Read a Grandmother’s Hopeful Letter to Her Baby Grandson

Grandmother holding her newborn grandson

Baby Deinner was delivered prematurely via emergency surgery as his mother, Cindy, battled COVID-19. Tragically, Cindy died the day after — leaving Deinner’s grandmother, Bridis, to raise her baby grandson and his two siblings.

Bridis shares her daughter’s story and expresses her hopes for Deinner’s future in this letter she wrote for him to read one day.

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When All You Want is a Pink House

A girl wearing pink stands outside a small pink home with a tin roof. There is a fence made of pieces of wood and barbed wire around the home.

After her family was evicted from their home, 5-year-old Deneilis shared a two-bedroom home with 11 other people. Her family had to wait for their relatives to go to bed before they could pull out old mattresses and sleep on the living room floor.
Since the pandemic hit their island community in Colombia, jobs had become scarce. Her father looked for work every day but came home empty-handed all too often. Soon, hunger and stress took their toll on the family.

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A teen boy in a blue shirt smiles at the camera inside a wooden house.

Escaping Venezuela: One Boy’s Story of Fear and Hope

Venezuelan teen Jesús Daniel shares the harrowing story of his family’s flight from Venezuela to Colombia. He also shares about the hope his family and other Venezuelan immigrants are receiving through a local church, made possible by Compassion’s supporters.

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A girl in a red plaid dress over a white collared shirt sits at a table with a pencil in hand, smiling.

Why This Girl No Longer Thinks She Is a Failure

“I am stupid, I am stupid, I am stupid.” For Sharith there was no other explanation. She must be stupid, she thought, because she couldn’t understand anything she was being taught at school. At age 7, Sharith was a first grader for the second time, but her school performance wasn’t getting any better. Her schoolmates made fun of her. Her mother, Yeimi, began to wonder if she should take Sharith out of school …

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A woman stands smiling with her son in their kitchen where they have been feeding people fleeing Venezuela's economic crisis

Venezuela Economic Crisis: How “The Poor” Are the Rescuers

Thousands of Venezuelans have poured into Cúcuta, Colombia, fleeing socioeconomic and political crisis. And it’s the poor communities of this city giving vital help. Read the inspiring stories of these rescuers, providing hope and compassion despite their own deep poverty.

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Their Amazing Love Helps Boy with Cerebral Palsy to Be Happy and Thrive

Their Amazing Love Helps Boy With Cerebral Palsy to Be Happy and Thrive

David was born with cerebral palsy and requires extensive care. Today, he is thriving thanks to the exceptional love of his grandmother, his sponsor and Compassion tutors.

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child sponsorship progam graduate

Child Sponsorship Marked My Life

Jhon graduated from the Child Sponsorship Program in 2007. He set the goal to study because, in spite of not getting into the Leadership Development Program and not having financial resources, he knew God would find a way to fulfill his dream.

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smiling girl showing her teeth

Children Need a Healthy Smile

Children at the child development center receive an annual medical examination. A recent examination left our staff worried because the majority of children had dental problems.

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three girls holding plates of food

Living in Colombia: A Day in the Life of Ingrid

What is life like for a school-age girl like Ingrid living in Colombia?

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