Street-Level Compassion, Street-Level Delivery in Haiti

The solution for a rebuilt and restored Haiti is proving to be every bit the challenge many predicted. One thing is for certain. The problem is bigger than any one organization, any single government or universal remedy. That doesn’t mean, however, the situation is hopeless. There have already been heroes amid the chaos — heroes that may surprise some.

young child peeking through window opening

I once read an article that cited a relief and development organization who said that they couldn’t rely on churches to do the work they needed to do in the third world. They claimed that the needed expertise and skill sets simply weren’t there. It made me scratch my head.

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  1. Juli Jarvis January 14, 2011

    Well said! I couldn’t agree more! The local church knows what is needed and how to meet those needs. And they can be trusted in most cases. I’m so thankful that Compassion works to support and come alongside the local churches!

  2. James January 13, 2011

    Thanks for the update. The full post on the Huff post is going to get ripped to shreds, the ones that support Compassion will get ripped to shreds also but in the end the children are being helped. Thank God, Compassion was there to look out for those that needed the help, not necessarily the most but had someone in a far off country that cared..

  3. marie laroche January 13, 2011

    thanks for everything , thanks to everyone haiti don’t have anything to give back to all the goods christian, people, who give-up theirs jobs, leaves theirs family and everythings behind , risk theirs own life to go to haiti , but God will pay all of you the generations to generations for what you was doing for my lovely contry .Q99.7 I love u so much ,the only thinks i can say may god bless you all ,everyone no distinct i will keep you and my prayer

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