9, 2008
    at 11:33 am

    I said a little prayer, and both are needed but I felt in my heart and soul, feed the hungry. So I’d say Global Food Crisis Fund.

  40. Trina
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 11:34 am

    Global food crisis

  41. Jun 9, 2008
    at 11:56 am

    Malaria, all the way! It’s less known to people, and alot more people are already supporting hunger.
    “Each year, there are approximately 515 million cases of malaria, killing between one and three million people, the majority of whom are young children in Sub-Saharan Africa.” Wikipedia

  42. Jun 9, 2008
    at 12:01 pm

    I vote for the Global Food Crisis Fund, primarily because this issue has the potential of killing more people, especially innocent children than malaria. We haven’t even seen the beginning of how big this issue is going to get. Food prices are soaring and they are not going to stop.

    Whichever wins, my wife and I will contribute an additional $50 to that fund as Lisa suggested.

  43. Amanda P
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 12:10 pm

    Wow, what a tough decision! I am going to vote for the Global Food Crisis Fund.

  44. Tracey
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 12:17 pm

    Global Food Crisis

  45. Jun 9, 2008
    at 12:33 pm

    Thank you to Andrew & wife — and GOD BLESS YOU BOTH! You’ve pushed us up $350 — raising the roof! :)

  46. Kristi
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 12:55 pm

    I will vote for Global Food Crisis. It is so hard to choose just one but I can not stand the thought of a child going to be hungry. Unless they could split it 50/50 between to two.

  47. Caren
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 1:51 pm

    To the UNSPONSORED Children’s Fund

  48. Jun 9, 2008
    at 2:06 pm

    Tough decision! I vote for the Global Food Crisis Fund because my sponsored child is in Haiti where hunger is currently a greater problem than malaria.

    Thanks, Compassion, for continuing this great work, and especially to the blogging team who is keeping us so well-informed here and on Facebook!

  49. Deena
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 2:49 pm

    This is really not a decision that one can make short of prayer. I think the leaders of Compassions should pray and then decide. It is nice to be included but it is God’s decision. Otherwise I believe it should be 50/50.

  50. April Ferry
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 4:29 pm

    I vote for the Global Food Crisis Fund.

  51. Jun 9, 2008
    at 5:41 pm

    My vote is for the Malaria Intervention Fund

  52. Rachel
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 7:36 pm

    I vote Global Food Crisis Fund

  53. Georgie
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 8:24 pm

    Global Food Crisis

  54. Karina's Sponsor
    Jun 9, 2008
    at 9:34 pm

    1) You can’t give a net to a child that has starved.

    2) Compassion has only just started to raise money for the Global Food Crisis and needs more than $10,000,000 to support each of their 24 countries.

    I vote for the Global Food Crisis Fund.

  55. Airianna
    Jun 10, 2008
    at 1:11 am

    My vote is for the Malaria Intervention Fund. It is truly a hard choice to have to make. After discussing it with my mom and aunt, we decided the malaria one is the one we would all choose. Mainly because a lot of attention is already given to food, but not much is thought of malaria. Also, food is temporary. Once you eat it, it’s gone. Mosquito nets and education last much longer and can go a long way.

  56. Tim
    Jun 10, 2008
    at 6:24 am

    Global Food Crisis Fund but very hard to choose between the two. My God bless both of these Funds.

  57. Kris
    Jun 10, 2008
    at 7:30 am

    I vote 4 food… someone said food is a “band aid” in an earlier post, but people are literally starving 2 death due 2 malnurishment & if malnurished when they contract disease their bodies are less likely 2 have the immunity 2 fight off infectious diseases, etc… malaria nets r 4 disease prevention, but food also assists in the prevention of disease. by sending food both sides of the coin are covered. it’s difficult 2 even begin comprehending a child having 2 go 1 day or even several hours without proper nourishment… please feed these people. food & water are necessary 2 sustain life itself… thank you :)

  58. patience
    Jun 10, 2008
    at 9:52 am

    You could split it between the two funds. If I had to choose I would go with the Food one since that probably affects more people.

  59. Grant
    Jun 10, 2008
    at 12:59 pm

    I vote for the Global Food Crisis fund and will match the $50 pledge to the losing fund.

  60. Jun 10, 2008
    at 4:55 pm

    Grant, thank you and God bless you, too, so very much!!! You’ve brought us up to an even $400 total — which is AMAZING! — for the now not-so-losing fund!

    As many have said — how can you choose malaria treatment over food — or vice versa? This is such a wonderful way to make an impact in both areas.

  61. Kelly
    Jun 10, 2008
    at 5:17 pm

    I vote for the Global Food Crisis Fund. Though both are very deserving causes. Those who could be healed of malaria may not have any food after they’re cured. Though malaria is definitely serious and concern-worthy, I pick the Food Crisis.

  62. Jun 10, 2008
    at 5:35 pm

    @Lisa Miles

    Who am I missing? I’m counting $350 for the “not so losing fund.” Not $400.

    Here’s my tally:
    You, Amy, Kate, Juli Jarvis, Vicki Small, Andrew and Grant

  63. Meredith
    Jun 10, 2008
    at 7:09 pm

    Global food crisis

  64. Jun 10, 2008
    at 7:40 pm

    We’ve got $350 for the fund that isn’t chosen — Lisa, Amy, Kate, Vicki, Juli, Andrew and Grant. And Vicki is going to contribute an additional $50 to the chosen fund. (Yay, Vicki!)

    So $400 total in donations from all of us blogees.

    If there are two more people out there who want to jump in and make it an even $500, I wouldn’t complain ya know! :) Anyone sitting on the fence before Chris closes us down?

  65. Margaret
    Jun 10, 2008
    at 8:46 pm

    Global Food Crisis Fund.

  66. Maria
    Jun 10, 2008
    at 9:26 pm

    Malaria Intervention Fund

  67. Natalie
    Jun 11, 2008
    at 6:26 am

    Tough question, but I’m choosing the Global Food Crisis Fund. God bless the amazing “givers” who’ve made this question possible!

  68. Rebecca Sparkes
    Jun 11, 2008
    at 10:04 am

    I vote for the Global food Crisis Fund you guys are amazing, :)

  69. Derek Coller
    Jun 11, 2008
    at 4:47 pm

    I vote Malaria Intervention because the malaria problem is less well known. Also, the money goes to educate entire families on how to prevent malaria. Plus, malaria is treatable and yet millions are dying from it because of the lack of health care.

  70. Amanda
    Jun 11, 2008
    at 5:13 pm

    Global food crisis.

  71. Julie Shepherd
    Jun 12, 2008
    at 3:21 am

    My vote is for the Malaria Fund.

  72. Bill S.
    Jun 12, 2008
    at 4:32 pm

    My vote goes towards flood relief

  73. Isabel
    Jun 12, 2008
    at 9:20 pm

    My vote is for the Malaria Fund. My geography class did a fundraiser for malaria to send bug nets to Africa and we raised 2346.00$ !! i think its a great cause, like Malaria is a serious disease and many people die from it each 30 seconds, to be precise, and its just bcz they dont have the funds to buy bug nets wich only cost about 7$ each net plus 3$ shipping!.

  74. Ben
    Jun 13, 2008
    at 10:45 am

    I vote for the Global Food Crisis fund.

  75. WaiMin
    Jun 15, 2008
    at 9:01 am

    I vote for the Global Food Crisis fund!

  76. Autumn
    Jun 16, 2008
    at 9:41 am

    Food Crisis Fund

  77. Ruth
    Jun 16, 2008
    at 12:12 pm

    Global Food Crisis Fund, seems more pertinent at this time

  78. Lauren
    Jun 16, 2008
    at 2:03 pm

    Global Food Crisis Fund.

  79. craig
    Jun 16, 2008
    at 5:39 pm

    i vote for the global food crisis. both projects are important but food seems to be the biggest problem the third worl faces at present

  80. Sara
    Jun 17, 2008
    at 11:59 am

    Global food Crisis.

    I believe that both issues need attention but I believe that the food issue is the most pressing. I got to see first hand the effects of maliaria in Kenya. I visisted the house of a project boy named Molinda who was suffering from malaria.

    What startled me the most was that everyone treated it as if it were as common as a cold.

    A child who goes a month without a net only has a small chance of getting very sick from malaria. A child who does not have have any food for a month will die.

  81. Ashley
    Jun 17, 2008
    at 12:35 pm

    Both causes are extrmally important to the survival of these children and their families, without food you die, and catching malaria has the consequence of death as well. Why don’t we split the donation between Global Food Crisis and the Malaria Intervention Fund.

  82. Jun 17, 2008
    at 6:38 pm

    I vote for the Malaria Intervention Fund, but only because that is where the money will go the farthest. Food is getting more expensive every day, and prices will only continue to rise in the coming months. We should continue to support both causes, of course.

  83. Jun 18, 2008
    at 10:06 am

    This is a tough decision as both funds will help those in need. I think that the money should be split between the Malaria and the Global food crisis that way both groups can be helped at the same time.

  84. Jun 18, 2008
    at 12:51 pm

    Malaria Intervention Fund

  85. Jun 22, 2008
    at 2:39 pm

    Sara, thanks for that perspective.

  86. Kristen
    Jul 26, 2008
    at 9:16 pm

    The money should go to the Malaria Intervention Fund because the children need protection from the disease more than an increase in food because their bodies are used to not having that much food but they aren’t used to the germs and bacteria that can be prevented.

  87. Rebecca
    Mar 11, 2009
    at 3:04 pm

    so… what was the outcome of this? =)

    Its hard to choose but I’d go with the global food crisis….

    • Mar 11, 2009
      at 3:11 pm

      The Global Food Crisis “won.” We just received the money from SearchKindly within the past two weeks. And several of our readers made additional donations to the Malaria Intervention Fund as well.

      Today happens to be Global Food Crisis Day and so far more than $750,000 has been raised, just today, to help fight the crisis.

  88. Jeanette
    May 4, 2009
    at 2:18 pm

    As everyone has said, this is a very hard choice, but I would choose the Malaria nets. All I have been able to afford to donate towards this is 20 dollars. But I feel this is so important because children can be fed and still get Malaria and die.

  89. Mike Stephens
    May 25, 2009
    at 7:29 pm

    The money should definitely go towards my Sponsor Tour to Tanzania!

  90. Mike Stephens
    May 25, 2009
    at 7:33 pm


    I think you should give one large family gift to one family to surprise the daylights out of them 😉 And if possible and honoring, post their blessing and or reaction on the blog so we can see how it helped and encouraged them!

  91. Rachel
    Jun 23, 2009
    at 8:57 pm

    @Chris Giovagnoni

    That’s great, Mike! That’s what I was going to vote for! I’m one of the people who earned money on Search Kindly for you; I was passionate about it. ;-D

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