11 Reasons Extreme Poverty Will Disappear by 2035

What do you think of that title?

Is it possible or is it heresy? Is it just a matter of interpretation or a matter of priorities? What do we mean when we use the word poor? And are we even talking about the same thing?

If you’re still with us and you’re wondering what this is about, the answer is 58:.

58: aspires to become the largest, most unified effort ever by the global Church to help the 1.4 billion people living in extreme poverty (income of less than $1.25 a day).

It’s a revolutionary, worldwide response to the call of Isaiah 58.

58: is an initiative founded on the Bible’s call to care for the poor and the shared conviction that the global Church has the capacity to relegate extreme poverty to the history books.

And we are halfway there.

Generosity and new engagement by the Church will propel us to the finish line.

So, what are the 11 reasons that 58: will be successful and extreme poverty will disappear by 2035?

There are actually two perspectives on this. The reasons:

  1. Economic progress is already rapidly reducing extreme poverty rates.
  2. Global health advances have cut child mortality rates in half.
  3. School enrollment and literacy rates are climbing rapidly.
  4. Transparency in government and rule of law are gaining ground globally.
  5. International travel is allowing millions of North Americans to have direct experiences with the poor – changing the relationship.
  6. There is a groundswell of new intentions, new expectations and new optimism that is fueling action.
  7. Business is rapidly increasing corporate philanthropy and billionaires are making incredible pledges.
  8. 58: has formed to galvanize effective, unified action.
  9. Christians are praying, fasting, giving and working for it.
  10. With God all things are possible.
  11. God wants it.

And the poverty-fighting organizations committed to making this happen:

  1. Christian Reformed World Relief Committee
  2. Compassion International
  3. ECHO
  4. Food for the Hungry
  5. HOPE International
  6. International Justice Mission
  7. Living Water International
  8. Micah Challenge
  9. Plant With Purpose
  10. World Relief

Do you believe us? Are you with us?

No? You’re not sure?

Then please watch The Poor Will Not Always Be With Us.

If your answer is yes, then please join us, and choose your fast.

You can also view The Poor Will Not Always Be With Us on YouTube.

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  1. Sandra Maginity September 21, 2013

    I hope so. there is a lot of food waste that could be used to help feed all the people.
    I have seen more food programs in place here in Benzie County than there weree in 1994 when I returned here. There are more helps available for all area. I find that very good in a low income area where most everything is based on those who come here in the summer time.

  2. Sarah June 29, 2011


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