How Can a Slum Start?

During the Blood, Sweat and Compassion challenge to climb Kilimanjaro in January 2012 we grabbed a minute with Eugene, one of Compassion Kenya’s staff (who was climbing the mountain with us) to ask him a few questions about the nature of poverty.

You can also view How Can a Slum Start? on YouTube.

How Can a Slum Start? was originally posted on the Compassion UK blog.

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  1. Marvin September 28, 2012

    He talks about some interesting things. How they thought that poverty in South Africa was not as bad as what they had…but I’m sure that people in South Africa look at poverty in America or England and say…they have it so well, but people in America think they are so poor…. I wonder how we can really understand poverty… how we can define… to have enough. Is enough having the choice to have running water…? I know that compassion defines poverty as having choices… but how many choices do we need to say that we are not in poverty…?

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