Jesus Loves the Families, All the Families of the World

Jesus Loves the Families

The church around the world needs each other in order to be the full body of Christ. By having relationships with those who trust God quite literally for their “daily bread” changes my perspective on what Jesus means by “your kingdom come on earth, as it is in heaven.”

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3 Tools to Develop Your Family’s Heart for Social Justice

3 Tools to Develop Your Family's Heart for Social Justice

In order to help children grow in compassion, we can activate their vivid imaginations and give them the tools they need to be empathetic world-changers. Values are formed early in life, and I believe our role as adults is to create experiences that will inspire children to see the world through God’s eyes.

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Step Into My Shoes Top Blogs 2015

Can I Try On Your Shoes?

How much is enough? What happens when our thirst for more gathers momentum and seems never to find its end? Do we replace our understanding of what we need with the things we want—-and lose touch with gratitude and contentment in our search for more?

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