Everything You Need to Know About Giving a Christmas Gift

Have you ever given a loved one a Christmas gift that was just really good? You know, one of those gifts that’s extra thoughtful? Something you know will make them feel so loved?

My brothers and I did that for my parents a few years ago. Instead of buying them each a “thing,” we decided to ask one of my friends to take professional photos of us — and that’s what we gave to our parents for Christmas. It was perfect. They were SO surprised and grateful. And as is the custom in my family, there were lots of happy tears.

Those kinds of gifts are the best. And we have the perfect way for you to give one of these really good gifts this year … to a child living in poverty!

Christmas is a great time to send a child in poverty a special gift. And it’s super easy! If you’re ready to give, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the “Give a Christmas Gift” button. But if you’d like more information before donating, keep reading to get your questions answered!

Two boys in Uganda hug Christmas gifts.

What kinds of gifts do kids receive at Christmas?

Each child will receive a gift personally selected for him or her. It will be something the child needs or has been hoping for. Examples of Christmas gifts include coloring books, toy cars, clothes, dolls and action figures, soccer balls, shoes and food.

Does giving a gift at Christmas matter?

Yes, giving a Christmas gift absolutely matters. Did you know that many children in poverty have never received a Christmas gift? This breaks my heart — and I’m sure it breaks yours, too.

That’s why it’s so important to ensure that EVERY Compassion-sponsored child receives a Christmas gift. A Christmas gift signifies hope. It reminds children in poverty that they are loved, remembered and cherished. And for many, those are life-changing reminders.

Does the gift I give go directly to my sponsored child?

Yes and no — let me explain. When you give a Christmas gift, it goes directly into a fund used to purchase gifts for every single child in the program.

We’ve chosen to combine your donation with others so that gifts of equal value can be purchased for EVERY child in the program. Why? Because we know there are sponsors who won’t be able to send an extra Christmas gift this year. Plus, there are kids who don’t even have sponsors yet. And we don’t want anybody to be left out!

When your sponsored child receives the gift, he or she will be told that it’s from you. But know that your donation to the Christmas Gift Fund will help ensure that your sponsored child receives a Christmas gift this year, and that all other Compassion-sponsored children will too. Your gift will send joy across the whole world!

A little girl in Peru hugs a Christmas gift.

Can I pick out exactly what I’d like to give to my sponsored child?

Living far away from your sponsored child makes it difficult to know what exactly he or she needs, and what is available in his or her community. That’s why a local staff member who knows your sponsored child personally will pick out a gift your child needs or has been hoping for. The same will be done for every child in the Compassion program.

How much should I give?

A donation of $25 will provide a gift for one child. So, we suggest giving at least $25! However, the more you give, the more able we will be to ensure each child has a valuable gift they will love! Donate $100? You’ll help us give four kids gifts. Donate $250? Ten. And so on.

When do I need to give by?

You only have until Oct. 31 to send a Christmas gift. Make sure to send one before it’s too late!

Give a really good Christmas gift to a child living in poverty! Click the button below.

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  1. Gerry October 3, 2021

    I’d like the option of giving a Christmas gift to my sponsored child. While I understand that the organization wants all children to receive a gift I believe it should be my option to designate the money go for my sponsored child & if I choose, to donate more for those I have not sponsored. Does this sound selfish of me? I hope not, but part of the reason for sponsoring was to help a specific individual.

    1. Grace October 4, 2021

      Gerry, it is really kind of you to want to make an impact on the specific child you sponsor! Our heart behind our Christmas fundraiser is so every child can receive a gift and feel loved, even if their sponsor does not contribute. We completely understand if you would like to give to your child directly! You are welcome to do this by giving a designated “child gift” instead of a Christmas gift. This will go directly to your child and be used to meet their most immediate needs. However, your child will still receive a gift from the Christmas fund. I hope this helps and if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected]. Blessings!

  2. Robin A Faulkner February 15, 2020

    I sent a monetary gift for my child and my app on my phone shows I gave nothing. Online shows what I gave, but the letter I received from her does not mention what or that I even gave her anything. I wanted to bless her with something nice. I am struggling within because I wanted to find out what she received from me for her gift. I am concerned that she didn’t get anything and it is making it hard for me to decide about sending her something for her birthday in April. The project staff member that wrote her letter for her did not mention that she received her Christmas gift from me. I need to know where the money went to for her because when I chose her, I planned on being a blessing for her but if my money is going elsewhere I am concerned about that.

    1. Christina February 17, 2020

      Robin, thank you so much for your generous heart to bless sweet Kullanich with your love, support, encouraging letters, and special gifts! I completely understand your desire to know that your gift has blessed your kiddo and to know what she received.

      When you give your child a Christmas gift, this option donates to the Christmas Gift Fund. All Christmas donations are combined and then divided evenly among every child in our program. With this fund, we purchase a meaningful gift specifically for each child and help purchase gifts for children who are not yet sponsored or whose sponsors are not able to give. This is only done with the Christmas gifts.

      We do this because we want every child to receive a gift and to be included in a special Christmas celebration at their church-based center. What matters the most is that your child knows that the gift they receive is from you – making it even more special. Most children will thank their sponsor in their next letter, but they are not required to for this gift type only.

      You may also give directly to your child by choosing to give a Child Gift, Birthday Gift, or Family Gift. When your child and their family receive this gift, a Compassion staff member will assist them in purchasing a gift for your child. Of course, you may make recommendations on how you would like the money to be used. However, the use of the gift is ultimately up to the family, so if they have an immediate need, they may use the gift to help meet that need. For gifts of $21 or more, you can expect to receive a thank you letter from your about six months after the gift is given, letting you know what was purchased. If the gift amount is $60 or more, you will also receive a photo of what was purchased.

      Although you may not receive a thank you for your Christmas gift, please know that your gift is still extremely appreciated. I’m sure that Kullanich was very excited and grateful for your generosity! If you have any additional questions or concerns, I am happy to help you via email at [email protected]. Have a blessed day!

  3. Robert Beckett October 30, 2019

    Thank you for the speedy reply. We have given our child, her family and her Compassion Center gifts for Christmas this year.
    May our Lord continue to bless all of you at Compassion this year and beyond.

    Rob and Theresa

    1. Shannon October 30, 2019

      Rob and Theresa,

      That is wonderful to hear! Thank you so much for choosing to be such a blessing this season! Your gifts will truly mean so much to them! Merry Christmas and blessings to you, as well!

  4. Robert Beckett October 26, 2019

    Thank you for sharing. Is the same true for family gifts? Does every family with a sponsored child receive a gift?

    God Bless you,

    Rob & Theresa

    1. Shannon October 28, 2019

      Hi Robert,

      Thank you for asking about giving gifts to your sponsored child’s family! Please know the Christmas gift is the only one that works like this, where it is split amongst all the children in the program. If you give either a general child gift, a birthday gift or a family gifts, these gifts are used only for the family or child it is given to. Families of children without sponsors will not receive these gifts. It is also not mandatory for sponsors to give gifts, in which case the only gift they would receive would be at Christmas. I hope this is helpful! Please let us know if you have any other questions or if you would like assistance giving a gift!

  5. C. Anderson October 26, 2019

    I’m confused….
    I was told I could not send a birthday or Christmas gift to my child in Ghana.
    I wanted to send art supplies for the school and was told that wasn’t possible.
    I was told to send money only.

    1. Shannon October 28, 2019

      C. Anderson,

      We are very thankful that you desire to send your child’s school art supplies. Regrettably, we are unable to send items of this type. We encourage you to send letters and cards as often as possible. However, please know that the only physical items that are able to be sent are musical and pop-up cards, bookmarks and stickers. All of these items must be 100% paper other than the stickers, which may include plastic stickers as well. Anytime you send something to your child, please make sure to keep it to six pages (front and back) or less. All letters, coloring pages or pictures will be scanned into an electronic document, unless otherwise noted above, and then printed in the child’s country office to be delivered. If you would like to send your child a gift not listed above, you may do that through sending a monetary gift through Compassion. If you read our blog again, you will get lots more detail on how these gifts work.

  6. Sharon Albracht October 25, 2019

    Have I give money yet to The child I have???
    I am out if the country and need to know soon..
    Please let me know

    1. Mackenzie October 25, 2019

      Hello Sharon! Yes, I do see that you gave a Christmas gift on October 11, 2019. ?

  7. Pam Lewis October 24, 2019

    Great article, Willow!

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