How I Came to Christ

Fourteen registered children, three Child Survival Program (CSP) mothers and one CSP father from the Rom–Prakun Child Development Center in Thailand were recently baptized.

Orasa is one of the youth who was baptized, and this is her testimony.

My name is Orasa. I now study at grade 11 at Mea La Noi Daronsik School. My family believes in God.

I have been attending the child development center for seven years and I gain useful knowledge there. The center equips and develops me in many areas and I meet many good friends.

When the church taught me about salvation and baptism, God softened my heart so that I wanted to have personal relationship with Him. A few days after the teaching I decided to receive Jesus Christ into my life. I confessed my sins and received my new life on that day.

Two days later, I was baptized in the river. It is my joy to walk with God.

I love going to church, I have joy, and when I begin to gossip about others, I feel that I am committing a sin. God always reminds me in doing things nowadays.

God loves His children and now I am a daughter of God. God takes care of me and I would like to show my appreciation for His provision.

Thank God for the church that opened the door for me and my friends to understand and receive Jesus Christ. From now on, I will serve God. Even though it is just a little thing, I am willing to serve and glorify him. I hope my life will honor God.

I would like to express my thankfulness to the staff at the church and thank you for my family to guide me. They help me know and understand God’s love.

The most important person I would like to say thank you to is my sponsor, Angela, who supports me. God bless you.


This is the testimony of Nida, one of the mothers in the Child Survival Program.

Hello. My name is Nida. I am 19. I am a mother of a child who attends the Child Survival Program. I am very glad and very happy to write a testimony.

I came from a nonbelieving family. I am a minority in Myanmar and I moved to work in Chiang Mai. I met my husband there. I have been married for three years now and I have a child — her name is Nicharee.

My husband and I moved back to his hometown when I was pregnant. I was a Buddhist and my husband’s family were believers but not strong. They had never told me about God.

The Child Survival Program opened during my pregnancy and I had a chance to register. The reason they chose me is because I am very poor. I don’t have Thai citizenship so I cannot have benefits like Thai.

I am very grateful that I attend the program. It develops and trains me in many areas. They teach me to be a dressmaker, I know how to take care of my baby’s health, and I receive supplementary food.

My girl has good health and a good disposition. The best part I learn from the program is God’s love through the help of the staff. I learn to study the Bible, too.

At the beginning, I did not pay attention to the story of God or the Bible. I believed in Buddhist theory. But after I heard God’s story every week, I began to realize that I am a sinner and the only way to wash all my sin is through Jesus Christ.

I started to find out about the truth, and the staff told me that the church opened a class about salvation and baptism. After the class, I opened my heart to Jesus Christ to be my Savior. I was baptized a few days later.

I would like to thank God for Compassion and the Child Survival Program. I also would like to thank the donor who supports the program. I don’t have anything to pay back to you. I only pray that God will provide and bless you.


What is your testimony?

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    James October 14, 2010

    Thank you for sharing these testimonies, It always make my heart jump with joy hearing about another beliver and one less for the wolf in sheeps clothing. Yea for Orasa and Nida! May God bless them and keep them safe and well.

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    amy October 13, 2010

    Praise God.
    In his great mercy he has given you new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade- kept in heaven for you, who through faith are shielded by God’s power until the coming of the salvation that is ready to be revealed in the last time. 1 peter 1.3-5
    -great to hear your news Orasa and Nida- thanks for sharing it with us.
    make sure you always stay with Jesus- no matter what happens in your life. best wishes.

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    David October 12, 2010

    Orasa and Nida-You are both shining examples of God’s love. Your testimonies bring a warm smile to His face and are an inspiration to me. Thank you both for sharing your experiences. Let’s keep our focus on our Savior.

    Your brother in Christ,


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