Memories of Christmas in Tanzania

christmas in tanzania santa

Christmas is the season to visit relatives far and close. As for Christians, many tie marriage knots around Christmas. Other church events, such as public declarations of Christian faith, also called confirmations or first communions, take place around Christmas.

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Zero Tuberculosis and Three Cows!

close up of smiling child

When Joyce was just 2 years old, her mother died. A few months later, she lost her father. She had no one except her grandparents, who took her in to raise her and give her the love she so needed.

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man and woman sitting outside with small child

A Father’s Involvement in the Child Survival Program

Amin is married and the father of two children. When he shared his thoughts about his involvement with the Child Survival Program, joy radiated from his face.

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woman sitting with three children

The House a Family Gift Built

Joyce is a single mother of seven living in Tanzania. She describes life before our ministry saying, “To have full day meal to us would be a miracle worth celebration.”

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group of eight smiling children

We Are That Voice

Thank God for giving us the opportunity to speak for the voiceless children of the world.

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boys stacking firewood

Surviving a Drought: A Single Mom’s Story

The drought that affected the Maasai area in Tanzania was severe. Because of the drought, Nooltetan lost all of her cattle and was reduced to poverty.

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girl in traditional African clothing

A Culture of Circumcision in the Kurya Tribe of Tanzania

Circumcision, performed on both males and females, is a major cultural practice throughout the Kurya ethnic groups. It is such an important practice among the community members that when an uncircumcised foreigner comes to live among them, he or she is forced into circumcision.

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woman holding young child

Do Dreams Come True?

Fides was seven months pregnant and living in a rented single room with her husband and their two children. The Child Survival Program offered to help her with her pregnancy so that she could deliver safely.

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home with blue door open

Life in Shinyanga, the Cattle Capital of Tanzania

The church in Shinyanga has not been very strong for the past several decades because of the mobile nature of people. People have being practicing traditional religions.

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man carrying burlap sacks on shoulders next to stack of bags

Life in Mwanza, Tanzania — on the Shore of Lake Victoria

Fishing in Lake Victoria has a long, historic background. However, the introduction of Nile perch to the Lake has changed both the social and economic nature of the sector.

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front of church

Life in Bagamoyo, Tanzania — Ancient Epicenter of Slavery

This area’s culture has been affected by the Arabs and the slave trade. Bagamoyo played a major role as a terminal for slaves who were captured from the mainland, shipped to Zanzibar’s major slave market, and subsequently sold to Arab countries and the Middle East. Generally, people of Bagamoyo and the coast do not put much weight in work, as they associate hard work with slavery.

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Maasai women in traditional dress

Life in Arusha, Tanzania — Land of the Maasai

Due to its geopolitical position, Arusha is attracting more people and growing quickly, which has caused an increase in the crime rate. It is well connected by tarmac roads to the major cities of Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. These cities have a direct influence on what happens in Arusha.

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