I Gave a Gift

I gave a gift to my sponsored child and . . .

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  1. cheryl darrah July 8, 2013

    I sent my sponsored child’s family 250.00 for Christmas 2012 and have never been told how that money was used. I’ve sent pictures and stickers with no acknowledgment and that sadly makes me suspicious

    1. Jacquie Parella July 8, 2013

      I’m so sorry Cheryl! You should have received acknowledgment for that gift by now. Please call (800-336-7676) or e-mail us at [email protected] so we can follow up with you and find out what happened.

  2. Ansley Wall October 28, 2011

    I gave a gift and was wondering if I could attach a letter to the gift and it be given the same time as my gift.

    1. Shaina Moats October 31, 2011

      No, sorry. We can’t send a letter with the monetary gift. They will arrive seperately since they are sent seperately.

    2. Vicki Small October 28, 2011

      Ansley, I suggest you call 800-336-7676 and ask the representative you speak to. He or she will probably know. (Tip: When the automated outgoing message comes on, hit 0 on your keypad to move the call along.)

  3. Amy Brooke March 15, 2009

    I gave a birthday gift to my child in Rwanda. She used the money to buy a hen for her family so they can have eggs.

  4. Mike Stephens March 14, 2009

    well let’s see…

    I sent a family gift to the Philippines and the family bought bamboo 200 pcs., wood 50 pcs., nail, 2×2 wood, plate, spoon, bowl, curtain, pellow, lumber, mat, heater, cement, marine wood 5 pcs.

    I sent a family gift to Nicaragua and the family bought a bed, clothes, shoes, groceries, and her dad fixed her bike!!!

  5. mike September 29, 2008

    Awesome posts!! I keep all of my letters from my sponsored children in a folder to share with friends, family, and others who might become sponsors. Seeing the letters and photos is powerful.

  6. Beth Ingersoll September 29, 2008

    …she should be getting it in October for her birthday!!

  7. Jane Gillis September 29, 2008

    My child in Ethiopia buys a goat with his birthday money each year.

    The family of my girl in Ghana was able to start a business with the family gift that I sent. But the greatest gift I have received from her is her committment to pray and fast one day a week for me.

  8. Vicki Small September 29, 2008

    Wow, Misty. That’s really neat!

  9. misty September 29, 2008

    …family gift to Nahum, he wrote and ssaid they bought a bed and a stove, and he thanked me for the stove because his mom didn’t burn herself anymore cooking over a fire. And I cried.

    God bless

  10. Kathy September 28, 2008

    And we got back a letter thanking us for his roll away bed because he didn’t have to sleep with his mother and 2 brothers any more. He also sent a picture of himself smiling as he posed by his new bed holding new underwear and some Hotwheel cars. We cried!

  11. Sara B. September 28, 2008

    ..she bought two pairs of pants, a new bag, and some food.

    ..and my LDP student wrote and said that though she had thought about using the money to buy something for herself, she decided to use the money to buy food for her family and share her blessings with them.

    ..and got a letter from her parents. They said that they had been afraid because they had been three months behind on their electric bill and had no way to pay it. They said they had been praying for God to help them and that God had answered their prayers through me as their daughter’s sponsor. They were able to pay their bills and had some money left over to buy clothes for their daughter.

  12. Gin September 28, 2008

    …and she bought a dress and a birthday cake. She sent the most lovely picture of her with her cake table and new pink dress!

  13. Kees Boer September 28, 2008

    BTW, The link is incorrect for the picture, here is the new link:



  14. Michael September 28, 2008

    …the only gift my child ever asked for… to meet me in person. I went to the Dominican Republic and received the greatest gift of all. I am forever changed by the experience:


  15. Tammy September 28, 2008

    -a bookbag, a dress, shoes and a chicken!

  16. Linda W. September 28, 2008

    …and she bought a bed, mattress and a chest of drawers. (This was from a Family Gift that I gave.)

    Another child bought a small table so she would have some place to do her schoolwork.

    Most often the kids buy new clothes with the birthday gifts.

  17. kristinn September 28, 2008

    and our sweet little girl in Brazil thought of her family. They used a small gift to buy new clothes, a doll for her, toy cars for her brothers and dry goods that would fill their pantry for a bit. (one time, a gift went to purchase undergarments for her mother b/c there was such need.)

    amazing of what a ‘small’ amount of money here in the u.s. can do large things elsewhere.

  18. compassion dave September 28, 2008

    I wrote a story a while back about a gift given by a sponsor HERE.

    I didn’t give the gift, but it is an account worth reading about, for it reflects what this Christ-centered ministry is all about.

  19. Kees Boer September 28, 2008

    Today, I just got a letter from a little boy that Monét Monico and I sponsor in Burkina Faso. I had sent him a gift for food, because of the global food crisis and he sent me a letter back with thanks and a picture. You can see the picture here:


    Anyways, it was a big blessing!


  20. Wendy in Iowa September 27, 2008

    One bought grain for her family with her birthday gift.

    Another was able to buy clothing for her and her little boy.

  21. Juli Jarvis September 27, 2008

    and this tall, big 8th grader cried.

  22. Marci September 27, 2008

    …The entire family received Bibles, maize to plant for crops, and food items.

  23. Mike September 27, 2008

    I gave a family gift to my sponsored child living in Peru, and was amazed at what a difference it made in his (and their) life. Aymar is 7, and his family’s home was destroyed last year in the devastating earthquake that struck the region. I sent the gift, not knowing how his family was impacted. It was only after I discovered (through one of his letters) that the family had been living in a tent since the earthquake. His very next letter was a ‘thank you’ for the gift, along with a picture of Aymar standing next to what was purchased with the gift: a mattress, a chest of drawers, clothing, food, etc.

  24. Prairie Rose September 27, 2008

    … his family bought land so now they can grow food.

  25. Sarah September 27, 2008

    …he bought a polo shirt, socks, and shoes. He was so excited about getting some new clothes.

    ..She bought a dress, shoe polish, bread (which she shared with her aunt and uncle) and a blanket. She sent me a picture of her wearing the dress. She looked so cute:)

  26. Brittany September 27, 2008

    …she bought a dress and a pair of shoes. She and her family also enjoyed a nice dinner.

    Also, on one of her letters to me, the page was decorated with the butterfly stickers I had sent her! 🙂

  27. Vicki Small September 27, 2008

    –one included rice and flour, along with personal items;

    –another bought a parcel of land with a family gift, and a hen;

    –the same girl tithed on a birthday gift, then bought shoes, a bed, and food for the family.

  28. britney September 27, 2008

    he bought shoes and a soccer ball, took a picture with his new gifts, and sent it to me. 🙂 It’s my favorite picture of him because he’s smiling. 🙂

  29. Prairie Rose September 27, 2008

    …and she bought food, because her family had none.

    …and another one bought shoes for her entire family, and thanked me because they needed them SO much.

  30. Cheryl J September 27, 2008

    a cow, a chicken and a new dress. The dress she was wearing in the original sponsor picture was full of holes and patched. She was smiling so cute in her picture and holding her chicken tight. The letter said that every day when she gets home, if she can’t find her chicken, she asks her mom where it is!

  31. Carolyn F September 27, 2008

    and she got a dress, workbooks, cooking oil, and biscuits. It made me cry that cooking oil and biscuits were in that much need that she’d spend birthday money on that. The photo of her in the new outfit with her mother was precious.

  32. Ceri September 27, 2008

    and she tithed the gift…

  33. Lindy September 27, 2008

    …he and his grandmother used it to put a cement floor in their house, which had only had a dirt floor until then. They sent a beautiful photo of themselves in front of the house, smiling joyfully.

  34. Jill Foley September 27, 2008

    …she bought a net for her bed so she could keep the mosquitos off and sleep better.

    …a couple years later she told me she was using the gift money to buy materials to build a better house!

    If I was given $10 as a teen, I would have laughed and complained that it wasn’t enough to buy anything. What a selfish pig I am!

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