Memories of Christmas in Tanzania

My best memories of Christmas take me back about 40 years to when I was a child in Tanzania. Christmas had been, and will remain to be, the biggest day in our calendar year of events.

christmas in tanzania santa

At Christmas, we expected to see friends and relatives who lived far away from home, and who had not come to their home village for the whole year. For some, it had been several years since they visited their parents or relatives.

It was a special occasion to me because my father used to live far away, in a neighboring country, and he would come home occasionally. But he made sure that he was home with his family and children every Christmas. It was a very special time for us, and we longed for many Christmases to take place every year.

What made the moment even more special was how my father would bring a lot of presents, which were rare commodities in our village. The most important were the Christmas clothes he used to bring to us, and this made us shine in the village. We would feel so special with our clothes, and this made other children see us as coming from a wealthy and important family.

Christmas Day was the climax, and we enjoyed nice meals and plenty of soft drinks such as Fanta, Sprite and Coca-Cola. We would form a band of children and walk from one home to another, tasting Christmas food and drinks prepared by the families. This was the time adults gave their “leftover coins” to us to buy bites and candies from the shops.

Christmas is the season to visit relatives far and close. As for Christians, many tie marriage knots around Christmas. Other church events, such as public declarations of Christian faith, also called confirmations or first communions, take place around Christmas.

The celebration mood lasted until January. When the new school season arrived, many families realized they had spent what they’d earned, and now there were bills to settle as children returned to school.

Now I have grown, and I still admire Christmas. I still like the merry and festive mood. But I have attached a more spiritual meaning to Christmas than I used to do when I was a child, and I no longer complain if I miss new clothes.

With the ministry of Compassion on the scene, and with the understanding that Christmas is a yearly event, some child development centers here have devised a new way to celebrate Christmas that is more impactful and memorable for children and youths.

In 2012, 13 child development centers in the cluster of Morogoro staged a big Christmas celebration to share with other children the joy of Jesus’ birth.

About 2,500 registered and unregistered children convened with their caregivers and parents to participate on the occasion.

The event was broadcast live through a local radio station, Top Radio FM, which covers 16 regions in Tanzania. The radio presenter was the popular Saada Abdul, a former Compassion beneficiary himself.

The event was dubbed “The Joy of Children With Christmas,” and it was graced to have the Deputy Municipal Mayor as the guest of honor. He praised the center for organizing such an event and congratulated the children for coming together to show their talents and have fun.

Through cooperation with the local government, the ministry of Compassion has been of effect to many residents living in the municipality. It has been easy to reach them with the gospel message.

The purpose of the event was to protect and keep children away from dangers, and to help parents celebrate Christmas with less pressure to think of the safety of children during festival season.

The event was also designed to help children show their talents through various sporting activities.

Events conducted during the day included choir singing, solo singing, drama, rope pulling, laughing competition, crying competition, chicken-chasing competition, preaching the Word of God, dancing and radio presentation.

christmas in tanzania tug o war

Christmas was celebrated at child development centers all around the country with children receiving new clothes through Christmas gifts made possible by sponsors. To most of the children, these are the best clothes they will have throughout the coming year.

christmas in tanzania new clothes

The occasion was also graced to have famous guests such as singers from the Anglican Mlimwa Student Center, Victoria Paul and the actor Mangushi.

Children concluded their Christmas celebration by joining their parents and guardians for a Christmas church service, where they sang Christmas carols and songs and later went home for family parties with parents and relatives.

I keep thinking of Christmas, how everybody is happy and clothed in a celebration mood, even those who have not submitted to the Savior of the world. It is indeed the fulfillment of the message given by the angel to the shepherds, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people” (Luke 2:10, NIV).

I wonder how the world would be without the Savior. Christmas has indeed brought great joy to every person on the earth and hope to the world.

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  1. Jane Noto January 9, 2022

    Thank you for giving us a glimpse into this special time of year for all the children. It is lovely to see their smiling faces and Jesus at the center of it all. We have sponsored Aisha Salimon since she was 5. Aisha is 18 now and my dream for her is to become that beautiful young woman God has created her to be. I pray for her will to be His in all she does. Through the years she has shared our Christmas gifts with her family and been a very hard worker in school and at home. She believes in Jesus and lives for Him…she prays for us and our family. I pray for her the same way. I have grown older now, 73 and I can’t travel nor afford it anymore, yet my longing heart is to see and hug the girl I have been loving for all these years. In this time of COVID, I pray she and her family, all the children are safe under His wing. Please hug Aisha for me if you can. Bless you Compassion International for the honor of giving to this now young woman. I know she will be one of Gods special messengers one day…in His way. In Jesus Christ lovingly Jane Noto. Ephsians 3:20-21 NIV.

    1. Nicole January 10, 2022

      Wow, Jane. Thank you for your encouraging words and for sharing about Aisha with us! ? We join you in praying for God’s protection for her and her family. Thank you also for sponsoring her these past 13 years and counting and for the love you have poured into her life! As a sponsor myself, however, I deeply understand the desire to hug and see your precious girl. Please know your letters mean so much to her! Blessings.

  2. Shannon April 6, 2017

    Thank you for sharing! God just introduced me to a wonderful boy there a couple weeks ago and reading this makes me feel closer to him already!

  3. stephanie G. December 26, 2013

    Thank you, Charles, for sharing this slice of life at Christmas in Tanzania…both past and present. I wish I could be there to witness some of those competitions…they sound like such fun and what a great way for the children to appreciate the joy our Savior has brought us. Most of all, I wish I could share Christmas hugs and love with my very special children in Tanzania. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and the rest of the amazing field office staff there!!

  4. Heidi H. December 24, 2013

    Thank you for this wonderful post. My sponsored child and one of my correspondent children is in Morogoro. It brings me a lot of joy to think of them participating in this celebration! Merry Christmas!

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