Compassion’s Top 10 Favorite Instagram Posts of 2018

On our Instagram, you’ll find photos and videos that tell the stories of children and their families overcoming poverty. When I scroll through our feed, what comes shining through these stories most is hope.

Those we serve around the world find hope in their sponsor’s letters and visits. In Compassion staff who go the extra mile to support their medical needs and through times of struggle. In the love of Jesus, as they learn God’s Word. In each other, through the friendships that they build at their local churches. And they find hope for the future as they begin to break the chains of poverty.

Here are a few especially encouraging posts that lifted my spirits this year. And don’t miss our favorite Instagram video at the end of the post! I hope they’ll inspire a hope in you, too.

Enjoy Compassion’s top 10 favorite Instagram posts of 2018!

10. A Healthy Start – July 3

9. A Mother’s Love – May 9


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“The church staff came to the hospital to look after me [after facing severe burns]. From that moment on, they never left my side. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t do anything. But someone was always here from Compassion. They cleaned the floors, they cooked for me and did anything I needed. When I needed a special suit for my burns, Compassion covered the costs. And they also covered my daily therapy. They were there for me, not just financially, but personally, too.”  Carmen was in a serious motorcycle accident during her pregnancy, but she miraculously survived and courageously stepped into motherhood. Though she and her daughter, Karla, faced a rough start, God has blessed them both with healing, strength and a loving community to walk beside them.  #MothersDay #motherslove #motherhood

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8. We Look to Christ – Jan. 3

7. Grace’s Testimony – Sept. 18

6. Thailand Cave Rescue – July 10

5. Shining Her Light – Oct. 22


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Start your week like sweet 5-year-old Luz: fearless and full of energy. Happy Monday from Bolivia! ???

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4. He Is Risen – April 1

3. A Time to Rest – Oct. 12


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“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28

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2. God’s Precious Little Gift – Nov. 6

1. Kids Being Kids – Nov. 12

And for some extra fun, here’s our favorite Instagram video of the year.


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  1. JustMe April 21, 2019

    WOW, those kids in the video need to teach ME how to dance!!!! 😀

  2. Claude Singer December 7, 2018

    Very nice pictures and stories. Oh, yes a very nice video as well.

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