Always Pray, Don’t Give Up

“Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.” — Luke 18:1, NIV


Winston Churchill was not known for being a spiritual man. But even this world-renowned leader who led Britain’s fight against the seemingly unstoppable might of Hitler’s military admitted to praying, saying the practice “comforted him” in times of crisis and danger.

I find this fact interesting because it demonstrates God’s design of the human being. God made every person — believer and non-believer alike — to have a natural inclination to reach out to Him, especially in times of trouble. So if this is the case, why don’t we, as Christians, do it more often? Or why is reaching out to God in prayer more often than not our last resort rather than our first?

While we are not living in the days of World War II, we are facing our own share of events that, by all appearances, can also seem unstoppable and even unsettling. Whether it be the spread of deadly viruses, violent uprisings, or even the changes we’re facing in our individual work environments, I believe we can all agree that our world is in an uneasy season. And like I’ve stated before, no leader has all the answers. But as the leader of Global Program at Compassion, I believe it’s one of my responsibilities to continue pointing the team members here to the only One who does — the God of the Bible.

So allow me to encourage you — you who partner with us in the mission of releasing children from poverty in the name of Jesus — to keep prayer a top priority in your personal, family and professional life.

Pray with your spouse and kids, pray with your friends at church, pray with your co-workers if you can, pray with a confidant who knows your personal struggles in more detail. And remember that God is not as enamored by an eloquent speech as He is with the person who comes to Him with a contrite, humble and honest heart. I have no doubt that when you go to God in prayer with this attitude, you will find yourself more than just comforted. You might also find the answers and direction that you’ve been so desperately seeking.

Prayer to God in the name of Jesus does indeed change things.

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  1. Anthony D O Buwawa January 7, 2015

    prayer is the key and it works wonders when we pray in faith . God bless you . I enjoyed reading your article.

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