What Will It Take For You to Feel Blessed Today?

What would have to happen in your life for you to think of yourself as someone who is truly and genuinely blessed?

What will it take for you to feel like God is smothering you with kindness today?

I want to laugh. If I could have a rolling on the floor, unable to breathe, can’t stop crying, deep belly laugh, I’d feel blessed.

Do you have an “if list” or a “God to-do list”? Something with a deliverable like mine or something that covers your health, job, finances, relationships, struggles or emotions? Something that’s 9/11 related or something that requires God to come through for you?

I’d be surprised if you don’t. But that’s not the way you should be thinking. God has already blessed you.

Scripture verse Ephesians 1:3 with picture of a seed sprouting

If you’ve trusted Christ there is no one who is more blessed by God than you. And that blessing is for all time. Even if you don’t feel it.

Feeling blessed is a relative thing. When we focus on what we don’t have it’s difficult to feel blessed. But you have been blessed.

You are being blessed right now, and you will be blessed as you follow God.

Live your life from this position. Don’t focus your mind, time and energy on, “I hope God blesses me.” That’s an approach that will produce unwelcome results in your spiritual life.

In your walk with God, it makes a huge difference when you view yourself as already blessed. It makes a huge difference when you view your future blessings as a sure thing.

If we view ourselves as “blessed with every spiritual blessing” our spiritual life. God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing, and ultimately, it’s not about God convincing us, it’s about us choosing to believe Him.

Ultimately, it comes down to whom we’re willing to believe.

  • God. Who says,

    I’ve given you everything you need. You are blessed. Walk with and follow me. You will not regret it.

  • Our world. Which says,

    That’s not enough. What you really need is this thing. When you get that, you’ll be happy and know He loves you.

Every day, whether it’s 9/11 or not, we wake up and have to decide who to believe. God or the world.

What will it take for you to feel blessed today?

Special thanks to Jonathan Cleveland, the Discipleship Pastor at Pulpit Rock Church in Colorado Springs, who also contributed to this post.

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  1. Jill Foley September 13, 2011

    Thank you for this message, Chris. What a powerful reminder of what we have in Christ.

  2. Maria Renata Cogoni September 11, 2011

    Oggi sono varamente felice, quindi posso dire benedetta dal Signore, perchè ho ricevuto una lettera da Dorothy, la ” mia ” bimba ugandese, che sponsorizzo.

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