Was My Sponsored Child Affected by That Crisis?


This has been a busy year. Our world is in turmoil and much of that turmoil is affecting Compassion’s work.

Here’s a snapshot of the things I’ve reported over the past 11 months:

military rebellion, slum fire, dengue fever outbreak, H1N1 virus outbreak, flooding, strike, civil conflict, volcanic eruption, earthquake, heavy rains, political unrest, hotel bombings, protests and violence, typhoons, meningitis outbreak, polio outbreak, cholera outbreak, famine, landslide, tribal war, ferry sinking, riots.

As an organization entirely dependent on your trust, we have made a commitment to be honest and transparent in everything we do. This means, among other things, that we do our best to let you know as soon as possible when your child is affected by a crisis or disaster.

In a perfect world, here’s how the process would work:

  • Within 24 hours of a crisis, our Field Communications Specialist (FCS) submits a crisis report via e-mail. This e-mail comes to an inbox that I check regularly.
  • As soon as I receive this e-mail, I determine whether funds will need to be raised to provide relief, and summarize the report and e-mail it to our partner countries (the countries where the sponsors live).
  • Meanwhile, the FCS is in contact with the Partnership Facilitators (PF), field-based staff members who are contacting our affected church partners.
  • The FCS then submits a follow-up report via e-mail, with further details from the PFs about which centers are affected, how they are affected, and any other relevant details, photos or video.
  • As soon as the church partners are able to provide specific information on registered children, the FCS e-mails that information to me. I do a quality check and then forward that information to the partner countries.
  • Each partner country then contacts all the sponsors with affected children to let them know the status of their child.

Seems pretty cut and dried, right? And often, the process works exactly as I just described it.

However, as we all know, we do not live in a perfect world. Sometimes a disaster will wreak havoc on the field’s end, thus affecting our communications process.

Let’s take the recent typhoons in the Philippines as an example.

Typhoon Ketsana hit the Philippines on Sept. 26. Almost 17 inches of rain fell in 12 hours, halting any semblance of normal life, flooding everything in sight, killing hundreds and displacing thousands more.

Roads were destroyed, electricity was out and much of the country was underwater, neck-deep in some places.

Eighteen of Compassion’s staff members in the Philippines office (more than half) were personally affected by the flooding (including the FCS responsible for sending the crisis report).

After the typhoons, every single staff person in the Philippines office was involved in the relief efforts and for a time, Compassion’s entire staff put their regular duties on hold in order to help those in desperate need.

During disasters like this, while you are anxious to hear news about your child, keep in mind that many unforeseen and unavoidable things can occur, hindering good communication. Grace, patience, understanding and flexibility are critical.

Here are some things that might affect the communication process after a crisis:

  • Getting information from the field to the partner countries isn’t always the No. 1 priority.

    After a disaster, the highest priorities are critical needs such as shelter, clean water and food. Communication sometimes takes a back seat to meeting basic needs in life and death situations.

  • It’s not just the sponsored children who are affected. Sometimes the staff members themselves are in need.

    While our staff members are trying to address the immediate needs of our registered children, they also must take care of their own families and homes.

  • Communication tools are not available.

    The infrastructure in developing countries is much less stable than in the developed world. For instance, telephone and electricity were out throughout Manila, remaining out for weeks in some places. Communicating with the church partners was difficult, and in some cases, impossible.

  • Different cultures put different importance on time.

    Many countries where we work are not time-oriented the way we are in the United States. Time requirements do not have the same importance as they do here.

Despite this, you can be confident in our commitment to share accurate information with you as quickly as possible after a crisis. It’s just that sometimes this may take longer than we’d like.

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  1. Michelle Valley October 9, 2018

    I’m a relatively new sponsor seeking information about my sponsored child, his family, and his Compassion project center following a large-scale natural disaster in his country. Is the process described in this article from 2009 still the process today in 2018? I can’t find anywhere on the website to search by center # or otherwise, as was suggested by one of the original commenters.

    1. Shannon October 9, 2018

      Hi Michelle,

      I am so sorry to hear that you are worried about your child! This process has not changed in the fact that we will reach out to all supporters who have children that have been affected. However, we are also happy to see if your child was actually near the area under question and see if we have any updates on them. If you would like us to go ahead and check for you, you are welcome to email us at [email protected] with your sponsor number and the child number of your sweet kiddo. From here, we would be more than happy to check on them for you! Blessings, Shannon

  2. Lizzie March 25, 2012

    Good post!

  3. Michael English April 8, 2010

    I’ll continue to pray for the relief efforts and especially the Compassion staff!

  4. Clella Fox March 31, 2010

    Craig and Rebecca, what Center is Wichelanda in? So very glad to hear of another child who is safe! It is good to know that many of the children in the Compassion centers have heard the message of Christ and have accepted Him, that is truly a reassurance. God bless all who work or volunteer for Compassion International!

  5. Craig and Rebecca DeWit March 31, 2010

    Rebecca received an automated call yesterday (3.30.10) from Compassion… our Haitian sponsored girl of 13 years (Wichelanda) is alive!!! Praise God! Don’t know much more other than that her home was damaged, so we have a lot of questions, but the fact that she’s alive is good enough. So there is hope for those of you still waiting to hear about kids in Haiti. I will tell you this though, we were ok with the fact that she may not have made it. Why? Because we know that she knows Christ and so, sad as it would have been, we know that she would have been in Heaven and we’d meet her there someday! Although I was in Haiti 2 weeks ago working at an orphanage and didn’t know she was still alive, now we have the opportunity to go down there again and meet her next time! Praise God!

  6. Becky March 29, 2010

    @Patrick & Sharon Moran

    There are 13 other sponsors on OurCompassion.org (a networking site for Compassion supporters, who are mainly sponsors) who have children from HA751. If you join, then you can ask them if/what they have heard regarding their kids. 4 of them list statuses as praying/waiting for news on their sponsored child and one lists a status of having heard his child is safe. The others do not list that information but if you asked I imagine you’d get an answer 🙂

  7. Patrick & Sharon Moran March 29, 2010

    Aloha, All!
    As we continue to pray for word of Danalove, from HA 751, we would greatly appreciate hearing from ANYONE who has heard ANYTHING about their child from her Center: Eglise Chretienne Child Development Center, in Port au Prince.
    It would help us to know something….all we know is that the Center was ‘significantly affected’ by the earthquake, and that as of several weeks ago, about 80% of children have been accounted for, leaving about 20% still trying to be located or reported on in some fashion.
    God bless all who continue to search, and all who are helping those who have been found!
    Patrick & Sharon Moran

  8. Ruth Cortese March 26, 2010


    We appreciate your patience. After doing some research, I found that Madora is in project HA-819. This project is in an area that has officially been reported as “not affected.” Therefore, Madora and her family are safe and if we receive any news otherwise we will certainly contact you. All “non-affected” projects are functioning as normal.

    At this time, Compassion Haiti is working tirelessly to find approximately 20,000 children in the “significantly impacted” area where the earthquake hit. We are in the process of notifying those sponsors whose children were directly affected (child injured, homes damaged/destroyed, family members injured, etc). I believe sponsors who sponsor a child in areas not affected are being contacted by a different method, which is a bit slower.

    I hope this helps! We greatly appreciate your patience and prayers, and I certainy encourage you to keep writing to Madora.

  9. Marie Walters Gill March 25, 2010

    I have written before requesting information on my sponsor child, Madora Simon. I would very much appreciate it if someone from Compassion or Haiti would please let me know if Madora and her family are okay. I realize that you have been overwhelmed, but I have been very patient and I haven’t heard anything since the earthquake. Your response would put my mind at ease. Thank you.

  10. Clella Fox March 22, 2010

    Thank you for your support & prayers, Christine. I’m sure CI is doing their best in terrible circumstances. I’ll keep praying!

  11. Christine March 22, 2010

    Dear C Fox, I will be praying for you and her. I really wish I knew more than that. I moved, my friend got the mail and simply left a message for me that she was found. I’m going to follow up here and however I can. I knew it would be awhile because of the chaos after such disaster. So glad Gods people-CI was and is there.

  12. Clella Fox March 21, 2010

    Christine, thank you so much for writing! That is the center that my little girl is in also. I’m so glad to hear that your child is safe, that gives me more hope for my precious child. Hopefully, I will hear about her very soon now.
    Thank you again and may God bless you and Maude.

  13. Patrick & Sharon Moran March 21, 2010

    We are still waiting and praying for Danalove, whose Child Center #751 was ‘significantly’ affected by the earthquake, and about whom we still have no word.
    We are asking to hear from any other sponsors of children from that same Center: we have been praying for all the children there and the staff, and all their families. It would be good to hear something, anything at all: surely some have been found, and some clues have been followed.
    Please let us know if any have survived, or been found or accounted for, or it any sessions have begun again! Surely the center hasn’t just disappeared–but even if it has, may we know that?
    ANY news would be greatly appreciated!
    In prayer, and gratitude for CI and the monumental effort in Haiti.
    Sharon & Patrick Moran

  14. Ted March 20, 2010

    That’s a fantastic answer to prayer, Christine.

  15. Christine March 20, 2010

    I have received notification that my sponsored child has been found. She is Maude (HA-778)and was with the Montrouis Center north of Port Au Prince. I was doubly glad I was sponsoring her when this earthquake hit. I would truly love to know if more information on specific centers and children is available yet, and where to look. Thank you

  16. Clella Fox March 19, 2010

    I had just become the new sponsor for my little girl and then the earthquake happened! The center she was at is on the significantly affected list, and I haven’t heard anything yet. I’m getting more concerned by the day! I’m continuing to pray that Compassion will find her and her family safe & well.

    1. Jenny July 24, 2010

      I know how you feel-I also am completely in the dark about a child I have sponsored. But my heart is encouraged by knowing that she is always in God’s hands, whether or not I know what is going on. By His help, I’m resting in the fact that He will keep her; He is her father.

  17. Kyle March 5, 2010

    I just wanted to encourage all of you who are still waiting for news concerning a child you sponsor in Haiti…

    I sponsor a 12 year old boy named Woodclyf from Haiti, and I got a call from Compassion yesterday in regard to his situation. He is safe and his mother is safe, but his father was killed in the earthquake. Their house was also completely destroyed. He has been weighing on my heart since the earthquake, and he is still frequently on my mind as I can’t imaging what it must be like for him as a 12 year old to be dealing with something as traumatic as this.

    But telling you about Woodclyf is not the purpose of this post. My purpose is to encourage you that news is coming.

    News is coming, but keep on praying.

  18. mike and carol beardmore February 8, 2010

    It is disheartening to see the devastation this earthquake has caused. Our prayers go out to the people of Haiti and all of the caregivers. We continue to pray for our sponsored child Genese and her family. We love you Genese!

  19. Dentistry Roseville February 4, 2010

    Lets not stop helping the peoples of Haiti. This nation needs the helps of other countries and other institution as well.

  20. sue gray February 4, 2010

    I am praying for our little Mirthe she is located at HA-398 in looking at the map she is north of Porta Prince. Any information would be so appreciated.

  21. Jon and Kathy L February 3, 2010

    Waiting in faith for information on our child Erline HA-717. Our hearts go out to Haiti. May God continue to lead and direct Compassion through this situation. Thank you for sharing Jesus with the children and families you touch.
    Jon and Kathy

  22. Patrick & Sharon Moran January 30, 2010

    Would greatly appreciate an update of what is known so far re Center 751–is it standing? Are any staff/any children accounted for? ANY news would be a blessing: our hearts are prepared, no matter what, we know Danalove knows and loves the Lord!
    Sharon & Pat Moran

  23. Barbara Coughlin January 29, 2010

    I’d like to know if anyone at Compassion can tell me to what extent Child Development Center number 738 was affected. Our sponsored child Chandeline lives there and I know that 738 received significant damage. Any information will be greatly appreciated. God bless you in your continued efforts to reach these children and their families.

  24. Marcie Kay January 29, 2010

    We have a little boy, Jameson, 11 years old in CDC 800. It was significantly affected according to the Compassion map. Has anyone heard anything more specific about that center? I am praying and thinking of him and his family and all the victims. Jameson-we love you!

  25. Dorothy Neanand January 28, 2010

    I too am concerned about my child, Ketchly (HA810) and her family are safe. I have all my contacts and others praying with me.

  26. Jill Newby January 27, 2010

    I am extremely interested to now if Bertrand (HA-420)and his family are safe.May God bless your efforts.
    Jil Newby

  27. Maynard and Judy Guild January 27, 2010

    We have been in prayer for our sponsored child, Jean, and all of Haiti since hearing about the earthquake while on a trip to attend a family wedding and await news about he and his family. We continue to pray daily for all of the families of Haiti. Our nephew is in the middle of an adoption of three siblings from Haiti and also are in our prayers and thoughts daily. We find comfort knowing that every effort is being made to help in this crisis and God is in the midst of this crisis with us. God Bless your efforts.

  28. Mike MIller January 26, 2010

    Hi,We are praying for the people of haiti. our sponsored child is Wousline in area HA202. If you hear anything would please contact us via email thank you~ God bless you for all you are doing!!!

  29. Nancy Sprague January 26, 2010

    Hi, I just want you all to know I am praying for all the people affected by the earthquake in Haiti. My sponsored child Junodel is in the area HA-786 and we have received no news of his area being affected, I pray all is well with him and his family. I will keep All the people in Haiti in my prayers! God Bless

  30. Kelly DeBardelaben < :) January 24, 2010

    if there is anybody living in Florida esp S. Florida and wants to help the children of Haiti who have been airlifted to the state please ck with the Florida Department of Children and Families to see what it would take to be a Temporary Foster Home for these sweet children of God!…

    I will try to post something with more information on who you should call on my personal blog http://www.kdizskorner.blogspot.com
    as soon as I can!

    Much love and many prayers to my Comnpassion Family!


  31. Mike January 24, 2010

    Any news on HA-830? Wendy is who we are seeking any news on. 830 is 2km northeast of Port-au-Prince – Mais Gate and likely impacted pretty badly. Any news would be helpful. Blessings to all…

  32. Candace January 24, 2010

    We are praying and appreciate your prayers for the young man we sponsor, Gregord. He is from the Cite des Jeunes Student Center HA-724. Thank you for your work Compassion and to all sponsors for the prayers. It was comforting to read them and pray along with you.Gregord has given us so much love.

  33. Keith Perago January 22, 2010

    Pray for my sponsored child Job and his large family. Pray for all of Haiti and that God will work in the hearts of all those afflicted and give them that peace that passeth all understanding to know that He is an awesome God and is in control and He feels their pain, their lives are in His hands and He will bring them healing and supply their needs. Hoping and praying to hear some news of my sponsor child, Job. Pray that God will open the hearts, hands and minds of all Christians to come to the aid of our sisters and brothers in Haiti.

  34. Kyla January 22, 2010

    Prayers of safety to our sweet girl Joudeline and her family, as well as all the people of Haiti. Thank you Compassion for doing all you can. Your strength is our reminder of the good in this world.

  35. Lucy January 22, 2010

    I sponsor Othniel Jean I am praying for him and his family to be found soon.

    I am praying for all the staff in Haiti to be strong in their faith to continue this painstaking work of Hope and help.

    God Bless and protect.

  36. Darcy & Cynthia January 21, 2010

    Our sponsored child is Jovenel. We continue to pray for Jovenel and his family who live in a small village NE of NE of Port-au-Prince. Prayers also for the countless workers who are giving their all to the people of Haiti.

    God bless!

  37. Jeffrey Boeck January 21, 2010

    I sponcer Peterson Zami in Petit Goave & Henriette Desir in Poste Metier Child Development Center and I have know idea how they are doing. I am glad I read this article. I will join the rest of you in prayer for my two children and for all of your sponcerd children. Thank you Compassion for your many hours of gathering reports of the safety of our children. God is in controle.

  38. Patrick & Sharon Moran January 21, 2010

    We are praying continuously for Haiti, and for CI and other Christian teams working so faithfully. May God bless and comfort all.
    Of course we are so eager for word of our sponsored child, (HA 751) Wichana, in #751 Eglise Chretienne Child Devel. Ctr. We know now that her center is in Port-au-Prince itself, and pray for all the children and their families in this hard-hit area.
    Thank you for any news, and for such huge efforts all along the CI network.
    Aloha from Hawaii, our island of love reaches out to every island ‘even unto the ends of the earth’.
    Pat & Sharon

  39. Robin Shafer January 21, 2010

    I noticed that there were numbers that are associated with the centers that were most affected from the earthquake. Can you tell me how to know the number of the Cayonne Child Center?

  40. Angela January 21, 2010

    I am praying and looking for any information for my sponsored child, Colson HA724.

    God is our refuge and strength,
    an ever-present help in trouble.
    Therefore we will not fear, though the earth
    give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea,
    though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging. Selah

  41. WorkingMomDiaries January 19, 2010

    My sponsored child’s name is Shelove. Please pray that she and her family are safe, unharmed and have food, water and shelter.

    Thank you, Compassion International for all the hard work and love that goes into what can only be the work on a wonderful Savior!

  42. Lynda and Jeff Fadler January 19, 2010

    we are praying for Fenel (HA-272) and his family. We know he lives in the mountains NE of Port-au-Prince. We are praying for all of those affected by the quake in Haiti and for the relief workers.

  43. sharon January 18, 2010

    I’m praying for my sponsored child Kerline and all the people of Haiti. I have sponsored Kerline for a number of years now and like everyone else am praying that we will hear good news soon.

  44. David Nurse January 18, 2010

    We are also checking on our sponsored child, her name is Francia. We don’t know where she lives; however we would like to check on her safety.

  45. Bruce Halen January 18, 2010

    Any news is good news. Thanks for your efforts. In the meantime, Giddings, you and your family are in my thoughts and, prayers and actions.

  46. Karen Nichols January 18, 2010

    I just wish that there was someone telling us, either on the news or on this site, if there were any areas less affected…we have no idea what to think…my sponsored child is on the north coast…but are we correct in assuming that all communication of every kind, in every corner of the nation, is down? Certainly there must be some news coming from some where…Compassion – please clear this up for us – are any of your staff members in touch with you? Of course the priority is the rescue and medical attention, supplies, and control of the panic…but isn’t there something that gives us some idea? My prayers are with everyone affected.

  47. Michele & Pete January 18, 2010

    Updating my original request for info…our Compassion child’s project is in Carrefour des Peres, northern Haiti, NOT in Carrefour (right outside of Port-au-Prince). So we remain hopeful that he and his family, as well as the Compassion staff in that area, are ok…
    Thank you for all your work, peace.

  48. Linda Bolt January 18, 2010

    We sponsor Youkenterchy, who should be in St. Marc. I am optimistic that that are was not extremely damaged by the earthquake.

    I use Googlemaps.com to look at a map of Haiti. For those of you who have no idea where your child’s town is located, this might be helpful. I have been to Haiti years ago, and know where a few of the main towns are located.

    It seems that the best things for most of us to do right now is to pray, donate money as we are able, wait patiently, and help educate those around us about the work Compassion does in Haiti and other countries.

  49. Dianne Smith January 18, 2010

    I have just watched the news here in Australia about The Lady of Nativity Orphanage where 65 orphans have been killed and there are surviving orphaned children needing immediate medical assistance. Why aren’t these children being airlifted to the US for treatment?

  50. Cindy Tillotson January 17, 2010

    Our prayers are with all the peoplein Haiti. And especially with our dear little sponsored child, Lydie and her family. We anxiously await any news about her. God Bless you all at Compassion for all you do.

  51. Robert Womack January 17, 2010

    I so much want to learn the status of Jephte, the young boy I sponsor, and that of his family. It is hard to sit here in the midst of plenty and watch these scenes of devastation, not knowing whether these precious children and people are alive or dead, well or injured. I know Compassion is doing all it can to assess the situation as soon as possible, and until we each know more, we just hold onto God in prayer for our loved ones there and and His continued hand on them. For all who can, we really need to give what we can afford to aid in the relief efforts to save these precious people. As with Esther, perhaps it was for just such a time as this that we were placed in this position.

  52. Mary Fidlin January 17, 2010

    My heart is very heavy this evening as I await news of my sponsored child, Abner, who lives North of Petit-Goave. I am keeping him and his family in prayer. I know this is all in God’s hands…and I know that God will work all things for good to those who love Him. I truly appreciated the video message regarding this earthquake from Dr. Wess Stafford…I found it very comforting.

  53. laura Johnson January 17, 2010

    Ron and I are on the omputer waiting on any information concerning our compassion child Ford. We are keeping him and his family in our prayers for their safety and for God tt put a safety net over them.

  54. betsy terpening January 17, 2010

    My compassion child turned 8 years old today. I am praying that she and her family are still alive. Her father died a few months ago so I don’t know if her family has anyone besides compassion to help them. I can’t even imagine how difficult it is for her mother. I’m praying for everyone there.

  55. Jennifer Wells January 17, 2010

    I have a quick question – and I’m posting it here because I simply don’t know where else to post it. One of my sweet Compassion children graduated from the Compassion program in Haiti less than 2 months ago. I, in fact, received my last letter from her the day of the earthquake. I know that “officially” she isn’t under Compassion’s care – but I’d love to know what happened to her and even provide financial assistance to her if she survived. After the dust settles and all of the children and workers have been accounted for, is there a place where I could forward an inquiry about her? Thank you for any information you can give me about this and for ALL the amazing care you give the “least of these.” May God bless and keep you.

    Jennifer Wells

  56. John and Verna Christopher January 17, 2010

    We, too are anxious to get information on our sponsored child, but we understand that it may take time. We continue to pray and hope all is well with him. He does not live in Port Au Prince, but all of Haiti is affected. We would like to know if our child and his family is safe. We would be willing to help in a more meaningful way if necessary, if needed. Thanks to Compassion!!!

  57. Chris Giovagnoni January 17, 2010

    Kathy McCready,

    Are you asking about how to create a Web account on compassion.com?

    If so, you can do that here.

    I’m unsure what you’re referring to when you say “previous reference number” or “new number.”

    The only number you need to create a Web account is your sponsor number. If you have any letters from your child, your sponsor number will be listed on them.

    However, if you can’t locate your sponsor number you can use your e-mail address too, assuming you provided that address to Compassion when you filled out your sponsorship paperwork.

    If you need additional assistance, please call 800-336-7676 to speak with a sponsor relations representative.

  58. JENNIFER RAMS January 17, 2010


  59. Kathy McCready January 17, 2010

    My sponsored child is Jameson, in Carrefour. I only have the previous reference number on hand. In order to create an account, I need the new number. How can I create an account, please? (Anxiously awaiting word on the safety of Jameson and his family.)

  60. Kerry Kormos January 17, 2010

    I as well pray for the compassion staff and volunteers as well as all the people of Haiti that they will receive God’s intervention and assistance through all this. Godspeed to all of you!

  61. Kerry Kormos January 17, 2010

    Hi all from Canada! I recently sponsored a young teenage girl a few months ago who is from Haiti. Her name is Marie. She and her uncle, aunt and siblings are in a Martissant which is part of Port Au Prince. I’m very concerned and am believing God that his protection over them is sufficient. I hope to hear something soon!!

  62. Christy & kids January 17, 2010

    Our girl Sanda lives in Kapol (Capol)(sp). Does anyone know where in Haiti it is located? Praying for her, her family, and all those affected.

  63. Randy and Connie Buckner January 16, 2010

    We pray that Avriste and his family are safe. Any one know how long it may take for us to find out how our sponsor children are in Haiti?

  64. Vicki Bachman January 16, 2010

    My child Wilson lives in Port Au Prince.I have not stopped thinking of him and his dear grandmother who writes to us.I would love to hear of his safety and am praying for him daily.

  65. Merrill family January 16, 2010

    We sponsor Sajage, a 10 year old 4th grade boy. We are not sure where he lives in Haiti, and are praying for him and his family.

  66. Jamie January 16, 2010

    My heart is burdened for the people of Haiti. I am in constant prayer for Katiana, my sponsor child in Port au Prince, I pray that her and her family are ok.
    To the Compassion staff in Haiti, our prayers are with you as well, we are grateful for your service for God’s glory!

    Hebrews 4:16
    Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need

  67. The Middleton Family January 16, 2010

    We hope and pray for the family of our sponsored child Mike Tayson …I hope and pray that we here something soon. Our hopes and prayers go out to all involved in lending assistance to the people of Hati.

  68. Elli and Rick January 16, 2010

    Our sponsored child Vedaly and the other children and their families are on our minds and hearts. Thank you for the work that you do. Be safe and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  69. Cara January 16, 2010

    We are concerned for our sponsor child Merlange (HA 610). Our prayers are with all of Compassion and the churches and people of Haiti. I can only imagine the difficulty it will be to locate everyone. I pray we will hear something soon. Thank you Compassion!

  70. Joann Cousin January 16, 2010

    We haven’t heard a word about our child.I pray that she is safe.I wanted to make contact with others.I signed up at Compassioncare and found other sponsors who have children at HA310,Haiti I invited them as friends but don’t know how to have a conversation with them,What can I do??

  71. Michele & Pete January 16, 2010

    Our family and children are praying for our Compassion child, Jean-Baptiste, in Carrefour, about 2 miles from Port-au-Prince, we believe.

    And for our former Compassion child Jean Ricaudeau as well.

    Prayers for these children and their families…thank you, Compassion, for all you have done in the past, and all you are doing now, Peace.

  72. Pat Betchley January 16, 2010

    Our prayers are with all of the people in Haiti. We especially pray for our sponsored child, Gerrier Patrick and his family. Patrick will be 11 on the 21st of January. Happy Birthday Patrick. Gods blessings to you and your family. Love, Pat & Curt.

  73. Tosha and Aaron Tanquary January 16, 2010

    Our child left the program in August and we didn’t learn about it until November….but now I guess we won’t know about how he and his family are doing…. our hearts are heavy… but we are trusting that God has this in His control….praying for you Jean Fednel!!! and your family sweet boy! and we will miss hearing from you and seeing you grow! You’ll always be in our hearts and prayers!!! The Tanquarys

  74. Pastor Samme Palermo January 16, 2010

    Little Jimmyson Seme will be 8 years old in September! He is living near the Rabtoteau Child Development Center with his mother and two siblings! I am praying for ther safety and the safety of all those that have dedicated themselves to the work of ending suffering for children! May God’s blessings surround you all …

  75. Mary Ann Wuenstel January 16, 2010

    We are following very closely events in Haiti. Our little girl, Penia Gabriel, Torbeck Development Center, is constantly in our prayers. We also are thinking of Rosalordes, who aged out a few years ago. Our prayers are with the children and workers, who continue to give so much. God be with them all.

  76. Patty Bolz January 16, 2010

    My son had a vocabulary word this week–fervent. I told him we are fervently praying our Marie and her family are ok in Haiti! It is so hard to wait and not know, but I pray for the peace that only God can give to both Marie and her family and all of us with sponsored children.

  77. Shelley Van Dine January 16, 2010

    I am praying for my sponsored child, Rose-Phanie Cadeis and her uncle who writes to me for her, she is only 5 years old, and her parents and all of her family. I pray that God is keeping them safe and unhurt and that they have been able to connect with their church and Compassion ministers. I pray that all of our sponsored children and Compassion staff members are safe and accounted for. I praise God for the response of all the churches and church organizations that are responding to Haiti in this time of their great need for relief, comfort, medical assistance and food & water, and of course the love of Jesus that these churches are showing to the people and government of Haiti.

  78. Frances Rivera January 16, 2010

    I sponser achild in Haiti named Junior. All my friends and I are praying for him and his family. I pray God will be with all the people of Haiti and the workers of Compassion International.God bless you for all you do for all these children.
    Frances Rivera

  79. Tim Kott January 16, 2010

    I sponser a child in Haiti named Billy. It is his 7th Birthday Today 1/16/2010. Billy I pray you are safe. God keep him safe. Happy Birthday Billy! Love Mr. Tim

  80. Adam & Rachel Nicolosi January 16, 2010

    Thank you Compassion for trying to educate us on how very difficult it is for you and your staff to respond to such a devastating crisis. Although we are very worried about our two kids, we are also aware that there are thousands of other children also affected. May God truly guide you in all that you do to respond to this horrible tragedy.

  81. Cletha January 15, 2010

    Although my sponsored children do not live in Haiti, I feel the pain of all the sponsors who worry about their children. Like so many others, I will continue to pray for all of the people affected by this earthquake, but especially the children who are so vulnerable. I also pray for Compassion’s staff, the churches that have projects, and all the relief workers. May they feel the presence and strength of God as they become the hands and feet of Jesus to the Haitian people.
    For those who do not know the location of their child’s project in relationship to Port-au-Prince, I suggest searching for it on Google maps. For Deaun (#34) I found that Ericka is about 45 mi. north of the epicenter.

  82. Laura Robertson January 15, 2010

    Our family is deeply concerned about our dear child Fedana. We pray for her family and for God’s protection over them. We are praying for the entire country and all of the people affected and involved. We are anxious to hear news of her safety.

  83. Matt Windsor January 15, 2010

    Worried about our child, Minaha Jacquet, and her family, who live just 5 km outside of Port-au-Prince. It’s breaking my heart to not know their status; but I will continue to pray that as many as possible will be saved, including our sponsored child and her family.

  84. Becky Whtie January 15, 2010

    We have sponsored our little girl Jesula for several years, she always asks for prayers for her family during hurricane season, even those worried her. She hopes to become a nurse like my daughter someday, we are praying she is safe and can live her dream, as we certainly can see that career would be a blessing in that area. We are praying for her and everyone affected as we all wait patiently for some news.

  85. Nadine January 15, 2010

    Our child Sterling attends the Cite des Jeunes Child Development Center. I can’t locate it. Can someone please tell me if it was in the earthquake area.

  86. Jan S January 15, 2010

    We are concerned for Steevenson (HA724) and his family, and are eager to hear that he is safe. He goes to the Cite des Jeunes Child Development Center and lives with his father and uncle in Delmas. We have sponsored him for four years.

  87. Dinah Zapata January 15, 2010

    I am praying for everyone in Haiti. I am concerned about our sponsered child, Claudine and so anxious to hear any news.I know God is with her and will watch over her.
    Dinah Zapata

  88. Joann Johnson January 15, 2010

    Words cannot express the feeling in my heart to know that so many people in Haiti are struggling though this disaster. I too call on our Heavenly Father to comfort, guide and heal these people … to keep my sweet Carolaine and her family safe and together and to be with the relief workers. Bring this nation HOPE!

  89. Deb K January 15, 2010

    I too sponsor a child in Haiti. His name is Israel and he lives about 48 km north of Cap-Haitien – and attends the John Wesley Child Center. It’s north of the epicenter but I still have no idea if he or his family is ok. I have been praying for everyone in Haiti but am anxiously awaiting news to see if Israel is ok. Pray for him and his family along with everyone else in Haiti. I wish I could be one of the people going to help. KEEP ON PRAYING

  90. MARY WATSON January 15, 2010

    We are very worried about our sponsored child, Sherley and her family. We are praying for her and those of her family and countrymen.
    May God bless you dear Sherley and your country of Haiti.

  91. Don and Mary Patterson January 15, 2010

    We are praying for our sponsored child Enice Eliantus, her mother, and family. Hope to hear something soon. May God’s peace be with them.

  92. Vicki Small January 15, 2010

    My heart goes out to you sponsors of children in Haiti. None of ours are there, but any were, I know we would be as anxious to hear about them as you are.

    To Terry and Vicki and anyone else who wonders about providing financial help: I think you’ll find a few places to click on Compassion’s home page to donate to the Disaster Relief Fund for Haiti. Every penny will count!

  93. Vince and Leigh Felletter January 15, 2010

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to our sponsored child, Dashcar, and hope that she, her family and all those close to her are safe.

  94. Terry P. Lawrence January 15, 2010

    We were just checking on our child, Neslin Informe, who lives in Haiti. We were wondering if there is anything we can do to help financially. Thanks, Terry and Vicki Lawrence

  95. Barb & Susan January 15, 2010

    Please pray for out little girls Velma Rose and Didine. We know Velma Rose was in the area hit hardest by the hearthquake, while Didine is 10 miles away. Please pray for the safety for their families.

  96. Darci & Dave Ryke January 15, 2010

    We are praying for our Compassion child Angeline & that she is ok. Last report was that she was in Carrefour. Don’t know how bad that area was affected. Our hearts break for these people. May Christ be a light in such a dark, poverished land.

  97. Douglas & Judy Platt January 15, 2010

    Our Huberson lives in Port au Prince, while Jimson and Kelly in Petit Goave. We are in unceasing prayer. The earthquake has truly heightened our awareness of the overwhelming poverty and lawlessness in Haiti. Our comfort is knowing that each of our boys have accepted Our Lord Jesus as their Saviour! How comforting also to see the response of prayer by so many. May peace & grace be given to all affected by this tragedy.

  98. Samantha Hart January 15, 2010

    Thank you God for your promises. I need not worry for you are in control of all things. Please comfort Emilio and his family as they deal with what is going on around them. In my heart I know that you have a shield of protection around him. Please remind them that you are there in the midst of their pain and you will never leave them. Our trust remains in you Lord.

  99. Kkaren Manna January 15, 2010

    Our sponsored child, Bastien, is in our prayers as well as all the Haitian people. Now is the time to unify in prayer…..I hope we hear something soon, as my 7 and 5 yr olds are having trouble understanding nature’s wrath…..

  100. kathy January 15, 2010

    Our boy’s name is Sony. I’m nost sure exactly where he lives in Haiti. His brother has been sick, and I am hoping his family is together, and that his brother was not in the hospital. We anxously await news of him and his family. We pray for him and all of the children (and adults) affected by the earthquake. What a blessing to read these notes and see the love and concern of so many people.

  101. Sarah January 15, 2010

    My heart is broken for these precious children and their families. I am prayig for miracles to happen.

  102. Katlin Thomas January 15, 2010

    Praying for my little Evenson, he lives 10 miles south of where the earthquake originated. I am so thankful to know that there is such an awesome organization down there to help the people who are suffering so badly. Our prayers are with the people of Haiti and the Compassion staff! God be with you.

  103. Donja Arkell January 15, 2010

    Our family has supported our dear Enide for nearly 7 years and our hearts are aching for her and her family. She lives near Petit Goave, close to the epicenter of this earthquake. It is so hard to wait, and my heart fears the worst. But God is a God who KNOWS and He cares for His precious children even more than we do. Lord, please protect them with your loving arms. We trust you in this difficult time.

  104. Mary Egbertson January 15, 2010

    My compassion child, Lazard, lives in Port-au-Prince. Our prayers is that he and his family are safe. Prayers also for all the other children and families devestated by this quake. I can’t imagine how difficult life there must be, especially in this country where life was already difficult.

  105. Gabby Borrayo January 15, 2010

    Hello, Want to have you check on my sponsored child, Geucthine #HA-800. Also, want to offer to help her in any way possible or also her family with money or support i.e. bring her to USA for treatment if necessary. Will also pay for mecical care and education. Enclosed donation hopefully for her or her family. Thanks and God Bless you for your help to those in Haiti. Gabby Borrayo

  106. robin dunbar January 15, 2010

    Thank you Compassion for taking the risk to be in Haiti. It is heartbreaking to see the images on TV. It is encouraging to know that so many sponsers are praying and that finally after decades of dispair, US citizens will be enlightened to what our very close neighbors endure on a minute to minute basis. Again, thank you compassion for giving us the opportunity to minister to the people in Haiti.

  107. Douglas & Susanna January 15, 2010

    Our “daughter” Este lives in Saint Michel de l’ Attalye ( in the northern mountains ??) She is the light of our life; a budding artist,devoted servant of Jesus, a girl mature beyond her 10 years. Her town is further north but we are sure that indirectly the crisis will affect her and her family in regards to food, water and medication. Nonetheless we still pray for her safety and all the children and CI staff who are so close to the devastation. The Lord knows where they are, either in Haiti or safely wisked away in His loving arms for eternity.

  108. Jo January 15, 2010

    I am praying for my sponsored girl Woodjaflie in Haiti, her family and all the children, their families and compassion workers that are in Haiti. Lord please keep them all safe and well.

  109. Chris Giovagnoni January 14, 2010


    If the first two characters of your child’s number are HA, she is in Haiti.

    You can find your child number on the letters she sends you as well as within My Account on compassion.com.

  110. Kayla Steele January 14, 2010

    I was wondering about my little girl Modeline. I was wondering if she was from Haiti or not… I really need to know if she is from there or not bc’s im really worried about her!!! I love her with all my heart and she is like my own and i dont have any kids yet.. Please let me know if she is from Haiti or not!!!!

  111. Karen Nichols January 14, 2010

    I pray for my dear Renalda, for her twin, for her whole family. They live in the Ghana Ve area which is on the very north coast. I pray she is well. I have her picture in front of me at all times…may God be with the entire country.

  112. Tom and Denise Koran January 14, 2010

    Please pray for our sponsor child marrio and his family in Haiti. We have sponsored him for five years and what a blessing he has been to us. We will wait with great hope that he and his family are ok. We love you Marrio

  113. Kathie Kooy January 14, 2010

    Father God,
    We are deeply saddened by the recent destruction in Haiti. Our hearts ache for the people of this country who are now dealing with the aftermath of this devastating earthquake. May you stir in many a desire to donate resources (time, money,clothing, etc.)to help these precious people in their time of great need. And in a way that only You can, please bring about good from this terrible tragedy. Amen.

  114. Richard Ziegler January 14, 2010

    Thank you for all you do for the children of Haiti. Can you please tell us about 199 and 730 our children Gensly and Widlande. I could not find them on the map. I think they are in the North. God bess you. Nancy

  115. Filippa and David Mammel January 14, 2010

    Our sponsored child is Lovelie and we are praying for her and her family as well as all of the other people of Haiti. It’s wonderful to read all of your thoughts and prayers.

  116. Eileen Neary January 14, 2010

    My heart hurts to see what is happening in Haiti. Louderline, my child, I pray for you and your family. I pray you are safe and hold you close in my heart and prayers.

  117. June Roman January 14, 2010

    We join our prayers with all of you for the people of Haiti especially the children. Our family sponsor 2 children, Ricaedo and Sterline. We are not exactly sure where they are in relation to the epic center but God knows. Another emailer shared the words from Pslams 46:1-3.

  118. Steve @ Lora Luck January 14, 2010

    Our girl is Jean Wiberline, and we are so concerned about her welfare with the earthquake. We recieved a nice Christmas letter last week and were glad to here from her. We are praying for her and know she is in God’s hands. Hope to hear something soon. Thank you!

  119. Allison January 14, 2010

    My heart breaks over Haiti. I had the privilege to go and serve there in 2004…Life Changing. God, be in their midst, let people call out to you and sense your Presence. I pray for all the workers and efforts to help. May the Lord be your strength. Naissa Leon, my child, I pray you are safe in the arms of God or your family.

  120. Tina Kessler January 14, 2010

    My prayers have not stopped for my sponsored child Estephania and her family.I immediately went to a map to find her location, from what I can tell she is not very far away from the epicenter, in fact I heard that same town mentioned on CNN today. The stories of survival are jut amazing, may God grant strength to all rescue workers and everyone doing their part to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti. I will be waiting to hear word of my dear Estephania who celebrated her 10th birthday the day after the quake.

  121. Judy Wagaman January 14, 2010

    We have been praying for our compassion child and everyone that has had to go through this terrible earthquake. Our prayers go out to your staff and for guidance during this very hard time.

  122. Chris Giovagnoni January 14, 2010

    Thanks Juli. I fixed it.

  123. Pat Merrill January 14, 2010

    Please pray with me for Jean and her family. She has grown so much in 4 years, and applies herself so earnestly to school. She lives in the far SW pat of the island, near the tip of the peninsula. I know I will likely not know anything for days/weeks. Thank you.

  124. Michelle January 14, 2010

    I’ve been praying for all of the people in Haiti as well as the rescue people…. but now I’m adding all of you sponsors to my prayers. I hope you hear about your children soon and that it is good news!

  125. Juli Jarvis January 14, 2010

    Your link for “Haiti Earthquake Updates” on this blog post is not working —

  126. Jacalyn Mackie January 14, 2010

    Even while I am praying for all those in Haiti, whether residents or aid workers, I am desperate to hear word of our child, Wilmide, age 15. Many years ago, we lost touch with a child under Foster Parents Plan (now Plan) during the Liberian Civil War. Her name was Asatu Lamie, and it is likely that we will never know what happened to her and her family. Knowing, even bad news, is better than always wondering.

  127. Laura and Adam January 14, 2010

    We sponsor a child Diana in the Riviere Salee Child Development Center. We are praying and wondering if Diana and her family is okay. What can we do to help them?

  128. Christy January 14, 2010

    As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country Proverbs 25:25 We anxiously wait to hear from those who we care about. I am praying for Nickson and Jean and their families, as well as everyone in Haitu.

  129. Joanne Payne January 14, 2010

    I have been sponsoring a 10 year old named Stanley in Haiti for several years, and like most of you, have gotten close through the letters and pictures that are exchanged. My thoughts and prayers go out to this family and all those that have been affected by this quake. May the Lord bring help to them soon.

  130. Michael January 14, 2010

    My prayers are with all of the aid efforts (especially those supporting drinking water), all of the people of Haiti and especially my sponsored child, Elifaite and his family. His 12th Birthday is later this month. I pray that the faith of all believers there (and those providing/supporting aid) might be a living testimony and witness to others.
    Thank you for your efforts to aid the relief and provide information even through these most difficult communication circumstances.
    Psalm 121:1-2

  131. Loren January 14, 2010

    I, like, most people on this page, sponsor a little boy in Haiti. Pierre is his name. I am so worried about him.

    God, I lift him up to you and trust you with him.

  132. Toni Murray January 14, 2010

    My sponsored child is Donise. I am so worried. Last year she had H1N1. I am not sure where she lives. My prayers are with all there.

  133. Deaun January 14, 2010

    My sponsor child, Ericka is in Haiti and I feel the same as the comment above by Ted, I have been so worried about all the people in Haiti since news broke, this tragedy is near to my heart and is weighing heavily on my heart, I pray for Ericka and her family and everyone in the country. I have looked on the google map and I do not think Ericka is too close to Port Au Prince, but maybe someone knows how close the area of Gonaives is to Port Au Prince, I would appreciate any info. God Bless all in Haiti and the workers

  134. Eddy & Charlyne January 14, 2010

    Prayers for the safety of our little girl that we sponsor, Jessica Paul, her family and several others we know in Haiti. May God supply the vast needs of this country.

  135. Linda January 14, 2010

    We are worried about our dear little one, Eliel. From all I can determine, he lives very near the epi-center. I pray that God hold him and all of our dear little ones safely in his hands. Like everyone, I’m anxious to learn any specifics about him. Thank you, Compassion, for doing what we can’t do from afar. I pray that you are also held safely in our Father’s almighty hands and you serve.

  136. Mr. & Mrs. Ken Merrill January 14, 2010

    Our heart and prayers go out to everyone involved in this troubled area. We are the sponsors of Rose-Lanie and pray for her and her family. We hope and pray that they are safe and we also pray for communication as soon as it is possible. May your staff be in safe hands.

  137. Jackie L. January 14, 2010

    Our prayers are with everyone in Haiti, especially our sponsored-child, Fritzie, and her family. Thank you for sharing the communication process with us, it helps. God Bless Compassion and the work they do every day! We will wait patiently and pray for God’s mercy.

  138. John and Patsy Burton January 14, 2010

    We are praying for Meprimene, who lives about 50 miles west of Port-au-Prince, that she will be safe and that her family and friends will find grace to endure this tragedy. We hope that confirmation of her well-being may come in due time.

  139. Danielle January 14, 2010

    It was very comforting to read the comments made by everyone here. I am sponsoring a child in Haiti. Her name is Lee Angela. I would have never been quite as disturbed by what is going on there if it were not for her. I am worried that her and her mother are ok. Hearing though that thoughts and prayers that have been expressed on this blog has been very helpful. I too am praying for Lee Angela’s and the rest of Haiti.

  140. Kurt January 14, 2010

    My sponsored child’s name is Pierre, please pray for him and his family. God be with the compassion workers in Haiti.

  141. Patrick and Cindy January 14, 2010

    We sponsor a child named Anderson in Aquin and are praying for he and his family. We are praying for all of the people of Haiti and those that are assisting with the rescue effort and disaster relief. God bless those responsible for these ministries and the work done in the name of Christ. We would appreciate any information on the impact to Aquin.
    God Bless,
    Patrick and Cindy

  142. Jeanne Hochstetler January 14, 2010

    We are praying for our dear child Sandrine Jean and her family. The destruction is just too devastating. Our hearts go out to all the people of Haiti and more so our prayers. I want to board a plane and help, it is so hard just waiting to hear if Sandrine is okay. God Bless all of you at Compassion for all you are doing. May you bring good news that Sandrine is safe and sound. Words can not describe the mere shock, sadness, and helplessness we are feeling at this time.

  143. Myra Anderson January 14, 2010

    We sponsor Wulfgar. We understand he lives in Port-Au-Prince. We are very concerned for him and his family. We are praying for their safety. We recently wrote him of a small miracle God granted us. We are praying that God may grant them a large miracle, safety amidst distruction.

  144. Jenny January 13, 2010

    I have created a website called http://www.hope-for-haiti.blogspot.com A number of popular bloggers and web designers have pulled our resources together and are offering (as of January 13th) over 10 raffles. All money donated will be given (half) to The American Red Cross and (half) to Compassion. Please take a look and consider purchasing a raffle ticket. There are some great prizes already and more to come!!

  145. Ken January 13, 2010

    Please pray for all the families and especially the children. Loukencia is our sponser child and we are very concerned as she just lost her father to a health issue before the earthquake. God be with us all…

  146. Judie Hays January 13, 2010

    My husband and I have a wonderful young man in Haiti. We are praying for Clausel, his family and his country. Thank you Compassion staff for all of your efforts. May God continue to bless this ministry and the lives of all these precious children! May the people of Haiti feel God’s love and mercy during this very difficult time.

  147. Angel Noble January 13, 2010

    I am so very worried for my sponsored girl, Christanaele. We just sent her a letter and colored page a few days ago. Our hearts are aching for them all. Words are not enough. We are praying for all in Haiti, Compassion’s staff and all going there to help. God bless and I hope to hear about Christanaele soon!!

  148. Susan Topoleski January 13, 2010

    Thank you for this communication! I sent a message this morning asking for any available information about our child’s status. I am very concerned about Michael and his family as they live less than 2 miles from Port-Au-Prince. We are praying for them often, and our young boys are very concerned for them as well. We continue to pray for the victims, workers, and all those involved who are trying to help.

  149. Judy Fester January 13, 2010

    My precious Marie attends (and presumably lives near) a Child Development Center that is located at the epicenter, so she’s bound to be affected. I am trying to trust God to be protecting her, but it’s been hard! Despite having so little, “ma petite choux” has heaped riches of love on me.
    Please, Lord, wrap Your loving arms around her and EVERYONE there; help them somehow feel Your presence.

  150. Hilary Floreal January 13, 2010

    We are praying for our sponsored daughter Diana and her family. Words can not describe the sadness we feel for the people of Haiti.

  151. mary moccia January 13, 2010

    Please continue praying for all the Compassion staff, children and their families.
    I have 2 dear children living in Haiti,Rose and Marconel.
    Please agree with me in prayer that the Lord is surrounding them (and all the Compassion children, staff members, and families) with God’s favor as a shield, according to Psalm 5:12.

  152. Richard Cheney January 13, 2010

    I am praying for our Wilson and his family in Haiti! We can only trust our God that he is in His hands. I’m just anxious to know anything,and how long it will take to hear from Compassion or Wilson. God Help us all!

  153. Linda January 13, 2010

    I am saddened and shocked as I see the news and the images of the devestation caused by the earthquake in Haiti.

    I cannot stop thinking about my precious Marise and her family, and wondering how they are faring. Thoughts flood my mind….are they okay?….was Marise or anyone in her family injured?….is she even still alive? (Please Lord….)

    Thank you Compassion for letting me know what to expect in terms of learning about the status of this child I’ve been sponsoring in Haiti since she was just a little girl. I realize it may take awhile to get information, and I want to thank you for all you do to try to keep your sponsors updated.

    I will be calling tomorrow to make a contribution to help in the relief effort. God bless you all for your efforts on behalf of these devestated people.

    May the Lord give you all extraordinary wisdom, provision, favor, and revelation in the days ahead, and may He send forth His ministering angels to assist you as you seek to minister to the Haitian people in this disaster. Thank you again.

  154. Nancy Zick January 13, 2010

    Thank you for your ministry and presence in Haiti. I have been praying for the young girl that we sponsor through our Worship Center. I will also continue to pray for ALL those who have been affected by the earthquake.

  155. Audrey Owens January 13, 2010

    We are praying for everyone in Haiti. My little Girl is Gesika, I just got a letter from her on Saturday, what a blessing she has been to us. We will continue to pray for for for her, her family, all the staff, relief workers, and all of God’s people going throught this devastating time. Our prayers are with you.

  156. Darlene Roth January 13, 2010

    We have sponsored Kerline for many years and we love her from afar. I am devistated that she and her family may have been affected by the earthquake. How can we know that she is safe. Our prayers are strong for her safety.

  157. Ted Van Over January 13, 2010

    As soon as I heard the news yesterday of the quake, I began praying for my sponsored child and his family. I know they are in God’s care. I’m slightly optimistic because they live about 80 miles west of the center of the quake. But the thing that struck me is the change Compassion has made in ME. Before I started sponsoring Anderson, if I saw this story I would have said a quick prayer and then gone on with my life. Now it has consumed almost my entire waking time. I am gobbling up every bit of news that I can. I am praying for my child and his family as well as the rest of the country. I’m ashamed to think that I probably wouldn’t have had this concern before, but I’m thankful that God has used Compassion to give me more concern for my fellow man.

  158. Randy January 13, 2010

    We just recieved a letter from our sponser child Jasner on Monday. We are praying for Jasner and his family as well as the entire country as they struggle to recover from such devastation. May we hear word soon.

  159. Sherry & Mike Dawson January 13, 2010

    We are praying for everyone in Haiti. Please let us know if you hear about our sponser child Nethabia age 10 years old. WE also have some family in Haiti. Ted & kathy Steinhauer & their Daughter Melissa & her childen & spouse.

  160. Sharon Almond January 13, 2010

    I am praying for all of those that are with this crisis area. The childs, famities, and the staff. I have a girl that lives 30 miles near the crisis area

  161. Hannah January 13, 2010

    Thank you so much! Praying, praying, praying, PRAYING! My dear Kintherlord lives in Bainet. I actually live in Florida and one of my condo neighbors is native of Haiti. This is all near and dear to my heart as it must be to many others as well.

  162. Michelle January 13, 2010

    This is so heartbreaking…


  163. Juli Jarvis January 13, 2010

    I know it will not be easy to get information to us — these things will take time. In the meantime, we are praying for all the children, office staff and project workers in Haiti, as well as our disaster relief teams. I have two children I’m concerned about, but know that they are in God’s hands. I recall the communication process when Hurricane Georges devastated the area our child was in years ago. First, I heard from Compassion that he was in an area most highly affected. Then, weeks later — I received word that he and his family did lose their home but all were safe. Finally, months later, I received what I’d been waiting for — for so long — a letter from Josue himself! He spoke about school and his activities, and then added one sentence about the hurricane in the middle of his discourse: “We lost our home and everything we owned, but thank God that we are all well.” Then he continued his letter with other topics as though nothing had happened. I was very touched by that. I know this event is much, much bigger. I fear that Josue may have been in Port -au- Prince working, and I realize I will not hear from him because he completed his sponsorship with Compassion when he reached his completion date. He’s 29 now, but I sponsor his younger brother, so hope to get some news from him about the entire family eventually. I will be patient and continue to pray always…

  164. Amy Wallace January 13, 2010

    Praying, praying, praying for Haiti!

  165. Becky November 16, 2009

    Thanks for putting things in perspective for us. In our highly connected society here, it can be hard for us to realize how challenging communication truly is in a large scale disaster. Most of us cannot comprehend being in a life or death situation following such a disaster for weeks, yet it definitely happens in other parts of the world all too frequently.

  166. Amy Wallace November 16, 2009

    Although we would like to get information on the safety of our sponsored children, we often forget about how much works has to go into this. Thanks for the reminder.

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