10 Possessions Kids Living in Poverty Treasure the Most

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  1. AGRAVO October 12, 2018

    please , we hope on you
    looking forwards to hear from you and may GOD bless you


    1. Sierra October 12, 2018

      Hello Kabila! Thank you for your desire to partner with Compassion. Would you please kindly email us with your request at socialmedia@compassion.com? We would be glad to address your question there. Thank you so much!

  2. Terri P. October 9, 2018

    Thank you,Shannon. This is really helpful.

  3. Pamela October 9, 2018

    Beautiful! This was a great blog post. My fav is the one whose dog is her favorite…”because he listens to her.” XO BTW: Quick question. There was a boy who received a birthday gift from his sponsor. Is that allowed? I know we can send them extra money, so maybe that is meant.

    1. Christina October 10, 2018

      Hi Pamela! Yes, you may give additional donations to your child as a child gift, birthday gift, or family gift. You may give up to $100 in a child gift or birthday gift per year, and you may give up to $1000 as a family gift per year. To give online through your online My Account, simply select Additional Giving and then select the amount you’d like to give :). When your child and their family receive this gift, a Compassion staff member will assist them in purchasing a gift for your child. Of course, you may make recommendations on how you would like the money to be used. However, the use of the gift is ultimately up to the family, so if they have an immediate need, they may use the gift to help meet that need. You can expect to receive a thank you letter from your about six months after the gift is given, letting you know what was purchased. If the gift amount is $60 or more, you will also receive a photo of what was purchased. I hope this is helpful!

  4. Terri P. October 9, 2018

    We sponsor a boy in the Philippines whose family lives near the shore, but who also farm for a living. They could perhaps use a boat or a water buffalo as Kenneth is the youngest of five boys and the family is in desperate need of more income. What would be an appropriate family gift to enable the purchase of either a fishing boat or water buffalo in the Philippines?

    1. Shannon October 9, 2018

      Hi Terri,
      Thank you so much for your kind heart to want to give a gift to your sweet boy and his family in the Philippines! Typically we ask that you give a gift and leave it up to the family to decide how they feel they should use the money. However, you are welcome to add a suggestion if you would like. You may give two child gifts each year in the amount of $10-$100, and you may send gifts to the family of $25 to $1,000 (not to exceed $1,000 each year). The local Compassion staff will meet with the family when the gift is delivered to help them decide how the money should be spent and guide them in using the money wisely. We do this to ensure the family receives the gifts that they need most and would receive the most benefit from. You will receive a thank you letter, approximately six months from when the gift was given, to let you know what was purchased. Also, if you happen to send a gift of $60 or more, the family will send you a picture of what was purchased! 🙂

      Please know that you are welcome to also send a recommendation of what you would like your gift money used for, but if the family receives the money and decides they have a better use for the funds, we do allow them to make that decision, as this will ensure they get exactly what they need most! In order to allow you some insight on what these items may cost in the Philippines, I have provided a small list similar items and their costs:

      Carabou: Cost of a 420-500 kg. carabou = 35,296.80- 42,020 (Philippine Pesos) = $651.182- $775.217 US Dollars
      Cow: Cost of a young cow (250-270 kg.) = 24,302.50-26,246.70 (Philippine Pesos) = $448.351- $484.219 US Dollars
      Motorcycle: 40,000-70,000 (Philippine Pesos)= $737.950-$1,291.41 US Dollars
      Pedicab: Cost of a pedicab (bicycle with side car)= 15,000-25,000 (Philippine Pesos)= $276.731- $461.219 US Dollars

      I do apologize, but I do not have an estimated cost on a boat. I thought knowing the cost of other similar items might be helpful. 🙂 Please let us know if you have any additional questions about giving a gift. We appreciate your generous heart and would love to help if at all possible!

      Blessings, Shannon

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