And The Church Grows

From Vida Abundante Student Center (EC-431) in Ecuador.

“Is that kind of persecution still common in Ecuador?” I asked Pablo, one of our translators, over the sound of rattling windows as we bumped down broken roads.

“Among the indigenous people it is, yes.” And I didn’t expect such barbarism still lingered. Not here. In a democracy? In my hemisphere? In a developing nation?

I leaned across the aisle and turned an ear.

“Two years ago my friend, George,” he began. “George was teaching the bible and they came and poured gasoline on him. He kept preaching. They told him to stop or they would light a match. He kept preaching. They lit a match and threw it on him. Nothing happened. He kept preaching.”

smiling man

Pablo was grinning. Becoming more and more animated with each sentence.

“They kept lighting matches and throwing them on him. Nothing happened. He kept preaching! And many know Jesus after that.”

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  1. Lea November 10, 2011

    Pablo!! I just returned from a tour from Ecuador and had an opportunity to meet Pablo. He told me some inspiring stories of God’s Faithfulness and Goodness. He told me, “It is because of these stories that I continue to serve God!”

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