Christian Blog on Child Poverty – In the Beginning…

Hello and welcome to Compassion’s Christian blog on child poverty! As a tent evangelist, the Rev. Everett Swanson was a grass-roots man with a grass-roots ministry. So it was no surprise he started a Christian charity when a pastor handed him a $50 check. Rev. Swanson used that small seed to help create a global ministry to fight child poverty.

Since that time more than 55 years ago, Compassion has remained a ministry of the people. Our sponsors, donors and supporters are family. And while we’re now an international Christian ministry serving nearly 1 million children, we cling to that homey, under-the-tent feeling from the old days spent evangelizing others to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. That’s why we created Compassion’s blog. We didn’t create a blog because it was the cool thing to do, or because someone else did. We created it as a way to keep Compassion’s ministry partners, like you, connected — with us and each other.

So what’s the deal with Compassion’s blog? In this blog you’ll get an inside view of Compassion’s ministry. You’ll hear from:

  • people who work here,
  • Compassion Child Sponsorship graduates,
  • Leadership Development Program students and graduates,
  • church staff who work with our children around the globe,
  • and many others.

These posts will give you a behind-the-scenes view of Compassion at work and at play and, of course, exclusive looks at our child development ministry around the world. And don’t be afraid to talk to our bloggers. This is our first blog, so we ask for your patience. Our bloggers are committed to interacting with you, and we appreciate your grace in advance as we endeavor to answer your comments, questions and inquiries. Remember, our bloggers would love to engage with you. So speak up! We want to hear from you. Share your comments, thoughts or general musings with us. Tell us what you like about our ministry, how you evangelize others, what we’re doing wrong, and how we can be better. And if you just want to give us a shout out, that’s cool too.

As blogs go there’s no right or wrong. Well, not quite. The usual inappropriate behavior won’t be tolerated. No clue what that means? Well, if you can’t say it in church you can’t post it here!

Our blog will be moderated. But we pledge to allow open and honest feedback here. After all, this blog is a two-way radio — from us to you and from you to us. Oh, and if you just want general information about Compassion or to make a charitable donation, try or our Sponsor and Donor Relations Department. You can:

Thanks for supporting Compassion’s ministry to children in need. And let us know if you like the blog. Good or bad. Remember, we’re family. We can take it.

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  1. Ovetta Sampson – Copy Program Manager February 12, 2008

    Thank you guys so much for your enthusiam! We are very excited about this new venture. And of course we couldn’t do it without you guys. Please keep in touch. Hope to “hear” from you soon! 🙂

  2. Andy and Miranda – In Him February 11, 2008

    Hi, we’re very excited about this blog as well as the Uganda blogs! We pray that God will use these resources and more to aid in continuing to richly bless the ministry of Compassion. Thank you for allowing us to help make a difference in a child’s life for eternity!

  3. Chris Giovagnoni February 9, 2008

    We are excited about the blog and the Uganda trip for the very same reasons. And what you’re hoping to receive through this blog is what we want to deliver. Thanks for reading.

  4. Prairie Rose February 9, 2008

    I’m very excited about this blog, and about the bloggers’ Uganda trip. Although quite pleased with the amount of information given on “my kids” and the ability to correspond as frequently as I wish with them, I find myself always hungering to know more, wanting to peek into their environment and see how they live, wanting to know what they do at home and what they do at the centers, and just everything about them! I would love to go on the Compassion tours but there’s just no way I could afford to, and if I could afford it, I would feel like all that money would be better spent helping more children! So I am very excited to get to take this peek into Uganda through the bloggers’ eyes, and now the additional information that will come through this blog. I especially look forward to hearing the stories of those who were sponsored children, as I always wonder what these kids are really thinking about these strangers far away that they have to write to twice a year. 🙂

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