“Lord, If You Had Come Earlier”

In boarding school miles away from home, I had run out of cash and needed bus fare. The fastest way to get cash from home was via ordinary mail. Even then, I knew better than to bother Mom with bus fare when she had so many other pressing needs.

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Being a new believer, I turned to God for help. “Lord, please provide bus fare home. Please, Lord.” In the Christian fellowship, I had heard of daring faith in which students prayed for similar needs and proceeded to board buses without a coin. I dreaded the idea.

As the day drew nearer, I had to make a Plan B. Thankfully, a friend was benevolent enough to lend me just enough cash to get home.

As we streamed out of the school’s main gate, I was confused about God and prayer. In fact, I had a little doubt that God really existed. Or perhaps my request was too insignificant.

Feeling downcast, I took the corner seat in the last row and stared through the bus window. As we got on our way, a passenger just in front tagged me. Without a word, he pointed to someone a few rows ahead. I was greeted by the smiling, familiar face of a regular speaker in our Christian fellowship, who told me, “I have paid for two.” I had a choking feeling, a mixture of joy and anger.

Why couldn’t God provide before I borrowed? Doesn’t He understand right timing for those of little faith like me? Why overstretch my faith beyond my limit?

By stretching my faith, I learned, like Mary and Martha did, that God answers prayers in ways beyond what we can expect. Jesus was quick to remind and demonstrate that it is never too late for God.

“Lord,” Martha said to Jesus, “if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” — John 11:21, NIV

Prayer: Lord, as we pray, help us trust that You will answer even in ways inconvenient to us because you are God. Amen.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joel Macharia is the country director of our office in Kenya.

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  1. Cate Wamiti February 21, 2019

    Thanks for the write up. God teaching us that He is in control , in His own way.

    Joel, you should consider writing a book if not yet done so- great writing skills.

  2. Fredrick Otieno January 11, 2019

    Thanks Joel for sharing. From time to time we get into such experiences. I have a couple of such not necessarily on bus fares but situations that have reminded me that God is always watching on us and He finds pleasure in providing for us for his namesake.
    More than ever, I am reminded about the courage of taking a step up the stairs even when the staircase is not that lit.

  3. Sammy Kaunga July 16, 2012

    Great example, Joel, of God appearing to us in the least expected time-when all hope is gone. Moreover, this also proves, He is not as predictable as we would want; otherwise He would not be God!

  4. Katie Axelson January 25, 2012

    I needed this today. Thanks!

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