An Amazing Meeting That Was 14 Years in the Making

Andrews had been holding onto a prayer in his heart since he was 6 years old. He asked God to make a way for him to meet the friend who had shown so much love to him and his family. Fourteen years later, his prayer was unexpectedly and spectacularly answered.

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Where Do Children Keep Their Favorite Letters From You?

After a sponsor composes those special words. After traveling through cyberspace or snail mail. After translation and delivery to the Compassion center. After getting placed into the eagerly awaiting hands of a student …. Where does that love-in-a-letter actually end up? Rather than tell you, we’ll let some of the students show you where they keep all their written treasures from their sponsors!

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This Is How We See Love on Valentine’s Day

At Compassion, we see some exceptional examples of love that inspire us and make smiling simply irresistible. This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share some of our favorites with you. We see love in…

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The Remarkable Boy With More Than One Heart

Noah, a young boy in Ghana, felt like his chest was ripping. His heart wasn’t working properly and he needed God to make a way for him.

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Daring to Overcome Poverty to Become National Champion

Carmen became the 2017 National Junior Champion in Rhythmic Gymnastics, proving that poverty is not an obstacle to reach her dreams.

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How to Help Young People and Families Neighbor Well

As a parent and youth leader, I love when young people think beyond themselves and serve their neighbors. This groundbreaking new study and immersive experience will help them even more to empathize, love and serve others.

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2017 Annual Report: The Impact of Your Compassion

How can you measure compassion? There are simply no numbers in the world that can reflect the eternal impact of one person displaying compassion for another. But the tracking and reporting of resources entrusted to us is one small but vitally important way we can quantify your faithful act of compassion in partnering with us.

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What’s the Most Strategic Thing a Pastor Can Do to Alleviate Poverty?

There are many efforts behind which a pastor can put his or her energy and resources, but one action stands above all others to alleviate poverty.

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Your Important Letter Questions Answered by Those in the Know!

We’re asking the very people who process, deliver and read your letters the questions you’ve always wanted to know. What are your letter-writing questions?

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One Word to Move Us in 2018: compassion

I think of a preacher from Chicago in the 1950s who saw the ravages of the Korean war. In the war-torn alleys of Seoul, he saw orphans huddled in rags trying to keep warm in the bitter cold through the night. In the morning, soldiers would come, shaking the piles of rags looking to see who did or did not make it through the night. As this man sat on the plane home to Chicago reflecting on the tragedies he’d witnessed, God moved his broken heart with compassion.

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Your Selfies Inspired Hope Around the World in 2017

There’s no denying that selfies can be a bit, well, self-centered. But something was different with the pictures posted on #SponsorSelfieDay back in September. They weren’t focused solely on us. We invited others into our photos and it transformed our selfies into something different. We found that when we shift our perspectives just a little bit off of ourselves, there are amazing stories to be discovered.

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Top 10 Compassion Blog Posts of 2017

As we reflect back over 2017 on the blog, we’ve shared ways to ignite your compassion, stories of hope, opportunites to act, inspiration for letters to the children you sponsor, and much more. All with the purpose to IGNITE the compassion that God has placed in us. Take a dive back through the year with the top 10 Compassion blog posts of 2017!

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