Conversations with Alumni: What Not To Wear [VIDEO]

I hate shopping, and by hate, I mean loathe entirely! However, I have this dear friend that I’ll invite (beg, drag) to come along for the tedious task of picking out a new work outfit or dress for an upcoming event. She makes a huge difference in the whole experience, AND most importantly, she helps me know what not to wear.

When I find clothing that makes me look and feel sharp, it helps me carry myself with more confidence. Don’t you feel better when you’re wearing a nice outfit for that important work meeting, evening outing, or special occasion?

The children enrolled in our programs are no different!

Having the right uniform, new outfit or that brand, spanking new t-shirt to wear can make a child feel so proud! Which in turn contributes to building their self-confidence.

What joy and pride comes across a child’s face (and sinks into their heart) when they get the uniform they need for school or their very own special t-shirt to wear at the Compassion center.

In this third video of our six-part special video blog series, Conversations with Alumni, step into the memories of some of our alumni and hear how much pride they took in having just the right outfit to wear.


All of the incredible folks in this video are graduates from our child development program at their local church.

And in this series, we’re getting a glimpse into their shared experiences growing up in their various countries around the world…and where they are now.

Meet Njenga and Samuel…

What Not to Wear Njenga Maina

Daniel “Njega” Maina returned to Kenya in 2014 after receiving his Masters in Intercultural and Urban Studies from Moody Theological Seminary. He currently works as a freelance consultant serving a variety of non-profits in Kenya.

When he is not busy being the local tour guide to the latest group of visitors to his home of Nairobi, Kenya, he is volunteering in his local church. He is passionate about local church ministry and church planting in particular.

Also, as an entrepreneur he is constantly pursuing opportunities that not only are good business but also benefit the local community. As an alumnus of the Compassion program, he has partnered with us in various ways sharing her story of release from poverty in Jesus’ name.

What Not to Wear Samuel Orlando

In 2006, Samuel Orlando Polanco moved to Florida where he pursued his Bachelor of Arts in Music Recording and Production. He went on to record his own albums as well as produce and edit a variety of others.

Samuel still resides in Tampa, FL with his beautiful wife, Carol, and his two children Sanniel and Emmie. He founded the organization, EvangeMusic, that does yearly outreach to his home country of Dominican Republic.

As an alumnus of the Compassion program, Samuel partnered with us for a number of years, and now he works full-time with our Church Relations Team, developing relationships with local churches in the U.S. and helping them partner with us in their mission.

In next week’s Conversations with Alumni, meet some more of the alumni featured in this series and hear just how powerful words can be!

In case you missed the previous videos, check out the whole series of Conversations with Alumni!

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