10 More Reasons to Write Your Child

Letters are the heart and soul of this ministry. For many of us, the letters we exchange are the closest we’ll ever come to our sponsored children. And even though we may understand the impact of our letters, it is still difficult to actually make the time to write a letter. That’s just reality.

Well, let me provide you with some motivation. You may remember this post.

Once again this year I worked with a team of editors on letters to sponsors, this time written by church pastors. Together, we read more than 5,400 letters, one from each Compassion child development center around the world.

Within these letters were a thousand things to move us to write to our sponsored children more regularly. So my editors compiled a new list of the top 10 reasons to write your child.

If reading this list doesn’t motivate you to write a letter, I’m not sure what will. And be prepared … number 1 is a doozy.

Top 10 Reasons to Write Your Sponsored Child

  • TEN
    Those letters are treasured by our children and their families. They are kept where they cannot be rained on — even if other household things can be rained on. (from Kenya)
  • NINE
    Some of the children who have graduated from their child development centers are now worship ministers, teachers and professionals. They cherish all the letters and memories, mentioning that the letters from sponsors helped them overcome obstacles during the formation of their lives. (from El Salvador)
    Whenever children are surprised by the arrival of letters from their sponsors, we can see their faces shine with happiness and we see that this reflects the joy in their hearts. Nothing compares to their joy, and it is something that comes from inside. (from Brazil)
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    The letters are like gifts for children. When they receive them, it makes them feel that they are worth it, that they are taken into account, that someone loves, remembers and cares for them and asks God for their lives. If you have not written to your child, you do not know how he or she will be blessed. (from Ecuador)
  • SIX
    For many children who do not have a dad or a mom at home, who have not received love and affection, their sponsors are their most important friends. There are many children who share needs or secrets only with their sponsors. (from Nicaragua)
  • FIVE
    Each year we receive about 80-90 letters and the children are excited to answer them. Some tried to write in English, even though they don’t know English, by using the Google translator. But the translation wasn’t understandable so we asked the children to rewrite their letters in Thai and then the letters were translated. (from Thailand)
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  • FOUR
    The letters from sponsors are important because the children are enthusiastic and joyful to receive them. They feel somebody cares about them because those are not simple letters — these lines transform the heart of a child. (from El Salvador)
    It is wonderful to see the children’s smiles when they receive letters from their sponsors, as they feel the love and care from people who, without knowing them, express how important and valuable the children are. Most of the children do not receive such affection in their homes from their parents or caregivers. It is amazing to know that there are people like you who take time to write and express your love and care for the children. (from El Salvador)
  • TWO
    I want to share with you that when a child receives a letter it is like a little message of love that moves him or her to do extraordinary things and to dream. We want the children to become dreamers. Help us in the love of Christ. (from Nicaragua)
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  • ONE
    Every Saturday we pray for the sponsors. The other day I took a giant world map and a 9-year-old girl stood up, pointed to the country where her sponsor lives, and said:

    “How is it that someone who lives so far away can love me? Maybe it is like God, that even when we are far away and don’t know Him, He still loves us.”

    I cried. I cried a lot. (from Ecuador)

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  1. Miranda March 12, 2013

    I absolutely love these! We plan to write a post on our blog in May that touches on and shares a personal experience we’ve had with reason #6, and reason #5 made me chuckle (Google translate). 🙂

  2. Laura Allen March 11, 2013

    This is so sweet and encouraging! Thank you for posting!

  3. Beth L March 11, 2013

    @M – here is the link that you need: https://blog.compassion.com/10-more-reasons-to-write-your-child/ – it should just come up as the whole article.

    Also, you could have a malware which makes your page redirect when trying to search for something else. This website gives some solutions. http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/754352

  4. M. den Blaauwen March 11, 2013

    I wish I could read them but when I click on “more” or “continue reading” I go to a page with “read these related posts” and a google search result box…. I never now if it is my computer’s fault or another error… hope I can read this post soon!

    1. Jacquie Parella March 11, 2013

      Hmmm….it’s working for me. What browser do you use?

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