How You Can Help Respond to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has only deepened the needs around the world that our church partners see every day. Here is how you can come alongside churches to help the children most in need.

You can provide food to children who are hungry.

A family of six sits outside a wood home holding food.

Manah and her husband’s income has been cut in half as a result of the pandemic. She and her husband couldn’t feed their children anything but rice, but now they have received groceries to feed their four children.

Children are no longer receiving school meals or the regular meals they received at the Compassion center. Even worse, many parents aren’t able to work — and therefore aren’t able to buy food. That’s why our church partners are helping provide food packages of essentials including rice, eggs, meat, milk, corn and dry goods.

You can provide critical hygiene supplies and education to families.

Many of the communities where Compassion serves are remote. They might not have access to education about how to prevent infection from COVID-19 or to supplies like hand sanitizer and protective masks. Our church partners are providing this vital support to families that wouldn’t otherwise receive it.

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You can provide rent assistance to families at risk of homelessness.

Sofia and Abukeker standing in a doorway

Sofia and Jemal were saved from homelessness with rent assistance.

The parents of the children Compassion support live day-to-day. Many make only a dollar or so each day, and they are not able to save for the future. So when they aren’t able to work, they aren’t able to pay their rent. Many families are now at risk of being evicted. Our church partners are coming alongside the most vulnerable families to ensure they don’t become homeless.

Would you help the most vulnerable right now?

Your gift will empower local churches around the world to be the hands and feet of Christ to those who are suffering. Because of you, staff and volunteers who know the immediate needs of each child they serve will connect with families to provide lifesaving supplies. Families who have felt alone and isolated will feel known and loved because you gave.

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