A Night with For King and Country

On Friday, May 22, Grammy-award winners For King & Country wrapped up their “You Matter” tour in Nashville, TN at the Ryman Auditorium. And I got to be there to enjoy the concert with the thousands of fans. Here are some exclusive photos from the night!

For King and Country For King and Country Crowd

For anyone who’s never been to the Ryman, also known as “The Mother Church of Country Music”, it’s an intimate venue that packs a couple thousand people into pew-style seating.

And as we jammed ourselves into those pews, we didn’t just get to experience a fantastic band play some fantastic music, we got to experience some real church.

For King and Country Drum For King and Country Megaphone

Joel pulls out his megaphone for “Run Wild.” The guys traveled with several awesome props including handheld flood lamps, a giant 5-foot disco ball, and a portable harmonium (so cool!).

For King and Country Disco Lights

One of the highlights of the concert, the one that everyone walked away talking about, was the song “Shoulders.” There’s just something about this song. It sounds like a worship song. It is a worship song.

Listen to this and tell me you’re not moved.

For King and Country Little Kid Dancing

This little guy became a huge star when the band pulled him from the crowd during “Lift My Eyes”.

For King and Country Disco Ball

Another highlight of the night was the song “Without You” – a love song ballad sung by Luke and his wife Courtney. This video profiles the story behind the song but when Luke set it up, he talked about his battle and brought in his wife to sing. There wasn’t a dry eye in the auditorium.

For King and Country Drummer For King and Country Audience Lights

Joel asked the audience to pull out their phones, turn on their flashlights and hold them high in the air for a intimate rendition of “Amazing Grace”.

For King and Country Engagement

And then this happened. Such a sweet honor to be a part of Zac and Megan’s engagement night. Congratulations you two!!

For King and Country Audience

By far, the best part of the night was having 69 children sponsored!

The DNA of For King and Country lines up so well and so closely with ours. We both honor, revere and work through the local church. It’s a perfect match. We’re proud to partner with them.

Thanks to all those who made a difference that night!

Compassion Sponsor Compassion Sponsor 2 Compassion Volunteers

It was an incredible night experiencing a little of Nashville’s history, a little of the future of Christian music and seeing folks connect with the mission of Compassion.

Fresh off a Grammy win for their album “Run Wild. Live Free. Run Strong.”, a Grammy-nod for LeCrae’s “Messengers” which the band was featured on, an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live (with a bonus unaired song), For King and Country’s future is bright – and becoming increasingly brighter.

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  1. Sara June 3, 2015

    I was there! I am in the last pic on the far left! It was amazing! If you get a chance to work a Compassion event, I suggest doing it. I am trying to squeeze another one into my schedule as soon as possible! It was a great night and we got to meet the guys from For King and Country before the concert and we had our pics made with them after the concert. They were very welcoming to the Compassion volunteers. Cannot wait to do it again! It really was amazing to see children from my community picking out child packets of children they are now sponsoring! Thank you Compassion International for a wonderful night in Nashville.

  2. Diane Hollister June 3, 2015

    What a great reminder that song “Shoulders” is when life gets hard!!

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