Bizzy’s Burden

Elisabeth “Bizzy” Mellado’s first encounter with Compassion started with what she calls one of her dad’s “crazy ideas.”

Her father, Jimmy Mellado, president of the Willow Creek Association, had an unusual childhood. He lived in seven different countries, often surrounded by poverty. His father was an engineer who worked in communities with little infrastructure, helping to build roads and other construction projects.

Through his work at Willow Creek, Jimmy had learned of Compassion’s one-to-one sponsorship approach. He believed that this could be what his children needed to build a relationship with a child living in poverty.

So one night Jimmy sat his three children down at the computer to find a sponsored child, and after they narrowed their search to Guatemala, 14-year-old Bizzy and her siblings each looked for a child who shared their first name.

“At first, I really didn’t think a lot of it,” says Bizzy. “My parents took care of the actual sponsorship of Elisabeth, and I just wrote the letters. But when I started getting letters back from her, I began to realize that there was a real person on the other end.”

In August of 2010, that “person on the other end” became even more real to Bizzy and her family when they traveled to Guatemala to meet their sponsored children.

Bizzy recalls that when they visited Elisabeth’s home, they were shocked by what they found.

You can also view the Compassion Sunday 2012 – Bizzy’s Burden video on YouTube.

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  1. Claudio December 14, 2016

    Wow! Elisabeth, it is so great to see you again and know what you are doing for the community. Un abrazo a la distancia. Claudio.

  2. David Mwangi March 13, 2013

    Its the best experience when a sponsored child meets with their sponsors.
    Bizzy you mean alot to her and she will always remember those moments.

  3. Marci Ficht April 13, 2012

    Hullo, Bizzy! I first saw your video the other day and immediately posted it on facebook. Your video is wonderful and it is something I really needed right now while I try to decide what to do about my sponsorship situation. I am very discouraged and disheartened and close to becoming one of the sponsors who just send money and have it automatically deducted so I don’t have to think or worry all the time about my Compassion kids anymore. No expectations = no let downs. This entire Compassion letter writing fiasco has become too frustrating.

    Anyway, I just want to thank you and to tell you that you are very special and that little girl is very lucky. May God continue to bless all of you!!!!!!!

  4. Heidi April 12, 2012

    I am in tears. Thanks for posting.

  5. Thomas Hoffman April 12, 2012

    I also sponsor a child through Compassion International. My wife and I correspond regularly, but we get frustrated with communications with her because she never writes back personally. Our personal questions are seldom get a response and the letters always seem “canned”. Hence, we really don’t know very much about her.

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