How To Use Your Facebook For Good

My Aunt Kate first became a sponsor in 1979, before I was even born. She sponsored a child named Emilia from the Dominican Republic.

girl sponsored through compassion international.

Emilia, the girl Aunt Cara sponsored for many years.

She loved that little girl so much, and continues to talk about her often. My Aunt always said that if she ever had a daughter, she would have named her Emilia, but alas…three boys.

More than twenty years later, I joined the staff at Compassion. And Aunt Kate started telling me about Emilia, and saying that she would like to sponsor again. But she never got around to signing up.

Aunt Kate was the first person I thought of when I heard about an opportunity to find sponsors through my social network. I knew she would see that child’s photo on my Facebook page, think about Emilia, and act!

I was right!

Megan used her Facebook for good and visited Lesly Sophia

Megan visiting Lesly Sophia on her trip to Peru.

My Aunt Kate began sponsoring Lesly Sophia from Peru because of my advocacy. I was able to meet Lesly Sophia when I visited Peru and bring her a message and some gifts from my Aunt and Uncle.

I Started Praying for Peru and…

A few years later, I was able to participate in another “social advocacy” campaign, where we chose a country and a goal for how many kids we wanted to find sponsors for. I was soon heading to Peru, so I decided to focus on that country.

I opened my email one morning and found out two Peruvian children were sponsored from my page. It was a friend of mine who I had spoken to a couple weeks prior. We talked about my job and the ministry Compassion has, and how proud I was to work there. About the different places they work, and the local staff at indigenous churches who run the programs.

I could feel my face lighting up the more I spoke about it and I guess that excitement transferred to my friend. He saw me promote my page a little while later and he acted. As far as I know, this friend had never heard Compassion presented at a church or music concert. He’d never listened to a pastor or speaker tell him about the ministry. All he had to go off of was my testimony.

My Facebook Posts Led to More Than Sponsorships

I know of at least a couple other people who have sponsored children since I’ve started working at Compassion. And I like to think I had a small part to play in those stories. I’ve also sponsored several kids over the years, and am proud to be a part of their lives. But nothing compares to the feeling I received when I realized that people chose to sponsor these kids as a direct result of my actions.

And when I see my Aunt Kate or my other friend who sponsored, it’s like we have this wonderful story in common to talk about. I ask about the children they sponsor and they ask about the ones I do.

Friends use Facebook for good

These kinds of campaigns allow us sponsors to have a wider audience. Not just to people who go to our churches, but friends and family who live on the other side of the country or who don’t go to church at all. Even casual acquaintances who you wouldn’t expect to sponsor, can find themselves drawn in by the stories you post. They can hear about the child you sponsor and how she’s changed your life. They could find themselves wanting a little bit of that in their lives. And maybe they will act!

Do you want to use your own Facebook for good?

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  1. Felician Kabasa June 22, 2021

    I’m a pastor in assemblies of God local church in geita tanzania.children in our society we have a problem of lack of basic needs and many children roam in streets.i bought an area,so may I get help so as to build children center

    1. Jesse June 22, 2021

      Hello Felician! Thank you for your comment and for all you are doing as a Pastor! You clearly have a heart to help and serve your local community! That is truly inspiring. I am sorry to hear that the children in Tanzania lack basic care. We would be happy to see if we can partner with your Church to assist! Could you please send us a DM or email us at [email protected] so that we can look into your request? God bless!

  2. evans kamanda April 3, 2019

    Hello I have my children but not yet supported from compassion thus it mean you are not supporting Kenyans
    God bless you

    1. Shannon April 3, 2019

      Hi Evans,
      We do work in Kenya. If you are asking for Compassion to help you and your family directly, please email us at [email protected] and we can talk with you about this. Thank you!

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