Diarrhea Stinks!


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  1. Compassiondave March 21, 2009

    wonderful stuff–I am enjoying Compassion’s root growth.

  2. Mike Stephens March 19, 2009

    Yes it is amazing to see how many people do not have clean water!!!

  3. Jill Foley March 19, 2009

    Thank you for the information on this ministry…I think it’s very cool that you are promoting another ministry…another opportunity for us to get involved in the fight against poverty.

  4. Vicki Small March 19, 2009

    Will Compassion be setting up a clean-water fund for its partnership with H.W.? Any literature forthcoming?

    1. Chris Giovagnoni April 1, 2009


      We won’t be setting up a Complementary Intervention fund specifically to benefit Healing Waters, but we are working on creating a fund that with a clean water component to it.

  5. Sarah C March 19, 2009

    I opened the blog and saw this blog title and giggled. Not to say this isn’t a serious problem but thanks for the double-take this morning!

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