The Greeting That Changed a Little Girl’s Life

Chaltu lives in a village in Ethiopia’s Oromia region. She is an eighth grader who will soon take her national exams. She has three brothers and five sisters, and is the youngest in her large family.

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Life was extremely difficult for Chaltu’s family. They owned neither cattle nor land. And because there were eight children in the family, her parents could not meet her needs because they were heavily struck by poverty.

Chaltu shares,

“I didn’t have crucial educational materials. I also didn’t even have a change of clothing. My family and I frequently ate only once a day. There were also occasions when we spent a day without food.”

Chaltu joined our child sponsorship program in a unique and surprising way.

One day a group of sponsors came to visit their sponsored children at the Obi Kale Hiwot Child Development Center. Because Chaltu lived around the center, she wanted to greet the sponsors.

She ran to follow their car until it stopped. One sponsor spotted Chaltu as she was watching the sponsors interact with the other children. He was curious about her. He greeted her and then asked us about Chaltu.

When he was told that she wasn’t registered at the child development center, he then wanted to sponsor her.

The first day Chaltu came to be registered at the center was unforgettable to her.

“The child development center compound was crowded with a lot of children. Because I knew what had been done for them, I was sure that the same thing would be done for me. Thus, I was really excited to be part of it.”

Of all the benefits she gained from the program, Chaltu is most grateful that she came to know the Lord of her life, Jesus Christ.

“I had never heard about Jesus Christ prior to my arrival at the center. Compassion is the cause for the change of direction in my life. Not only have I come to know Jesus Christ, but my family has also come to be saved!”

Chaltu’s favorite Bible story is about Hannah, whose prayer astonishes the girl. Due to her persistent prayer to God, Hannah was able to get an answer for her request. Chaltu is encouraged by Hannah’s story because it inspires her to seek God’s face at all times for answers to problems in life.

Her role model is her pastor at the church. He has been a good example for her because he shows commitment to all his engagements.

international girls day

Chaltu aspires to become a medical doctor and serve her beloved country by helping those who are in need of treatment for their sicknesses.

She has a special affection for her sponsors. No one who knew her in the village did the things that her sponsors has done for her. Chaltu tells us,

“It is really amazing! I quickly had a place in my sponsors’ hearts. I always think about them and the help they have given me. They are my reward from God. I always pray for my sponsors. May God bless them abundantly!”

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  1. dani February 22, 2014

    Nice story Like Me and my Family.

  2. Mike Stephens October 12, 2013

    love how hannah is her favorite story! this song talks about hannah

    here’s the lyrics Ch: I’l fight like Jacob n Pray like Elijah Wont leave him as Jacob didnt leave u
    I’l pray like Hannah in ur temple
    till my sorrow is turned 2 joy
    I will rejoice n sing lyk David
    Even if Gaint Goliath comes i wil destroy him in d name of Jesus

  3. Hannah H. October 11, 2013

    Wow! What a neat story! It’s so fun to see how God works.

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