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John 6:9 is a known passage in which Jesus uses a boy to perform one of His biggest miracles, providing for the needs of a multitude. According to some authors, what Jesus multiplied was a boy’s lunch. Others believe that the bread and fish were what he had available for sale to support his family.

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Bear in mind that in Jesus’ time, children were not appreciated by society. Children and women were of such little value that this story mentions only five thousand men, overlooking the women and children completely.

In spite of that, the boy became a resource that Jesus used to supernaturally solve a community problem and to help people recognize the awaited Messiah (v. 14). Similarly, what children and youth have today given to Jesus could also become a way to transform communities and for people to recognize the Savior they need.

Our Lord takes children and youth into consideration and wants to do through them something so big. Indeed, Jesus Christ started from a boy and used what He had to unfold His power to benefit many.

Scripture says that Andrew came up with the solution to the food problem: “Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish.” This came as a response to Jesus’ question, “Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?”

Andrew’s answer gives us a great challenge: to be sensitive to the call of Jesus, to discover each child’s potential — “what they have in their hands” — and to present them to Jesus, trusting that He will continue using them with great power, supernaturally, to meet the needs of today.

This passage allows us to come to the conclusion that children and youth “have something” that in Jesus’ hands could be of great impact and significance.

“Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish.” — John 6:9a

Prayer: God, please help us to be sensitive about the potential of each youth and child that you intend to be a great blessing in Jesus’ hands.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Carlos Escobar is the Country Director of our office in Colombia.

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  1. Carlos January 23, 2012

    Gracias hermanas y hermanos por sus comentarios y deseo de crecer con estos devocionales

  2. Estuardo / GT January 19, 2012

    Dear Carlos, nuestros patrocinadores y donantes nos dan la semilla, nosotros la regamos, El Señor dará el crecimiento….

  3. Martha January 18, 2012

    Asi es hermano Carlos, que el dulce Espiritu Santo de Dios nos ayude a ver el potencial en los niños de nuestro país como vasos utiles en Sus manos.

  4. Angela Sanchez January 18, 2012

    Hno Carlos, Que bueno es recordar que el reino de Dios son de niños y que somos una herramienta de la construcción de este reino… Gracias.

  5. Erasto January 18, 2012

    Dear Carlos, much thanks for displaying child’s value as Jesus did, He gave them priority when accomplishing His ministry on earth. Let’s use these need children to change the world. God bless you!

  6. Russ January 17, 2012

    Carlos, thanks for this message. I remember the church visit we made in November 2011 and the time and attention you gave the children there. Remember that group of girls who kept asking us questions! You were so patient and kind to them. Thanks for writing this devotional AND for living out the value of children in your ministry.

    1. Carlos January 23, 2012

      Dear brother
      Thanks for your note and I am glad thta you also are willing to influence others to see great potential on children
      God bless

  7. Peggy January 17, 2012

    Gracias Carlos! Muchas bendiciones! Es cierto que los niños y las mujeres (y los hombres tambien) tiene algo y Dios puede hacer muy grande y especial, muy significante… y en los tiempos del pasado como ud. ha dicho de la biblia no tienen much valor pero todavia en muchos paises despues de todo este tiempo… tenemos el mismo falta de respeto pero NUNCA en los ojos de Dios. Necesitamos los ojos de Cristo y la compasión siempre… para el valor y potencial! Gracias para compartir la verdad y este cuento precioso de JesuCristo con los panes y los peces pero más importante con un niño listo de dar en el nombre de Cristo…

    Muchas bendiciones de Mexico a Colombia… Peggy

  8. Christine January 17, 2012

    I love this, Carlos! So true and beautiful. Thank you.

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